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Xero Shoe Size Chart: Pros And Cons of Xero Shoe






Xero Shoes is a footwear company specializing in minimalist shoes designed to be comfortable, durable, and versatile. The company was founded in 2009 by Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix, inspired by the ancient Tarahumara people of Mexico, who ran long distances in sandals made from recycled tires. Xero Shoes are designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing for natural movement of the feet while providing protection and support.

In addition to their innovative shoe designs, Xero Shoes offers a shoe size chart to help customers find the perfect fit. This size chart is based on the length and width of the foot and the shoe’s shape to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you’re an experienced minimalist shoe wearer or are new to the concept, Xero Shoes and their size chart can help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your needs.

Xero Men’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Xero men shoes

Like the Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart, the Men’s chart considers different sizing standards worldwide. To use the chart, customers need to measure the length of the foot and then match it up to the corresponding size on the chart. Xero Shoes also provides helpful tips on getting an accurate measurement and ensuring a comfortable fit when trying on shoes.

US Sizes EU Sizes UK Sizes
6.5 39.5 5.5
7.0 40.0 6.0
7.5 40.5 6.5
8.0 41.0 7.0
8.5 41.5 7.5
9.0 42.0 8.0
9.5 42.5 8.5
10.0 43.0 9.0
10.5 43.5 9.5
11.0 44.0 10.0
11.5 44.5 10.5
12.0 45.0 11.0
12.5 45.5 11.5
13.0 46.0 12.0
14.0 47.0 13.0
15.0 48.0 14.0

Xero Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Xero women shoe

Although every Xero model follows the same size chart, it can occasionally be challenging to figure out which size you need because not all models have the same internal length in every size. Xero Shoes offers a comprehensive Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart to help customers accurately determine their size when shopping for Xero Shoes. The chart considers different sizing standards worldwide and provides conversions for US, European, and UK.

US Sizes EU Sizes UK Sizes
5.0 35.5 3.5
5.5 36.0 4.0
6.0 36.5 4.5
6.5 37.0 5.0
7.0 37.5 5.5
7.5 38.0 6.0
8.0 38.5 6.5
8.5 39.0 7.0
9.0 39.5 7.5
9.5 40.0 8.0
10.0 40.5 8.5
10.5 41.0 9.0
11.0 41.5 9.5
11.5 42.0 10.0
12.0 42.5 10.5

Xero Kid’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Xero Kids shoes

Xero Shoes also offers a Kid’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart to help parents and guardians find the perfect fit for their children’s Xero Shoes. Using the Kid’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart, parents and guardians can confidently order Xero Shoes online for their children, knowing they are getting the right size for their growing feet. This eliminates the need for guesswork and helps to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable shoe-wearing experience for kids.

US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes
12.0 30.0 11.0
13.0 31.0 12.0
1.0 32.0 13.0
2.0 33.0 1.0
3.0 34.0 2.0
4.0 36.0 3.0

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What Makes Xero Shoes So Special?

If you’re unfamiliar with Xero Shoes, what makes them unique? It would be best if you thought about including Xero Shoes in your shoe collection for the following five reasons:

Each season and occasion calls for them

Xero shoes are often described as perfect for all seasons and occasions due to their unique design and features that make them suitable for various activities and weather conditions.

One reason is their minimalist design, which allows your feet to move and function naturally. This makes them great for outdoor activities like hiking, running, or walking in any season, as they provide excellent traction and support while allowing your feet to breathe.

Xero shoes are often made with durable and weather-resistant materials, making them suitable for wet and cold conditions and hot and dry ones. This makes them a versatile choice for a variety of weather conditions.

Additionally, whether you are doing errands or heading out for a night on the town, their fashionable and cozy style makes them appropriate for everyday use. Shoes come in various styles and colors to match any outfit or occasion.

They’re beneficial to your feet

The minimalist Xero Shoes are made to simulate the sensation of jogging or walking barefoot while also giving the feet some support and protection. They are made with thin and flexible soles that allow your feet to move and flex naturally, which can help strengthen your foot muscles and improve your balance and stability.

Wearing Xero Shoes can also promote proper foot alignment, as they encourage you to use your whole foot when walking or running rather than just striking with your heel. This can help prevent injuries and reduce the impact on your joints.

However, it’s important to note that minimalist footwear like Xero Shoes may not be suitable for everyone. People with certain foot conditions, such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis, may require more supportive shoes. Prior to making any big changes to your footwear or workout regimen, it is always a good idea to speak with a healthcare practitioner.

Two distinct widths are offered

Some people have wider feet than others, and finding shoes that fit properly can be challenging. Over time, wearing shoes that are too small can be uncomfortable and can create foot issues. Xero Shoes’ wide option is designed to fit people with wider feet better, while the regular option is suitable for those with average or narrower feet.

Having two different width options allows Xero Shoes to be more inclusive and cater to a wider range of people. It also ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of minimalist footwear, regardless of their foot shape or size.

Choosing the right shoe size and width for your feet is essential to ensure proper fit, comfort, and function. It’s critical to take the time to discover the proper fit for your shoes because the wrong pair can lead to pain, discomfort, and even injury.

They offer excellent value

Firstly, Xero Shoes are built to last. They are made with high-quality, durable materials such as Vibram rubber, known for their excellent grip and longevity. The soles of Xero Shoes are designed to be replaceable, which means you can extend the lifespan of your shoes by simply replacing the soles instead of buying a new pair.

Secondly, Xero Shoes are relatively affordable compared to other brands of minimalist footwear. While they may cost more than some traditional shoes, they are still more affordable than many other brands of minimalist shoes on the market. This makes them an excellent option for people who want to try minimalist footwear without breaking the bank.

Finally, Xero Shoes offer many health benefits. They promote proper foot alignment, strengthen the muscles in your feet and legs, and can help improve your balance and stability. All these benefits can help prevent injuries and improve your overall health and well-being, making Xero Shoes a great investment in your long-term health.

And they look fantastic!

Xero Shoes is a popular brand that specializes in minimalist footwear. They offer a variety of models and colors to cater to their customer’s different needs and preferences. The brand understands that people have different foot shapes, sizes, and styles and strives to provide a wide range of options to accommodate those differences. 

In terms of colors, Xero Shoes aims to provide options that appeal to different tastes and styles. Some people prefer neutral colors for a classic look, while others want something more vibrant and eye-catching. By offering a range of colors, Xero Shoes allows customers to express their individuality and personal style through their footwear.

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Pros And Cons of Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes are minimalist footwear that has gained popularity in recent years. While Xero shoes have many benefits, such as improved foot strength and flexibility, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. In this introduction, we will explore the pros and cons of Xero shoes so that you can decide whether they are right for you. 

Pros Cons
  • There are several comfy shoe options available.
  • Uses the proprietary Truesole technology to provide protection, comfort, and flexibility.
  • Presents Klarna as a different means of payment
  • Good customer feedback
  • Offers a 5,000-mile warranty as the only warranty for its products.
  • Maybe not everyone will like their designs.

Are Xero Shoes Worth It?

Xero Shoes are minimalist footwear designed to give the wearer a barefoot feel while offering protection and support. Whether or not they are worth it depends on a few factors, including your needs, preferences, and budget.

If you enjoy barefoot activities or have foot issues requiring a more minimalist shoe, Xero Shoes may be worth it for you. They are lightweight, flexible, and offer a natural foot movement that can benefit foot and ankle health.

Also, Xero Shoes offers a variety of sizes and designs, so you may get the ideal fit for your foot. They also have a good durability reputation, so you won’t have to replace them frequently.

However, if you prefer more traditional, cushioned footwear or need extra support for foot issues, Xero Shoes may not be worth it for you. They have a minimalist design, meaning they lack the cushioning and support that some people need.

Additionally, Xero Shoes can be relatively expensive compared to other shoes, so they may not fit everyone’s budget.

Ultimately, whether or not Xero Shoes are worth it depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a minimalist shoe that offers natural foot movement and a barefoot feel, and you have the budget for it, Xero Shoes may be worth considering.


How do I determine my Xero shoe size?

Measure your feet using a ruler or measuring tape to find your Xero shoe size. Stand on a piece of paper and mark the farthest points of your heel and the longest toe. Then calculate the distance in centimeters or inches between those two points. Once you have your foot measurements, refer to Xero’s sizing chart to find your size.

Do Xero shoes run true to size?

Xero shoes generally run true to size, but some customers find that they run slightly larger or smaller than their usual size. To ensure a proper fit, it’s best to measure your feet and refer to Xero’s sizing chart before making a purchase.

What if my Xero shoes don’t fit properly?

If your Xero shoes don’t fit properly, you can exchange them for a different size or return them for a refund within Xero’s return policy. Be sure to read the return policy before making a purchase, as it may vary depending on the product.

Can I wear Xero shoes with socks?

Yes, you can wear Xero shoes with socks, but keep in mind that they are designed to be worn without socks for maximum comfort and flexibility. If you prefer to wear socks, choose thin, moisture-wicking socks to prevent your feet from feeling too hot and sweaty.

What if I’m between sizes in Xero shoes?

If you’re between sizes in Xero shoes, it’s recommended to size up for a looser fit or size down for a snugger fit. Keep in mind that Xero shoes are designed to fit snugly but comfortably, so it’s best to measure your feet and refer to the sizing chart to ensure the best fit possible.

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