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35 Types Of Sandals For Men






There are myriad sandals for men on the market, so what’s the best choice? The type of sandals you choose will depend on your preferences. If you want to stay calm and comfortable all day with zero risk of blisters or chafing, then a flip-flop is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re looking for footwear that can support your feet throughout all kinds of terrain, then try a hiking sandal.

Sandals are just as important as shoes and boots because they provide the footwear option for anything you might encounter during the day. In addition, sandals can provide an excellent level of protection if you’re going to be walking on hikes and providing traction and support.

Types Of Sandals For Men

This is a list of things that you should be looking for in a sandal for men. All of the sandals below are suitable for formal wear, but they’re also more than what you might find at your average retail store.

1. Sports Sandals 

Sports sandals are great for the outdoors. If you’re going to be playing tennis or going for a run, these types of sandals are a good choice. They’ll provide you with the right level of traction and support when you’re on uneven terrain, but they won’t add too much weight to your feet.

They can also be worn during more formal occasions, and they’re very comfortable.

Sports Sandals

2. Clarks Sandals

Clarks has been making sandals for over 30 years. They’re known for their quality of craftsmanship and have a wide variety of styles. If you’re looking for something that’s able to stand the test of time, then Clarks provides you with everything you need at an affordable price.

You can find sandals that are great for formal occasions, but they’ve also created some very comfortable options that provide excellent support and traction when you’re on uneven terrain. Men can wear Clarks Sandals with their jeans, shorts, or even shorts on the weekends. They’re also able to be worn with khakis or dress pants for business meetings. 

Clarks Sandals

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3. Thong Strap Sandals

Thong sandals for men offer a lot of protection and support when it comes to your feet and ankles. They’re also great if you want to wear them in public because they’re pretty conservative in appearance. However, if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, then you’ll want to look for a pair of thong sandals that offer excellent traction and support.

They provide the right amount of grip when you’re on uneven surfaces, and they don’t add too much bulk to your feet.

Men can wear Thong sandals with different shorts and pants, and they don’t look like your average sandals for men. 

Thong Strap Sandals

4. Crocs Clogs Sandals

These are the ideal type of sandals you might have heard about. They’re trendy among men in general, but these are especially great in the summertime because they provide maximum ventilation.

They’re made of suitable materials and the right design to ensure that your feet will stay calm throughout the day. Men can wear Crocs Clogs Sandals with dress shoes throughout the day, and they’ll feel no different than wearing dress shoes.

Crocs shoe lightweight

5. Skechers Sandals

Skechers sandals are loved by many, and they can be worn all day long while still feeling comfortable. In addition, the toe strap design allows the foot to be fully flexed so that you can walk without any pain or chafing.

The more oversized midsole is designed to provide comfort, support, and cushioning when you’re walking.

Skechers Sandals

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6. Woodland Sandal

The woodland sandals are easy to spot because it’s made of leather, and it has that distinctive wooded look. The best thing about this type of sandal is that it can be worn on formal occasions.

This type of sandals can provide safety when you’re walking through the woods or even during a hiking trip for long distances. The wooded design might not be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s a unique alternative to the more popular sandals.

Woodland Sandal

7. Lee Cooper Sandals

These are the most popular types of sandals you’ll find on the market. You might have seen Lee Cooper Sandals on TV if you’re familiar with old western films. These are just like the Crocs Clogs Sandals, except that they come in plenty of different colors, so you can mix and match them with your other clothes.

When it comes to these sandals, I would recommend getting a pair for more than one season, even if it means spending more money on them. You can wear them to formal events or just for an everyday look.

Lee Cooper Sandals

8. Sparx Sandals

This type of sandal is made with a very durable design that’s also very supportive. These are the perfect choice if you’re headed to a golf course or just hanging around in the summertime. You’ll have maximum traction when you’re on any kind of terrain, including uneven surfaces.

Sparx Sandals for men provide excellent ventilation, and they’re very comfortable to wear all day long. If you’re looking for the best sandals for men, but you’re not quite sure what style to go with, then this is the type of sandal that you can wear to any formal event. They’re also very comfortable, so they’ll make the right choices when the weather is nice.

Sparx Sandals

9. Slide Sandals

These are kind of like Crocs Clogs Sandals, but the difference is that they’re much less expensive. They’re still designed to keep your feet cool, but they won’t get destroyed if you wear them for casual wear during the warmer months.

They have a zipper that allows for easy cleaning, so you can get rid of all the dirt and mud you might encounter throughout the day.

Men can wear Slide Sandals with shorts or other kinds of casual wear, and they’ll look great. They’re also a great choice if you want to add a bit of style to your footwear for specific occasions.

Adidas Slide Sandals

10. Closed Toe Sandals

If you’re looking for a formal scandal that will look good with dress pants, then these are a perfect choice. They’re closed-toed sandals, which is why they provide excellent protection from the elements. They can be worn with dress shoes. They’re very comfortable, and they provide a lot of ventilation around your feet in the summertime.

Closed Toe Sandals

11. Liberty Sandals

Liberty sandals are top-notch, and you can purchase them at the best price on Amazon. They look great, and they feel great, so you might want to take a look at them. The design is comprehensive, and the straps are adjustable, so these will provide a comfortable fit.

The triple-stacked footbed provides cushioning and comfort for day-long wear, making them excellent options for your everyday life. They’re stylish and functional, which makes them suitable for casual occasions or more formal occasions as well.

Liberty Sandals

12. Sperry Sandals

Sperry sandals are the perfect choice for the casual man looking for a standout sandal. They’re known for their classic design, and they’re perfect for everyday wear. These types of sandals are available in many different colors, so you can find the right color to match your preferences. They are versatile, comfortable, and made with high-quality leather. They won’t cause any irritation or blisters on your feet after wearing them all day long.

Sperry Sandals

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13. Hush Puppies Sandals

These are another pair of sandals that are very popular among men. They have a lot of traction, and they provide a great deal of support for those who have flat feet, so they’re a good choice for those who want to go on hikes or do other outdoor activities.

They’re also very stylish for men who want to look formal and professional. Men can wear Hush Puppies sandals with jeans and a dress shirt, and they can look very presentable.

Hush Puppies Sandals

14. Merrell Sandals

Men can wear these sandals with or without socks to ensure that they stay comfortable all day long. They’ll protect your feet from the elements, and they have the right level of traction for any activity you might have in mind. For example, you can take them to the beach or wear them when you’re walking around town.

These are great sandals for men because they’re comfortable, affordable, and protect any kind of terrain.

Merrell Sandals

15. Teva Sandals 

Teva Sandals are seen as some of the best sandal options on the market. These are great for men who want versatility in their footwear, but they’re also comfortable to wear for extended periods. They come in different styles and colors, so you’ll be able to choose the model that fits your tastes.

Teva Sandals has many models that men can wear on all different types of occasions, and they’re very durable. These are good quality sandals that you can wear all day long. They’ll provide you with enough support to keep your feet happy, and they’re very affordable. These are great for everyday wear, and they’re also available in a wide variety of styles.

Teva Sandals

16. Chaco Sandals

If you’re looking for a type of sandal that falls between flip-flops and hiking sandals, this is a great choice. These sandals were explicitly designed for comfort, and they use the same kind of footbeds and straps that we see in most shoes and boots.

They can be worn with dress shoes, casual wear, and even with formal wear. The footbeds are molded to custom fit your feet comfortably, so if you’re looking for full support in your footwear, then these are a great choice. In addition, these are very versatile sandals. They can be worn during the summer, and they’ll be just as comfortable as flip-flops.

They have all the features you’d want for your shoes, but they’re not too bulky or heavy.

Chaco Sandals

17. Dr. Scholl’s Sandals

Dr. Scholl’s makes quality footwear for men, and it’s no different when it comes to their men’s sandals. These are great-looking sandals that provide all the support you need while you’re wearing them.

They’re available in black, brown, blue, and gray, so you’ll be able to find the right color for your look. These Sandals aren’t only comfortable and stylish, but they’re durable too. You can wear these sandals all day with a pair of jeans or shorts, and they won’t look out of place. They’re the perfect combination of style and function.

18. Gladiator Sandals

This type of sandal will also provide you with the right amount of protection because it’s designed to withstand prolonged use. Gladiator Sandals are made to last, and they’ll stay looking good for years to come. They’re ideal for vacations since they offer great support and protection without adding too much weight to your feet.

Gladiator sandals

19. Bata Sandals

These are some of the more popular sandals for men that you’ll find on the market today. They provide a comfortable feel, and they’re very stylish. These sandals can be worn during play, and they’re also appropriate for all types of occasions. They come in various colors, and you can find them in many different designs, so you won’t have any problem finding the right pair to fit your needs.

Men can wear Bata Sandals with shorts, pants, and even formal wear. They look great with everything you could throw at them. They’re lightweight, and they don’t weigh your feet down. They’re also sturdy and durable, and they’ll last you a long time if taken care of well.

Bata Sandals

20. Johnston& Murphy Sandals

Johnston & Murphy’s line of high-quality men’s sandals will provide the most comfort and support you need for your feet. These are classic, well-designed sandals that will last a long time. They’re great for formal wear, and they’re also suitable for a wide range of activities. The support that you’ll get from these different styles of men’s sandals is unmatched by any other type of footwear out there right now.

Johnston& Murphy Sandals

21. Uneek Sandals

This is an excellent sandal for men who are looking for something lightweight. They only weigh about 8.6 oz, but they give you all the support you could want throughout your entire day.

They’ve got a non-marking outsole that’ll keep you healthy and prevent blisters throughout the day. With this sandal, you’ll never have to worry about settling for uncomfortable footwear anymore because these are perfect for everyday wear.

Uneek Sandals

22. Hiking Sandals

These are also known as trail shoes or hiking sandals. They’re made of suitable materials, and they’re designed to provide you with all-day comfort. The design is similar to Crocs Clogs Sandals, but they’re a bit more rugged and offer a lot more support. This means that these can be worn in any situation or outdoor activity that you might encounter throughout the day. They’re great for hiking and for people who might end up going on a camping trip, too.

Hiking Sandals

23. Classic Sandals

Classic sandals are more formal than some of the other types of sandals that you can wear. They’re made of leather, but they’re still very comfortable. The only problem that you might experience is that they might not breathe and other types of sandals. Classic sandals are made for men who need to dress up. They’re perfect for summer days, and they’re more formal than hiking sandals or sports sandals, but they’ll still give you the breathability you need during the day.

They’ve also got great support on the sole of your foot, so there’s no risk of your feet hurting at all during the day. They’re not the correct type of sandals to wear when you’re hiking up mountains or any other rugged terrain. However, they’ll work great on the beach or the golf course.

Classic Sandals

24. Moccasins

One of the first sandals ever made is the moccasin. They’re waterproof, and they provide your feet with extra traction when you’re on uneven terrain. They also provide an ideal level of protection against blisters, chafing, and other things that can cause discomfort throughout the day. You can wear moccasins with formal clothing throughout the day, and they won’t look out of place at all.


25. Strap Sandals

Strap sandals are an excellent choice for men who want to feel a little bit more stylish. These sandals will easily convert from casual shoes to formal ones, and because the strap is adjustable, they’re going to fit almost any size foot. 

They are also very lightweight and comfortable. They provide a lot of support when you’re walking, but they can also be worn at the office when you need to add some extra protection during the workday.

Strap Sandals


26. Flip Flops

A great type of sandal for men is a flip-flop. Sun-Drenched flip-flops are a staple at hotels, resorts, and on the beach. They make a perfect pair with shorts or swim trunks.

There are many different styles of flip flops available, and they’re not only suitable for men. Women wear them as well, and they can be found in a variety of colors and designs. The main thing you should be looking at is the support that’s offered by the flip-flop. You’ll want to ensure that your choice of flip-flops offers a lot of cushioning on the inside so your feet won’t feel sore or uncomfortable after a long day on your feet.

Flip Flops

27. El Paso Sandal

El Paso sandals are made with high-quality materials. They’re built with top-quality leather that’s durable and strong enough to withstand the most rigorous of conditions. The soles are made of rubber, which is heavier than other types of shoes, but it provides the right level of traction for you to walk through varied terrain with ease.

The design is also very unique in that it has a “Giga” base system. Men can wear Elpaso Sandal with a dress or casual clothes, no matter what the occasion. They’re comfortable to wear all day long to give you that level of protection and support that you’ll need when you’re in the outdoors. El Paso sandals are very impressive, but they’re also made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort for men when they’re wearing them.

El Paso Sandal

28. Keen Sandals   

Keen sandals are great for the outdoors because they provide a certain level of protection when you’re on uneven terrain. They’re also great if you’re going to be walking for leisure purposes. The design is unique in that it features a stiff sole with an outstanding level of traction made of rubber. They are also reasonably lightweight, so men won’t have to worry about wearing them all day long.

Keen Sandals

29. Mule Sandals

Mule sandals are great for the summer because they’re made of high-quality materials. They’re made with leather, which is very durable and robust, but it’s also lightweight. This ensures that you’ll be able to wear these sandals all day long without feeling too much stress on your feet.

The base of mule sandals is made of rubber, which provides traction when you’re walking on varied terrains. It also allows mule sandals to be more flexible than other kinds of shoes or sandals. Men can wear Mule Sandals with almost anything because they’re so versatile. You can wear these sandals with casual clothing, but also with other types of formal clothes.

Mule Sandals

30. Walking Sandals

These sandals are great for keeping you protected and comfortable at the same time. They’re made with great design features, and they’ll ensure that your feet will stay protected throughout your entire day.

They’re made of leather, and they’re very durable, but they still provide that extra level of comfort that won’t let you down when you’re in the outdoors. So if you want to be protected during hikes or when you’re out hiking with friends, then these are the best types of sandals for men who want to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Walking Sandals

31. Huarache Sandals

Huarache sandals are great because they’re lightweight, and they provide the right level of traction when you’re wearing them. They’re also very flexible, which is an essential factor if you want to walk over uneven terrain without feeling like you’ll fall over.

The design of these sandals is unique in that it leaves your feet feeling very free and relaxed. Men can wear Huarache Sandals with just about anything because they are formal enough to be worn on any occasion.

Huarache Sandals

32. Birkenstock Sandals 

Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock are well-known for their comfort, but they can also be worn in many different settings. For example, you can wear them during the day with jeans, and you could also wear them at night with a pair of dressy pants.

They’re very durable, and they can last for many years. They’re also very comfortable because they provide the right level of support to your feet throughout the day. They’re also available in a wide variety of styles, which means that you’ll be able to find a pair that fits your tastes. Men can wear them for day-to-day wear to give themselves that extra layer of comfort, and then they’ll also have access to a pair of Birkenstocks when it’s time for a night out.

33. Timberland Sandals

Timberland has become a famous brand among men looking for the correct type of footwear to wear during the summer. Their shoes are lightweight, but they are also very durable, which means you’ll get more value for your money. The design is also unique because it provides you with traction even when you’re walking over uneven ground.

They’re great because they’re easy to clean and they dry quickly. In addition, these types of sandals are made with rigid materials that will last for many years. Men can wear Timberland sandals with casual and formal wear, but they’re particularly suited for casual occasions.

Timberland Sandals

34. Greek Sandals

Greek sandals are for sale for all types of occasions. Many men wear them with jeans or chinos, but they can also be worn with other types of clothing. They’re also very comfortable because they provide the right level of support to your feet. The arch support is designed to help you walk more naturally and let you walk for more extended periods without feeling sore.

Greek Sandals

35. Lace-up sandals

Lace-up sandals are great because they’re trendy among men. This is especially true in informal settings where they’re often worn after dinner with suits and nice jeans. In addition, they provide excellent traction when you’re walking across different types of terrain.

They’re also durable, which is an essential factor if you need footwear that will last long enough to rely on it throughout your life.

Lace-up sandals


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