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Women Ankle Boots: An Ultimate Guide on Buying And Styling






Suppose you’ve already worn ankle boots with a dress and questioned whether they looked right. If you’ve ever stood in front of a mirror, undecided whether to tuck your jeans into your ankle boots or just pull them all over the boots’ top, then this article is just for you. 

It’s jam-packed with information/guidelines on how to wear ankle boots and what type of ankle boots/booties go best with different types of outfits. This way, you will know exactly what type of style of ankle boots to pair with your garments as well as how to wear them properly.

5 Ways to Find a Fashionable Ankle Boot

Ankle Boots with dress

When selecting an ankle boot, it is important to think about both your body shape and your garments. Alternatively, you may end up wasting your money on ankle boots that just don’t look great on you, and of course, don’t go with your clothes. These 5 pointers will assist you in selecting the most appealing ankle boots for your body shape as well as the greatest fashion for your outfits:

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Take a look at the ankle height

Ankle Boots with jeans

The important point where the upper portion of the ankle boots meets your leg determines how attractive they are. The basic rule here is that the most appealing ankle boot height is one that cuts you all over a slimmer part of your leg. The explanation for this is that the top of the ankle boot usually draws a line throughout all your legs, so if it does at a small section, your legs will appear slim, and if it draws a line across a broader point, your legs would appear broader. So, pick a pair that emphasizes the feature you want to emphasize!

Another thing to keep in mind is:

  • Tall ankle boots typically help to lengthen your legs and are an excellent choice if you’re going to wear neatly trimmed jeans or trousers and just don’t want a gap.
  • While ankle booties with short ankle heights can make legs appear shorter, they pair perfectly with longer, snugly-fitting jeans or pants.

Think about the Ankle Width

Legs could easily be slimmed and lengthened by wearing ankle boots with a thin ankle. Designs that cuddle the leg are a fantastic pick if you want to dress up cropped or large pants or jeans because they sit gorgeously beneath the ankle of the pants. They also look gorgeous with dresses and skirts.

  • Ankle booties with a broader ankle are usually an excellent way to disguise a broad ankle.
  • A large cut bootie, on the flip side, could highlight your thin ankles and come out looking somewhat blotchy on you if you do have extremely skinny ankles, particularly if you wear them with skirts, dresses, or gowns.
  • If you really like to wear skinny jeans, broad cut ankle boots are the perfect idea because the hem of the jeans could be effortlessly tucked into the ankle of the bootie.

Take A Look At The Boots’ Toe Shape

A pointy toed boot usually lengthens your leg, making it look longer and slimmer, while a round or square toe boot will usually shorten it.

Take Into Account The Heel Height

A mid-to-high heel typically slims and lengthens your legs, whereas a flat boot shortens yours.

Don’t Forget To Consider The Heel Shape

A skinny kitten or high heel can look flattened on ladies who hold their weight on the bottom half. A curvy block heel will look far better on you. In addition, if you do have skinny legs, a puffy heel can highlight the thinness and look blotchy. A slender heel will also better balance your shape.

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How To Properly Wear Ankle Boots?

Wear Ankle Boots with Dress

Here are several questions to think about when you are looking for suitable ways to wear ankle boots.

Is it better to tuck your pants or jeans into your ankle boots or just leave them untucked?

Tuck your pants or jeans in if they neatly fit within the ankle.

If your jeans protrude past the top of your boots when you tuck them in your booties, I recommend you do one of two things:

  • Hem your pants or jeans so that they sit just above the upper edge of your ankle boots. You can make a wide or small cuff, tight or sloppy, whatever you would want or whatever is required to get the length just okay.
  • Alternatively (and this might appear to be a little more extreme), you can cut the hem of your pants or jeans to the appropriate length. You don’t have to do anything glamorous with the hem; simply leave it as is. I’ve done this to several of my skinny pants, and I really like the way they look.

Is it acceptable to wear my jeans over the tops of my ankle boots?

It almost always looks weird to me, particularly if the jeans are so narrow that you could see the silhouette of the boots across them. The pants will also most likely ride up over the tops of the booties. So, I recommend cuffing them so that they sit just above the boots or choosing booties with a broader ankle so that the pants can be beautifully tucked inside them.

What ankle boots look good with cropped pants and jeans?

An ankle boot with a thin ankle that cuddles your leg is the best design, and I also recommend one that’s tall enough to rest under the leg of the pants, so you don’t need to solve the gap.

What Should I Do With My Jean Cuffs?

  • You can simply roll them if you only have a limited amount of fabric that requires to be turned up. But in case you have a lot of rolls to roll up, you may eventually look like you have a pork chop wrapped all over your ankle.
  • You can create a thin cuff.
  • Or you can also do a broad cuff if the jeans or pants are very long, but keep in mind that a broad cuff could sometimes shorten your leg, so experiment and see what feels right for you and your frame as well.
  • You can also make a cluttered cuff, which is useful if you have a lot of fabric to roll up.

What are you going to do when it comes to the gap between the top of your boots as well as the hem of your jeans?

  • In case it is not too cold, I recommend leaving it naked or wearing fishnets, but if it’s extremely cold to expose any skin, you have several choices:
  • Wear patterned or colored socks or fishnets/leggings – metallics and polka dots both look fantastic!
  • Wear tights or socks that are the same color as your boots to get a color column that lengthens your legs.

Ankle Boots: 12 Different Ways to Wear Them

Celine leather ankle boots
Celine leather ankle boots

You’ll likely need two pairs of boots: one for wearing with dresses and skirts and another for wearing with pants and jeans. I prefer to wear tight ankle boots with long dresses, skirts, and trimmed pants, and a broader, more basic style with jeans. I highly recommend a few different things to see what feels right for you. And here are 12 different ways that you will find it helpful when pairing your ankle boots:

  1. If your ankle boots are not really broad enough to tuck your pants in (or to keep them tucked in after just a few steps), roll the hem of your pants up to just above the upper margin of the boot.
  2. For several pretty fantastic leg elongations, correspond exactly of your boots to the leggings/fishnets you are wearing.
  3. Ankle boots look great with cropped jeans. I prefer to wear a heeled ankle boot with cropped trousers because it looks more visually appealing, but if you do have long legs, a flat ankle boot will also look flattering.
  4. Wear jeans with an ankle boot having zippers.
  5. Tuck your pants into your socks.
  6. Simply tuck your jeans in if your ankle boot is broad enough and your jeans are tight enough.
  7. If you would like something more casual, it is worth trying the half cuff.
  8. Just try going bare legged.
  9. Cropped ripped denim is not for everybody and, but it’s a wonderful trend to style with ankle boots. If you think paying for pants that are already ripped and tattered is insane, you can always try it out by trimming and fraying an old pair of pants.
  10. Wear your ankle boots with flares.
  11. Wear your booties with a maxi dress.
  12. Wear your ankle boots with a contrasting color of leggings/fishnets.

How To Wear Ankle Boots With Skirts And Dresses In 2022

Neutral-Toned Dress and Ankle Boots
  • A narrow ankle will become the most streamlined and thus visually appealing. It will lengthen and slender your leg, particularly if you have a heeled ankle boot.
  • A broader ankle works as well, but pay attention to from which it cuts your leg; if it cuts all over a broader part of your leg, it would be less attractive.
  • Pointy designs are always fashionable because they lengthen and slender the legs.

How To Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans In 2022

Wear Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans
  • With a broader ankle, you’ll be able to tuck your pants into your ankle boots without them protruding or becoming stuck.
  • A pointy design will lengthen and narrow your leg, while a reduced shaft height will keep you from requiring to cuff your pants as much.

Wear Ankle Boots With A Pair of Cropped Jeans

Ankle Boots With A Pair of Cropped Jeans
  • The cropped jeans will look best with a snugger fit ankle so that they can layer comfortably over the top.
  • A narrower fit would also help narrow down and lengthen your leg, which is an excellent way to improve the added width that the broad leg provides.

Wear Ankle Boots With A Pair of Straight Leg And Wide Leg Jeans 

Pair of Straight Leg jeans with ankle boots
  • A more snug ankle will allow the pants to sit nicely over the top of the ankle boots.
  • Since so many straight leg pants are ankle length, low rise ankle booties would look great with them.

Wear Ankle Boots With Flares 

Ankle Boots With Flares
  • Since it lengthens your legs, a heel is perhaps the most appealing boot style with a flare. Flares are frequently lengthier than most pants designs, necessitating just a little extra height.
  • Platforms with a flair are always the best.
  • They also have a pointy toe, which provides them with a perfect edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What outfits go well with ankle boots?

Because of their slender silhouette, almost all ankle boots look best with slim or tight-fitting jeans. A stylish outfit consisting of slim jeans, a button-up blouse, and a jacket will look great with ankle boots. Just keep the length of your pants in mind.

Is wearing ankle boots with a dress stylish?

Ankle boots, regardless of length, can look exceptionally elegant when paired with a skirt or dress. Whether you’re wearing a maxi skirt hanging out or a midi dress at your workplace, there is always a good pair of ankle boots that will complement your look.

What outfits can you pair ankle boots with?

This is more likely a matter of personal preference, but quite well, stylish ankle boots look excellent with fancier gowns or dresses, whereas chunkier, thicker ankle booties look perfect with much more laid back dresses. It is always trendy with ankle booties and a dress. Dresses are inherently formal and womanly.

How do you dress in ankle boots after the age of 50?

Roll up your sock and leave half of an inch of space between your jeans and your ankle boots. You can also make a thin cuff by folding over twice or a big cuff by folding over once. Be aware that the broader the cuff is, the shorter your legs will appear. If you cuff your pants, wear a shorter top to help lengthen the appearance of your legs.

Do you put socks on with your ankle boots?

Taller boots usually go well with knee or over-the-knee tights, while shorter designs (for instance, crew socks or pants) would go well with ankle boots.

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