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How to Wear Fashion Stockings?






Stockings are really flexible garments that can be worn with almost every outfit. In addition, stockings can be worn with your clothes to make them appear more sassy and elegant. One of the most beneficial facets of wearing these stockings is that it helps to cover up any tiny poky hair that might be growing on your legs. 

In fact, stockings were regarded out of fashion for a short time, but they are currently regarded stylish again. Nevertheless, in recent seasons, we have seen quite a lot of well-known fashion bloggers and influencers bring the stockings trend back into vogue!

Having a diverse stockings drawer allows you to dress up your dull clothes in a variety of stylish ways. The selection of stockings currently offered is remarkable, with fishnets, clear stockings, solid stockings, and floral net stockings in such vibrant colors that they may even prevent heavy traffic.

Picking The Right Stockings

Choosing right stocks
Choosing right stocks

Choose stay-up stockings for a sleeker, easier fit

This design of stockings, also recognized as “hold-ups” in the United Kingdom, has a leading band made of Lycra, silicone, nylon, and elastic that grips your thighs and stays up on their own. So, if you will be wearing your stockings just underneath a well-fitted skirt or dress, this style is just ideal. Look for a brand with stretchy and other riveting characteristics, such as silicone, to make sure a snug fit. 

Also, check the sizing chart for your stockings. It is really critical to get the best fit because too-large stay-up stockings would then slip down.

Dress your stockings with a garter belt for a sexier look

Dress your stockings with a garter belt for a sexier look

As you might know, a garter belt is a sexy lingerie accessory that wraps all over your waist and is often made of lace. To help keep your stockings up, it usually has straps that hang loose and splice onto them. In addition, a garter belt could really be a nuanced, sexy complement to your outfit, but it might also be seen through tighter clothing. Wear it under a softer and looser-fitting skirt or dress to keep it hidden. 

Consider adding your stockings to a bodice or suspenders for a more sophisticated, sultry look.

For a soft appearance on your thighs, search for stockings with broad bands

In general, stockings with 7.6 to 10.2 cm (or 3 to 4 inches) broad bands will not dig into your thighs and, therefore, will generate a smooth appearance. For a feminine touch, search for a pair with thicker, dark colors fabric at the highs of the stockings or even lace details.

For a professional appearance, go with a neutral color

neutral color
neutral color

For a wonderful everyday style, opt for sheer styles in colors such as nude or black. Stockings in these neutral colors will appear to be pantyhose or tights, particularly if the broadband at the top is hidden by your clothes.

You might also experiment with colors like gray or brown.

For a sexier look, try fishnets or lace 

Fishnet or lace stockings are ideal for an evening out or as an enchanting women’s underwear accessory. Just make absolutely sure you get a pair that perfectly fits your body, as a pair that is way too small might end up causing the pattern to trim into your legs, which will be uncomfy.

If you really want your fishnet or lace stockings to stand out, wear them in black. Try livelier, brighter colors like pink or red for stockings that really stick out.

If you want a comfortable, pleasant look, choose woven socks

To go with a warm and comfortable winter outfit, search for colors like dark red, cream, black, or gray. Don’t be afraid to experiment with soft fabrics like cotton and wool, and don’t be concerned if they bag a little bit around your legs. This appearance is not really meant to be as fitted, so a looser fit is acceptable.

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How to Wear Your Stockings?

Before putting on your fashion stockings, cut your nails, and don’t forget to shave your legs

Keeping your nails and legs soft and smooth will keep the fabric from nabbing on hard edges or protruding hairs. To make the process go even far more smoothly, hydrate your hands, feet, and legs. Besides, don’t forget to remove any bracelets or rings to avoid snagging in the fabric.

Put on your fashion stockings while sitting in a chair.

It is always considered best to begin from a seated position, so you don’t lose your stability while pulling up your fashion stockings. It is far ideal for sitting in a chair. However, you could really also sit on the floor with your legs out right in front of you.

Roll up one fashion stocking with both of your hands

Starting at the top of the fashion stockings, roll the material up on both sides till you reach the foot zone. Keep the top round opening open so that you will easily slide your foot in it.

Place your foot in the toe zone and then flatten it all the way to your ankle

When you slide your foot in your fashion stockings, curve your foot and point your toes as well. Check that the stitch along the rim of the foot area is straight all over your toes and, if needed, softly modify it with your fingers.

Slowly roll your fashion stocking up your leg

Slide the remaining stockings up your shin and then to your thigh with both hands. If your stockings have stitching, make sure to keep them straight up and down your leg. To avoid any potential runs in the fabric, move slowly and deliberately.

If you are wearing a garter belt, fasten it

Wrap the garter all around the narrowest part of your midsection and secure it with the hangers in the rear. One strap’s rubber nub should be slid somewhere under the top of your stockings and secured with the metal clasp.

If you are going to wear it just under your clothes, go for a thin garter belt. Pick one with a broader band for even further coverage on your stomach area.

Put your undies on over the stockings and belt if you are wearing your garter belt underneath your clothes for the next day. This will absolutely make going to the bathroom more convenient during the day.

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How to Style Your Fashion Stockings?

Wear your fashion stockings to work with a dress or long skirt

Wear your fashion stockings to work with a dress or long skirt
Wear your fashion stockings to work with a dress or long skirt

The key to wearing fashion stockings in a work context is to make them appear like regular pantyhose by covering the band at the top. Pick a skirt or dress that falls a little above your knee. Sit in the skirt and then walk around a little bit to ensure the hem does not ride up and reveal the stocking band. 

Select a looser or even more organized skirt or dress to wear your fashion stockings with a garter at work.

Also, pick colors that are neutral, such as nude or black, and do not have a pattern.

Stockings are an excellent choice for wearing to work in hot weather. Apart from pantyhose or tights, they do not extend all the way to the midsection, allowing your skin to breathe easily.

Wear your fashion stockings with a mid-length skirt for a romantic date-night appearance

With the proper skirt length, revealing a little bit of the band of your fashion stockings could really be discreetly alluring. Dress sheer black stockings with a dark dress or pencil skirt that falls just below the mid-thigh. The hem would then ride up just enough to reveal a clue of the stocking band when you cross your legs at the table.

Combine woven stockings with a pair of boots and a mini skirt for a cozy look

Wear thick woolen fashion stockings with either tall boots or booties for a fashionable winter appearance. For an adorable but easy look, style them with a coat or a sweater dress and miniskirt that reaches somewhere above the top of your fashion stockings.

For a more honest look, pair fashion stockings with a corset or garter belt

Try a bra set and a garter belt, or even a full bodice, for an appealing look to relish with your partner. Bodices generally have the same straps as garter belts and can be easily attached to your fashion stockings for an ageless, sultry look.

Try on lace or fishnet stockings. You can search for a pair with nice band detailing or alluring, defined stitching.

Garter belts and corsets can be purchased in the same color as your fashion stockings, or you can also mix and match. Black fashion stockings also go with almost everything.

How to Make Your Fashion Stockings Last

After each and every wear, wash your fashion stockings

Washing your fashion stockings too frequently can end up causing runs, and they possibly shouldn’t need to be washed that frequently in the first place. Except if your stockings are visibly dirty after wear, just wait until you wear them once more before washing them.

To avoid runs, wash your fashion stockings in a mesh bag

Using an underwear bag will keep your fashion stockings from getting caught on the edges of the washing machine or on other clothing. Besides, fashion stockings can drop out of looser bags in the rinse, so look for one with an exceptionally-fine woven fabric mesh. 

Avoid putting bras in the very same bag as your fashion stockings because the stockings can get caught on the hooks.

You could also hand-wash your fashion stockings with warm water and a little soap. Allow them to soak for around 10 to 15 minutes before rubbing the fabric against itself to remove any grime.

To avoid holes, wear no-show socks right under your fashion stockings

If you are going out in your fashion stockings, this inexpensive, simple solution will keep your toes from jabbing through the foot. Fashion stockings with underscored toes are also available, but slipping on a pair of socks is the less expensive option. As an added bonus, it will absolutely keep your feet warm and comfortable during the cold wintertime.

Thinner socks will keep your shoes from feeling too tight.

To store your fashion stockings, hang or roll them

Hold both of your fashion stockings from the top, and then roll them down to the toes to form a tight ball if you do have some wooden storage space. To maintain them beautifully rolled, store them in a cabinet, placed nicely and snugly against other fashion stockings, shirts, tights, or socks.

If you don’t have enough drawer space, just hang your tights on a scarf hook or the lower, flat bar of a normal clothes hanger.

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