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How to Wear Minnetonka Boots: An Ultimate Guide For Minnetonka Boots






“Maskisina” directly means “footwear” or “shoe” in the Algonquian language; whereas these shoes were born out of a need, they have since become equated with footwear fashion. In addition, moccasin boots, which are usually made of leather or suede and embellished with fringe, lean toward the relaxed, yet they could really be dressed up for a little bit more formal events (no balls or galas, even so). Although fashion puts a premium on individual expression, keep a few pointers in mind to serve as starting points for your own unique moccasin boot outfits.

Maintain A Relaxed, Casual Style

Minnetonka Boots
Minnetonka Boots

Unexpectedly, knee-high and ankle-high moccasin boots pair well with a wide range of women’s shorts, including high-waisted vintage styles and cut-off denim shorts; the important factor here is to differentiate the boost of the boot with the rising hems of the shorts. Combine these relaxed bottoms with a patterned wool sweater to deliver a loose-fitting V-neck t-shirt for a refreshing summer look or the toughness of moccasin boots.

If your Minnetonka boots have little or no fringe, wear a fringed tee to complete the Southwestern look. Tuck slender, tapered-leg jeans into high-topped Minnetonka boots, or pair them with cuffed over ankle-high boots. Simply being tucked into these shoes, leggings also look awesome. For another hot or warmth-weather selection, style your Minnetonka boots with an informal miniskirt, a thick and bold belt, and a light, loose-fitting blouse. An elegant top layer for any of these attires is an iconic denim jacket.

Dress It Up

outfit with Minnetonka Boots
outfit with Minnetonka Boots

A vintage, sports-cut tweed blazer tends to add a little bit of formal sense of style to an outfit that includes skinny, flared slacks, a leather plaited belt, a solid-color V-neck t-shirt, and an elbow-patches blazer or jacket. Wear a plaid sweater dress for colder weather or a flowing plaid flannel shirt or maxi dress for warm weather to semi-formal events. For a more streamlined look, wear a sheath dress with either knee-high or ankle-high boots. Wear prints in symmetrical Southwestern fashions or natural prints, for instance, paisley or nature-themed patterns, which work well as well.

Corresponding shoes

When wearing moccasin boots, consider combining your bottoms; for example, put on skinny gray jeans with a pair of black moccasins, vice versa, and tan Minnetonka boots with bare legs. Browns with a red undertone work well with warm-toned ensembles. Gray and black Minnetonka boots look best with cool tones like charcoal, silver, and sapphire.

Moccasin boots go well with boho-style jewelry, such as beaded accessories, pendants, twinkly pieces, and long necklaces, in addition to harmonizing these colors. Similarly, these boots allow you to wear light and airy, low-hanging beaded or leather purses, which are an elegant but rugged substitute for small clutches. Vintage sunglasses like aviators and turtle shell designs, as well as hat styles like cabbie caps and straw fedoras, complement Minnetonka boots for both women and men.

For The Men

Minnetonka Boots for men
Minnetonka Boots for men

Yes, moccasin boots are not just for women; this time-honored footwear tends to make a gender neutral fashion statement. A few male outfits strongly match their more girly counterparts while conveying a decidedly masculine message. Dark-washed, skinny blue jeans cuffed over ankle-high, neutral-toned Minnetonka boots and a simple, basic gray or white t-shirt, for instance, establish a timeless appearance that gives itself to inclusions like a knitted cardigan or a patterned blazer.

Replace the jeans with a denim jacket and customized wool slacks for a textured look. Style your Minnetonka boots with cuffed chinos, a loose-fitting Henley, and a layered Peruvian-style scarf for a far more fall season look.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
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