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How To Wear Gladiator Sandals






Gladiator sandals, as many of you might know, have been around since olden history and have lasted longer than most sneakers in the fashion industry for excellent purposes: they are really comfortable and versatile.  

In addition, gladiator sandals are now available in a variety of materials and styles. Depending on the completion of the sandal and the attire, these types of shoes can be worn in both informal and stylish settings. Some simple style guidance can assist you in wearing gladiator sandals in a fashionable manner.

Gladiator Sandals
Gladiator Sandals

Look for a Feminine Style

Dress according to your leg type

Model wears gladiator sandals
Model wears gladiator sandals

Stick to basic styles of gladiator sandals if you do have short legs. Ankle gladiator sandals are always considered among the best heights for short legs, particularly if your legs are full because they do not visually truncate your legs. On the other hand, if your legs are skinny and long, you can choose from styles of ankle-high to knee-high gladiator sandals with more colors and details.

Try a pair of ankle-high gladiator sandals in a nude color that is close to your skin tone if you do have full and/or short legs. Any other solid color with low ankle styles will also work. Styles with a long vertical strap and a high heel will definitely help to make your legs look far longer.

Flatter your feet’s width

In fact, gladiator sandals could really make your feet look bigger. Choose a style with diagonal straps rather than horizontal straps if you do have thick ankles or broad feet. If you have thin feet, on the other hand, you can broaden the look of your small feet by wearing styles with thinner straps and little detail.

Understand how to tie your sandals

A few gladiator sandals come with long straps that wrap around your legs. Generally, there are two major ways to appropriately tie these types of sandals. The first way is to tie them around your ankles or just below your knees. In either case, wiggle your legs and feet right after tying the straps to ensure they are completely secure. When tying the straps around your ankles, maintain all of them below your calves. Then tie one strap from left to right and the other counter-clockwise direction around your ankle until there is enough tie to fasten a knot.

Wrap the straps all over your legs as fewest times as possible – you might only want to wrap it 1 or 1.5 times all over your leg. So that the straps will not fall down, the “X” of the straps must cuddle the rear of your calf muscles. After that, tie the straps together in a knot just below your knees.

For more formal events, pick dressier styles

Specific gladiator sandal styles tend to be more formal than others. If you would like to be able to wear your gladiator sandals to a formal occasion, consider thin straps and/or a metallic finish. In addition, gladiator sandals with stiletto heels are also available!

Selecting Gladiator Sandals for Vacation

Gladiator sandals in the normal style, with tie-up straps and flat soles, are simple to pack. Firstly, try them on and take a stroll in them. If you really need to walk on asphalt or other smooth surfaces, always ensure that the soles are not too thin.

If you intend to wear your new pair of gladiator sandals while going to travel, choose a zippered style because they will allow you to easily slip them on and take them off at airport security checkpoints.

Pairing with a Feminine Outfit

gladiator sandals with Feminine Outfit
gladiator sandals with Feminine Outfit

Go for prints

As you might know, gladiator sandals complement big, intricate patterns well. Wear one patterned item, such as a top, shorts, or dress with your gladiator sandals, and keep the rest of your clothing a solid or plaid color. Avoid micro prints, which may compete for attention with your gladiator sandals.

Wear a solid white or black dress

Styling your gladiator sandals with a black dress could really add interest to your look. When paired with a white dress, they add a touch of edginess. You can wear the same outfit between day and night with either choice.

To keep the stylish, sophisticated look, stick to neutral shades like brown, black, or white.

Another wonderful way to style a cocktail dress and your gladiator sandals is a solid metallic finish.

Opt for denim

Pair a t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts with your gladiator sandals. Finish the look with simple yet chic jewelry, such as silver or gold necklaces and/or wristbands. Gladiator sandals go well with short denim skirts as well. Putting on a pair of heeled gladiators with skinny jeans can also help to lengthen the look of your legs.

Dress up a casual dress

Gladiators look good with short skirts. For instance, a midi dress with a hem that falls anywhere mid-calf could also be worn. You could also wear a skirt or long dress with gladiators.

If you really want to wear your gladiator sandals with a maxi dress or a long skirt, go for a simple, flat pair of gladiators.

Gladiator sandals look great with chambray, printed, or striped midi dress. What’s more, gladiator sandals can be worn with a shirt dress.

Put on high sandals to your outfit

A short skirt or capri pants look really gorgeous with mid-calf gladiator sandals. Either mid-calf or knee-high gladiator sandals look great with a short jumpsuit or romper. These styles expose enough leg to expose the gladiator elegance with higher straps.

Styling Masculine Gladiator Sandals

Masculine Gladiator Sandals
Masculine Gladiator Sandals

Always try them on before buying

Test your gladiator sandals before purchasing them by always walking around in them. They must feel at ease. Find another pair if your toes are going to slip out or the sandal. Just keep scraping the arch of your foot in an unpleasant way.

Prepare your feet

You should not wear socks with your gladiator sandals. Make absolutely sure that your feet are clean and well-groomed. Choose styles that really make your feet look smaller, not bigger.

Look for styles with vertical or diagonal straps instead of horizontal if you have wide and/or big feet.

Pair with shorts

Any type of shorts that fall underneath the knee is a good option. You could wear your gladiator sandals with slim, customized shorts. Gladiator sandals have the effect of visually shortening the leg. If your legs are short, choose gladiator sandals that end just below your ankles. But if your legs are longer, you could really wear styles with straps that get above your ankle bones.

Pick gladiator sandals in neutral colors such as brown or black. The rest of your appearance should be smart-casual.

Pair with wide-legged pants

If you would not want to bring more attention to your gladiator sandals by wearing shorts, style them with wide-leg pants, like a pair of linen trousers, and a simple shirt. This is a great summer or vacation outfit, and you can dress it up with a light linen jacket. Try this style with dark or earth-toned leather gladiator sandals.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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