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How to Wear Wide Belts: 4 Ways That Flatter Your Look






A belt is a simple, flexible way to make your outfits appear more interesting and different. When styled with the proper outfit, a wide belt will become one of the most eye-catching and appealing accessories. Please remember that wide belts will not work with each and every outfit, but they do look gorgeous with the ones that do. Discover how to pick a wide belt and what styles to pair it with. You will notice an immediate improvement in your sense of style.

How to Choose a Wide Belt?

Think about the material

Wear wide leather red belt

The elegance of a wide belt is that you could really find or make one out of almost every material. You can go with leather for a classic and bold appearance. In addition, wide belts could be found in almost all kinds of fabric. Wide belts with elastic are a great option because the elastic moves with you and is far more comfortable.

Wrap your preferred silk scarf all over your midsection for an instant wide belt. The scarf’s thickness and tails can be adjusted.

Choose a few belts to wear

Rather than one large belt, search for two or even three thinner belts that could be worn together. This will give the appearance of a wide belt.

Besides, ribbons can make excellent belts. Wrap a few ribbons in varying colors of the same hue to create a stunning appearance of a wide belt.

Choose a belt that complements your personal style

Basically, belts come in a simple straight style, and monochrome colors go with a variety of outfits. They could really be used to define a wider midsection. Belts with embroideries, such as big buckles, stones, beads, and studs, might be appealing. Bold belts with elegant prints could also make an otherwise simple outfit really outstanding.

You might have to try on some kind of various belts to see what looks best with your outfit. Ultimately, the belt should complement your outfit rather than compete with it.

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How to Wear a Wide Belt?

Determine where you want the belt to rest on your waist

You can draw attention to your chest by wearing a wide belt straightforwardly under your bust area. You will also draw attention to your curves and emphasize your waist. Almost all wide belts are worn higher on your midsection, like above your hip bones. Splitting up your torso could really help define big abdomens. 

A wide belt might also take up much more of your torso if your torso is short. Therefore, you might want to wear a belt that is a little thinner.

Wear a wide belt with a loose-fitting dress or top

Wear a wide belt with a loose-fitting dress

Dress a wide belt in a dress or shirt that is a little too big and conceals your body. The belt will absolutely define your midsection and add structure to an otherwise unstructured outfit. 

Maintain a natural waistline with your belt. Wearing the belt just below your hip bones will definitely help to lengthen your torso, particularly if you are wearing a loose-fitting top or dress.

This looks particularly great with an A-line dress with a wavy bottom the additional volume at the bottom will also draw attention to your midsection.

Pair your wide belt with a cardigan

Pair your wide belt with a cardigan
Pair your wide belt with a cardigan

A wide belt could really help tie an outfit together if it consists of several items, such as a cardigan, a jacket, a shirt, or pants. Simply wear the belt under or over the cardigan.

If your outfit is monochrome or dark and gloomy, a belt can really spice it up. Pick a belt with a unique pattern or color. This can help to keep your appearance from becoming monotonous.

The belt may be worn with an oversized blazer. Wear skinny jeans with flats or heels to complete the look.

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Make the belt a part of your appearance

Don’t assume that your belt needs to be the focus of attention all of the time. Choose a wide belt that matches your dress or shirt. It will contrast with your outfit’s design and texture without conflicting with it.

If you are dressing up a leather belt and don’t really want to match the tone, just try matching accessories like your shoes or handbag. This will definitely give your outfit a more polished appearance without making it too color-coordinated.

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