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How To Choose The Right Skirt Style And Hem Length That Flatters Your Body Best?






The skirt is popular since it is feminine, visually appealing, and always fashionable. But which skirt accentuates fuller thighs and hips, and which skirt looks best on short or long legs? Let’s explore the dos and don’ts of wearing skirts, as well as how to underscore your best attributes and feel very confident in your skirts. The following tips could also be applied to the skirt length of a dress – and so many styling tips are likely to apply to all skirt lengths. Continue reading to find out more!

Leather skirt
Leather skirt

Skirt Lengths

Length Is Only Relative

There are numerous skirt lengths to pick from, but it is worth noting that these will be comparative to your weight and height to some extent. The lengths of your legs and upper body, as well as your weight, will influence the overall lengths of your skirts.

Skirt lengths on curvier and chubbier women usually sit marginally greater than the designer meant. Brands that accommodate curvily and plus sizing usually bear this in mind. The length of a skirt could also be ascertained by where it sits on your midsection. If you have a flat tummy and the skirt gets to sit pretty low, the length would be longer than meant.

Because I am pretty short, I invariably look for skirts that are a little too long for me, and maxi skirts, in specific, have a propensity to touch the floor and have to be shortened.

Designers frequently combine these characterizations just for clarity. For instance, instead of breaking it down into tea, ankle-length, full, and maxi, or any type of long skirt is typically referred to as a maxi.

Selecting Skirt Lengths

A good rule of thumb for the most appealing skirt for your form is that it should end at the correspondingly narrowest unit of your legs. This is frequently found above the ankle and below the knee.

However, vogue rules are made to be broken, and you could then wear whatever makes you feel and look really comfy and, of course, at your best.

Various lengths might also be appropriate for various situations. Skirts appropriate for the weekend might not just be the same as those appropriate for work.

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Different Types Of Skirt Lengths

Skirt Lengths
Types of Skirt Lengths

Below is the detailed guide to the 11 different skirt lengths. 

Lengths of Skirt
Lengths of Skirt

Lengths of Micro Mini Skirts

In general, a micro mini skirt is extremely short, ending underneath the bottom on the highs of the thighs. In addition, micro minis are always considered the best when being worn when you don’t need to crouch down. In the cold season, they could be paired with tights.

Lengths of Mini Skirts

Despite the fact that short skirts have existed across the whole of history, the word “mini skirt” became common in the late 1960s. In the 1960s, Mary Quant, a British designer, and Andre Courreges, a French designer, were popularly known for creating the modern mini skirt. Generally speaking, mini skirts usually end around 10 cm (or 4 inches) from the bottom, at the mid-thigh. What’s more, mini skirts are really common among shorter women because they make legs appear longer. So, if you do have great legs, flaunt them despite your size. Besides, mini skirts could really be tight and fitted, full and flared, or a combination of the two. Denim mini skirts would never go out of style.

Lengths of Short Skirts

Short skirts and mini skirts are frequently used interchangeably. In general, a short skirt is usually believed to end at the mid to upper thigh.

Lengths of Above Knee Skirts

An above-the-knee skirt, as the title indicates, sits somewhere above the bony portion of the knee. In general, these skirts are commonly worn with straight skirts and for business wear.

Lengths of On Knee Skirts

Basically, on the knee, skirts tend to finish at the center of the knee bone. If they are way too tight, they will also have to be created of stretchy material or have a split in the rear end so that you can still take a stroll comfortably. On the knee tapered and tight skirts are also usually regarded as flattering, providing you with an hourglass shape.

Lengths of Below Knee Skirts

Below-the-knee skirts provide more coverage and are visually appealing on a wide range of body types, especially when paired with heels. To make sure free movement in narrower or tighter skirts, a split, generally at the rear, will be required.

Lengths of Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are chunkier in design and usually end at the mid-calf. Straight skirts of this length might also have a split in either one or both directions.

Lengths of Tea Skirts

Generally speaking, tea skirts are comparable to midi skirts in length and often fall around 3-4 inches underneath the knee. This word became common in the 1920s as this length of the dress was chosen to wear to tea parties. While this word is used, it usually refers to the circle or entire shaped skirt, and it is considered to represent official styles of dresses and skirts.

Lengths of Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are designed to fall just above the ankles. However, the length will vary based on your height. It could end underneath your ankle or might even be on the ground. As a basic rule, the longer the skirt is, the greater your height would then come into play in determining its final length.

Lengths of Full Skirts

Full skirts, also known as floor-length skirts, are common for formal and wedding gowns. They could be difficult to walk in and may trip you up when worn on a daily basis.

High Low or Asymmetrical

Needless to say, not all skirts come with the same length at the hem. Some skirts have front and back or side slits that go up and down. In fact, this might add personality to a skirt and is a good way to attract attention to your best features. A high-low skirt is usually a kind of skirt that is lower in the back and higher in the front.

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Choosing A Hemline That Is Appropriate for Your Height

Hemline That Is Appropriate for Your Height
Hemline That Is Appropriate for Your Height

The best length of skirts for petite/short-skirted women

A mini skirt that starts to fall on something beyond somewhere above the knee reveals more skin for women 5’4″ or shorter, making the legs look far longer. If you’re self-conscious about your knees, go for a skirt with a tighter hem that starts to fall underneath the knee. Shoes in a mesocarp tone will lengthen the legs even more.

High-waisted A-line skirts also help to lengthen the appearance of the waist, while the subtle flare tends to make the legs appear slimmer. Envelope skirts are also another excellent choice. Their angled cut also helps to lengthen the appearance of the legs.

Mini and maxi skirts must be avoided by petite women, particularly if you have really short legs. Skirts that touch the ankles can be too much. This could be conquered by wearing a slit skirt that exposes some skin.

The best length of skirts average height women

Knee-length A-Lines are typically considered the best choice for a woman of average height. They strike the ideal balance between leg and skirt.

The best length of skirts for tall stature women

Generally speaking, taller women should wear long, flowing dresses that are at least at their knees but ideally longer. Given a taller woman’s long legs, even just a midi skirt would then look perfect.

Picking A Hemline Depending On Your Body Shape

After nailing down the hemline by height, consider your body shape to arrive at the final, ideal skirt length.

The best length of skirts for thin boned women

Long skirts should be avoided by thin-boned figures because they will overpower your appearance. If you decide to wear a long skirt, choose one that fits your thighs and hips well. A skirt that starts to fall around one or two inches just above your knees is always considered your best bet. To add a chunk to your attire, layer it or choose thicker materials.

The best length of skirts for athletic build women (either straight or rectangle body type)

Mini skirts that emphasize well-toned legs look great on athletic figures. If you have broad calves, a longer flare-and-fit skirt with a hemline that usually falls just under the knee could really make them look skinnier. Midi skirts that hit the calves at the thickest point make them appear bigger, which is ideal if you do have thin calves.

The best length of skirts for women with wide thighs and hips (either triangle or pear body shape)

To balance out the legs, dress skirts with hemlines that are a couple of inches just below or above the knee. An A-line skirt that isn’t too full will be considered your best bet. A mini skirt can make fuller legs look longer and skinnier. You could also add thickness to your top by wearing horizontal stripes and vibrant colors while maintaining your bottom part in dark shades.

The best length of skirts for women with a wide waist (either apple or full waist body type)

Broad waistline shapes generally should avoid mini skirts that attract attention to the stomach area. You really would like to lengthen your torso and take attention away from your midsection. Full-length skirts absolutely look fantastic but avoid thick belts all around the waist. In addition, skirts with side zippers also add length to the appearance. If pleats are used, make sure they begin below the tummy to avoid putting a chunk to the stomach area.

The best length of the skirt for plus size (or curvy) women

Baggy skirts are not appropriate for plus-size women. Rather than opt for a stretchy knee-length skirt (typically sleekened but not squeezed). Also, look for prints that will add length to your outfit (for instance, pleats, pinstripes, etc.).

Styling Tips for All Lengths of Skirts

  • How about optically lengthening your legs? Simply tuck your top into your skirt. Dress up your skirt higher at the midsection to make your legs appear longer. Generate this illusion with a dress by raising or lowering the waist belt.
  • Select the proper shoes: heels generally lengthen your legs. Ankle straps, on the other hand, tend to shorten them since they usually divide your legs into two segments visually.
  • How can I get a longer body? Select skirts with vertical prints.
  • Make a skirt out of a dress? Dress up your dress from under a pullover sweater or a chunky knit – the possibilities are endless.
  • Where is your stomach? Wear a loose-fitting sweater or top over your skirt rather than just tucking it in to hide your stomach. Pleated skirts should be avoided since they can generate a weighty shape at the stomach and hips. Furthermore, avoid wearing a wide belt at the waist.
  • A slim-fitting illusion? Skirts with layered frills or a vertical hemline create a visually slimming and flattering appearance.
  • How do you balance your appearance? By incorporating contrast into your look, you can achieve a modern appearance. Wear a pencil skirt with a chunkier or loose-fitting top and a weighty skirt with a well-fitted top.


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