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How to Wear Women Fashion Boots: An Ultimate Guide






With so many various styles and trends in female boots, it can really be hard to know what to pick to suit both your individual style and the season. However, assistance is on the way! From ankle booties to knee-high boots, mid-calf boots to thigh-high boots, or even shoe boots, we have completely got you covered.

Let’s take a closer look at our style guide down below to find out what types of women’s boots are in fashion right now, what never goes out of fashion, and what boots you should put on with your favorite outfits, whether you are going to dress up or down.

What Are Women’s Fashion Boots in Style?

Cowboy Boots with Turtleneck Tee and Midi Shirt Dress

It can really be tough to keep track of fashion and trends because they change so fast. Nevertheless, boots can be widely classified based on leg height.

Let us begin with ankle boots. In general, these are ideal for seasonal transitions because they can be worn with bare legs and shorts in the warmer months and tights and dresses in the cold season. They are considered a wardrobe essential, and they were all over the fashion shows (and even the streets) during London Fashion Week.

Flat ankle boots, especially Chelsea boots, have been extremely prominent in recent years and show no signs of abating. So why should they when they are so adaptable? Flat ankle boots are more laid back and therefore unsuitable for the working place, but they are an extremely fashionable (and comfortable as well) choice for weekends.

Wear Ankle Boots with Dress

Ankle boots with patterns and embroideries have also been seen on the runway shows in the past few seasons, with a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and embroideries to pick from. But don’t save them for special occasions; pair them with a dress or jeans for a groovy edge to your daytime look.

Another popular style is calf boots. These are best paired with leggings, skinny jeans, and more laid back dresses and skirts because they are often a little more casual. Calf boots can also be a little bit more difficult to style because they make a clear line across the broadest portion of your lower leg. Therefore, it is really crucial to get the ratios right.

Is it still fashionable to wear tall boots?

Teddy-Bear Coat, Tights and Knee High Boots

Knee-high women’s fashion boots, as some of you might know, have been back in style for quite a while and look like they are here to stay, especially since they are wonderful for winter weather.

These look a little smarter, particularly with heels than their mid-calf or ankle-high counterparts, so they are just awesome for the workplace or dressing up skinny jeans for a savvy weekend appearance. For a 70s-inspired appearance, wear them with a midi skirt that embraces the tops of the fashion boots. Or you can also dress them for a classic 60s appearance by wearing them with a mini skirt, opaque tights, and a pair of chunky heels. If you want a more relaxed style, a pair of shearling and faux fur-lined fashion boots are ideal.

In addition, over-the-knee and thigh-high boots are really popular, with Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley all seen wearing them in recent times.

How To Wear Women’s Fashion Boots?

So, the question here is, how do you put on all of these different kinds of women’s fashion boots?

The brilliant thing about women’s fashion boots is that you can easily find a pair that goes with everything and for any event. Whether you are going for a walk in the rural areas, going shopping for the day, going out in the city, or giving a speech at the workplace, the proper pair of boots can really make you feel and look wonderful. Here are some of our recommendations:

Wear women’s fashion boots with jeans

Black Ribbed One-Shoulder Sweater Top With Mom Jeans And Ankle Boots

Because jeans are more laid back, they are generally reserved for evenings out and weekends (except if your workplace has a more informal dress code, which so many do now).

There are about as many various styles of jeans as there are different styles of women’s fashion boots, so pairing them can be extremely difficult. But it doesn’t mean you can’t pair your boots with your favorite jeans. And here are some examples:

Boots with bootcut jeans

Cable Knit Hoodie, Jeans And Chelsea Boots

Bootcut jeans, as you might or might not know, were actually made for boots, as the name implies. In general, bootcut jeans look great with ankle boots because they are fitted to the knee but afterward flare out mildly to cater to the boot. They should never be tucked in and, instead, should be worn over the top of your ankle boots (to avoid any bulges or protrusion).

In addition, bootcut jeans look way better when paired with heeled boots because they prevent the hems from dragging on the floor and create a more slim silhouette. You can try some black beefy heeled boots for daytime wear or dress up your bootcut jeans with a pair of pointed heeled boots.

Boots with skinny jeans

Dressy Boots

Generally speaking, skinny jeans pair well with almost all types of women’s fashion boots because they can be tucked into longer designs, but they also look stunning with shoe boots as well as ankle boots. Black boots usually look great with skinny jeans because they lengthen the legs. Anything just goes, whether it is flats, heels, Chelsea boots, or biker boots.

Tan ankle boots with other jeans can also give a laid back, boho-style appearance when paired with paler denim.

Chunky ankle boots or calf boots are typically difficult to replace when paired with skinny jeans for a more relaxed style, and riding boots paired with dark skinny jeans and a nice, warm, and comfortable jumpsuit or short coat are elegant and classy for a savvy but still laidback appearance.

Wear women’s fashion boots with dresses and skirts

Ankle Boots with dress

Once more, there are a variety of thousands of dress and skirt styles to choose from, so how do you match the right women’s fashion boots to your outfit?

Ankle boots and skirts

Waterproof boots with black skirt

In general, ankle boots go well with almost all dresses and skirts. Midi skirts with a pair of heeled ankle boots are really very fashionable right now. You can try wearing a pair of ankle boots in a contrasting fabric or color. For a more conservative appearance, style a pair of lace-up or buckled boots with an oversized jumper and a pencil skirt, which is ideal for shopping or catching up at weekends for a coffee. If you really would like to show off your beautiful legs, try a skater skirt with a pair of heeled boots.

Knee-high boots with skirts

Black Body-Hugging Dress with high knee boots

Skirts are ideal for displaying fashionable knee-high boots. Usually, flat knee-high boots go well with laid-back tights and dresses (and are comfortable and warm for cold weekends), whereas heels are a little savvier and can be worn with wiser dresses and skirts for the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some asked many times questions about how to wear women’s fashion boots:

Is it okay for me to wear boots to work?

Undoubtedly, this depends on your office’s dress code (if it is a super savvy environment, you are likely much better off sticking to formal court shoes). However, boots are acceptable for the vast majority of offices too.

If your place of work prefers the cleverer side of smart-casual, a pair of knee-high leather boots (usually with a heel) paired with a smart dress or skirt will suffice. As do pants and ankle boots. Nevertheless, if your office is more informal, or if you work in a creative field, you will be able to try out different materials, colors, and styles. For instance, a pair of black lace-up ankle boots with a day dress and black tights is always a nice smart-casual look recipe.

Flat boots, over-the-knee boots, and more relaxed styles, on the other hand, should be reserved for occasions other than work.

Is it appropriate to wear boots with a suit?

Both yes and no. Boots are usually not made to wear with skirt suits, so if the temperature gets cold, you might just want to travel in boots, but bring a pair of boots to alter into it once you arrive at your destination.

Having said that, with a trouser suit, you can always get away with putting on a pair of boots as long as they are savvy and, preferably, have a heel because this will generate a far more slim silhouette. You should also avoid anything too informal, as well as anything with a broader leg, since this will ruin the line of your pants. Shoe boots and much more fitted ankle booties also look great with a suit.

How should I put on women’s Chelsea boots?

As you might know, Chelsea boots are an excellent addition to any wardrobe and are ideal for the winter time. Pair them with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans (whether worn ordinarily or rolled up to show a little ankle), or an adorable dress or skirt and tights. Finish with a nice and warm jumper or a sweatshirt and a chunky coat for the ideal relaxed winter outfit.

How do I put on over-the-knee boots?

In general, over the knee boots (also known as OTK boots) do not have to be daunting. And just don’t be concerned about the “Pretty Woman” appearance. You can completely tone down a little bit the cheekiness of the style for daily wear by pairing it with more everyday clothes. Try pairing skinny jeans with a clumpy sweater, or tights, a skirt, and a long cardigan or coat. In addition, they can be worn with midi skirts as a stylish option for tights.

The key is to avoid exposing too much skin. Anything less than 5 inches above the tops of your fashion boots is ideal.

Is it appropriate to wear boots in the summer?

Yes, definitely. In reality, they are a festival must-have (and not just for wellington boots). Tan ankle boots, for instance, will absolutely look great with almost anything: a vest-top and jeans, bare legs and a pretty summer dress, a T-shirt and shorts – the choices are just limitless. Tan is lighter than black, making it an excellent choice for the summer time.

Summer is always common for boho-style, so putting on a beautiful skirt or summer dress with a pair of western-style or cowboy boots is also a great choice.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right boots and clothing items when there are changes in weather can really be difficult, but the great news is that there are a lot of various boots out there that you are absolutely sure to discover different styles that compliment you. It is always a great idea to get a few pairs of boots in your closet to match various outfits and events, as well as to try out what looks better together (there seems to be your excuse to spend more on boots).

If you are really looking for ideas, there are a plethora of street style Instagram accounts as well as bloggers you can follow to stay up to date on the latest styles of women’s fashion boots and how to pair them. And if you choose to stick to classic designs (with a few twists! ), you will also have the foundation for more fashionable looks than you can poke a stick at.

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