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Thigh High Socks: An Ultimate Guide On How To Wear Them






Thigh-high socks are a unique fashion accessory that can be easily paired with almost all attire. To complement your personal style, pick from a range of colors, textures, and patterns as well. Style your thigh-high socks with fashionable bottoms and tops for a laid-back look or a playful night out. And at last, complete your look with the appropriate footwear, and you’re ready to attract a lot of attention.

This article helps you choose the right high-thigh socks as well as ways to pair them to make you turn heads every time going out.

How to Choose the Right Thigh-High Socks?

Thigh High Socks

There are four basic general rules when it comes to selecting a suitable pair of thigh-high socks to complement your outfit.

For a balanced and popular style, opt for dark neutral shades

dark neutral thigh high socks

Choose neutral tones and dark colors for a look that is effortless to mix and match. As you might know, thigh-high socks come in a variety of colors, including navy blue, dark brown, charcoal gray, and black. These colors are subtle and compliment any outfit.

  • Style your neutral socks with a vibrant colored dress or top to add an extra hue to your attire.
  • Wear charcoal gray socks with a black dress or skirt to keep your whole outfit balanced.

For a standout look, wear a pair of brightly colored socks

brightly color thigh high socks

Pick colored socks if you don’t want to blend in and fancy to be outstanding. Bright colors like yellow, orange, and red are all great for adding a splash of color to a somewhat balanced attire. Socks can indeed be just a solid color or a multicolor pattern, whatever you favor.

  • If you select vibrant-colored socks, prepare your attire cautiously. Colors that are too loud can quickly come into conflict with the rest of your costume, so pick colors that match each other. Blue and orange, blue and red, or yellow and green are a few enjoyable and bold color pairings.
  • Colorful socks go well with a pair of white shirts and denim shorts.

Display your individuality with unique patterns and designs

unique patterns and designs

You should find socks with unique patterns if you really want to add a sense of irony or playfulness to your attire. Lines, polka dots, floral patterns, stripes, or any random prints can really boost your personal style as well as personality, and provide you with a one-of-a-kind look that nobody else can match.

  • Combine your patterned socks with your favorite shoes for a unique yet laid back look.
  • Thigh-high socks with three or four horizontal stripes across the top are very common and available in a multitude of colors. Combine them with your preferred shorts for a younger, flirtatious look.

To add visual appeal, choose textured socks

Textured socks

Socks in neutral tones could be made more fascinating with textured details. Fishnet, sheer, and even thick cross stitch cable socks have intriguing textures. Textured socks are also an ideal way to add a slight edge to your outfit without going overboard.

  • Take into account crocheted or ribbed socks for a more relaxed style. Loose, dangly socks are also relaxed, but they do have an adorable or vibrant edge to them.
  • Deem sheer thigh-high socks for a sultrier look. For a much more androgynous style, you can also consider fishnet thigh-high socks.

How to Pair Thigh High Socks?

Below are the 4 common yet stylish ways to wear your thigh-high socks:

For a comfortable, relaxed style, style your thigh-high socks with an oversized sweater

thigh-high socks with an oversized sweater

This is the ideal autumn attire. Oversized sweaters might be both fashionable and functional. Select a turtleneck sweater for warmth in the cold season or an off-the-shoulder sweater for a teasing look. For a completely coordinated look, find a sweater that perfectly matches your socks’ color.

  • Finish the appearance with a good pair of knee-high boots for the fall season.
  • If your sweater is long enough to cover your thighs, you don’t need bottoms. If your sweater, on the other hand, comes in a shorter length, style it with some shorts for a chic fall look.
  • An oversized sweater dress made from knit absolutely looks fancy as it isn’t too fitted and will fall around your thighs, highlighting your socks.

For a playful, flirty look, pair thigh-high socks with a dress, shorts, or a mini skirt

pair thigh-high socks with a shorts

You might be super happy about your thigh-high socks, so dress up something that will enable you to show them off. For instance, if you wear bottoms that are too long, your socks might look like a regular pair of socks. As a result, make sure your dress, shorts, or skirt is short enough that it does not cover your socks’ top.

  • Flared skirts and dresses go well with thigh-high socks. In general, they will give you a cheerful, flirtatious look.
  • Wear a skater shirt with a cropped jacket and Chelsea or combat boots.
  • Shorts, particularly denim shorts, are also perfect when paired with thigh-high socks. It all varies depending on your attire and the appearance you want to achieve.

For a relaxed and casual look, go with a t-shirt

pair thigh-high socks with a t shirt

Nothing says “casual” like a classic t-shirt. Accordingly, a t-shirt and thigh-high socks are a flattering choice for an informal day out. By wearing a more fitted or oversized t-shirt, you can adapt the look to any season or event. Remember that your shirt does not have to be simple or plain. Instead, a graphic or patterned t-shirt can add your own personal beauty.

  • If you want to go all-out casual, wear thigh-high socks with a t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of shoes.

For a more fashionable look, wear a crop top with high-rise bottoms

Crop tops are in style, so why not style them with thigh-high socks? For a feminine look, pair a crop top sweatshirt with a high-rise pencil skirt, thigh-high socks, and a pair of heels. Alternatively, go for a more vintage style by wearing a cropped shirt, high-rise shorts, thigh-high socks, and a pair of shoes. 

  • For a trendy, classy look, opt for minimalistic in all black. In particular, black cropped shirts, black high-rise shorts, black thigh-high socks, and black heels or boots are all good options. Throw on a floral printing kimono or cardigan to break up the monotony of the hue.

Choosing Extra Hosiery and Footwear

For a vintage autumn look, pair with knee-high boots

pair with knee-high boots

Slipping on knee-high boots over a pair of thigh-high socks is a common fall look. Your socks will peek out just a little bit over the boots in this attire, bringing you a toasty, relaxed look. Based on your individual style, your boots could either have a heel or be flat. You can also squish your socks down for an adorable touch if you want.

  • The cream-toned thigh-high socks and brown knee-high boots are a common color combination for this look. To keep warm during the wintertime, style it with a corresponding sweater dress.

For a flexible look, consider ankle boots

pair thigh-high socks with knee boots

Thigh-high socks tend to look fantastic with ankle boots as well. Based on the different types of your boots you wear, this appearance could be very flexible. Dress up your appearance with heeled ankle boots. The more intricate and classy the outfit appears, the taller and skinner the heel is. If you want to go for a more relaxed style, try several flat ankle boots.

  • Chelsea boots or combat boots are two options to consider.
  • Think about wearing socks and boots that are the same color. This gives the impression of tall boots. Wear a pair of black ankle boots with a pair of plain black socks, for instance. From far away, you might appear to be wearing thigh-high boots.
  • Having said that, if you do want to keep your socks and boots unique, ensure that the colors collaborate without pairing.

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Wear sneakers for a sporty look

pair with sneakers

Thigh-high socks compliment any pair of shoes. For the utmost varsity team look, consider pairing socks with horizontal lines at the top. Finish off your look with some shorts and a jersey from your favorite football team. With this attire, you will absolutely look both athletic and relaxed.

  • To build a coordinated look, you can match your attire to your shoes. For instance, if you have white and black sneakers, you can wear them with white and black striped socks, a white top, and black shorts.

Wear open-toed heels to construct a vintage-inspired look

Wear open-toed heels

You may not even think to style open-toed heels with thigh-high socks, but it works perfectly. It actually brings a sophisticated but not stuffy appearance. So, if you try this appearance, make sure your socks have a brighter and lighter color than your sneakers to add contrast.

  • For a cute retro look, pair a cream-toned oversized sweater dress with brown open-toed heels and thigh-high socks.

To stay warm, layer your thigh-high socks over pants or tights

If you really want to dress up thigh-high socks in the cold season, layer them over your favorite bottoms for added coverage as well as warmth. Thigh-high socks are ideal for wearing with jeans, leggings, and tights. If you choose to wear your thigh-high socks over your jeans, ensure that the jeans are stretchy and thin enough to allow your socks to comfortably fit over them without bunching up.

  • Sheer tights worn beneath thigh-high socks are an awesome way to add depth and texture. To keep an even, unbreakable look and to lengthen the legs, pick tights that complement your socks’ color.
  • But if you do want to make your attire sweet or delightful, patterned tights are just a perfect option. Because many patterned tights can appear too intimidating when worn alone, wearing thigh-high socks with solid color over them can literally reduce the effect and end up making the pattern appear less loud.

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