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16 Different Color Shoes Wearing With Navy Dress






A classic navy dress is a wardrobe staple. It’s appropriate for both formal settings and more relaxed occasions, not to mention that it simply goes with everything. You can’t go wrong by wearing this simple, elegant dress to any occasion. And the best part is that once you’ve found your perfect dress, all you need are some complementary shoes!

Since the color of your shoes will be the most prominent part of the outfit, they should reflect or complement your navy blue dress. Navy is a mixture of the dark shades of purple and green, so you have quite a few options to choose from. 

Navy Dress

Welcome to the article about what color shoes wear with navy dress. Let’s take a look at 16 different color shoes going well with navy dresses.

Navy Shoes

Navy Shoes

Navy shoes are versatile and fit in with many different colors. They are a classic color that will never go out of style. A navy blue is the perfect pairing with any dress of the same color, but it can also contrast with a different colored dress in order to make it stand out more.

Black Shoes

Black Shoes

Shoes in the same color family as your dress provide an easy way to look pulled together and chic-and a black lace pump is a particularly good choice for a more formal occasion. “You can always count on black to go with any color of dress and this includes navy dresses in either dark grey or chocolate brown tones. They are also versatile enough to wear with many other colors as well as neutrals when you want to stay classic yet still look sophisticated. 

Black shoes can either be very dressy or very casual depending on the style and how your dress is made. If your dress is casual, try a pair of black strappy sandals with heels for a dramatic look that’s still versatile enough for weekends.

Gold Shoes 

Gold Shoes

Gold is a metallic color that can be especially effective when paired with navy. Ince gold is a very warm color, it can create a lovely contrast with navy. 

If you are wearing gold shoes, try to keep the rest of your outfit cool so the contrast does not seem too jarring. Find a pair with some texture such as a patent shine or tassels to really bring out the richness of the color and make it more effective. Here are some suggestions that you can try to be a fashionista with gold shoes.

Brown Shoes

Brown Shoes

Warm brown tones work well with navy-including sandals or boots. However, look for a pair that have straps so they can be wrapped around ankles or ankles can be rolled up. They’re trendy yet not too flashy and will discreetly create an audacious effect even when worn from 4 in the afternoon until bedtime! 

You can also wear brown shoes to dinner or weddings-especially if you want to dress up for those events. All in all, navy and brown go together quite well, and it’s a fun option to stand out from the crowd if that’s what you want to do! Try a pair of military boots to really get the effect you’re going for.

Beige Shoes 

Beige Shoes

Beige has a warm, rich look and is great with any color of dress. Being neutral makes it very versatile. Try a pair in black or brown with your navy dress for a casual look. Beige pumps are the best choice for ladies, not only during the day but also on the evening day out.

Tan Shoes

Tan Shoes

If you are looking for a more toned-down look with your navy dress, tan shoes are perfect. These colors don’t clash as much as red would with navy and can still look sophisticated.

Red Shoes 

Red Shoes

A bright red shoe will really pop against dark clothes, but you may want to keep your accessories simple if you choose this option. Try a chunky belt or a pair of leather sandals.

Some would even say that a bright pink shoe would also work quite well with a navy dress! You can definitely choose these red shoes if you want to stand out from the crowd by being bolder than necessary.  A great option to use in situations where you want to play it safe, but still want to stand out from the crowd at an informal wedding! You can wear this color on a lot of occasions so feel free to choose the shoes that are most versatile!

Purple Shoes

Purple Shoes

Purple is not a popular choice for the color of shoes worn with navy dresses, but it can be especially flattering on a woman who has dark skin. It works well even in the spring, summer and fall when other purples are in season. Look for a pair that is metallic to complement your dress and accessorize accordingly since purple will often clash with any other colored accessories you’re wearing.  

Purple also works well on lighter skin. Pair it with navy or chocolate brown as well as black. 

Silver Shoes

Silver Shoes

Silver shoes match metal allure as well as reflecting light, especially if you already have metal jewelry such as bracelets or earrings in your wardrobe. Try a pair that has crystals on top for a dressier look. Silver can go with black or dark gray as well as navy if you want to be a bit more daring with your color choices. While metallic silver is an option, it’s best to choose patent leather so the shoes will stand out against the darker colors without having to be extra flashy in order to do so..

Blue Shoes

Blue Shoes

In general, blue does not go with navy, but there are some exceptions. Pair blue shoes with dressy navy dresses made of black or chocolate brown and other colors of the same hue-such as blue jeans or a bottle green dress. There are different shades of blue that you can vary your choice. If you pair this look with silver accessories and a black belt, you’ll have a very striking look!

Green Shoes

Green Shoes

Green shoes allow you to “switch it up” with your favorite color! However, it’s best paired with neutrals such as black or chocolate brown.  Green shoes can be a great choice if you’re looking for something different that will still work well on you. Green is a traditional color to wear with navy, but it works especially well if you have lighter skin. You can also wear it on a more casual occasion such as a wedding where you’ll want to stand out subtly from the crowd

White Shoes 

White Shoes

Like white, blue and green, navy pairs quite well with white, but it’s important to make sure that your accessories have the same degree of dressiness as your shoes. If you’re wearing a very casual pair of flats or sandals, for example, keep the rest of your outfit simple as well.

A white shoe can be an interesting way to mix things up if you’re running out of ideas, but they don’t work well with navy unless they are cream or something similar. If you choose this route, try a strappy sandal or slingback style or if you want an active look, a pair of white sneakers suit your best.

Yellow Shoes 

Yellow Shoes

Yellow is an interesting alternative to a lot of traditional color choices. It combines the best of both worlds and it’s great on those who have pale skin or are more fair in general. Just make sure your accessories match your color choice as well as your shoes .

Leopard Print & Reptile Print Shoes

Leopard Print

Another cool alternative that can be paired with so many colors, they are Leopard print and reptile print shoes. Pair them with plenty of black, white, light gray or solid colors for a look that’s extremely daring but still versatile enough to be worn with various colors of clothing.

Pink Shoes

Pink Shoes

Pink goes with everything , including navy! However, it’s a great color to choose if you want to stand out from the crowd at an informal wedding and you’re wearing a dress that features lots of bright colors. You can also wear this color in a very hippy-chick style if you want to make your outfit look more stylish !

Orange Shoes

Orange Shoes

Accent color. The orange heels are obviously standing out more, which is good if you want to make a bold statement with your outfit! This is also perfect for creating visual interest if your dress doesn’t have any other strong colors. 

Once you’ve found your perfect pair of shoes, don’t forget to accessorize with gold jewelry and a matching handbag. You can add some glam to an otherwise simple outfit by adding these essentials: sunglasses (think aviator or cat-eye frames), handbags, large earrings, bracelets and necklaces in gold or silver.

Also, don’t forget that the most important accessory you can wear is confidence!

5 Tips For Matching Shoes With A Navy Dress

Since the color of your shoes will be the most prominent part of the outfit, they should reflect or complement your navy blue dress. Navy dress consists of two separate blues: light blue and deep blue which both appear in different shades that can be seen in the shade of the dress itself. If you’re not sure about which pair of shoes to wear with your navy dress, here are some ideas to help get you started:

Choose a shoe in the same color family as the dress

A royal blue dress will pair well with royal blue or navy shoes.  When you are wearing one shade of blue on top of another it is possible to determine how different the shades are by looking at how much lighter or darker one shade appears next to another.

Take into account how complex the dress is

For girls who wear long dresses, they need to be more careful in choosing their shoes. The color of the shoes can affect her whole appearance. If you often wear long dresses, then you should keep these tips in mind when choosing your shoes:

Choose a shoe that is not too much girly than the dress, so as to match the matureness of your personality 

Choose a shoe that is not too much girlythan the dress, so as to match the matureness of your personality. For example , if you are wearing a navy dress, but your shoes are red, it will make it look like you’re wearing a skirt. Consider also the type of material your shoes are made of. If you are wearing a long navy dress and black heels, that is going to look pretty strange. This is why it’s important to have dark colors with light colors and vice versa too.

Take into account your environment (e.g., professional vs. casual)

For a formal event or wedding anniversary or other special occasion: Wear a pair of elegant black heels or pumps to class up your ensemble. Black leather is elegant and polished yet casual enough for daytime wear. Stiletto heels are also a great choice for formal wear. They add sass to your outfit and are definitely going to get you noticed!

Another elegant yet trendy shoe is the metallic silver pump. It’s a little bit more intricate than the black pump, but is still appropriate for the daytime or evening. For a casual look: Wear flat tan or brown shoes with your dress. These neutral colors go well with navy blue, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day long!

For a more playful look, opt for a pair of wedge sandals in beige or brown. The best thing about these shoes is that they go with every kind of outfit. Even if you’re wearing a dress, you can still wear sandals!

Choose a shoe that accents and strengthens the look of the dress by matching its color and shape

High heels in gold or silver will match well with an A-line maxi dress, while more casual flats in brown leather will match more formal evening gowns. only consider wearing a light-colored shoe if you want to emphasize the lightness of your outfit and create contrast with your dress. Avoid wearing a more intense shade such as plum or periwinkle that can wash out an otherwise neutral outfit on you.


What is the best color shoes to wear with a navy dress?

There are many different shoe colors that can be worn with a navy dress, but the best ones are dark blue, oxblood or even white. These colors will match the dress and make it look more elegant. Dark blue shoes clip well with a navy dress, look nice and are versatile. Oxblood or milk chocolate is also a great choice for a navy dress.

 If you want to be original, go with white shoes. White shoes will make the outfit look fresh and clean because they won’t clash with the other colors in your outfit. Times New Roman black shoes can make your dress look more casual, but also bring an elegant touch that makes you feel confident. 

You should never wear brown or cream shoes with a navy dress because these colors are too similar to the color of your dress and will make it look dirty and worn out in no time.

What is the best way to match my shoes with my outfit?

There are two ways to match your shoes with your outfit. 

  1. Pair them both with the same color
  2. Pair them with different colors 

In addition, when selecting your shoe color, it is best to go for a combination of nude and bright colors.

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