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How to Wear Women Dress Shirts?






If I can just only dress up one top for the entire life, it would indeed be my father’s hand-me-down oxford tunic (but not because I don’t acknowledge variety). It can be worn as a workplace blouse, a seaside cover-up, a night out top, and also as a Halloween outfit. Not only is the modest button-down the most versatile item in my wardrobe, but it is also anything other than dull when you understand how to dress it and what to style it with.

To prove my point of view, I have compiled a list of 11 stylish ways to wear a button-down shirt that is appropriate for a wide array of events, styles, and moods. Are you ready to get some use out of this overlooked closet hero? Continue reading to find out how to wear a button-down to dates, dinner out, work, or anywhere in between. Dressing up is about to become a lot easier.

Tie It Around A Crop Top

This outfit is appropriate for the boardroom when tucked in and buttoned up, untucked, and tied up, and it is appropriate for an evening out. If you are looking for an outfit that can quickly transform from day to night, that’s it.

Option for Oversize and Accessorize

loose-fitting style Dress shirt

Choose a slouchy, loose-fitting style for a high-fashion look.

Tip: If you really want to make a vintage shirt more interesting, concentrate on accessorizing. Consider a statement handbag, edgy sunglasses, and a pair of sneakers that add a splash of color.

Layer Your Shirt Under A Summer Dress

Layer Your Shirt Under A Summer Dress

When the seasons change, we usually forget how simple it is to re-appropriate our summer closets by layering them with other pieces. So don’t set aside your slip dress quite yet. Add a button-down under it to create an office-appropriate and weather-appropriate outfit.

Allow It To Dangle From Your Shoulders

Allow It To Dangle From Your Shoulders

Another simple way to make a button-down dress shirt feel more fun at night is to unbutton some of the top buttons and slide them off your shoulders. Put on your preferred pair of jeans with a half-tuck.

Combine It With A Jumpsuit

Combine It With A Jumpsuit

The oxford shirt’s native habitat is a jumpsuit. When styled with a solid matching set, it will definitely feel far more fashionable while still remaining crisp, making it perfect for both creative and conservative office spaces.

Try giving It a High-Fashion Makeover

Leather leggings With Button-Down Shirt

If your preferred classic oxford has seen better days, think about investing in a high-fashion substitute. Search for one with a unique twist on some of the classic characteristics, such as exaggerated sleeves or color-blocking. However, don’t ever look back when you style it with a top-handle bag, block heels, and several minimalist wide-leg slacks. 

Experiment with Shape to Give It a Unique Look

Make A Statement With A Blouse And Skirt
Make A Statement With A Blouse And Skirt

We absolutely adore how this attire takes all of the vintage styles and provides them with a kooky, bold edge. The trousers have a vintage fit, but the floral stitching makes them brighter and flirty; the mules are a bold blush pink color, and the untucked styling delivers the oxford shirt a bolder and edgier cutout.

Keep It Open And Fastened With A Belt

Tying a knot at the end of a long belt

Take into account layering an overly large oxford shirt with a denim skirt in the very same wash if you thrifted it, and it tends to fall within that odd length between a dress and a skirt. Endorse the chunky fit by adding a hiney pack or a minimalist belt to give it some shape.

Combine It With Eye-Catching Prints

Combine With A Floral Pattern
Combine With A Floral Pattern

In terms of mixing and matching prints, a pinstripe button-down is always considered one of the simplest pieces to play with. This is due to the pattern’s iconic, clean, and simple design, which provides just enough contrast without conflicting or feeling too crazy. Polka-dots? Absolutely yes. What about animal print? Certainly. Plaid? You betcha. A wrap skirt is also a great way to add motion to an outfit.

Maintain a Classic and Clean Look

Wear hat with pants

Just a pair of nice blue jeans and a button-down combo are the fantastic choice for almost any event. It is customized, clean, and simple. Layered necklaces, rings, and bangles absolutely add a personal touch. 

Tuck It Into A High-Waist

Tuck It Into A High-Waist

Simply choose high-waisted bottoms and then tuck your button-down in for a customized and put-together appearance. Although it is still comfortable and loose-fitting, it is far more form-fitting and enables you to show off the elegant specifics of your high-waisted bottoms instead of hiding them with your top.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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