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How to Look Great In Boyfriend Jeans?






It seems that there are no jeans that can have your back, just like boyfriend jeans in terms of comfort. Infused, cuffed, and loosed with just the right amount of masculinity, the style just works perfectly no matter if you want to keep stuff casual or dress them up. Although this might look a little bit effortless, the ”borrowed from the boyfriends” appearance can be difficult to style, so look to the style set for inspiration.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a popular choice among off-duty celebrities and models. If you get the appearance right, you will completely have a look that is relaxed and happy, casual, and stylish all at the same time. If you get it wrong, it is not the end of civilization if you have a terrible outfit day, but we are not going to let that happen. Continue reading for our dos and don’ts, as well as some styling tips for wearing boyfriend jeans.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Boyfriend Jeans


Do roll your boyfriend jeans up

Generally speaking, boyfriend jeans tend to have a loose fit that can easily become sloppy. Roll them up sloppily to a crop the length, which absolutely makes the look far tidy. They should also be just a few inches right above your ankle. However, this is not always an absolute rule. Choose the length that feels appropriate for you based on your height as well as your shoe style. Better yet, get independent advice from a friend.

Do request a tapered leg

Take note of how the whole jean just hangs on your leg after rolling it. A more even taper with a fairly tight ankle must be visible. If the boyfriend jeans hang directly down or become broader towards the ankle, they will end up creating an unflattering, boxy appearance. Put it down to the jeans and try a new pair.

Try different washes

Celebrities and models prefer extremely light wash boyfriend jeans with a distressed look. So, try to mix it up with medium- or dark-wash jeans in your own closet. Even just a white or color pair of boyfriend jeans (yes, even in the dead of winter!) might really work. Take it easy on the tears and rips that celebrities seem to adore. Extremely ripped jeans are not really practical, and they very seldom look good on anybody.

Wear a belt and tuck it in your top

In general, boyfriend jeans fit straight and loose, just like joggers. Therefore, a belt and tucked-in top will definitely give you a midsection and also a deliberate look to your outfit. Make it known to the world that you put this attire together (and you just did not even grab things from your wardrobe in a random way).

Have great times with your shoe selection

It is really difficult to choose the wrong sneakers for boyfriend jeans. For instance, tall boots and UGGs boots will be inappropriate, but pumps, sneakers, flats, ankle boots, and sandals are all suitable options. For an adorable retro look, style it with a pair of ankle socks with heels. Just have some fun with it.


Don’t show off too much skin

The two most common ways we usually see boyfriend jeans go incorrectly are: 

  • In general, the jeans are worn with a very small, extremely tight top.
  • The point of this story is to come down on the side of caution here. 

So, simply wear a short skirt alternatively if you do want to show off your beautiful legs. You can also put on that bikini and enjoy the beach if you really want to show off your sexy abs.

Never wear flannel with boyfriend jeans 

If you are upper the age of 13, the flannel-top-and-boyfriend jeans look just that little silly. We are not trying to say you really can not pull it off, but that is a difficult look for an adult or even older teenager to pull off.

Just don’t really wear your boyfriend’s jeans

While I was in my high school (back in the 1980s), jeans were mostly high-rise and tight. I simply wanted to try something distinct, so I purchased a pair of white Levis in the very same size as my father. I tried belting them, rolling them up right at the ankle, and wearing them with Vans. Presently, I did think that it was a nice look at the time, but a photo from back then demonstrates anything other than that. (A budget fashion designer blunder!)

It is unlikely that your SO (or your father) would be the appropriate size for you. Furthermore, there are a lot of affordable choices for women that you don’t have to force.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans?

Boyfriend Jeans with a Fur Coat

Boyfriend Jeans with a Fur Coat

Even if your coat is vintage or fax, it really adds a nice amount of chaos to traditional boyfriend jeans. Since the boots, bag, and shirt are all a subtle black, this instance retains a casual vibe.

Boyfriend Jeans with a Corset Top

Boyfriend Jeans with a Corset Top

Style your boyfriend jeans with a corset top to show just a little skin and generate a sexy hourglass figure. A corset would then dress up the jeans, making them more appropriate for a day-to-night look.

Boyfriend Jeans with Striking Jewelry

Boyfriend Jeans with Striking Jewelry

In general, boyfriend jeans are popular since they are super comfy. You don’t literally need to sacrifice comfort for the remainder of your costume. Instead, you just need to add statement earrings or necklaces, and you have got a look.

Boyfriend Jeans with Extra-Girly Accessories

Boyfriend Jeans with Extra-Girly Accessories

You might be wearing trousers that your boyfriend will indeed borrow, but it really is fun to contrast by making the rest of your attire exceptionally girly. A pair of bright heels and a feather clutch would definitely do the trick. Invest in a wonderful pair of jeans before heading to Zara for trendy accessories.

Boyfriend Jeans with a Plain White Tee

Boyfriend Jeans with a Plain White Tee

A premium white T-shirt paired with denim is a winning combination. Both pieces will not only last you eternally, but they will also match almost everything in your wardrobe. Wear stylish all-black accessories to up the ante on the look.

Boyfriend Jeans with a Long Jacket

Boyfriend Jeans with a Long Jacket

This is an attire that the Olsen twins will indeed endorse. In general, both the jacket and jeans are oversized without appearing sloppy. A pair of black sunglasses and a pair of pointed-toe shoes will absolutely add to the Olsencore “excessively cool for you” illusion.

Boyfriend Jeans with a Halter Top

Boyfriend Jeans with a Halter Top

On a hot summer night or day out, a halter top and boyfriend jeans are the best and quickest way to look flawlessly hot whilst also staying super comfortable. The halter top will definitely highlight your sexy collarbones and generate a feminine silhouette to contrast with the baggy jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans with Statement Sleeves

Boyfriend Jeans with Statement Sleeves

If you enjoy being the focus of attention, statement sleeves are always an excellent choice. Boyfriend jeans are a surprising pairing with tulle or ruffles, which adds to the look’s intrigue (and definitely gets you that added attention).

Boyfriend Jeans with Heeled Boots

Boyfriend Jeans with Heeled Boots

Due to their laid-back legs, boyfriend jeans tend to look fantastic with a pair of heeled boots. So, why not show off an enjoyable heel from under it? If you are allowed to wear jeans to work, a pair of heeled boots is a great way to dress them up without compromising comfort.

Boyfriend Jeans with a Sweater Set

Boyfriend Jeans with a Sweater Set

As spring actually comes, presume to see cardigan sets all around. Actually, they were massive last season and will undoubtedly be common again due to how much fun they are to pair and style. To avoid appearing too grandma’s, opt for boyfriend jeans to dress them down.


Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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