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How to Dress Wide Shoulders: An Ultimate Guide






Have you been blessed with wide shoulders? You are accurately where you are supposed to be, particularly if you don’t know how to dress with wide shoulders.

People with wide shoulders are more likely to have an inverted triangle body shape (which is usually recognized as the strawberry body shape). Nevertheless, wide shoulders can appear on a variety of body shapes, which is why I wanted to concentrate on this specific physical characteristic.

Broad shoulders women

I will indeed consider you extremely fortunate if you have wide shoulders. Olympic swimmers and other Olympians, as well as fashion models, usually spring to mind when we think of women with wide shoulders.

The supermodels’ wide shoulders, as well as their mile-long legs, are what distinguishes them as “walking hangers” (kindly concede that point). As a result of their wide shoulders, women with wide shoulders can usually pull off a variety of looks.

Now, we are all aiming for a well-balanced appearance. That really is, I presume, why you want to understand how to style your wide shoulders. Just because you can pull off a wide range of appearances doesn’t mean they will all look equally good on you.

So, I am going to go through some key points you should take into account when dressing wide shoulders.

Famous People with Wide Shoulders

Cameron Diaz

For many years, I have discovered that no matter what somebody’s body shape is, most of us find it difficult to feel like we are not the only individuals with certain characteristics.

Does this sound like you? I just get that; it takes place, but that is why we are here to dig into the detailed information for you.

I have discovered that looking at famous people with similar body shapes, such as celebrities, can really help you get this out of your own head (and disappointments) and look to them for fashion inspiration.

Genuinely think it or not, many celebrities have wide shoulders. These are women who can dress their body shapes exceptionally well, making them excellent role models to look to when dressing your wide shoulders.

Okay, I will stop ranting and get to know some of these women.

Famous people with wide shoulders include, but are not limited to Cameron Diaz (5’8″), Jennifer Garner (5’8″), Meghan Markle (5’6″), Priyanka Chopra (5’5″), Berry Halle (5’5”), Renee Zellweger (5’4″), etc.

The Best Types of Necklines for Wide Shoulders

V Neck for wide shoulders

Let’s take a look at the best necklines to compliment your wide shoulders. When you have wide shoulders, you must pay special attention to the garments you wear and their details all around the upper half of your body.

Because your shoulders are wide, you will really want to focus on creating balance in that zone.

The best necklines for wide shoulders include halter, one shoulder, v-necklines, and scoop.

Starting with v-necklines and scoop, these two types of necklines will help you build some balance all over your upper half while also making your shoulders appear wider than they are.

scoop neck

Sticking with scoop and v-neck necklines will draw attention to the middle of the body, resulting in a more balanced body shape.

It goes without saying, there are a wide range of other sorts of necklines to experiment with, but if you are just uncertain, scoop and v-neck necklines will always flatter wide shoulders.

The halter neckline could really divide your larger shoulders, making them less visible.

When you put on an asymmetric neckline, for instance, one-shoulder dresses or one-shoulder tops, it breaks up your wide shoulders, creating perfect visual balance. Both Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz are both fans of one-shoulder gowns on the red carpet.

What Necklines to Avoid

Off Shoulder Long Sweater Dress and Higher Knee Boots

Boat and off-the-shoulder necklines should be avoided in general.

When you have wide shoulders, these neckline styles can really be difficult to wear since they attract too much attention to your shoulder area, making them look even wider and creating a lack of balance within your figure.

For example, Priyanka puts on an off-the-shoulder dress, which catches our eyes on her shoulders much more.

The Best Types of Tops for Wide Shoulders

Tops for Wide Shoulders

We have discussed several of the best and worst types of necklines for wide shoulders, but what about tops? I am glad you inquired.

When choosing tops to flatter wide shoulders, there are a few key characteristics to consider.

To begin, you should avoid tops with too much detail in your shoulder area.

Consider details such as ruffles, cap sleeves, puffed-up shoulders, and so on.

Since they are in your shoulder zone, these details will draw too much attention to your wide shoulders. This is not actually ideal because we are working on balancing your broad shoulders.

Another thing I recommend to all broad-shouldered ladies is to look for tops with detail and volume at the rear end of the top.

This will draw attention away from your wide shoulders while giving the illusion of balance in your body shape.

Essentially, we are shifting the emphasis away from your wide shoulders and toward your lower body.

Generally speaking, tops with a peplum shape are ideal for this.

In addition, peplum tops are perfect for adding waist definition to your body shape – another important factor to consider when dressing with wide shoulders as it draws attention away from the shoulder zone.

The Best Types of Dresses for Wide Shoulders

Dresses for Wide Shoulders

Do not even worry, and I haven’t forgotten about the dresses.

The point about learning how to dress with wide shoulders, or any type of body shape, is that so many tricks and tips are established on one another. Many of the points I indicated above will play an important role in the things you think about when choosing dresses to flatter your wide shoulder body shape.

So don’t overlook anything from above.

So, apart from what I have already said about how to dress with wide shoulders, let’s talk about dresses in more detail.

Best dress shapes for wide shoulders

Luckily, wide shoulder body shapes can really wear a variety of dress shapes. I always suggest the following cutouts to those with wide shoulders, including A-line, sheath, fit and flare, and wrap dress. All of these dress types should provide you with a wide range of options to work with.

Wrap dress

Wrap dress

So, to begin, wrap dresses are considered one of those shapes that are pretty widely attractive.

They bestow upon you a plethora of amazing characteristics that are flattering to the majority of women’s body shapes. Features such as a defined waist, v-neckline, an open, and fabric that fits close to the skin without being too tight like the bodycon style.

All of these are the reasons why I like them for their wide shoulders. Those features, together with the slim fit all around the shoulder area.

Since wrap dresses typically fit close to the body everywhere and v-necklines are visually appealing for wide shoulders, you are gaining two benefits here.

Do you notice a pattern with the best dresses for wide shoulders?

When it comes to calculating flattery, there are some things that simply work.

Needless to say, I can’t neglect to add dress length as it is so important. Because our focus is on balancing wide shoulders, you can experiment with longer-length dresses to help balance your body shape.

Of course, your height influences your length.

Midi length can also be difficult to wear if you are petite with wide shoulders, for instance. Rather than, I recommend wearing dresses that are maxi length or just above your knee to generate an elongated effect.

A-Line dresses

Every one of these factors contributes to why a-line shapes are also flattering on wide shoulders. These two cutouts are relatively similar, but since they are a little bit different, I wanted to be sure I noted both here for you.

Fit and flare

Generally speaking, fit, and flare dresses are ideal for people with wide shoulders since the voluminous skirt detail brings a great deal of balance to your body shape.

Incorporating some of the focus down to the bottom half of your dress works wonders here.

This is simply like the peplum tops I stated previously. Another reason I recommend fit and flare dresses for wide shoulders is that the necklines are sometimes low-key, and the midsection area is also defined – all of which are perfect for a body shape that flatters your figure.

How to Make Wide Shoulders Look Narrower

Have you ever wished you could really make your wide shoulders narrower?

While ladies around the world strive to have more clearly delineated shoulders, we all have our own body types that we want to dress in various ways.

If you really want to make your broad shoulders narrower, there are a few things you should consider when dressing and shopping.

Concentrate on the bottom

First and foremost, always have the most of your outfit’s emphasis on the bottom half of your figure.

This can easily be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as wearing high-waisted pants, a full skirt in a bright color, and so on. You get the picture here.

This is likely the most significant tip to remember when trying to achieve narrower-looking shoulders.

Avoid wearing spaghetti straps

If you really want to get a more balanced appearance and make your wide shoulders less of a focal point for your outfit, avoid spaghetti straps.

As you might know, one of the most popular mistakes I see is ladies with wide shoulders wearing dresses with extremely small straps. That does not reflect well on them.

The major reason for this is that the thin spaghetti straps will create a big difference with your wide shoulders, making them even more noticeable!

Avoid wearing padded jackets

padded jackets

Another crucial point to remember is to avoid blazers, jackets, and other layering items with exceedingly defined and/or narrow shoulders.

In general, these types of jackets or blazers are not only difficult to fit into with wide shoulders, but they are also not the most appealing.

The fit of jackets and blazers is heavily influenced by the shoulder area; for the most part, it is a relatively slim fit, which is not really ideal if you want your shoulders to be narrower.

In reality, these types of blazers frequently make your shoulders appear larger.

Finally, yet importantly, remember all of the advice I provided above. If you follow the tricks and tips we discussed above, your body shape will look exceptionally flattering in your clothing, resulting in your shoulders appearing narrower by default. Isn’t that cool?

On the matter, just have fun with your styling.

What else do you need to know about the broad shoulders?

As I previously stated, having wide shoulders alone does not necessarily indicate that you are an inverted triangle body shape, as it is dependent on other physical features.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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