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How to Wear Capri Pants: An Ultimate Guide






If you have nearly given up on capri pants since you are not sure if they are fashionable or think they just make you appear dowdy, there is actually some truth to that. Capri pants have a terrible reputation for good reason. They often seem to shorten your legs (particularly if you are already short) and showcase muscular or wide calves.

There are, nevertheless, ways around all of this. Finding the proper capri pants, pedal pushers, crops, or anything you really want to call them for your body shape can make a huge difference in how they appear on you. So, here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to looking great and feeling more confident in capri pants.

How to Style Capris Pants: Consider the Length

Wear Capri Pants

When it comes to appearing great in capri pants, length can be everything. If your capri pants are either too long or too short, your legs will appear twiggy, and your calves will appear huge.

The task is to locate a pair of capri pants that end at the slimmest part of your leg. This Capri pants’ sweet spot is unique to each individual, but it is always located just above or below the broadest part of your calf. It is difficult to find the ideal length, so try on a variety of capri pants in front of your mirror to see which pair appears best.

Here are the general ‘’rules’’:

Rather than capri pants, consider wearing cropped pants that conceal your calves and stop just above your ankle if you have very muscular or clumpy calves. They are more attractive in your particular instance.

Wear capri pants that end just below the toned part of your calf, where your shin begins to press down – anywhere between your ankle and calf is best if you have normal-sized calves. This is typically the thinnest part of your lower leg that you want to draw attention to.

If your leg tends to reduce just below your knee, just feel free to wear knee-length capri pants (or pedal pushers), which are a popular trend this year. They will look great on you.

Do you have skinny calves? DO wear capri pants that cover the widest part of your calf to start making your calves appear broader.


In general, capri pants with broad leg openings underscore the break line of your contour and can really make you appear shorter and broader, so if you are heavy or short, just avoid wearing them.

Alternatively, wear capri pants with a straight or tapered leg to give everybody the fanciest and longest look.


Pick capri pants with a higher waist if you don’t have long legs. The high waist draws attention up and lengthens your legs. (To show off your beautiful, high waist, your top must peruse the top of your capri pants.)

What if your torso is short? Just strike a balance by wearing mid-rise capri pants, which clearly slim your waist.


Do you have extra weight? If yes, don’t wear capri pants with thick and heavy details like elastic waistbands, large cargo-design side pockets, drawstrings, or broad cuffs. If you are not thin, all of these details will make you look bulkier and unstylish. Skinny capri pants are then kind of plain, simple capris.

What to Wear with Capri Pants: Picking Tops

Picking Capri Pants

If your legs are too short, avoid wearing tops that scroll the top of your capri pants to give the appearance of added leg length.

If you are of average or tall stature, just do not be afraid to dress up longer tops. Simply ensure that your capri pants are tapered. Capri pants or ankle-length cropped pants are ideal for wearing with a short dress or a flowy tunic top.

How to Wear Capris Pants: Choosing the Pattern and Color

To appear taller, you should wear all one color all the way from top to bottom, for instance, a black shirt and black capri pants. Keep in mind that all, either in black or black print, is fine.

DO NOT wear brightly colored capri pants with shiny, vivid tops and accessories. It is far too ornate. Alternatively, for a more classy look, pair vibrantly colored capri pants, such as red, with a pair of black sandals or flats and a white button-down shirt.

DO wear neutral-colored capri pants such as taupe, white, black, gray, and blue with a vibrantly colored top, like a brightly colored blue top with capri pants, to look trendy and cool.

If you are a kind of petite body shape, don’t wear capris with big patterns, and if you are big or plus size, just avoid wearing capris with small patterns. Maintain equilibrium.


Wear Capri Pants with flat

In general, flat shoes can look fantastic with capri pants, but if your legs are short, avoid wearing them.

To lengthen your exposed calf, dress up a low chunky or a wedge heel. An adorable pair of summer sandals with a wedge or heel is also an excellent choice. Try a vibrantly colored kitten heel if you really want more comfortable footwear.

Do wear a shoe in a neutral color to make your legs appear longer. A pair of shoes with the same color as your skin absolutely lengthens your legs. So, is there any second best option? Shoes in the same color family, just like your capri pants, will also be great.

Capri pants are a fantastic and comfy summer choice that can be worn in a variety of ways. (Denim capri pants are also common.) Just make sure to plan your outfit ahead of time to keep a long leg and stylish silhouette.



Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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