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Women Tank Tops: A Definitive Style Guide






Tank tops are such basic wardrobe essentials that we often forget they can be the focal point of an outfit. But, as the weather warms, we will be starting to reach for these sleeveless styles more frequently, so it’s time to update with some modern summer appearance. Here is a basic guide on how to choose the right tank tops and different ways to wear a tank top in 2022 while still looking fashionable.

How to Choose the Right Bra and Tank Top

The very first thing you need to keep in mind before layering or pairing your tank top with other clothes or accessories is to know what type of tank top suits you best. And here are some general rules when it comes to picking the right tank top. 

Dress up a bandeau or strapless bra if your tank top has spaghetti and thin straps

strapless bra

Almost all bra straps will not fit beneath thin, spaghetti straps. The added pair of straps will also not always look perfect. A strapless or bandeau bra will provide you with the necessary support without attracting the attention of others to your tank top.

  • If you don’t have any strapless or bandeau bra that fits, consider a bra with clear or transparent traps instead.
  • If you’re going to layer another cardigan or t-shirt over your tank top, you can dress up any type of bra you would like.

Wear a Knit, form-fitting tank top if you are wearing a seamless bra

form-fitting tank top

Tight tank tops, as you might know, will make every bulge stand out. This implies they will show the form of basic, underwire bras that might not be very attractive. Rather, choose a bra that is wireless and seamless. It’ll mix in with your body and seem “invisible” beneath your tank top.

If you do have a big bust, look for a tank top with thicker and chunkier straps

tank top with thicker and chunkier straps

The more support you require, the larger your bust size is. Because a strapless bra might not provide the necessary support, you might want to wear a strapped bra. If you really want to wear a strapped bra for extra support, choose a tank top with larger shoulders to hide the straps.

  • Put it another way, and you can hide the bra straps by wearing a tank top with slim shoulders and a cute jacket over it.

The width of the straps must correspond to your shoulders’ width

Halter Top With Tailored Pants And Ankle Strap Heels

Generally speaking, the broader the straps of the bra you are looking for, the larger your shoulders should be. This will end up making the tank top appear more comparable to you. Stick to thin spaghetti straps if your shoulders are narrow. Choose thicker straps if you have wide shoulders.

Select the neckline based on the size of your breast

neckline based on the size of your breast

Think it depends on the neckline you pick; you can make your chest seem to be smaller or bigger. You could even deflect attention away from your chest and toward other characteristics, such as your lovely eyes. Generally speaking, the more intricate the neckline, the more attention it will draw to it as well as your chest.

  • Choose a tank top with a neckline that ends just above your breasts if you want to divert attention away from your chest.
  • Pick a good neckline with exquisite details, such as ruffles, pleating, or ruching, to make your bust look a bit fuller.

Pick a neckline that corresponds to the width of your shoulders

Boyfriend Jeans with a Halter Top

Select a tank top with a straighter or rounder neckline if your shoulders are narrow. On the other hand, if you have broad shoulders, a tank top with a V-neck or low scoop neck will be the best pick. This will aid in making your body appear narrower and longer.

  • Consider tops with horizontal prints or brighter colors if you do have small or narrow shoulders. This, as a result, helps them look more roughly proportional.
  • Take into account plain tops in vertical prints or darker shades if you do have wide shoulders. You will have a skinnier appearance as a result of this.

Keep several basic tank tops on hand for simple layering and styling

Wide Leg Pants, Cami Top And Jacket

Tank tops in their most basic form are pure and solid-colored. They pair with almost everything and are ideal for layering. Consider getting them in neutral tones like white, gray, or black, as well as earth tones like tan, brown, or olive green.

  • The lace runs along the bottom hem as well as the of several plain tank tops. These are ideal for layering beneath well-fitted t-shirts.

If you like to look beautiful or go out, have several embroidered tank tops on hand

embroidered tank tops

These types of tank tops are typically embellished with ruffles, beading, sequin, or lace. They’re elegant enough for work but also great for special events, like nights out or dates. When styled with the right jewelry and accessories, they can elevate even the most casual pair of jeans or skirts.

Have several tank tops with prints or embellishments on hand for more particular outfits

They aren’t as simple as basic tank tops, but they’re also not as stylish as classy tank tops. Several feature prints, while others feature simple lace along the neckline. Pick details such as tribal prints, crocheted lace, or ruffles to make your attire absolutely one-of-a-kind.

  • Match the embroideries and prints to what you already own. Take into account beaded embroideries and tribal prints if you have a huge amount of bohemian-style clothing.

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How to Layer Women Tank Tops

Here are the top 7 easy ways to layer your tank tops while making you look flattering. 

For a professional, classy look, layer a blazer or jacket over your tank top

Blazer Over Tank tops

You can wear a blazer or jacket with or without the buttons. A solid-colored tank top and a plain black or white blazer will give you a more professional look. Choose a blazer or jacket with a pattern or a statement embroidery for a much cooler summery look.

Wear a (thin or thick) cardigan over the tank top for more feminine

ugg cardigan

Leave your cardigan untucked so that your tank top shows through. This is ideal for cooler weather and for transitioning your summer wardrobe into the autumn and winter.

  • Pick a cardigan that contrasts with the tank top. A pale cardigan over a white, solid-colored tank top, for instance, will indeed look fantastic!

Wear a vest to make a bold statement with your attire

Black tank tops and vest

A woolen vest, a suit vest, or maybe a leather vest is just perfect to wear over your tank top. It is entirely up to you if to leave it unbuttoned or button it up. Select a color that goes well with your tank top as well as the remaining of your attire. Neutral tones, such as gray or black or gray, complement almost everything.

  • For a more sophisticated look, style solid colors with exactly solid colors. Combine prints and solids for a more interesting appearance.

Tank tops should be worn underneath V-neck or scoop shirts with either long or short sleeves

Tank tops and long sleeve shirt

Tank tops with lace along the bottom hem or neckline work best for this type of layering. The body of your tank top will not be noticeable when worn underneath a normal shirt. Just the lace would peek behind the top shirt, lending a girly, ladylike touch.

  • At least one of the t-shirts should be a neutral tone. Wear a creamy-white or white shirt over a pink tank top, or a navy shirt over a white tank top, for instance.

Wear a transparent shirt over your tank top

transparent shirt over your tank top

This would help to conceal private areas you don’t really want others to see, like your bra. In addition, it is great to match the tank top to the color of your shirt or simply use a contrasting tone. Wear a black, gorgeous shirt over a black tank top, for instance.

  • The style that top with blue jeans to make your attire look more comfortable and casual. Try wearing ivory or black slacks to dress up the outfit.

Wear tank tops for extra warmth

Tank tops are the solution if you really want to add some heat to your attire but just don’t want to change it entirely. Layer them beneath your attire, but ensure that you conceal them if you don’t really want others to see them.

Wear a tank top underneath your stylish shirt to prevent it from moisture and sweat

The tank top must be the same color as your skin and must not be viewable once you put on your glamorous shirt. The tank top would then absorb your body’s oils and sweat, to a somewhat extent, keeping your shirt from staining.

  • Solid, cotton tank tops are generally cheaper than snazzy dress shirts manufactured of costly silks. In addition, they are far easier to clean.

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Pairing with Accessories and Other Garments

Pairing with Accessories and Other Garments

With some accessories, you will absolutely look more gorgeous with your tank top and outfit in general. 

Jewelry can add a splash of texture and color to any outfit

Tank tops are just a little bit simple, but you can dress them up with several eye-catching jewelries. The tank top’s simplicity will offset the garishness of even the most ostentatious piece. Big hoop earrings, long, dangling necklaces, or chunky bracelets are all good options.

  • Tank tops made of classier materials, such as silk or lace, will show up even more gorgeous than they really are. This is an excellent choice for special occasions.

Wrap a scarf around your neck for added coverage, color, as well as style

If the tank top doesn’t conceal all of your breasts or upper part, tie a scarf around your neck to help cover it up. Scarves with patterns made of silk or chiffon are ideal. Wrap it all around your neck for an elegant finishing touch.

  • The scarf does not have to be wrapped around your neck. You could even use your scarf as a belt or headband by tying it around your waist.
  • Woolen scarves should be avoided, as they will make your outfit appear too wintery. The only time this does not apply is in the fall or winter.

Make a statement with a large handbag

Tank tops are just literally simple enough that you can get away with holding a big handbag. It will definitely not draw attention away from your ensemble. Nevertheless, try to add a few contrasts. For instance, if your tank top is plain or solid in color, consider a handbag with a bold, bright pattern. If your tank top, on the other hand, has a pattern, look for a handbag that is solid and plain in color.

Add a lovely belt for shades or to split up the monotony

If your tank top has a neutral hue like white, gray, or black, you can add several colors to your attire by wearing a colored, bright belt around your hips. If you’re wearing a flowing, loose-fitting tank top, try wrapping a broad belt around your waist alternatively. This will tighten in the extra material and make you appear skinnier.

  • Belts made of fabric, suede, or leather are ideal for wearing during the day. Patent leather belts with a gleaming finish are ideal for the evening.

Wear the tank top alone with jeans for a more casual look

Wear either one or two extras that complement your garments in both color and design for a much more elegant appearance. If you really don’t know what to wear, try precious metals jewelry like silver or gold. Both come in neutral shades that complement most other colors.

Combine tank tops with rising-waisted shorts for a glamorous and gorgeous look

Complete the appearance with a good pair of heels or sandals. This will also aid in the lengthening of your legs. Normal shorts are a better option if you want something more laid back or if you just want to lengthen your body.

Tank tops can be worn with skirts of any length

A short skirt will provide you with a hit, stylish look, whereas a midi skirt will provide you with a sweeter, fresher one. A long skirt, on the flip side, will give you a bohemian vibe, particularly when styled with a broad, leather belt.

Always be cautious when wearing tank tops with leggings

The most popular color for almost all girls is black. Having said that, you can completely experiment with other patterns and colors. But keep contrast and balance in mind. For instance, if your tank top is a plain, solid color, you can pair it with either patterned or solid leggings.

  • Nevertheless, if your tank top has patterns, you should wear leggings with a solid color.
  • If you wear a decorated tank top with patterned leggings, your attire will look cluttered and clashing.


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