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30 Simple Outfits Of How To Wear Mules






Low heels, particularly mules, have proved to be the shoes that we can’t seem to get enough of and that we won’t stop wearing.

It’s no surprise that mules have become a “signature” shoe of the fashion industry — they’re elegant and versatile, providing intrepid ladies with an opportunity to express their unique style. But if you’re not entirely clear on how to perfect your mule ensemble, we’ve done the work for you!

Mules are everywhere, and you can’t say anything about it. It feels like they’re walking in every runway lately, and you better believe that a girl who knows a thing or two about style isn’t going to be rocking any flats in the foreseeable future. People might say mules are for old ladies, but we know better. Mules are for people with personalities and an eye for fashion.

The most important thing about wearing mules is to find a shoe that suits the shape of your foot. Choose a low pair if you have high arches, but avoid going too high as this will overstretch and overstress your toes or create a sense of instability in some shoes. If they are available, try on both pairs with and without socks to tell which would work best on you.

It’s time to put your winter boots in storage and bring out your mule shoes! We all know what it feels like when we get ready for an event or even go out on the weekends.

What Are Mules?

“Mule shoes” were named because their sole is shaped like a mule hoof. The name comes from the French word mule meaning “mule,” which is the type of footwear they resemble. 

Mules are a shoe with a leather upper which the heel has been cut off, usually made of soft cowhide. Classic mules are ankle-high, but the mule shoe has also become extremely popular on the feet of women of all ages. Mules are on their way to becoming classics for women’s fashion, not only because they are different but because they are comfortable and practical.

They are great for wearing when you want something comfy, but also fashionable. They’re perfect for summertime because they do not have any fabric parts that can be hot. Mule shoes come in various colors and styles, which can be easily matched with different outfits. We’re going to give you some ideas on how to wear mules. Here are some helpful tips:

  •  First, find a color if you haven’t yet. You can go for classic black or opt for something bolder like purple or cherry red.
  •  Second, decide between skinny heeled or thicker heeled options. It’s essential to make this decision early on because it will affect your entire outfit.
  •  Then, consider your existing clothes. Finding a pair of mules that you can fit into your present wardrobe is essential if you’re thinking about purchasing a pair.

30 Outfits To Wear With Mules

You can wear anything because mules are very easy to wear. Mules are a great combo of wedges, ankle boots, and clogs, which I would say if someone asked me what they are. 

Mules are lovely variations with heels ranging from miniature to large and models with closed toes and open-toed versions. The ease and adaptability of mules enable you to pair them with various ensembles that are both stylish and comfortable.

Try these outfits next time you decide to wear your mules:

Outfit 1: Mules with cropped pants

Mules with cropped pants

These are ideal for wearing with your mules. They draw attention to the backless part of the shoe while exposing a tiny amount of flesh around the ankle without going overboard. When choosing cropped pants, you have to remember that they should match the color of your shoe. To be more fashionable, adding a button-down or blouse to your ensemble will complete the look.

Outfit 2: Mules with skinny jeans

Mules with skinny jeans

Shoes with skinny jeans are a great idea! This is a comfortable and trendy outfit that I would personally wear all the time. You already know that straight-leg jeans are a staple to every woman’s wardrobe. Instead, choose a striking shirt to combine to create an effortless look with mules that we’d wear every day of the week. This is also a great look for day or night.

Outfit 3: Peep-toe mules with denim

Peep-toe mules with denim via Pinterest

Wearing peep-toe mules and accessorizing with a double denim look will keep you looking cool and fashionable in the style of the 1970s. Nothing beats showing off the elegance of mules combined with a peep-toe high heel shoe by matching your outfit to match your shoes.

Outfit 4: Mules with shorts and crop top

Mules with shorts and crop top via Pinterest

Want something more original and fun? Then consider the option of wearing a crop top and shorts. The color of your shorts can be any color as long as it harmonizes with your shoes. 

Outfit 5: Mules with office dress

Mules with office dress via Pinterest

Be simple yet elegant; wear your mules with a tailored office dress. You can quickly wear mules with your work outfit. The primary colors of your dress should implement the color of the shoes.

Outfit 6: Mules with a jumpsuit

Mules with a jumpsuit via Pinterest

If you like wearing jumpsuits, there is no better way to dress them up than pairing them with mules. You may be sure that this combination will always be fashionable, ladylike in appearance, and attractive, no matter what you choose to wear.

Outfit 7: Mules with a simple dark t-shirt tucked in a long skirt

Mules with a simple dark t-shirt tucked in a long skirt

The utilization of a long skirt and its pairing with a plain black t-shirt are both excellent choices for everyday wear. It is a reasonably basic suit, but the use of complementary colors distinguishes it. Perfect! You may wear it to the workplace or even when you’re out having fun.

Outfit 8: Mules with a pair of leggings

Mules with a pair of leggings

Leggings are an excellent combination with your mules for your work or everyday activities in the evenings, especially when you pair them with leather mules. If you want something casual but elegant, add a long shirt.

Outfit 9: Mules with a dark tank and denim midi skirt

Mules with a dark tank and denim midi skirt

Once again, the denim skirt is very much in style right now. Given that you’ll be wearing this outfit in the summer go for a black tank to bring a touch of cooling to your ensemble while still displaying a little flesh.

Outfit 10: Combine mules with a light shirt and pleated skirt

Combine mules with a light shirt and pleated skirt via Pinterest

When paired with a pleated skirt or a long straight dress, even the most regular attire may be transformed into a unique occasion look. A simple light-colored shirt tucked into the pleated skirt is all that is needed to make it seem even more stunning.

Outfit 11: Mules with khaki cargo pants and sweater

Mules with khaki cargo pants and sweater via Pinterest

This ensemble is made up of khaki cargo pants and a sweater, both casual and appealing. It is also elegant and stylish, and you may wear it with any other items you like to complement it.

Outfit 12: Comfortable mules, leather leggings, a tee-shirt, and a blazer

Comfortable mules, leather leggings, a tee-shirt, and a blazer via Pinterest

Whether you realize it or not, a blazer is a timeless piece of clothing. It matches a wide range of goods and looks fantastic with both casual and formal attire. It’s even better if you match it with a pair of mules. Aside from that, there are many possibilities for its use!

Outfit 13: Mules with the wool dress

Mules with the wool dress via Pinterest

A particular pair of mules can be used in many ways during the winter season, whether for work or leisure time activities. This time we present you with a perfect mixture between elegance and simplicity! 

This outfit is exceptionally stylish and elegant, as well as very comfortable to wear. We may wear it whenever we want to look great without having to sacrifice our comfort or style. With leather mules, you are sure to be the girl looking fabulous during the day.

Outfit 14: Mules with high-rise shorts

Mules with high-rise shorts

Even plus-sized ladies should experiment with this clothing combo since it creates a minor appearance and makes your legs seem longer. What doesn’t a young lady desire to seem taller?

Outfit 15: Mules with a pair of jeans and a sweater

Mules with a pair of jeans and a sweater via Pinterest

It would be best to keep in mind while wearing jeans and a sweater to be confident and put on your best face while looking your best. Ladies, this is what the fashion industry calls the “look” (whatever that means!). This is also a straightforward outfit to put together because it can be finished in just one go by pairing your jeans with any available sweater.

Outfit 16: Mules with a maxi dress

Mules with a maxi dress via Pinterest

Just match your shoes and maxi dress! If you want to balance your maxi dress with accessories, try matching it with a pair of mules. Like this, you are sure to look impressive and elegant, showing off your legs!

Outfit 17: Mules with pencil skirt and top of the same color

Mules with pencil skirt and top of the same color via Pinterest

Your wardrobe for today will consist of a pencil skirt, t-shirt, and a pair of mules, which you may put together in a variety of ways. Let’s put it all together with white. Its most appealing feature is that it may be worn year-round and anyplace, whether to work or on a night out with friends. It is also quite versatile.

What better way to add a little color to your wardrobe than by pairing it with a piece of clothing in yellow or other outstanding colors? 

Mules with pencil skirt and top of the same color via Pinterest

Outfit 18: Mules with a kimono jacket

Mules with a kimono jacket

Kimono jackets give your simple outfit a unique and attractive touch. This outfit is perfect for the summer, and it works just as well in the winter. The mules can be worn with either a pair of jeans or a long dress. 

You may also wear them with a pair of shorts and a tank top when you want to look your best in any weather and any season!  Although this outfit combines traditional and modern clothing, it is still appropriate for almost any type of occasion: work, school, or even hanging out with your friends.

Outfit 19: Mules with tights

Mules with tights

With an attractive outfit like this one, you are sure to appeal to the opposite sex.  The best part of it is that it can be worn almost anywhere, whether for work or school or during the day when you want to hang out with friends.

The use of stockings is a beautiful and unique way of styling an outfit, and it can be very fashionable!  These days, mules are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. So why not experiment with stockings while creating an outstanding outfit?

Mules with tights via Pinterest

Or what do you think about brightly colored socks? This outfit may be a little more challenging to coordinate since it contains an addition of color. However, they are unique, breaking the way in their way.

Outfit 20: Mules with a scarf, belt, or hat

Mules with a scarf, belt, or hat

If the outfit seems to be a little too casual for your taste, feel free to dress it up with a belt or an additional scarf or hat for a more formal look. 

Outfit 21: Mules with denim shorts or denim skirt

Mules with denim shorts or denim skirt

Looking cute and casual is always possible with denim shorts and a denim skirt, especially when paired with mules. A pair of sexy high-heeled mules is an excellent choice for this sort of outfit. If you’re looking for something more elegant than that, opt for leather mules instead.

Outfit 22: Mules with a suit

Mules with a suit via Pinterest

With a pair of mules, you can create a perfect outfit for almost any occasion. Match it with any top from casual to formal or even dressier outfits. You can’t go wrong with a pair of mules! Mules are considered the more fashionable sister of traditional pumps, and they are a flexible choice that can be worn with a range of workplace outfits. Especially wearing suits.

Outfit 23: Mules with cropped flare

Mules with cropped flare

This is a very casual outfit that may be worn during the day when you are up for some activities. Either way, it will surely get everyone’s attention!. With a cropped flare, you may as well show off as much of your legs as possible. 

Outfit 24: Mules with a brocade dress

Mules with a brocade dress

A little piece of the traditional mingled with the contemporary, giving you a delicate touch like rural girls.

Outfit 25: Mules with a trench coat

Mules with a trench coat

Carrying a trench coat is an excellent way of creating an outfit that works for almost any occasion. With a trench coat, you can have a more elegant look, as well as take the afternoon off with friends to hang out. Of course, you can just as quickly wear it to school or for work as well as any other place.

Outfit 26: Mules with a silky dress

Mules with a silky dress

Because it is so daring and helps you stand out from the crowd, a silky dress is a fantastic option for a formal occasion as a romantic date. It will look incredible with a pair of mules, as well. In addition, this costume is quite comfy.

Outfit 27: Mules with a floral dress

Mules with a floral dress

This suit is straightforward, yet it is also attractive and stylish at the same time. When you wear this suit with mules, you will have a wonderfully sassy appearance that will make everyone take note of you!

Outfit 28: Mules with the ankle-length coat

Mules with the ankle-length coat

In practically all weather, this is a highly adaptable suit that can be worn all year round. For example, in winter, when the temperature drops and you want to avoid the cold, you can wear a jacket. On the other hand, the summer months are ideal for wearing to avoid the sun, as the temperature is relatively high.

Outfit 29: Mules with wide-legged pants

Mules with wide-legged pants

Bringing the old-fashioned style of the 80s, this can be an excellent option if you are looking for something to wear with your wide-legged pants. This item is very stylish and stylish. However, it can also work perfectly in an urban setting.

Outfit 30: Mules with trousers with a side slit

Mules with trousers with a side slit

Trousers with a side slit can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. Added to the shoes, it gives you an appearance that is good looking.

Tips On How To Wear Mules To Work

Mules are a popular option, and we can understand why; they’re not only on-trend and straightforward to style, but they’re also comfy and stylish. In addition, mules are among the most versatile footwear styles available, whether you pair them with skinny jeans, skirts, or shorts.

Go with neutral colors such as black, tan, navy, or brown to keep things simple. Avoid overly ornamented types, such as fuzzy mules or ones with pom-poms, since they will make you seem less professional in your attire.


Is it tough to go about in mules?

Mules, whether with a high or low heel, should be comfortable to stroll about in. They really shouldn’t feel clunky or heavy when walking, nor should they seem to be about to collapse off their feet. Having thick soles on mules makes walking more manageable, and having rocker bottoms on the soles makes walking even better.

What is the best way to wear mules in the fall?

The best way to wear mules in the autumn is with a pair of skinny jeans with a wide-leg flare, a solid color top, a belt, and a pair of ankle boots. The wide-leg jeans will give you that cool retro look you’re going for, and with the trousers, you’ll be able to accessorize the outfit accordingly.

What is the best way to wear them with dresses?

Wearing mules with dresses is an excellent choice because they elongate your legs and make your legs look slim. In addition, if you have a lovely dress or skirt, then wearing something like this will help accentuate your legs. Finally, this idea is perfect for dresses with a print or a pattern on them since the mules will help create the look you’re going for.

Where can I get my mules from?

Mules come in various online retailers, from many high-end shoe stores to discount shoe outlets. You can also find brands such as Steve Madden and Frye, to name two, along with various other brands in between in terms of quality and price.

Is it a great idea to wear them in winter?

Yes, it is a great idea to wear mules in the winter. Mules can be worn all year round if you know what you’re doing. In the colder months, you must have a pair of warm socks on your feet so that your feet don’t get too cold on their own.

Does wearing mules go with any clothes?

Yes, it does because mules are so versatile. You can wear them with dresses or pants, which is their whole purpose in the first place. If you need help deciding what to pair with your mules, do yourself a favor and check out these ideas regarding how to wear them.

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