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Victoria Shoe Size Chart: Are Victoria’s Shoes Any Good?






Trendy, ethical, and sustainable shoes have swept the fashion world. The eco-friendly trainers, which can be found on celebrities like Carla Campra and Alexandra Pereira, are distinguishable by their characteristic ‘V’ on the sides and cool-girl low-cut design. Victoria has been featured in newspapers worldwide, and its timeless design and commitment to sustainability have rapidly solidified its place as the summer’s must-have shoe.

A romantic adventure gave rise to the brand Victoria a century or so ago. The company creates the highest-quality shoes for everyday use by fusing innovation, tradition, and design. So, investing in a pair of Vitoria shoes on Instagram is appropriate. If you’re still unsure of your shoe size, we can help.

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Victoria Shoe Size Chart

The standard shoe size chart is extremely important, helping buyers easily choose the shoe with the most suitable size. Find your perfect shoe size easily! Convert any size (Euro, UK, international) to the US for men, women, and kids. Use the measuring guide to measure your feet, or see the shoe size chart to find the right size.

Victoria Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Victoria men shoe
Victoria men shoe
EU ⠀⠀CM⠀⠀ US
36 23,3 5
37 24 6
38 24,6 7
39 25,3 8
40 26 9
41 26,6 10
42 27,3 11
43 28 12
44 28,6 13
45 29,3 14
46 30,1 15

Victoria Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Victoria women shoes
Victoria women shoes
EU ⠀⠀CM⠀⠀ US
35 23.2 4.5
36 23.8 5.5
37 24.5 6.5
38 25.3 7.5
39 25.7 8.5
40 26.5 9.5
41 26.9 10.5
42 27.1 11.5

Victoria Kids Shoe Size Chart

Victoria Kids Shoes
Victoria Kids Shoes
EU ⠀⠀CM⠀⠀ US
21 14 5
22 14,6 6
23 15,3 7
24 16 8
25 16,7 9
26 17,3 9.5
27 18,7 10
28 19,3 11
29 19,3 11.5
30 20 12
31 20,7 13
32 21,3 1
33 22,1 2
34 22,7 3

What Are Victoria’s Origins?

Victoria Shoes brand
Victoria Shoes brand

A pair of plimsolls were created by a shoemaker named Gregorio in the Spanish village of La Rioja, a tale of genuine romance. They bear his wife Victoria’s name, who was his first love.  In 2021, Victoria believed that daily maintenance is the key to making love last for decades—more than a century. This philosophy was the foundation for developing the modern, eco-friendly Victoria brand. Victorian sneakers have 100 years of life. They have lasted through many presidents and historical moments, persisting over time and becoming a hit footwear.

Victoria was born in Spain in 1915 when Gregorio created the shoe and named it after his first love. The production quickly multiplied into a sales record, which is how the company expanded. In the 50s, they combined the vulcanization technique and gradually innovated with raw fabrics. That’s why Victorian Sneakers have become an epidemic and are used by millions daily. For many years, the brand has designed products with attention to the environment’s needs, and therefore, products have natural soles and cotton fabrics.

As 100 years of the brand’s life is completed, canvas sneakers are now more than ever; they are even more of a trend because, in recent years, they have become a summer must. To celebrate the event, Victoria has launched the brand’s most complete collection with a range of colors covering many shades and innovating with other models besides the classic.

Are Victoria’s Shoes Any Good?

Victoria Sneaker

Gregorio developed the concept of creating canvas shoes out of natural rubber and 100 percent cotton using the recently developed vulcanizing technique in the 1950s. Thus, “Inglesa,” a distinctive model, was created.

Soon after, Inglesa became a representation of the entire generation, generating millions of dollars in revenue for the company. According to estimates, the total sales grew by an estimated 400% in the 1950s. After a while, individuals continued to identify Victoria with their childhood summers since Inglesa had become so well-known.

The brand just debuted its no-trace line as a tribute to the years of a lack of raw materials. Due to a severe shortage of raw resources more than 40 years ago, Victoria made shoes out of recycled rubber tires. The current iteration of the no-trace series follows the same methodology and gives repurposed, wasted rubber tires a new purpose.

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How To Choose A Sneaker That Suits Your Body Shape?

Sneakers represent dynamism, freedom, and love to explore new and different things. In the context of today’s developed society, when everywhere many beauties and new things are waiting for people to conquer, it helps us realize the importance of a companion. 

The main use of Sneakers is to protect the feet, helping people to stay comfortable and confident walking on many lands on this planet. Finding comfortable shoes for standing all day is important. But is there anyone who only cares about the quality of the product? The most important thing is that the sneaker we choose should suit the body and the situation.

1. You are thin and tall

Sneakers are inherently suitable for everyone; they are not picky about people because their mission is to bring people dynamism, personality, and maximum comfort even when they are active. The way to choose Sneakers for tall people is to choose outfits of different colors. This combination will make you look fuller. Should avoid shoes with long pointed-toe designs; round, square, or angular toe shoes will bring more balance and fullness to tall skinny guys.

What’s more special, the high-top Sneaker shoes always work well with hacking the foot lift. A high neckline will make your legs look longer, which makes you look extremely strong. Tall and thin people wearing high-top sneakers will look more “skinned.”

2. You are chubby and short

Short and chubby people should not choose shoes that are too big, shoes with a large firm, but should choose a compact form sneaker. That will help you hack everyone’s eyes so that you become slimmer and “narrower”! Limiting the rough part also helps short people to move easily and comfortably. Short and fat people choose shoes with dark or nude tones and find out the guide to matching shoes with your outfit because it helps them become taller and slimmer.

Most of you who are short and chubby want to become thinner or taller. You can choose from high-heeled, pointed, or square sneakers. These items are very effective for hacking the legs to become slim, hugging the leg shape, and hiding rough defects.

3. You guys are short and skinny

For those of you who are short but still skinny, Oxford shoes are the perfect choice for you. In addition, Sneakers with a large form will help you become stronger and more active. In particular, for short and skinny girls, small-form shoes make you look small and peppery.

If we can’t make ourselves slimmer/tall/fuller, let’s hack people’s eyes to make them look more complete and beautiful. Victoria’s sneakers with running-oriented products will have a well-designed toe and sole and good elasticity that will help your legs become strong and also help you show off your tall figure


Is Victoria a brand that can be sustained?

Victoria has developed into a multinational corporation over the past century. Victoria is doing their lot to lessen their environmental impact by opening “smart headquarters” and creating a significant portion of their collections locally to cut down on transportation. Each pair of Victoria sneakers is handcrafted, using soles made of vulcanized natural rubber and cotton farmed entirely organically in Spain.

Are Victoria trainers useful?

Yes! According to Victoria, their quality tests make their shoes perfect for all your excursions. Victoria is motivated by durability and long-lasting sneakers since she is aware that the clothes that have previously been manufactured are the most environmentally friendly ones.

Are Victoria’s trainers vegan?

Yes! Trainers by Victoria come in a few vegan-friendly designs, such as the Barcelona. These sneakers have an incredibly inventive outsole manufactured with vegetable oil rather than minerals and are made entirely without any materials from animals. Additionally, Victoria employs organic Spanish-grown cotton canvas for their uppers and linings.

What should I pair my Victoria’s sneakers with?

The low-cut shapes of Victoria’s sneakers make them a flexible and adaptable option for sneakers. The traditional low-cut neutral trainer is unmatched by other shoes, and Victoria’s selection is necessary for every capsule wardrobe. When not working, look chic in your Victoria Barcelona trainers, faded straight-leg jeans, and vintage wash hoodie.

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