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K-Swiss Shoe Size Chart: Are K-Swiss Shoes Comfortable?






K-Swiss was founded in 1966 by two Swiss brothers working at a small American shoe company, Art and Ernie Brunner. The company was started in Los Angeles, California, with a simple mission: to make it easier for people to buy shoes in multiple sizes by eliminating the need for custom fittings.

Using their skills as craftsmen and pattern makers from Europe and America, the Brunner brothers created compression soles that provided firm support combined with shock absorption qualities that reduced joint stress.

The company’s first tennis shoe was met with approval from tennis pros and amateurs alike, and K-Swiss began to make shoes for other sports as well. K-Swiss is now known worldwide as leading athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories brand. Its products are available at sporting, department stores, and specialty shops.

K-Swiss store

K-Swiss continues to expand its product lines, introduce new technologies, and deliver the highest quality.

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K-Swiss Men Shoe Size Chart

K-Swiss Rinzler SP white and black sneaker

K-Swiss is a well-known brand in the world of shoes and sneakers. K-Swiss men’s footwear line has everything from running shoes to trail shoes; there isn’t anything they can’t make! To find the perfect pair, you must take careful measurements of your feet before ordering anything. K-Swiss offers many different sizes for their shoes, but these measurements may differ depending on which shoe you are buying.

EU US Length (Centimeter)
50 15 32.50
49 14 32.00
47 13 31.00
46.5 12.5 30.50
46 12 30.00
45 11.5 29.50
44.5 11 29.00
44 10.5 28.50
43 10 28.00
42.5 9.5 27.50
42 9 27.00
41.5 8.5 26.50
41 8 26.00
40 7.5 25.50
39.5 7 25.00
39 6.5 24.50
38.5 6 24.00
38 5.5 23.50
37.7 5 23.00

K-Swiss Women Shoe Size Chart

K-Swiss Aero Trainer rose sneaker

If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that can be worn with anything, you’ve come to the right place! K-Swiss offers shoes from their classic line, which are perfect for daily wear to the more brutal terrain of the trail. These shoes will take you from your workout today at work and then out on the town. The K-Swiss Classic line is an excellent choice for everyday wear, and the Trail line is meant for walking and running on rugged terrain. This size chart below will help you find the best fit.

EU US Length (Centimeter)
44.5 12 29.00
43 11 28.00
42.5 10.5 27.50
42 10 27.00
41.5 9.5 26.50
41 9 26.00
40 8.5 25.50
39.5 8 25.00
39 7.5 24.50
38 7 24.00
37.5 6.5 23.50
37 6 23.00
36 5.5 22.50
35.5 5 22.00
35 4.5 21.50

K-Swiss Kids Shoe Size Chart

K-Swiss Kids shoe

Kids’ feet are continually growing (which is why they need new shoes every six months or so). To ensure that your kiddo is ordering the right size, look at our kids’ shoe size chart, which includes both EU sizing and US conversion guidelines.

EU US Length (Centimeter)
32 13.5 19.00
31 13 18.50
30 12.5 18.00
29.5 12 17.50
29 11.5 17.75
28.5 11 17.50
28 10.5 17.00
27.5 10 16.50
27 9.5 16.00
26 9 15.50
25.5 8.5 15.25
25 8 15.00
24 7.5 14.50
23.5 7 14.00
23 6.5 13.50
22 6 13.00
21.5 5.5 12.75
21 5 12.50
20 4.5 12.00
19.5 4 11.50
18.5 3 10.50
17 1 9.50

Are K Swiss Shoes True To Size?

K-Swiss shoe box

Yes, K-Swiss shoes are true to size. The sizing of the shoe is not different from any other shoe in the world. It’s a standard size. Measure the length between your heel and the longest point on your foot.

If you like to buy shoes online, you should be aware of some tips. The average shoe size is 36. If you are in-between sizes, order the larger size as it fits more comfortably. Remember that most people’s feet tend to swell after a long day at work or after physical activity, so if there is some doubt about what size to order, order a half-size larger just for this reason. Also, the reason to purchase shoes online is that it is difficult to try them in-store unless you try on a few pairs.

All this may sound logical, but the most important thing you should do before buying any shoe is to have the correct and accurate measurements of your feet.

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Are K-Swiss Shoes Comfortable?

K-Swiss trail sneaker

If your go-to shoe is K-Swiss, it’s time to pat yourself on the back. We’re talking about one of the most comfortable shoes on the market today. So much so that some say K-Swiss shoes are way more comfortable than expensive brands. If you’re looking for a shoe that’ll be lightweight and comfortable at the same time, K-Swiss will be your best option.

Since it’s one of the most affordable shoes in the market today, K-Swiss is considered a good investment for those on a tight budget and still looking for quality. Add to that their ability to last long, and these shoes can be worth every penny you spend on them.

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Do K-Swiss Shoes Run Narrow?

K-Swiss shoes run pretty narrowly, though it’s worth noting that they’ve been expanding their range over the last couple of years. The best way to find out if they fit well is to try them on at a store before you buy them online. There are some other brands of shoes with similar widths, like Nike and Adidas, that have better reviews overall than K-Swiss.

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