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Sam Edelman Shoe Size Chart: 6 Colors Of High-Heel Shoes






Sam Edelman is a widely popular shoe brand with a line of luxurious yet relatively affordable shoes suitable for most consumer needs; this brand produces a variety of modern and comfortable high heels with modern designs. Elegant design and variety of colors. All their heels offer a premium combination of style and comfort. High-heel shoe production materials vary from leather, suede, velvet fabric, lace fabric, etc.

Sam Edelman store
Sam Edelman store

Sam Edelman’s shoes are suitable for you in daily life, going to the office, going for a walk, or going to luxurious shimmering parties. They are suitable for coordinating with many outfit styles. Try shopping for products and experience Sam Edelman’s products to have the best discoveries. Continue to scroll down; we will help you choose the most suitable shoe size.

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Sam Edelman Shoe Size Chart For Women

Sam Edelman women heels
Sam Edelman women heels

High-heeled shoes from the Sam Edelman brand for all women, from office style to luxurious parties, Sam Edelman’s products are always classy luxury made meticulously and sophisticatedly. Professional professionals craft crafts. Pick up a ruler to measure your foot length and add a pair of Sam Edelman shoes to your cart. This will certainly not be the wrong choice in your life.

US/ Canada Europe UK Mexico China Inches cm
4.0 34.0 2.0 1.0 34.0 8.3 21.0
4.5 34.5 2.5 1.5 34.5 8.5 21.5
5.0 35.0 3.0 2.0 35.5 8.7 22.0
5.5 35.5 3.5 2.5 36.0 8.9 22.5
6.0 36.0 4.0 3.0 37.0 9.1 23.0
6.5 36.5 4.5 3.5 37.5 9.3 23.5
7.0 37.0 5.0 4.0 38.0 9.4 24.0
7.5 37.5 5.5 4.5 39.0 9.6 24.5
8.0 38.0 6.0 5.0 39.5 9.8 25.0
8.5 38.5 6.5 5.5 40.0 10.0 25.5
9.0 39.0 7.0 6.0 41.0 10.2 26.0
9.5 39.5 7.5 6.5 41.5 10.4 26.5
10.0 40.0 8.0 7.0 42.0 10.6 27.0
10.5 40.5 8.5 7.5 42.5 10.8 27.5
11.0 41.0 9.0 8.0 43.5 11.0 28.0
11.5 41.5 9.5 8.5 44.0 11.2 28.5
12.0 42.0 10.0 9.0 44.5 11.4 29.0
12.5 42.5 10.5 9.5 45.0 11.6 29.5
13.0 43.0 11.0 10.0 46.0 11.8 30.0

Which Country is Brand Sam Edelman From?

Sam Edelman shopping
Sam Edelman shopping

Sam Edelman is an American brand for women. During thirty years of establishment and development, the brand brought sophisticated, high-quality shoes. In the Sam Edelman shoe collection are famous styles, icons, and everyday images of women. It exudes practicality, sophistication, elegance, and reliability.

Since its launch in 2004, the American shoe designer’s namesake shoe line has become the go-to source for classic gladiators, stylish flats, and fashion-forward yet casual shoes for modern women. The American footwear firm Caleres, which also owns and runs Fergie Footwear, Via Spiga, and CARLOS by Carlos Santana, is the owner of Sam Edelman.

Sam Edelman shoes are renowned for being made from the finest materials. Not only that, the product is complemented by delicate accessories but is perfectly in line with the latest fashion trends. The main idea of the designer is placed in comfort and convenience.

For stylish shoes, Sam Edelman is the only place to go. This online store primarily sells to women and is renowned for its “timeless American” style with a light, whimsical touch. Over the years, Sam Edelman has drawn notice from the general public for its distinctive designs.

What Are The Outstanding Advantages of Sam Edelman Brand Shoes?

Sam Edelman Brand Shoes
Sam Edelman Brand Shoes via Facebook

The Sam Edelman brand offers shoes in every style, whether classic, sporty, or youth-oriented. At the same time, the brand also has collections representing a wide range of shoes. Includes ballet shoes, boots, sandals, and clogs – popular models of Sam Edelman.

Commonly found on Sam Edelman shoes with animal prints, added metals, crystals, beads, and leather straps and threads. When looking at it, it has a very feminine temperament and youthful beauty.

– Good customer feedback.

– Several styles of fashionable shoes are available.

– Broad size range.

– Presents Klarna as a different means of payment.

– All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping and returns.

Sam Edelman’s 7 Most Outstanding High Heels

Sam Edelman leopard heels
Sam Edelman leopard heels

For women, everyone has a shoe collection and in it are indispensable high heels. The image of women striding earnestly and proudly will surely attract many eyes. But do you know which shoes from the Sam Edelman brand are most prominent today? In this article, we will reveal to you the most outstanding Sam Edelman shoes!

Sam Edelman Women’s Hazel Pump

A classic Hazel Pump shoe with a modern update. Hazel is always perfect whether you are looking for a high heel shoe with many options. It can be white, black, sky blue, or unique patterns. Different colors make up the perfect Sam Edelman shoe collection.

Pointed-toe shoes are very suitable for current trends. The toe is combined with a pointed heel and a low cut to create a lengthening effect for women. The detail on the upper is very distinctive, with cushioned socks and very fit technology. Materials of these Hazel Pump shoes include Leather, suede, canvas, liquid metal, and Brahma hair.

In particular, the shoes are only 3.75 inches high, not too high for everyone on special occasions such as parties, weddings, or going out. And they fit very well, creating stability and safety for the wearer.

Sam Edelman Women’s Rika Pump

What if you could enjoy a long day in high heels? Sam Edelman has increased their experience in the Rika Pump shoe collection. This shoe style has a moderate heel and tapered toe that will enhance a woman’s great, graceful figure. The product has many colors: Black, white, beige, pattern, etc.

The body has a pure design of charm. Rika is crafted from luxurious materials to create a high-heeled shoe. And the material is 100% natural leather. The 2.5-inch high sole has the difference of extending the foot. This will minimize bad cases from happening. The combination of all has brought consumers good products and high quality.

Sam Edelman Women’s Toren Pump

Next is the Toren Pump shoes – a pair of shoes with a classic, luxurious and aristocratic design. It must be said that it is extremely suitable for office girls or even ladies who love events. This is probably the most elegant stiletto heel you’ve seen this year.

All shoes are made from synthetic leather, which is durable over time. The design is quite simple and not flashy. But it is thanks to this that people love elegance. The base is square, 2 inches tall, and very light. The color gamut of Sam Edelman Toren Pump shoes is pure white, very luxurious. If you find wearing high heels quite painful, consider this version.

Sam Edelman Women’s Beth Pump

These shoes are an affirmation of simplicity yet style. Wearing these shoes on your feet is guaranteed to make your feet incredibly slim. And is considered a “hacking shoe” in the world of high heels. However, Beth Pump is also quite tall, owning a height of up to 3.75 inches. If you use it every day, you will face more difficulties.

But that thinness hides the strength more resilient than ever. You can use them for a long time, from morning to night, and still not miss a beat. The shoes are made from high-quality cotton. There is a difference in that the toe of the shoe is obtuse instead of a pointed toe. Helps you minimize the pain in your toes during use.

Sam Edelman Women’s Jildie Pump

This is a classic 1900s shoe and is now a trending shoe in the fashion world. In the way of brochures or magazines, the image of shoes seems to be a social phenomenon. What’s more, the designer added a bit of glamor to this classic Jildie shoe. And it was noticed by everyone but still very classy.

You will not be able to imagine how this shoe can make you taller and more comfortable without trying it out. When owning this great product, many customers are constantly praising the brand’s design, color, quality, or packaging.

Chunky buckle and a delicate ankle strap. The Sam Edelman Women’s Jildie Pump Shoe will make any dress stand out. The height of the product is in quite high shoes, with 4 inches. Along with that are the patent leather material and the distinct Alpine blue tone.

Sam Edelman Hardy Pump

Sparkle in the dark with Sam Edelman women’s Hardy Pump shoes. The brand has brought a classic in high heels. The heel is slim and thin, so your height will be padded much differently. But when looking at these shoes, you will feel a bit sad. Because of the mysterious black color and sparkling crystal beads like a miniature firefly!

The strap wraps two rounds around the leg combined with a party machine, whether short or long; surely all eyes are on you because it seems to be born to reveal your hidden beauty. Especially in crowded places. In particular, wearing these shoes will make you feel more elegant and gentle. You will see yourself as a ballet dancer.

This Sam Edelman shoe has a heel height of 3.74 inches. Made from satin material. The base is synthesized from many different materials. Therefore, the product has a stronger, more solid foot.

Sam Edelman Classic Daniella

  Next are the shoes that are considered a national product. Because in recent years, these shoes have been chosen by many women for their feet. That’s why the Classic Daniella shoes are very popular and have become the ideal high heel shoe.

The strap is wide and hugs the ankle and heel. The square base should be sturdy, ensuring comfort to keep you on your feet from day to night. When wearing high heels, many women feel extremely uncomfortable and precarious and have hot feet. This women’s Sam Edelman shoe is the solution for everyone. You can rest assured with the above concerns in this product.

Classic Daniella’s material is suede and various high-quality types of leather. Heel height is 3.5 inches, which is quite common and convenient. Closed using ankle. It can be seen that this is a suitable option for office ladies.

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6 Colors Of High-Heel Shoes That Are Most Easy To Match

For girls who love high heels or even less and just want to choose shoes that are easy to use, it is not enough to choose a pair of quality and beautiful shoes but also have easy-to-match many styles in all circumstances.

What color shoes are easy to match is a question that cannot be answered accurately because it depends on the preferences, costumes, skin color, and fashion trends the girls pursue. However, the six colors summarized below are basic to help girls easily combine outfits.

Black high heels – Classic “national” color

Black high heels are always considered the “national color” of every office girl. Black high heels will always give the girls solemnity, courtesy, and charm. In addition, black heels are also very easy to coordinate with most outfits and colors. Therefore, do no longer hesitate to buy a pair of black high heels.

White high heels – Fashionable and luxurious

Along with black, white high heels are also a favorite item of many women because of the elegance and elegance that this color brings. The white high heels can be combined with jeans, casual pants, white, black, nude, pink, blue, and red dresses and are still very suitable.

Nude high heels – Gentle beauty

It is easy to see that most styles of high heels on the market have at least two tones, black and nude. This is the clearest proof of this color’s attractiveness and ease of coordination. Gentle girls who are often looking for a pair of youthful, gentle high heels should not ignore nude heels. Surely the girls will not be able to deny the attractiveness of this delicate, gentle color.

Red high heels – Glamor and personality

Red high heels are often the number one choice of personality girls; this is a pretty prominent color and easily attracts all eyes. This can be considered the most attractive color in the color of fashion.

Yellow high heels – Dynamic and youthful

Although not too popular, it is not difficult to find striking yellow tones in the wardrobe of high-heeled shoe lovers. Color tones represent youthful energy, love of life, and enthusiasm. The girls who like to wear yellow and white dresses and yellow high heels will become even more attractive.

Mint green high heels – Cool and dreamy

The last in the top 6 easy-to-match high heels is mint green. As rare as yellow, a pair of mint green heels suit summer wear. Because the cool blue color brings coolness and something very poetic if you are a person who likes to wear white, yellow, or pink, then wearing mint green high heels will make you look much sweeter.


Whose brand is Sam Edelman?

Sam Edelman, a creative genius and footwear industry veteran, has been a powerful force in fashion for the past 40 years, with lasting influence on some of the most well-known modern footwear firms.

How are the Sam Edelman boots?

Because they are fashionable, cozy, and waterproof, customers agree that the boots—which cost $170 for a pair—are well worth the price.

How comfy are Sam Edelman’s sandals?

It could be time to update your sandal collection if you’re getting ready for a beach vacation or looking forward to nicer weather at home. This pair of adaptable slide sandals from Sam Edelman, known for its elegant and comfy footwear, is no exception.

Who is behind Sam Edelman?

Sam Edelman has developed into a whole lifestyle brand dedicated to an irreverent & whimsical style, inspired by timelessly elegant Americana, that bridges the gap between desire and attainability to define modern luxury with the help of his wife, muse, & business co-founder, Libby Edelman.

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