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Packing Shoes When You’re Moving






If you’re moving, packing shoes for the big move is a real annoyance. You’ve got to squeeze clothes for ten months into small boxes, make sure the dog doesn’t get his paws on your valuables, and of course there are all those nooks and crannies that need to be unpacked.

Tips to Packing Shoes When You’re Moving

Tips to Packing Shoes When You’re Moving

It sounds like a lot of work and it really is but here are some tips on how to pack your shoes for the big move more efficiently:

Get rid of any that you don’t wear

This will save space without having to wrap them with paper or put them in boxes. Just set them aside or give them away.

Stuff each shoe with a pair of socks

Stuffing shoes full of socks will keep them from losing their shape too much, but it will also keep the inside of the shoe clean.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to put one or two pairs of socks into each shoe depending on how big they are. If you don’t wear thick boots, only put one pair in there!

Box up the nicer pairs individually

Box up shoes

There are a lot of shoes that come in a variety of sizes, and most people hang their nicer pairs from a closet or doorknob with a shoe horn. If you have room, keep them separate from your shoe box. That way you can find them if they get separated from the rest of the shoes in the box.

Tied sneakers together by the laces

Tied sneakers together by the laces

If you’re not going to wear your sneakers until summer, they might as well stay clean. If they have nice, clean laces on them, just tie them together with a rubber band so nothing gets hung up when they’re in boxes.

Pack a few essential pairs in their own box

Like I said before, there are a lot of shoes that come in a variety of sizes. You might have some with small laces and some with big ones. If you’re going to put them all in a box, they should be separate boxes.

You can find some cardboard box in this post

Pack out of season shoes separately

Unless you’re going on vacation or going to a wedding, your shoes will eventually end up in storage somewhere, either at your house or at the storage facility for your new apartment complex. In almost every case, you’ll want to keep those out of the boxes with your winter shoes so they don’t get beat up from being shoved together.

Only use clean packing paper

This is a pretty obvious one, but when you’re packing shoes in boxes, you don’t want to add anything to the color of the paper that covers them. If it gets dirty, just throw it away.

Use tea bags to keep shoes fresh

Use tea bags to keep shoes fresh

Put a few tea bags in your shoes and run your shoes over them every once in a while after they come out of the box and before you put them on (if they’re still new). To make sure they don’t all get used up at once, put an empty box or bag under them when you do this.

Pack heavy shoes on the bottom

If you’re packing heavy shoes on top of light ones, the light ones will break. It just takes one misplaced foot to crush your favorite pair of tennis shoes.

Use bubble wrap instead of plastic bags

Plastic bags can be used in a pinch to keep shoes clean, but they also trap moisture and cause your shoes to rot faster than they naturally would. Bubble wrap is easy enough to get your hands on, so try using that if you want to keep them in good condition.

Keep A Few Pairs Of Essential Shoes Handy

Keep a Few Pairs of Essential Shoes Handy

The usual stuff you need to pack, it’s a good idea to keep a few pairs of essential shoes handy. I usually pack two or three pairs of shoes in my main suitcase along with other essentials. In my big-suitcase backpack, I include a pair of sandals and perhaps a pair of old sneakers. I also keep a pair of flats in my laptop bag. That way, I always have something to wear, even if I need to walk out in the snow or rain to get to the bus or train.

Keep or Buy Shoe Boxes for Moving Day

Buy Shoe Boxes for Moving Day

Moving day can be a chaotic and stressful endeavor. If you’re moving, then you’ll need to pack up all of your belongings and take them with you. One challenge that might arise is figuring out which shoes to take with you. Tip: keep or buy shoeboxes for the move so that you know where everything is packed and not just thrown into a box! 

Pack Clean Shoes to Avoid Scuffs and Spots

Pack Clean Shoes to Avoid Scuffs and Spots

When relocating, it’s a good idea to include your clean shoes in your baggage. You can avoid scuffing up your nice dress shoes or ruining a favorite pair of flats by taking along a small bag with clean clothes and shoes. How? Keep your shoes in plastic bags, especially if they are expensive or already scuffed. If you’re not sure whether your shoes are clean, try washing them first. If they stink after the wash, then it’s safe to bring them along in the bag.

What this video to learn how to remove scuffs from sneaker:

Always Pack Shoes in Your Suitcase

Always Pack Shoes in Your Suitcase

Pack your shoes in your suitcase, even if you aren’t planning on wearing them during the move. But make sure to avoid ruining your other clothes by wearing socks with their shoes can get smelly and sweaty from being packed with clothes all the time. When unpacking, put each pair of shoes on a hanger so that they don’t have to be folded again and so that they will not wrinkle from being packed with clothes all the time.

You can find my list of best travel shoe case in this post


What are the 7 simple ways to pack shoes for moving?

  • 1. Get rid of the ones you don’t wear
  • 2. Stuff each shoe with a pair of socks
  • 3. Box up the nicer pairs individually
  • 4. Tied sneakers together by the laces
  • 5. Pack a few essential pairs in their own box
  • 6. Pack out of season shoes separately
  • 7. Only use clean packing paper

What is the best way to keep your shoes fresh in my new apartment?

Pack tea in them and then run them over with a shoe brush every once in a while.

Here are a few more articles that will help you pack your shoes for a move:

We have a lot of great articles on the topic of shoe storage here on our blog, but I thought it would be useful to give you guys some ideas of how to prevent this from happening again. 

Here are five suggestions I have seen from other people on how they have been able to keep their shoes from having the dreaded shoe smells.

How do you pack shoes without a box?

To packing shoe without box, depending on the type of shoe you have, you might want to tie some laces together and put them in a paper bag. When you do this, make sure to wash them first before putting them away. If they get wet, they can start smelling like mold and mildew. 

You don’t want that! Make sure you keep shoes away from light and don’t put them in plastic bags. I sometimes find that the edges of my black shoes do get dirty after a while so I use a little white sock to stuff each shoe with a pair of socks so they don’t lose their shape or stick together.

How do I pack my heels for moving?

When you pack your heels, lay them out on the bed. Make sure they’re not too wrinkly before you put them in your box. Always put the cheap ones in here. The more expensive ones can go in another box or one of your bigger shoes might fit them.

What should I do to keep my running shoes from smelling?

You can either put a few dryer sheets inside your shoe or you can stuff each shoe with a pair of socks. I have found that this really helps to keep the smell from being trapped inside my shoe after a run. It also helps to keep the moisture from ruining my shoes quicker than they would otherwise.

How do you pack shoes?

Well, you do have a few options here. If you have a big enough box, you can buy one of those shoe bags from the store and put your shoes in there.

Just make sure they’re not too wrinkly or dirty so you don’t have to iron them when you get to your new place. If you have really good shoes, I would suggest taking them out of their boxes before you pack them up. They just might be worth it if they are really expensive.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
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