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Shipping Shoes Without a Box: Cheapest Ways and More






As the world has evolved over the years, so have our expectations. We are expected to have more adventure, be able to save money, and be intelligent all at once. As a result, this has led to a new industry around packing items for shipping. One of these options is moving items without having them in their original packaging to save space and reduce cost. The following article will discuss how you can ship an item in its original box or without one at all!

Shipping Shoes

It is easy for people who are not well versed in the field of freight shipping to be concerned about damage done when they ship something without its original packaging. However, rest assured that most shippers do not damage your item when they ship them without original packaging. Instead, the new shipment will arrive intact, saving you both time and money.

How to Ship Shoes Without a Box

Any item that is shipped directly to the destination without its original packaging can be safely shipped. There are several options available when deciding how to ship shoes for that is not an original box. The best way to ship shoes without their original box is in the small flat rate envelope. This option comes in two sizes: small (8 ¼” x 6 ¾”) and medium (13 ½” x 10 ½”). As you can see, it is about the size of a shoe box if you have a shoe box lined with packing material.

How to Ship Shoes Without a Box
How to Ship Shoes Without a Box

Step 1

Place your shoes together in the small flat rate envelope. You can wrap them individually or stack them one on top of the other. If you are stacking, make sure that they do not get crushed by one another.

Step 2

It is important to double box your shoes. This will help to protect them from damage during shipping. You can place all of your shoes together in a single box or place one shoe on top of another so they are not squashed by the ones underneath it. Once you have everything packed into the envelope, tape it shut and tape the flap down to ensure that nothing gets loose during shipping.

Step 3

Address the envelope to your destination and mail it. It is important that you do not put any extra weight into the envelope than the shoes. For example, if you are shipping two pairs of shoes, do not fill the box up with packing materials or other items. This will cause the envelope to be overstuffed and torn apart during shipping.

How to Pack Shoes for Shipping?

Shoes are one of the most common items that people shipping. Shoes can be shipped in their original packaging. It is okay to repackage them in bubble wrap or any type of packing material to help them survive their journey here to there. This is especially true if your shoes are very fragile. However, it is not safe to pack shoes in the box they came in because the shoe box does not provide any padding for the shoes and they can easily chip or break.

Pack Shoes for Shipping

It is best to keep your shoes together in a larger padded box that will help protect them from chipping and breaking during shipping. These boxes can be purchased online for an affordable price. Padded flat rate mailers are a practical option for shipping shoes as well as heavy items such as furniture, computers, toys, etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Shoes?

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Shoes

The cost of shipping shoes depends on how many you are sending, where they are going, and how they are packaged. It is common for shipping supplies such as padded envelopes for small items to cost $3-$5 each after you purchase them online. For example, both of the flat rate envelope sizes cost $7.25. If you want to send shoes in multiple packages, it will be necessary to purchase additional flat rate envelopes.

However, shipping supplies aside, shipping shoes without their original packaging can cost you anywhere between $10-$20 if you are sending them domestically or internationally depending on how far away they are shipped and the customs charges your destination charges you for shipping the item there.

Box Options for Shipping Shoes

Here are the four common box options:

Small (8 ½” x 5” x 1 ½”)

Medium (13 ¾” x 11 ¾” x 11)

Large (23 ½’ x 11 ¾” x 12)

Extra Large (30 ¼’ x 12 ½” x 12 ½)

You can also use custom boxes such as the Jones Custom shoe box (20” x 14 ½” x 5 ½”; we do not recommend using Jones Custom boxes because they are very expensive and they will most likely chip and break).

Double Boxes for Shipping Shoe

When you want to make sure that your shoes make it to your destination in one piece and in the original box they came in, double box them. Take the shoes out of their original packaging and carefully pack them into a depth of 2 inches. This will protect them from getting damaged during shipping. Pack one shoe with bubble wrap, then another shoe on top of that, etc. until you have each shoe packed individually into a depth of two inches. Then place all of your shoes in a single box, seal it shut, and tape the box shut. This will protect them from getting crushed by one another or other items in the mail. You can then address the box to your destination and ship it off!

How to Ship Shoes Without an Original Box

If you want to save money when shipping shoes, you can simply send them in their original packaging. However, using the small flat rate mailer is one way that you can save money while sending shoes. You can save $5 per item when using this method.

Step 1

Open the shoe box and remove the insoles (when possible). Wrap your insoles in bubble wrap and place them in a box. If your box does not have any extra room inside of it, you will need to double box. This process can be done for each pair of shoes that you are shipping (and any other fragile items that are shipped with the shoes).

Step 2

Place the shoes in the small flat rate envelope. Make sure that they are not stacked on one another. Also, make sure that each pair of shoes is placed individually in the envelope. If you were to place them together, they will crush together and can break during shipping. Place your shoe box on top of all of your shoes so they are not squashed by other items inside of your box (like your other shoes).

Step 3:

Add any additional packing materials that you want to use (bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.). Tape the flap shut and mail it off to your destination! This will help protect them from getting damaged during shipping. You can also place your shoes inside of a single box along with the envelope to prevent them from getting smashed.

It is possible to ship shoes safely without spending a lot of money. The most efficient way to save money when shipping your shoes is by using the small flat rate mailer, double boxing them, and including some packing materials in the package. You can send one pair of shoes within 48 states for $7.25 or four pairs for $13.75 (or less depending on the sizes). If you are sending them internationally, it will be more expensive but will still be less than if you were to ship them through another company that sends large packages for an affordable price.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Shoes?

The cost of shipping shoes depends on how many you are sending, where they are going, and how they are packaged. 

The Padded flat rate envelope (12 ½” x 9 ½”) $8.30
The Small box (8 ⅝” x 5 ⅜” x 1 ⅝”) $8.30
The Medium box (13 ⅝” x 11 ⅞” x 11” or 11” x 8 ½” x 5 ½”) $15.05
The Large box (23 11/16” x 11 ¾” x 12” or 12” x 12” x 5 ½”) $21.10
The X Large box (30 ¼” x 12 ½” x 12 ½” or 12 ½” x 12 ½” x 5 ½) $25.85
The X Extra Large Box (30 ¼’ x 12½’ x 13 1/2 “or 13 1/2 “x 14 1/2″) $29.00

There are several ways to ship your shoes. The most economical way is to send them along with other contents in a small flat rate envelope. However, if you want to save money by sending your shoes alone in a box, you should also double box your shoes and include packing materials for extra protection.

If you are sending them internationally, you will probably have the most success by using an air freight method or sending them through UPS or FedEx. The cost of shipping shoes internationally varies depending on the destination country and the type of box that you use for shipping your package. The easiest way to find out what kind of box would work best for your shoes is by reading information about boxes at different websites about boxes .

These are the Cheapest Ways to Ship Shoes

There are many different ways to ship shoes, with the lowest priced option being $9.56 for USPS Priority Mail using Easyship. The highest priced option is FedEx 2 Day Air at $58.30, which is still cheaper than some other shipping options (though might not be in all cases). If you consider shipping fees another cost of doing business, shipping shoes cheaply will be good for your bottom line.

To find the cheapest ways to ship shoes, I analyzed shipping quotes from both UPS and FedEx for shipping shoes to eleven different destinations in the continental US. The shipping cost for each service is listed below. It should be noted that UPS packages are slightly larger than FedEx packages, which causes them to incur higher delivery fees per pound when shipped through the USPS.

Service Cost (per package) USPS Priority Mail (with Easyship) $9.56 USPS Parcel Select $20.66 USPS Priority Mail Express $60.35 FedEx Ground $21.55 FedEx 2 Day Air $58.30 UPS 2-Day Air $54.08 UPS Ground $20

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