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Types of Shoe Shipping Boxes: Dimensions and Benefits






Everyone needs a shoe shipping box. They are the most important thing in the delivery of your shoes and will help you keep them in good condition until they get to their destination. You can spend less money by buying one and more time and effort by ordering it directly from the company (and in many cases, it is delivered free).

If you’re in need of a good shoe shipping box for yourself or your business, check out our list! We’ve included links to each company’s website so that you can make an informed decision on which is best for you.

Types of Shoe Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Box

These are the most basic shipping boxes. You can get them in a wide variety of sizes and colors, and you can get a couple of different types of corrugated shipping boxes. Most will have an inner plastic liner to keep the box from denting up the shoes too badly, but they will also have a paper liner to keep your shoe from snagging on the fibers of the cardboard.

These shipping boxes are inexpensive and very handy for shipping shoes or other small packages. However, they are not very protective of the shoes and also don’t provide a lot of security. It’s best to ship your shoes in one of these boxes if you are not shipping an expensive or large pair of shoes. They will be able to get through the shipping process with less damage than other kinds of boxes, but for more protection, there are other kinds to consider.

Cardboard Shipping Box

Cardboard boxes are very similar to original boxes except that they have sturdy rather than paper. These kinds of shipping boxes are hard to bend and tear, so cardboard boxes are great for shipping items that can’t get damaged easily. They’re slightly better at protecting the contents than paper ones but not nearly as good as plywood ones.

Handmade Wooden Shipping Box

These shipping boxes are made from thick pieces of wood and give the best protection and security. These kinds of shipping boxes often have great designs and logos on them, and they offer more room for cushioning than any of the other kinds of shipping boxes. If you need to ship an expensive pair of shoes or something that needs a lot of protection, this is the kind of shipping box to get!

Plywood Shoe Shipping Box

Plywood shoe shipping boxes are some of the most secure kinds you can get your shoes in. This is definitely the kind to choose if your package needs a lot of security. The plywood is very thick and hard to cut through, so it’s great for shipping expensive shoes or even things like electronics. Plywood shipping boxes come with dividers to put the shoes in so that they won’t shift around inside the box, so you can be sure that your shoes will be safe from damage!

Rubber Shoe Shipping Box

These kinds of shoe shipping boxes are really great for shipping extra fragile shoes since they provide a lot of cushioning inside them. The rubber insulates the inside of the shoe from outside conditions, protecting your shoes from extreme temperatures or humidity. You can use rubber clear shoe shipping boxes for expensive pairs of shoes that require a lot of security and cushioning during shipment.

Stationery Shop Shipping Box

You can go to the stationery shop and buy a simple box which you can cut down to size if you think it’s too big for your shoes. Just make sure that the box isn’t crushed or folded, as this will make it less sturdy. You can buy a sheet of cardboard from any store and use it as a top for your original shoe box if you don’t want to buy a separate one. It’s important that you fold the top flaps down before installing your shoes. Otherwise, they won’t fit inside properly.

Dimension of Shoe Shipping Boxes 

It is important that your shipping box is the right size. Your shoe boxes should be at least 20 percent larger than the size of your shoes. They should also be between 1 and 2 inches wide and 2 and 3 inches high. The top of the box should be long enough to cover the tongue, and the sides should be wide enough to fit snugly around the shoes. 

A shoe box with a flat and sturdy bottom and a lid that is in good condition can be used in its existing state. If you need to replace the bottom of the box with something sturdier, move the shoes to a new box and discard the one that is not viable. There are several ways you may take to make another shoe shipment box.

Shoe Shipping boxes are available with corrugated cardboard box 12″ L x 10″ W x 4″ H, craft, for shipping, packing, and moving.

You can use heavy-duty cartons, which are sold by most stationery shops or packing supply companies. You will need two cartons of equal height but different widths for this method or one carton that is larger than your original shoe box.

What to Look for in a Shipping Box?

You can get custom shoe shipping boxes made to your measurements, but it’s important that you know what you’re looking for when you’re picking them out. Avoid cardboard shipping boxes that are wrinkled or creased, as this will weaken the strength of the box. Make sure that there is no tape before your wrapping paper is on, as this may leave adhesive marks on your product once it arrives at its destination.


There are several different materials for shoe shipping boxes. Although it depends on what you’re using them for, the most popular material is corrugated cardboard. It’s lightweight and affordable but also sturdy enough to protect your shoes. You can also get boxes made out of paperboard or plastic, but they aren’t as common. The type of material you choose will be based on your individual needs.

What’s inside  

A lot of people forget about what they should put inside their shoe shipping boxes. Shoes need as much cushion as possible, but you want to keep them as well-packaged as possible as well. Inside the box, the best thing to do is to use old newspapers or throw cushions. They will protect your shoes from being damaged and throw off the weight so that you pay less for shipping.

Properly Using Shoe Shipping Boxes 

One of the most important parts of using shipping boxes is how you use them. When you first get them, make sure to fold each package properly and keep it flat. The goal is to keep the box flatter than it was originally; if your original box was slightly warped or dented, even slight shifts would change the way the box will fit. If you don’t properly feel each shoe before placing it in its shipping box, it could roll around inside and wear down the bottom of your shoes (or other damaging damage to other areas). As for using them, ensure that you slide your shoes into their new boxes as far as they’ll go.

Benefits of Using Shoe Shipping Boxes 

If you require, these are excellent alternative shoe boxes that are sturdy and large enough to keep your shoes secure throughout transportation. In addition, custom printing on the outside of the box will help you label your shipment in a way that will be easy to read when you ship it out. Plain corrugated cardboard boxes are an inexpensive option if you just need a straightforward shipping box.

Customized Shoe Shipping Boxes

Folded properly, shoe shipping boxes can protect your shoes from damage. If you’re concerned about the safety of your shoes while traveling, this is an inexpensive way to make sure that they arrive in good condition. You can get quite creative with the design of your cardboard box by adding different logos or other graphics on it. -You get what you pay for.

Using Other Types of Boxes in Addition to Shoe Shipping Boxes

In order to ensure that your shoes receive the proper amount of protection, it’s recommended that you use both custom packaging and a shipping box when delivering them to customers. Shoes may need to be shipped to their customers without being displayed. If this is the case, you should ship them in a box that is substantially larger than the shoe itself.


Where can I buy shoe shipping boxes?

You can buy shoe shipping boxes from a variety of places. Many stores that sell shoes and other items normally carry shoeboxes, but you can also opt to order them online. The great place to get them is from the UPS Store. They have a wide variety of boxes that will fit your needs, and they can even customize them for you if you want unique sizes.

What dimensions are the best dimensions for a shoe box?

The best dimensions for a shoe box are about 12 inches by 10 inches by 4 inches. What size is the standard size used by the United States Postal Service, and most stores use that size or one very similar. You may want to vary the height and width slightly to fit your needs and the shoes you plan to ship, but keep in mind that doing so can limit their ability to be stacked due to weight restrictions.

Are cardboard shoe shipping boxes recyclable?

As of 2015, there have been no significant changes to the fact that cardboard shoe shipping boxes aren’t recyclable. The United States Postal Service will accept them for recycling, but they can’t be recycled in most other countries due to shipping restrictions.

Are there any other ways to ship shoes using a box besides shoe boxes?

Yes, there are a number of alternatives.

What is the cost of shipping shoes?

It depends on a number of different factors, including your shoe size and the weight of the package. The best way to find out is to have a shipping calculator from services such as FedEx or UPS at hand, as those two major shipping companies have online calculators that can help you find out exactly how much it would be to ship your shoes.

What is the best shipping box for shoes?

There are a number of different types of shoe boxes, but the best box for shipping shoes is the one that fits your needs.

Is there any way to have your shoe delivered or picked up in person?

Yes, there are a few options.

How much does UPS charge for shipping shoes?

Among $10 – $35, you need to phone them at 1-800-PICKUPS, call them at 1-800-742-5877 or visit their website to know their price.

Should I use tape, shipping labels, or both to seal the shoe shipping boxes?

You should use shipping labels and tape to seal your shoe shipping box. The shipping label will help keep the address on top of the box, while the tape is there to help keep everything sealed.

How much do they cost to transport a standard-sized shoe?

It depends on a number of factors, including where you live and what size shoe you’re trying to ship. However, most prices range from about $7 -$10 for a package that fits in a USPS Priority Mailbox.

How do I pack my shoes into shipping boxes?

First, put them in a shoebox. Then, fill the space around the shoes with packing material, such as bubble wrap or air pillows. Finally, seal up the box both with packing tape and shipping labels to keep it closed during transportation.

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