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How To Wrap A Shoe Box: Step By Step To Wrap It






Buying a new pair of shoes can be really expensive. So why not invest in this makeshift shoe box to hold your old pairs? You’ll save money, it takes less time, and it’s handier than ever giving you more room in your closet. All you need is a sheet of wrapping paper and some time to spare! Let’s get started!

What Do You Need?

To wrap these “shoe boxes” all you’ll need is:

  • Sticky tape or double sided tape 
  • Wrapping paper 
  • A shoe box 
  • Scissor

Ways To Wrap A Shoe Box With Paper: Quick And Easy

If you’ve ever wondered how to wrap a shoe box, we’ve got the answer. Follow these simple steps and within seconds, you will have your wrapped box. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Select your wrapping material

It depends on the type of present you are wrapping. For an expensive item, you might want to use linen or thick, luxurious paper. If the gift is less expensive, you can wrap it in colorful paper using crafty techniques like adding a string or tying different pieces of ribbon to create a unique bow. Another option for wrapping material is reusable wrapping paper. Instead of wrapping paper, you can use linen or other thick materials like tissue paper or handmade paper. You can use foam or recycled material. When thinking of materials, think of it as reusable wrapping paper that can be reused many times. Reusing materials is a great way to save the planet and helps the environment by letting recycled materials be used more than once.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what you want to wrap your shoe box with. You can go with wrapping paper .

Wrap Paper: Wrap paper is the easiest thing to use when wrapping a box. It comes in different colors, patterns, and sizes. You can get it at any store that sells wrapping paper, or on the Internet. Most retailers will have on hand rolls of various colors or rolls of several different colors on hand at one time. If it’s not available, you can always get wrappers on the Internet. Just make sure you get enough of them, as they don’t come in rolls, but only in rolls.

Step 2: Measure the Box

It’s very important that you know exactly how large your box will be when it is finished wrapping. You’ll be wrapping the box exactly how you want it to look. The size of the box should match the size of your wrapping material. For instance, if you are using cloth fabric, you want to cut two rectangles in order to wrap the ends securely around the shoebox. You can cut the rectangle bigger in order to wrap the box in it, but remember that you will need to wrap two layers of cloth around it. This is necessary when you use thick fabrics.

Step 3: Cut off excess material

Cut off excess material

Take your measurements of the box and cut off any excess material. This is because you will only wrap the item completely to the edges of the fabric or paper that is already across all parts of the box. You may have to cut off some material so that there are no gaps between where you have wrap it completely. This is especially important when wrapping things like books, as they may have square corners or edges, which can make for gaps when wrapped.

Step 4: Stick the material to the box

Stick the material to the box

Again, you may have to cut off some material so that there are no gaps between where you have wrap it. You can use glue or tape to attach your material to the box, if necessary. If you are using glue, let it dry before continuing. It is important that your material sticks well enough so that it does not fall off when in use. If you are not sure that something is sticking well enough, then apply more or let the adhesive dry before continuing.

Step 5: Fold over the edges

Fold over the edges

Now that all materials are stuck down inside of your box, it’s time to fold over the edges. This is basically the opposite of what you did when measuring the box. If you are using an item that will not be able to go inside of the box, then it’s time to prepare for that. You can use tape or glue to attach your material to the sides of the box if necessary. As with before, you can also apply glue or let it dry before continuing. Remember, this is how your wrapped package will look on the outside when you are done wrapping it! You can decorate with ribbon or you can leave it plain.

Step 6: Finish covering the wrapping

Finish covering the wrapping

You can use ribbon or more of your chosen wrapping material to cover up all the remaining edges of the box. It may make it easier to get your wrapped package completely enclosed with materials. You can also decorate with ribbons, if you wish, when you are done.

Step 7: Top it off with a Bow

As you finish wrapping your shoe box, you might want to add a little something extra that makes it look nice in its final form. You have many options for finishing your gift that will not break the bank or take up too much room. There are hundreds of decorative items available for this purpose in any general gift store.

Wrap A Shoebox With Fabric

Fabric wrapped a shoebox
Fabric wrapped a shoebox

Step 1: Choose wrapping fabric

Fabric: You’ll need to make sure that your fabric is wide enough and of the right length to wrap your box. You can also use tape to attach your fabric to the sides of the box if necessary. If you are using fabric, you should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when assembling your product. They are printing instructions on how to assemble each package or item you are wrapping.

Use anything you have in your craft room. Fabric is the easiest because you can re-use it a number of times. You can also use paper or cardboard in a pinch, but the results aren’t the best.

Step 2: Cut a piece of fabric

Cut a piece of fabric that’s about 16″ by 16″, plus an extra 2″-4″ before you start wrapping to tie around the box. Keep in mind that the fabric will probably shrink a bit after you wash it.

Step 3: Start wrapping

You’ll need to wrap a shoebox with the cut piece of fabric, then wrap that piece of fabric around another 15″ by 15″ square, then wrap that square around another square (or another shape) to keep wrapping. It’s about four layers of fabric total for this particular box, but depending on the size of your box and how thick you want to make it, you can create more or fewer layers.

Step 4: Tie the box

Once you’ve wrapped all your layers of fabric, you’ll need to tie it around the shoebox. Leave enough space between the package and the cloth, so you don’t hit it when you’re tying. Once your present is tied together, use a staple gun to secure the fabric and create a seal. You can also clip or tape any loose threads to avoid fraying.

Step 5: Add a bow

Use another piece of fabric to create a bow. Use the same size as you used for the wrapping layer, and cut it to fit around your present. Use an extra 3″ to tie it into place, then staple or tack that into place as well.

Step 6: Add tags

Don’t forget about tags! You can write your name and email address on a tag and attach it with a ribbon or string so the person receiving your gift can contact you if they need to know more about what’s in the box.

7 Tips To Wrap a Shoe Box

Wrap a Shoe Box by Simplyshoebox
  • If you want to wrap a shoe box in a fancier way, you can sew it instead of using wrapping paper or fabric. Sewing is the best way to make sure that your package will not fall apart and that it is sturdy and keeps its shape when in use.
  • You can also wrap a shoe box in plastic. Just follow the same instructions as when wrapping with paper, except that you should use plastic film instead! You can get this at any general store.
  • Use a shoe box as a gift container by covering the box with plastic wrap. You can easily remove it from the box after giving your gift so that if you don’t get wrapped presents, just unwrap the present and use it for another purpose.
  • You can wrap a shoe box using cardboard or foam board instead of plastic wrap. Just cover the top of the box with something that will also serve as wrapping. With this, you get both protection for the product and decoration! It is very easy to do this once you have learned how to wrap a shoe box!
  • You can use alternative materials to cover your product when wrapping it in a special way. You can use leaves, small pieces of wood or metal, and other similar things to cover your box and make it look nice. All you need to do is figure out how to attach them to the box.
  • You can wrap a shoe box using cloth that you have sewn into a blanket. The best way to attach it is by sewing it onto the lid of the shoe box. This will give the gift a nice form and will also protect what is inside from falling out easily!
  • You can sew together several cloth blankets and then wrap a large gift box in them before giving it as a gift.


How to wrap a shoebox for shipping?

This is probably the oldest and most popular way to transport a shoebox. You can use regular brown cardboard boxes or shipping boxes found at a local store. Measure the box to fit the item you are going to transport. If it doesn’t fit, make sure you have removed all unnecessary items from your box before measuring how much space is left inside. For instance, if you have clothes in your shoebox, make sure they are folded neatly and not crumpled up in a ball.

How do you wrap shoes for gifts?

To wrap your shoes, you’ll need a shoe box. You can use any color you like for this job, but it’s important to make sure that the colors blend together well. You should also make sure that the boxes are similar in size and that your wrapping material is a matching color or a more neutral color.

How do you wrap a lidded box?

Answer: To wrap a lidded box, you’ll need to move the lid inside of the box. You fill the box with cooler items like small cans of soda or in some cases, ice packs. If that’s not enough, then wrap the box with filler materials like cups that are in similar sizes and in matching colors. You can use sturdy paper and let it create a nice pale color background while you wrap your gift.

How do you wrap a shoe box with plenty of room?

To make sure that your gift gets to your party on time, make sure that your wrapping material is not too long or too short. It should be long enough to reach the other end or should be cut into strips that are about 12 inches long. To make sure that your wrapping material does not become too long, you should roll it up before attaching to the ends of the box. This way, you can use strips of paper or cloth to secure it down once you are done wrapping.

How do you wrap a box with no lid?

To wrap a box without a lid, you can create your own lid using paper or cloth. You can then attach this to the ends of the box. This way, the ends will be secured down securely once your wrapping is finished.

How do you wrap a box without turning it over?

To wrap a box without turning it over, you should fill the box with fillers before wrapping your present. Make sure that it is not too heavy, though! If you are worried that the box will be too heavy, then create a lid for the box using paper or cloth. You can then secure this onto the ends of your box with tape or glue.

How to wrap a rectangular box?

You can wrap a rectangular box in a similar way you might wrap a shoebox. In order to get started, you will need to measure the length and width of your present and then add an inch of extra space on the sides. This will ensure that your box is nicely sealed, making it water-resistant.

Wrap a shoebox for men?

If you are looking to make a great gift for him, then creating a manly box-looking present will be perfect. If your significant other is into DIY projects, then this will be an excellent idea. Tip: If you are new to wrapping paper, make sure to check out our Frugal Wrap tips for tips on how to get started. Also, if you are looking for more ideas for wrapping paper, then check out these great ideas.

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