10 Other Uses a Shoe Rack

The key to a well stocked and neat shoe rack is to find the perfect balance of shoes that is just enough for you and your family. You don’t want any extra spaces in between all of your shoes, it makes it harder to see what is there and takes up unnecessary space. But you also don’t want too many shoes on the shelf, this will make it hard for you or anyone else to see what they are looking for.

Some people like using different size shoe racks so they can plug different sized pairs in together on the same row (e.g., women’s size 7 and men’s size 8). But this may not be practical for everyone.

The best shoe rack is the one that will fit your needs for your household and where you plan to put it. You can buy shoe racks that will hook up with the door of the closet, similar to a coat rack, but keep in mind you can only secure up to 10 pairs of shoes per shelf, so make sure how many pairs you plan on using the rack each day. Then decide how many shelves or rows you need at what height (probably three to four). If you do this, make sure not to put too many shoes on the rack; it’s okay if one shoe takes up two rows, but not five.

Another way to keep it organized is to put the shoes in the same color or pattern on each shelf or row so they are easier to find or just different colors. If you want new shoes, place them on the bottom of your shoe rack. If you want some old shoes, place them on the top. Or do both.

Types of Shoe Rack

If you are looking for information on shoe racks, then you have come to the right place.

The size of the shoe rack will determine the number of shoes that can be placed on it. A standard shoe rack measures about two feet by three feet.

There are small shoe racks for just a few pairs of shoes, medium sized ones, which can hold up to 10 pairs, and large ones that can fit up to 20 or 30 pairs of shoes.

The most popular types are metal racks with shelves, which are usually found in the outside courtyard areas of houses where shoes need to be taken off before entering the house or apartment building. You will find metal racks inside as well in places like hospitals and school gymnasiums where you need to take your footwear off before entering.

The second most popular type of shoe rack is solid wood shoe racks. They are usually found in the living rooms and bedrooms of houses, apartments, and offices. Solid wood shoe racks are also placed in workshops where you need to take off your shoes before entering.

As for other types of shoe racks, you can find plastic toy box-like ones for kids, folding model-type shoe racks that can be used in trains and buses, metal foldable collapsible shoe racks that can be easily kept inside cars when they are not being used or at campsites when hiking or camping. You can also get collapsible wooden shoe racks which are small enough to take with you when traveling by air or train.

Some shoe racks also have a cover that protects the shoes from dust and dirt. The cover is usually kept closed at all times to keep the shoes from being exposed to elements such as water, dust, dirt, sunlight, and other factors which can harm or ruin them. These covers can be made of fabric or clear plastic. They also come in many attractive designs which include the use of various colors and patterns for both their design and the material used to manufacture them.

Shoe racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular models are rectangular in shape. They have a base and a shelf or two. The base can either be made out of wood or metal while the shelf is usually made out of plastic or wood. The size and shape vary depending on the number of shoes you want to put on the rack.

There are also shoe racks that have no shelves at all, just a base with drainage holes for water to pass through when it rains. The placement location will determine the design that you go for.


A typical shoe rack is a cube made of wood with six small compartments on each side. These cube shoe racks are popular with stores and warehouses because they keep the clutter of shoes off the floor and prevent them from getting damaged.

Because they’re not made of metal and tend to be lightweight, these racks work well for smaller spaces. They also tend to hold more shoes than other styles, which makes them ideal for apartments and homes where space is limited. The only downside is that they can be difficult to adjust when it comes to tucking in your tuck-ins, because the steps are usually just too small to fit your foot in comfortably.


Similar to cubes, hanging shoe racks are generally made of wood with compartments on each side. These are also designed to be mounted on the wall, though they are generally smaller in size. This style of shoe rack gives you more storage space than a cube or hanging stand, but it does have its downsides. Since these racks generally have only one or two compartments on each side, so you can’t get all of your shoes in there comfortably. Also, the small compartments on this style of rack don’t allow for any extra room so you can’t put anything else inside them. They’re also rather unsightly unless the wood is properly stained and painted.

Flat Shoe Rack

A flat shoe rack is exactly what it sounds like. It’s usually made out of metal or plastic, with one or two levels of racks that can be placed on top of each other. This type of rack may be good for storing heels and shoes that you only wear occasionally, because they’re relatively shallow and can fit a lot of shoes without taking up too much space. They’re also easy to store because they take up little space when they’re not in use. One drawback is that since these racks are wider than most others, it may be difficult to get your shoes on and off the shelves if your space is limited.

Three Tier Shoe Rack

Typically made of wood, a three-tier shoe rack has a wider middle section and two narrower end pieces. They’re a bit bulkier than other shoe racks, but they’re designed to hold a variety of shoes and boots on each one. The wide middle compartment can hold larger items like boots while the two side compartments offer more space for your shoes. These kinds of racks are ideal for people who don’t want to use boxes or cubes because they can get everything out in one look rather than having to dig through everything on the floor like on cubes or hanging racks.

While these racks are very versatile, they do take up a lot of space and can be difficult to store if your space is limited.

Wooden Crate Racks

A wooden crate rack is a great choice for someone who doesn’t have a lot of extra room, but does need a way to store his or her shoes. These racks can hold several pairs of shoes without taking up too much space, and they generally come in multiple patterns so you can choose the one that fits your decor. You have the option to pick from open-top crates or you can opt for those with lids if you’d rather keep dust off of your shoes. Since these racks are narrow, they’re great for storing multiple pairs of shoes in a small space. The only drawback is that since these racks are relatively shallow, they don’t offer much storage space, so you won’t be able to get all of your shoes in one container.

Metal Mesh Rack

A metal mesh rack is similar to wooden crate racks, because it’s also very narrow and does not take up much space when it’s not being used. Where these racks differ is that they are made of metal rather than wood. They’re lightweight but sturdy, which makes them ideal for people who need to store shoes in a small area or need to move them around frequently. The downside is that these racks aren’t very decorative and they’re scratch-prone, so we recommend painting them if you’re not looking to store your shoes in plain wood.

Boot Storage Rack

A boot storage rack is like a metal mesh rack, except that it’s made of wire and it’s designed to hold boots specifically. These kinds of racks are perfect for anyone who uses the space in their closet to store his or her boots when they’re not being worn. While these racks can be used to store shoes as well, we prefer them when it comes to holding heavy boots because they won’t collapse under the weight.

Dimensions of Shoe Rack

You can find shoe racks in both long and short lengths. Their length will vary depending on the size of the shoe rack. The length will be determined by how much space is available for holding or displaying your shoes. The smaller the shoe rack, the shorter it will be. They are made so that they can be broken down into small pieces for storage when they are not being used.

The sizes of shoe racks are generally expressed in terms of length, width, and height. The number in these parameters indicates the number of shoes that it can hold in a particular size rack or in a specified quantity in total. You can also refer to them as cubic feet if you want to save yourself some time while figuring out their size.

Some shoe racks, especially the ones that are made of wood or plastic, can be painted in any color or with unique designs. This is meant to make them more attractive, which in most cases will be most useful when holding children’s shoes for toddlers.

There are some brand shoe rack dimensions:

Name of Shoe RackHWD
IKEA Tjusig Shoe Storage Bench 50 cm 108 cm 34 cm
Ermont Wood Storage Bench 61 cm 90 cm 39 cm
Christchurch Faux Leather Storage Bench 46 cm 69 cm 33 cm

10 Tips to Other Use a Shoe Rack 

Accessories Shelf

You can also buy a shoe rack with a top and bottom shelf, and this will help to organize your shoes as well as make it easier for you to pick out the perfect pair to wear or go out. When you’re done, just pull up the bottom shelf and you’re ready to wear your shoes. Other racks like this one also come with hooks that allow you to hang jackets or other garments on them as well as hooks that attach the rack right into the closet doors.

Craft station

Since closet doors are just the right height, you can use them as well for a great craft station. You can put in shelves or just place your glue stick, glue, tape and other things you need to complete your project. For little kids, this is a great place to organize art supplies so they don’t get lost or scattered about the house.

Laundry room

Another great idea is to use an old shoe rack as a laundry hanger, so your clothes won’t take up all of the space in the closet. It gives you a place to hang up towels and other items so they aren’t in the way, and it’s just the right height.

Place for gifts

If you have a coffee table, next to it is the perfect spot to keep a stack of shoe racks so you can fill them with gifts. This way you can use them as coffee table bookshelves or put plants on top of them if it’s more of an indoor decorating style. They are also great for out-of-season clothing items that won’t fit in your closet. Hang each shoe rack from a chain and place them at different heights.

Toy garage

If you have a toy garage, you can hang shoe racks from the ceiling so they are all accessible for toys. You can also hang baskets of toys off of the hooks to create cubbies and creative play areas. They make great storage spots as well as creative play areas; all of your kids’ toys will be easy to find and keep on display.

Storing CDs/DVDs

If you want to store CDs or DVDs but don’t have a lot of room, you can keep them in a laundry basket with smaller laundry hampers on top. Just find the size that works for your collection.

Under sink storage

Under the sink is usually a great place for storing things that are frequently used, but if you have too many things, they can get lost or take up too much space, so save yourself some time and headache by using shoe racks to organize cleaning supplies, batteries and other items. You can even use them under the shelves in your pantry for canned goods and spices. The possibilities are endless.

Clothing hanger

Shoe racks are great for keeping your clothes neat and organized. You can hang your kids’ clothes on top of the racks where they are easier to grab. If you have a big closet, you can organize many pairs of shoes together to save space. You can also use them for skirts and pants that don’t fit in your drawers or hamper (or that don’t fit any other way). Then just hang them up so they are easy to reach. For other clothing items, place hangers so they don’t flop around or slide off the rack.

Bathroom rack

Use one of these to hold your children’s bath supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. If you have multiple children, you can put these on a hook in the shower for a place where they don’t take up a lot of room and are easy to access. You can also create a shelf or pole in the shower for towels and other bathroom items.

Electronics area

You can also use one of these for organizing wires and chargers so they are organized and easier to find when needed. You can even get them that have hooks that allow you to hang things from it if desired.


What else can you use a shoe rack for?

Answer: Although shoe racks actually function as a holder for your footwear, they can also be used to display and show off clothes and other accessories that you want to keep neat and tidy. They can be wall mounted or placed on the floor, depending on what you want them to do for you.

Are shoe racks practical?

Answer: Not necessarily. Some people think of them as impractical considering the fact that they are not intended for storage purposes. However, anyone who has ever owned a shoe rack knows differently because it has been proven that keeping a pair of shoes attracts dust particles that can harm them if they are not cared for properly.

How do you use a shoe rack in the garden?

Answer: If you are thinking of putting it on your floor, you will need to make sure that the soil there is thick enough to keep it in place. However, if you are thinking of placing it on a wall, then look at the type of wall you have. You can use it in direct sunlight or inside a garage or cellar, depending on how much space you have available.

What are the advantages of using shoe racks?

Answer: Some people think that shoe racks are not too practical while others believe that they are extremely useful because they protect shoes from dust while also making them more presentable when combined with other accessories such as pillows or covers made out of blanket material.

How do you use a shoe organizer?

Answer: A shoe rack is used the same way as the shoe organizer. The difference, however, is that they are built for this purpose. They are designed specifically to hold shoes in order to keep them clean and organized. Some of these organizers will also have an attached dust-proof cover to protect your shoes from dirt and dusts.

What types of shoe racks are there?

Answer: Shoe racks come in a number of shapes and sizes. One can be made out of wood or metal while some others will have a plastic or a metal base with plastic shelves on it while some others have no shelves at all, just a base with drainage holes for water to pass through when it rains.

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