23 Ideas Of Wall Hanging Shoe Racks For 2022

A wall-hanging shoe rack is a type of shoe storage that hangs on the wall, usually on the ceiling or over a doorway. This is a great way to store shoes in an organized and convenient fashion. Unlike traditional shoe racks, they provide extra storage space at both ends. They provide more room for your shoes than what you would find on closet shelves, and they are more attractive visually as well.

Please be aware that the type of wall hanging shoe rack detailed in this article consists of a rectangular board on the top and a variety of hooks or clips to hold your shoes. These days, you can find wall-mounted shoe racks made from wood, metal, plastic, and even glass. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; models are available with hooks that hold anywhere from six pairs to countless more.

23 Wall Hanging Shoe Racks
23 Wall Hanging Shoe Racks

1. Four Shelf Shoe Rack

When you take wall-mounted shoe racks into consideration, you can see that people like to keep up with the latest trends and styles. The traditional wooden model is now joined by a modern metal design that adds more style to your home.

Four Shelf Shoe Rack
Four Shelf Shoe Rack

2. Turner Clothes Rail with Shoe Rack

Another design trend is all about style and ease of storage. Of course, you want to store your shoes in a tidy fashion, but you also want them to be an attractive and functional design. This means using the correct type of material with the right color and finish.

The Turner Clothes Rail with Shoe Rack by Share Moore is a highly rated piece of furniture that gives you both style and neat storage.

Turner Clothes Rail with Shoe Rack
Turner Clothes Rail with Shoe Rack

3. Over-Door Shoe Rack

One model that you can find in many homes these days is an over-door shoe rack. It’s a practical, space-saving storage solution that you can easily install.

Over-Door Shoe Rack

4. Alana Shoe Rack

Metal designs are not just for the outside of the home. As you can see in this photo, it is possible to have a shoe rack built into your wall and add all the storage space you may need. This white model has four compartments that are big enough to accommodate a pair of shoes on each shelf.

Alana Shoe Rack

5. Wooden Shoe Rack

Style and functionality are combined in this wall-mounted shoe rack that has four shelves for storage. The four wooden frames also have an excellent shape to them, so you can see your footwear without having to bend down or crouch down on the floor.

This shoe rack is made out of wood, and it has a nice dark brown color with a natural shine to it. This can really set off the originality of your home when you hang it on the wall.

Wooden Shoe

6. Bamboo Shoe Rack

Bamboo is a very strong and durable hardwood that is commonly used in making furniture and other household products. Bamboo shoe racks are great because they provide a space-saving alternative to the traditional shoe rack, yet.

Bamboo Shoe Rack

7. Wall Mounted Copper Shoe Rack

Those who have an eye for style will appreciate the wall-mounted copper shoe rack. This shoe rack comes in a linear design, and it is made of pure copper. This gives it a very fashionable look that will match any decor.

Wall Mounted Copper Shoe Rack

8. PVC Shoe Rack

Why choose between style and functionality when you can have both? This shoe rack proves that it is possible to merge form and function into a single, efficient product that can meet the needs of any shoe store.

PVC Shoe Rack

9. French Cane Three Tier Shelving Unit

While the wooden stock still uses many classic designs, the newer aluminum and stainless steel options offer a sleek, modern look that will leave an impression on your friends.

French Cane Three Tier Shelving Unit

10. Two Tier Shoe Rack

If you’ve got simple tastes, then a regular organizer will do. However, if you want to really make an impression, then you need to invest in one that includes more than just a few hooks. A high-end shoe rack can provide much more space and versatility.

With the wide variety of models available, it’s easy to find one that matches your personal style and keeps your collection hidden away neatly.

Two Tier Shoe Rack

11. Shoe Display Rack

There’s a simple way to display shoes without adding clutter to any room.

Shoes are one of the most important accessories in any man’s wardrobe. They are also often covered by dust and dirt that make them not look as good as they could.

Shoe Display rack
Shoe Display rack

12. Peg Board Shoe Rack

A pegboard shoe rack is a great alternative to the costly purchase of cabinets or other kinds of storage. If you have a lot of shoes that need to be displayed, then this kind of rack will make it easy for you to keep them organized.

Peg Board Shoe Rack

13. Floating Large Shoe Rack

Floating shoe rack designs are perfect if you need a shoe storage solution that can accommodate a large amount of space. They let you make the most of the available space in any environment.

This pair of shoe racks are ideal for optimizing your available space, whether you have a large number of shoes or just want to free up some cupboard or closet space.

Floating Large S

14. Reverse Cactus Shoe Rack

Shoe racks like this item, which will look good in any bedroom, are a great way to store your shoes and keep them neat and organized.

Reverse Cactus Shoe Rack

15. Tower Six Tier Shoe Rack

This tower is made of metal and has six tiers which are wonderful for sorting out all kinds of shoes. The top shelf can be used for boots, so you won’t have to bend down as far as you want to take a pair out.

Tower Six Tier Shoe Rack

16. Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

The different color of the pipe makes this shoe rack look attractive, and it is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship.

Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

17. Paint Can and Pallet Shoe Racks

Use old paint cans sitting around the home to create a shoe rack if you have any lying around the house. The paint cans are connected together with wooden boards to provide adequate room for shoes to be stored below.

paint Can and Pallet Shoe Racks
Paint Can and Pallet Shoe Racks

18. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

This shoe rack was designed to hang from the wall. You can easily keep your shoes organized and clean by organizing them neatly with them.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack
Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

19. Painted Canoe Shoe Rack

If you don’t have any old paint cans lying around, you can use these planks instead. This is an excellent way to organize shoes. The wooden planks are laid flat on the floor and fitted together with hooks so that shoes don’t get knocked over and lost when you open the closet door to take them out.

Painted Canoe Shoe Rack

20. Industrial DIY Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are a terrific method to keep your shoes off the ground while storing them. Shoe racks, including those that hang on the wall, are available. If you’re low on floor space or want to preserve space in your closet, this is a great option.

Wall-mounted shoe rack kits include all of the necessary hardware for installation, making them simple to use and taking up no more room in your house.

Industrial DIY Shoe Rack

21. Skateboard Shoe Shelves

In the event that you are a skateboarder, you may keep your shoes organized on this rack. This is a fantastic do-it-yourself project that will give your area a fashionable appearance.

Skateboard Shoe Shelves

22. Shoe Rack for Over – the – Door

In the event that you have limited storage space in your room and do not have access to a closet, an over-the-door shoe rack would be a great option. For the most part, each of these racks is outfitted with three pegs that are affixed to the door: two on each side and one in the middle.

A combination model is also available, which may include components that are accessible off the shelf. Consequently, shoes may be hung on the door and on the wall if required.

Shoe Rack for Over-the-Door

23. Space – Saving Shoe Rack

This is another design that is suitable for small closets and rooms.  This shoe rack can be mounted on the wall or on the underside of a shelf.

These models are usually made from wood or plastic, both of which are durable and handy. You can then place your shoes on racks according to their sizes, not just the color.

Space-Saving Shoe Rack

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