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Nike Air Jordan 4 Size Chart






Dig into this article to understand more about the different sizing in AJ4. With our thorough fitting guide as well as Nike Air Jordan 4 size chart, you can’t go wrong with your next purchase.

When iconic Nike designers Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield sat down together to create the succession plan for the enormously successful Air Jordan 3, they realized they were in for a huge challenge. So, what exactly did they do? To begin, if it is not going to happen, don’t solve it as a way of thinking; they left the Air Jordan 4 shape virtually unchanged, only more refined and small and light.

After which, to distinguish it from the Air Jordan 3’s exotic elephant hard copy, Hatfield made the decision that the Air Jordan 4 would focus solely on technology. Mesh nabbed side panels for enhanced air permeability; personalized lacing support systems that might be customized to every player’s particular requirements; and the emergence of more enduring, more lightweight, animal and environmentally-friendly artificial Durabuck leathers on the Air Jordan 4’s Bred color option were simply a few of the increasing technological Hatfield presented on the Air Jordan 4.

Nike Air Jordan 4 retro
Nike Air Jordan 4 retro

And yet, as with any collaboration, Michael Jordan had to contribute. And he delivered: leading the Chicago Bulls to their very first NBA Eastern Conference finals, in addition to a few memorable season-defining times, in which all while wearing Air Jordan 4s — aided solidifying the prominence of the newest release in his name tag shoes collection.

Even the price tag of $110 (ten dollars more than the previous Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 4) could not really deter buyers, and that was not simply in the United States; the Nike Air Jordan 4 was also the very first in the series to be published internationally.

But the praise doesn’t stop there. In a variety of indirect ways, the Nike Air Jordan 4 brought a renewed sneaker heritage. It was, accordingly, the very first cross‐sectional launch that enthusiasts freaked out for in 1999, a little after Jordan’s 2nd pension, preparing the way for the vintage product launches that identify the contemporary sneaker way of life. 

As well as, while cooperative Jordans are increasingly popular in these times, what shape did Jumpman choose for his first ever collaboration with LA shoe superstore Undefeated? And the Nike Air Jordan 4 shoe is correct.

With the rerelease of the ‘Breds’ in 2019 and the latest partnerships with Off-White and Union, the Nike Air Jordan 4 is experiencing yet again another reemergence, and with numerous more on the way, this is the time to add one of the most popular legendary shoes ever to your spinning. 

With our detailed Nike Air Jordan 4 size chart, together with a fitting and sizing guide, we have assembled an all-star team to help you get that perfect fit, not only on your feet but also as a part of any costume.

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So, How Does Nike Air Jordan 4 Fit?

The discussion over true to size vs. half of a full size bigger on Nike Air Jordan 4 is still ranting and raving online, so which is better? In brief, it varies depending on how you prefer your sneakers to fit. Generally speaking, Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers are designed to be slightly nice and tight, so if you prefer a snug sneaker, opt for your regular size; however, if you like slightly more space all over your foot to achieve a more comfortable fit, we highly suggest going half of a full size larger.

How Do the Women’s Nike Air Jordan 4 Fit?

As such, for all the ladies out there, Nike does sell a few Air Jordan 4 as sneakers for females, but what does this necessarily imply? The short answer is that these Nike Air Jordan 4 for ladies vary a little bit when it comes to size to better fit a woman’s foot.

Typically, female’s versions have a little bit narrower fit. Would not notice a difference in sizing, but in case your feet are wider than normal, try half of a full size larger than your true size, or you can also choose your regular size in a version for males.

What Does GS in Air Jordan 4 Stand For?

Nike Air Jordan 4 gs
Nike Air Jordan 4 gs

In case your feet seem to be smaller than medium, you may have realized that you could really find Nike Air Jordan 4 (GS) sneakers in your size that are typically less expensive than their conventional counterparts, but what exactly does GS actually imply?

Generally speaking, GS represents grade school, which indicates they are intended for older children. In fact, the GS and female’s size runs frequently intersect for several sizes, so if you discover yourself in this crossover, opt for the lower priced GS editions but ensure that you understand how they actually fit.

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So, How Does Nike Air Jordan 4 (GS) Fit, Actually?

Nike Air Jordan 4 GS mostly fit extremely similar to their basic equivalents, but we do notice that they appear to fit a little bit narrower all around the toe box and the whole foot areas. As such, if you are looking for a pair of Air Jordan 4 GS, we recommend going half of a full size up to compensate for this narrower fitting sneaker.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Size Chart

Nike Air Jordan 4 retro winter
Nike Air Jordan 4 retro winter

In this section, let’s discover different size charts of Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers for males, females, and big children.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Shoe Size Conversion Chart for Men

US Sizes UK Sizes EU Sizes Foot length in centimeters Foot length in inches
6 5.5 38.5 24 cm 9.45 inches
6.5 6 39 24.5 cm 9.65 inches
7 6 40 25 cm 9.84 inches
7.5 6.5 40.5 25.5 cm 10.04 inches
8 7 41 26 cm 10.24 inches
8.5 7.5 42 26.5 cm 10.43 inches
9 8 42.5 27 cm 10.63 inches
9.5 8.5 43 27.5 cm 10.83 inches
10 9 44 28 cm 11.02 inches
10.5 9.5 44.5 28.5 cm 11.22 inches
11 10 45 29 cm 11.42 inches
11.5 10.5 45.5 29.5 cm 11.61 inches
12 11 46 30 cm 11.81 inches
12.5 11.5 47 30.5 cm 12 inches
13 12 47.5 31 cm 12.2 inches

Nike Air Jordan 4 Shoe Size Conversion Chart for Women

US Sizes UK Sizes EU Sizes Foot length in centimeters Foot length in inches
4 1.5 34.5 21 cm 8.26 inches
4.5 2 35 21.5 cm 8.46 inches
5 2.5 35.5 22 cm 8.66 inches
5.5 3 36 22.5 cm 8.86 inches
6 3.5 36.5 23 cm 9.05 inches
6.5 4 37.5 23.5 cm 9.25 inches
7 4.5 38 24 cm 9.45 inches
7.5 5 38.5 24.5 cm 9.65 inches
8 5.5 39 25 cm 9.84 inches
8.5 6 40 25.5 cm 10.04 inches
9 6.5 40.5 26 cm 10.24 inches
9.5 7 41 26.5 cm 10.43 inches
10 7.5 42 27 cm 10.63 inches
10.5 8 42.5 27.5 cm 10.83 inches
11 8.5 43 28 cm 11.02 inches

Nike Air Jordan 4 Shoe Size Conversion Chart for Big Kids and Youth 

US Sizes UK Sizes EU Sizes Foot length in centimeters Foot length in inches
3.5 Y 3 35.5 21.6 cm 8.5 inches
4 Y 3.5 36 22 cm 8.66 inches
4.5 Y 4 36.5 22.4 cm 8.82 inches
5 Y 4.5 37.5 22.9 cm 9.01 inches
5.5 Y 5 38 23.3 cm 9.17 inches
6 Y 5.5 38.5 23.7 cm 9.33 inches
6.5 Y 6 39 24.1 cm 9.49 inches
7 Y 6 40 24.5 cm 9.65 inches

Do Nike Air Jordan 4 Fit Like Air Jordan 1s Model? And How Do Sizing Differences Affect Various Air Jordan Shapes?

Nike Air Jordan 1
Nike Air Jordan 1

The wonderful news about Nike Air Jordans is that the fitting is consistent regardless of whether you are wearing Jordan 6s, Jordan 5s, Jordan 1s, or Jordan 4s.

Whatever Air Jordan shape you choose, the sizing would then be the same as that shown in the size chart listed in the previous section.

We strongly suggest buying a pair of Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers in the same size that you would purchase your Nike Air Jordan 1.

Different Versions of Nike Air Jordan 4 Sneakers

A lot of Nike Air Jordan Retro Designs have appeared on the market since 2006. Several are in high demand and sell for hundreds of dollars each. For those who don’t know, Virgil Abloh and Nike collaborated to create the incredibly amazing Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Off-White Sail sneakers. Explore a variety of other legendary Nike Jordan Air Jordan 4 on Nike’s official website for the most recent price scenario. Alternatively, to finish your Nike Air Jordan collection.

Nike Air Jordan 4’s Detailed Sizing and Fitting Guide

In almost all Jordan and Nike Brand sneakers, we often wear a US 11, which is also what we tend to favor in the Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes. In fact, we concede that we like to keep our sneakers snug, but even as a large guy with plumper feet, the size 11 would work well and does not really feel too tight with the Air Jordan 4.

For Narrow-Footed Individuals

If your feet seem to be narrower than regular, we would still suggest choosing true-to-size or with your usual Jordan or Nike size in the Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes. The sneaker’s design, in fact, is made to be a great sneaker for a variety of foot forms.

In case your favored size is unavailable, opting for half of a full size smaller may be an ideal alternative for those whose feet are in between sizes.

For Wide-Footed Individuals

Anyone with broader feet should remain true to size, based on how loose or tight they prefer their sneakers to fit. Because the Nike Air Jordan 4 is a vintage basketball sneaker, the midfoot and toe areas are not particularly narrow.

We will indicate that we have heard of certain individuals facing pinky-toe strain with Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers at true to size and opting for half of a size larger.

For Those Who Favor a Snug Fit

If you tend to favor a snug fit or would rather wear your sneakers sloppily laced, the Nike Air Jordan 4 allows you to achieve this without needing to go for a size smaller.

The lace-up system on the Air Jordan 4 sneaker makes it simple to dial in the great fit without needing to go down a size.

For Those Who Favor a More Roomy Fit

If you would like a wider fit, you could always opt for half of a size bigger (particularly for individuals with wide feet), but the lacing systems on the Air Jordan 4 could be modified to give you a far more snug yet super comfy fit even at your regular size.

Fit in Relation to Other Air Jordan Designs

According to our observations, the Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers come in a similar fit design to the previous Nike Air Jordan 3 and AJ 11 models, both of which we prefer to put on in a US 11 size.

You might believe that the Nike Air Jordan 5 shoes launched one year afterward would fit correspondingly, but they run, in fact, a little bit large in our view of point.

How Do Nike Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Fit As Compared To the Nike Air Force 1 As Well As The Nike Air Max?

We discovered that the Nike Air Jordan 4 fits right in the middle between a pair of Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Air Max. This implies that whichever size you normally purchase in a brand-new pair of Nike Air Force 1 or Nike Air Max, you would also want the same size in your Nike Air Jordan 4.

In addition, make doubly sure to check out our fitting and sizing guidelines for the best fitting possible.

How Do You Wear Nike Air Jordan 4 Sneakers?

wear Nike Air Jordan 4 retro winter
wear Nike Air Jordan 4 retro winter

Generally speaking, it is safe to assume that Jordan 4’s are the ultimate example of street fashion right now, so heading for a streetwear aesthetic costume is without a doubt your preferred option when attempting to wear your Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers.

Because the Air Jordan 4 is an extremely curvy sneaker on the outside, we believe that comfortable fit garments are the most appropriate way to show off your beautiful Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers, so pick up your favorite relaxed pants, fit jeans, or joggers. You will not be disappointed when you pair your laid back fit trousers with a baggier stylish hoodie or sweatshirt.

How Do You Clean Nike Air Jordan 4 Sneakers?

In general, Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes are available in a wide variety of materials, but washing is simple. We suggest getting a sneaker cleaning kit, which contains a gentle bristle brush and specific cleaning fluid, or a few shoe care wipes. If you wash your Nike Air Jordan 4s rapidly after getting traces on them, a large percentage of them should be wiped clean.

The single exception to this rule is suede leather. In particular, if your Nike Air Jordan 4 contains any suede parts on it, ensure that you clean them with a suede brush. As ever though, cleaning them on a constant schedule will surely make washing much quicker and easier, so make sure to pick up that cleaning product each few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the comprehensive Nike Air Jordan 4 size chart, as well as the fitting guideline above, we attempt to address all of the inquiries we got or encountered along the way.

Are the Nike Air Jordan 4 really comfy?

In general, Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes are extremely comfortable shoes, with the air innovation in the sole providing that signature Nike rebound in your move. The size of the Nike Air Jordan 4 also enables them to cuddle your feet when started to wear, resulting in an extremely comfy fit.

What do the letters Y and C on Nike Air Jordan shoes imply?

Generally speaking, C stands for a child, and Y stands for youth. Basically, these are kid sizes, which are 2T-3T, etc., sizing till you reach size 7 or 8, then move up to teen sizes, which are more in the popular small-medium-large range.

Are the Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers fit true to size?

The size of the Nike Air Jordan 4s is accurate. In other words, it runs to your normal size. In addition, the shoes are indeed exceptionally comfortable, and you could always wear them in your usual size. Because the sneaker is made from leather, the leather will need to bend at first. And that is why you might feel a little bit snug initially, but it would stretch out gradually to fit your feet.

Is Your Nike Air Jordan 4 size consistently the same?

Basically, the Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes have been around for many years and will continue to do so. You could really purchase Nike Air Jordan 4s bound and gagged online anywhere and everywhere and whenever you wish once your feet are fully matured, and you understand your actual Nike Air Jordan 4 shoe size.

How are teen sizes in Nike Air Jordan shoes compared to female’s sizes?

It is strongly suggested to opt for half of a full size smaller when trying to convert a female’s size to a youth size or big child’s size in Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes. For instance, a Youth Size of 7Y in youth sizes typically corresponds to a Female’s Size of 7.5. In addition, sneaker sizing for ladies usually begins at size four and ends at size 7. That is a good place for girls and ladies to find their ideal size in Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes.

How are teen sizes in Nike Air Jordan shoes compared to male’s sizes?

You should pick a full size bigger when switching a male’s size to a big child’s size or youth size. A Youth Size 7Y corresponds to a Male’s Size of 6. Child shoe sizing often ends at size 7, while the male’s typically begin at size 6. As such, there is typically some crossover.

How do the Nike Air Jordan 4 Shoes often fit?

Broadly speaking, the Nike Retro Air Jordan 4 sneakers are a perfect fit. The Jordan 4 runs true to size. The materials utilized are consistent of excellent quality and comfy, resulting in long-lasting sneakers. If you prefer a much more roomy fit, think about going half a size larger.

The Bottom Lines

As a whole, the Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes run true to size, and almost all purchasers would be fine with their usual Nike or Jordan Brand sizing options. And with the above Nike Air Jordan 4 size chart, we are pretty sure that you can now find your ideal size confidently.

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