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NAOT Shoe Size Chart: 4 Famous NAOT Shoe Styles






You want your footwear to be both cozy and an accurate representation of your personality when you’re out in public. Nobody has time for uncomfortable shoes; that era is over and done with. It is a blessing that firms like Naot can provide our feet with excellent footwear.

Naot shoes can hold their own on any list of fashionable, comfy, and supportive women’s shoes. However, other individuals need to be more knowledgeable about this comfort brand.

NAOT shoes store
NAOT shoes store via Official Facebook

Naot is an Israeli company that is gaining a lot of popularity due to the one-of-a-kind footbed included in each style. If you’re unfamiliar with this shoemaker, they are the most prosperous exporter and manufacturer of shoes in Israel. They operate 80 locations in different nations all over the world.

Here’s a NAOT Shoe Size Chart to help make your shopping experience easier. 

NAOT Shoe Size Chart For Men

NAOT men shoes
NAOT men shoes via Official Facebook

Before purchasing your next pair of shoes online, check to see that they are the correct size. NAOT is a renowned women’s footwear brand that designs and produces many shoes, even for men. This content talks about the NAOT shoe size chart for men and how to find your foot size. It contains information about that size range in men’s sizes and an international conversion table to convert from one measure to another.

7-7.5 7-7.5 40 247 9.633 24.7
8-8.5 8-8.5 41 253 9.867 25.3
9-9.5 9-9.5 42 260 10.140 26.0
10-10.5 10-10.5 43 267 10.413 26.7
11-11.5 11-11.5 44 273 10.647 27.3
12-12.5 12-12.5 45 280 10.920 28.0

NAOT Shoe Size Chart For Women

NAOT women shoes
NAOT women shoes via Official Facebook

The size chart below should help you discover your ideal fit, but many people have yet to find a pair of shoes that truly suit them. NAOT offers a wide variety of shoes in multiple sizes, styles, and colors. The NAOT shoe size guide is an online resource with helpful information for women who need more time to search for a store or travel to the store where they can test their shoes before committing to a purchase order.

5-5.5 5-5.5 36 220 8.580 22.0
6-6.5 6-6.5 37 227 8.853 22.7
7-7.5 7-7.5 38 233 9.087 23.3
8-8.5 8-8.5 39 240 9.360 24.0
9-9.5 9-9.5 40 247 9.633 24.7
10-10.5 10-10.5 41 253 9.867 25.3
11-11.5 11-11.5 42 260 10.140 26.0

Featured Aspects Of NAOT Footwear

Your feet are essential because they carry you everywhere, from location A to location B. You must show them the care and love that is rightfully theirs. The term “Naot” may be translated as “oasis,” which refers to the sense of relaxation one has after putting on their shoes.

Let’s review some of the significant highlights before delving into the specifics of the brand’s best shoes:

  • Shoes that are sustainably produced and created following ethical standards
  • Utilizes products with a low environmental impact, such as vegetable tanning and cork
  • Large selection of customizable choices and materials that last for a long time
  • Compatible with orthotics
  • APMA [American Podiatric Medical Association] has given its approval.
  • Free delivery by standard method on orders over $50
  • There are footwear alternatives available that are vegan.
  • AfterPay makes payment plans available to customers.

Because we use shoes daily, we must choose footwear of a high-quality standard. Thankfully, companies like Naot recognize the need to produce stylish and comfortable footwear.

The insoles of these shoes will shape themselves to your unique footprint, making them one of the many goods in this range that are tailored to the specific requirements of individual customers. This evaluation of Naot shoes will continue with an examination of some of the most popular items offered by the brand.

Why Do So Many People Like NAOT Shoes?

NAOT sandals
NAOT sandals via Official Facebook

Every woman has a secret wish that her next pair of shoes will be as cozy as they are fashionable. All too often, you are forced to pick between stylish shoes that pinch and annoy your feet or comfortable shoes that don’t please your fashionista. 

This may be frustrating. If you believe it is impossible to find shoes that look good and feel well on your feet, you should reconsider that belief. Naot shoes are the most well-kept secret in the world of comfortable footwear, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

The Naot footbed resembles sand footprints.

The one-of-a-kind footbeds that Naot creates are the secret to their company’s success. Footbeds from Naot are anatomically contoured, which means they are created to suit the natural curve of your foot. This ensures that your feet stay comfortable and supported. Imagine you are barefoot and going along the beach, making footsteps in the moist sand as you go. Every Naot footbed is crafted to look very much like those prints.

Foot Shaping Materials

This material will shape itself to your foot, providing stability, support (including support for your arch), and the correct weight distribution over your foot. All of this can help lessen, and it even has the potential to avoid, specific foot problems in those of us ladies who desire supportive but attractive shoes.

Suede is used to cover the particular footbeds, while Italian leather is used to construct the top sections of their shoes. Combining these many construction elements results in a truly remarkable footwear experience. Many people who wear them have stated that it is difficult to find a brand that is orthotic-friendly but, in most cases, does not require the use of an orthotic when the shoes are being worn.

Heel Support

In addition, the heel section of Naot shoes is designed to be supportive. This refers to a heel cup that wraps around the bottom edge of your heel and offers the support that orthopedists and other foot specialists stress is crucial for a pair of shoes to have. 

Some styles of closed-heel sandals, like the Naot Papaki, might be a great alternative for you to consider if you still need to insert a custom orthotic or slim-profile footbed. Those women who dread the arrival of sandal season will be relieved to hear this. 

Foot Health Support 

Plantar fasciitis patients may find relief from the arch support, heel cushioning, and stress-absorbing outsoles of these shoes. The sharp pain associated with plantar fasciitis in the heels is said to be caused by the development of tiny tears in the thick tissue resembling a rubber band that runs from the heel to the toes.

In patients with PF, the little rips in this tissue never heal for whatever reason. Pain associated with plantar fasciitis (PF) can be alleviated by wearing supportive shoes with arch support and a slightly higher heel.

Big Toe Support

In addition, Naot’s shoes have built-in support for the big toe. This might be useful for females coping with the painful and tight toes associated with hallux ridges or limitus. If you have a problem with the joint in your foot that connects your big toe to the rest of your foot, each step could be difficult for you to take. It is essential to search for shoes with rigid bottoms in that area to limit the amount of bending necessary for your toes while you walk.

Famous NAOT Shoe Styles

Naot’s unrivaled variety of cutting-edge styles sets them aside from the comfort crowd. Finding shoes from Naot that nurture your feet and complement your sense of style is simple. Naot sandals keep your feet adorable, breezy, and at ease all summer long, but when the weather turns chilly, Naot boots & booties are your go-to comfy options. More Naot shoes are ideal for shopping, traveling, and more. Here are some of the most popular Naot looks:

Naot Rongo

NAOT Rongo
NAOT Rongo via Official Facebook

The distinctly fashionable Naot Rongo possesses the trendy characteristics you like the most. The Rongo combines a sophisticated slingback silhouette with a beautiful and practical mary jane strap, geometric cutouts, and eye-catching leather details to create a shoe that makes a fashionable statement without sacrificing wearability. The Rongo is an elegant accessory with slacks, shorts, jeans, and many other pants.

Naot Dorith

Naot Dorith
Naot Dorith via Official Facebook

The Naot Dorith, which takes its design cues from gladiators and is entirely up-to-date in fashion, is an excellent option for any activity in warm weather. The Dorith may be worn to events that need more formal attire as well as those that are more relaxed. The Dorith offers stability and support when you require it the most, and it has an adjustable buckle at the ankle.

Naot Kirei

Naot Kirei
Naot Kirei via Official Facebook

The Naot Kirei is a mary jane shoe that is both athletic and classy, and it provides the highest level of comfort that Naot offers. The Kirei provides an excellent and comfortable fit thanks to its cushioned heel cup and hook-and-loop fastening at the instep. The Kirei will become your go-to friend, whether out and about or relaxing at home, thanks to its versatility as a travel and all-day-wear option.

Naot Ashley

Naot Ashley
Naot Ashley

The Naot Ashley is a stunning slide that combines coziness and practicality in equal measure, and it is sure to win compliments everywhere you go. This stunning sandal sparkles with rhinestone embellishments and comes in high-quality leather for you to choose from. Use the adaptable Ashley with all your favorite summertime ensembles for an effortlessly fashionable appearance.


Where Can I Purchase NAOT?

You may purchase a pair of Naot shoes from the official website of the company, in addition to several other stores, including:

  • Amazon 
  • Zappos 
  • Nordstrom 
  • Simon’s Shoes
  • Walmart 

Additionally, the company collaborates with some locally approved shoe retailers. You may use the shop finder tool on Naot’s website to look for nearby retailers who stock their footwear and conduct your search there.

Are Naot shoes true to size, or do they tend to run narrow?

A blog that may be found on the internet claims that Naot shoes typically have a narrow to medium-width fit. The evaluations of several customers indicate that their shoes are true to size; however, a few mention that they are on the narrow side.

It is essential to remember this fact before making any footwear purchase, as the shoes produced by the company do not come in various widths. If you have feet on the bigger side, this review of Naot shoes suggests purchasing a size larger than you normally would when shopping for shoes.

Does Naot provide shipping to foreign locations?

Numerous mom-and-pop shops and specialty boutiques all around the world stock Naot. You can place an order from any location on the planet, and the goods you purchase will be delivered to you by the most convenient retailer. In addition, at the very bottom of their website, you may find links to their specialized websites for Canada, Israel, Japan, and Australia countries.

Should I preserve my Naot Footwear from water or the elements?

Tannin is applied to every leather, suede, and nubuck used in the production of Naot Footwear to preserve these materials from stains and moisture. This is not a complete procedure, and it is advised that you treat your new footwear with a water and stain protective spray that is not made of silicone, like Naot Weather Resist. This will help keep your new shoes looking brand new for longer. Before spraying the entire object, please test in a spot that won’t be as noticeable.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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