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An Ultimate Guide on How to Wear Sweater Dress






If autumn marks the beginning of sweater weather, we are definitely well into sweater dress season by the cold season. Consider this: the mix of back-to-back vacations and blustery winds necessitates looks that are comfy, vintage, and warm as well.

Sweater dress styles, on the other hand, accomplish those qualities pretty well. In reality, you can wear this comfortable and warm wardrobe staple from now until spring; even with several crucial styling tips and tricks, you can absolutely make your sweater dresses look refreshed and style-forward.

Wear Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are attire in and of themselves, and that is why we adore them. They are an all-in-one piece of clothing that can be worn as is or dressed up with several small additions to ensure you look gorgeous with relatively little effort.

With that said, the amount of effort you put into style and fashion will decide how many appearances you can get out of a single dress and you may just discover that these babies are much more flexible than you did think. We scoured Instagram for several examples of how bloggers and influencers are styling this crucial winter item to prove it. Scroll down to learn more.

Keep It Simple

Are you worried about pulling off a sweater dress? Start with the tried-and-true mix of a long-sleeve sweater dress and a pair of knee-high boots. A midi length that is well-fitted (but not bodycon type) or has a tie-waist is always considered your best bet because it reduces the chances that your choice of shoes will develop awkward looking ratios. Knee-high boots with a well-fitted or slim shaft look great with almost all long sweater dresses. Don’t forget to add a bag of your own choice and your daily jewelry, and you are ready to go at five o’clock.

Invest in a Set

There’s really no suppressing Bella Hadid made a convincing case for why shrugs might also make a turnaround this season. We are still on the wall about layering these seemingly illogical sleeves over crops, tanks, or even sports bras. Having said that, something like a corresponding shrug and sweater dress pair does have the InStyle seal of approval. On the other hand, we will get behind almost any monochromatic point in time.

Try out outerwear

Utility jackets, shackets, and trench coats are all perfect fall staples. However, if you are searching for a quick way of dressing up your sweater dresses, experiment with your outerwear. Try your existing wardrobe by incorporating a seasonal accessory, or try a trend you would usually avoid, such as a refined cape or a knit poncho.

Option for Conventional Tights

sweater dress for Conventional Tights

In the fall, weather forecasts can really be annoying. You are pretty cold one minute and perspiring the next. Instead of layering on thick and heavy pieces, these days usually cry out for balance, such as wearing a pair of moisture-wicking tights with a long-sleeved sweater dress. This keeps your legs cool, and fresh while keeping the rest of you comfortable. And furthermore, tights usually come in exciting patterns and a variety of colors these days, so while pantyhose may feel conventional, it doesn’t really have to dress the part.

Layer a Shacket

Shackets took center stage in the fall of 2020. And a year later, shirt-jacket blending is still a popular trend. While we would not really choose this outerwear alternative for a formal occasion, it is the ideal cozy layering item for a laid back outing.

Embrace Vibrant Patterns and Colors

Embrace Vibrant Patterns and Colors

Sweater dresses, as you might all know, typically come in every pattern and color possible, so if you are not really into accessories, simply let your one-and-done look speak for itself. If you are feeling especially bold, look for sweater dresses with glamorous slits and eye-catching silhouettes.

Make an Oversized Tunic into a Sweater Dress

Oversized Tunic into a Sweater Dress

Do you have any oversized tunics or sweaters that hit just above or below your knee? Try your hand at lamp shading. From 2015 to 2017, celebrities such as Katie Holmes, J.Lo, Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce embraced the pantless appearance, which was first popularized by TheSkimm. Grande is still seen wearing the trend at events, and it is a wonderful way to repurpose a piece already in your wardrobe. Simply combine the oversized top with a pair of knee-high boots and accessorize as desired.

Go With Mock Neck Sweater Dress

Apart from providing warmth, a mock neck has a refined and stylish appearance. Wear a high-neck sweater dress with a customized blazer and chic ankle boots or heels to bring out its elegant look.

Add a Belt

Sweater dress with belt

A few sweater dresses are form-fitting. However, the majority are spacious and loose-fitting (which is literally what makes them exceptionally comfy). Wrap a belt all around your waistline to keep you from getting lost in all that mass, and be decisive about where you put the accessory. The way you wear your belt and the type of belt you pick can also make the difference between a sexy or cute vibe, so experiment with placement and ratios to find something that works for you.

Pay Attention to Your Footwear

Put on a sweater dress, and you definitely have an elegant outfit. However, if you really want to take that outfit to the next level, you will definitely need accessories. Consider a pair of statement shoes that stand out from the crowd and stand out against a solid knit. Generally speaking, sweater dresses and boots go well together with jelly and peanut butter and discovering animal prints, strappy detailings, or colors will add a little zing to the classic pairing.

Experiment With Something Sleeveless

Although shests (a type of vest that is designed as shirts) have seen a comeback, the sweater vest dress is a great option for winter. Simply layer an oversized sweater vest over a turtleneck or long-sleeved button-down shirt to complete the appearance (and keep in mind, the longer the sweater vest dress is, the better it will be)—style with either chunky combat boots or heels and a belt to spice up your curves.

Wear a Leather Jacket as an Outer Layer

As you might all know, leather is one of those versatile materials that can be paired with almost anything. Having said that, it looks particularly great layered over something knit or fluffy. A vintage-style leather blazer or a leather moto jacket worn over a long sweater dress creates a street-style appearance, and if your dress is on the smaller or shorter side, simply put on leather leggings to your outfit for extra warmth.

Coordinate Your Accessory Colors

Rather than pairing your accessories to your sweater dress, opt for a different color palette to add some contrast. Combining your footwear with your handbag, jewelry, and hair accessories will definitely keep the entire appearance from looking too busy, but it will also keep it from appearing dull.

Display a Little Skin

As you might know, holes are fresh polka-dots, so just don’t be afraid to show a little skin with a cutout or slit when the weather is not too cold. We’re especially fond of sweater dresses with a glimpse of a cold shoulder, such as the one shown above. It is delicately romantic, and if the wind blows, you can wrap yourself in a warm scarf.

Get a Cardigan

Nice and warm on coziness? Please accept my thanks. Sleeveless sweater dresses are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but they are far more super trendy than useful when it comes to cold weather. Nevertheless, if you must wear a sleeveless sweater dress to an occasion planned, layer on a cardigan to maintain your arms toasty; you will be grateful later.

Layer a Blazer

Using wool, leather, or plaid to break up a sweater dress attire that feels way too “simple” is just one way of playing with layers. For a nice, warm, comfortable, and office-appropriate look, style with a leather jacket, plaid blazer, or wool sweater blazer with a midi sweater dress and a pair of ankle booties. Put another way, to keep stuff laid back, put on a pair of sneakers.

Pair With OTK Boots (Over-the-knee)

Pair With OTK Boots

Over-the-knee boots, as you might know, are a less popular matchup that makes a statement if the primary objective is to be outstanding. As long as the ratios are correct, a mini sweater dress with a pair of thigh-high boots is alluring, refined, and elegant. Knowing that only a few inches can really mean the difference between appearing stylish and weird, experiment with different dress and boot combinations until you find one that feels comfortable. Stuart Weitzman creates the only boots that I have ever tried that are both stunning and comfortable.

Extra Styling Tips for Sweater Dresses

How to Pick Shoes for Sweater Dresses

In fact, there are no difficult and fast rules about what shoes to pair with sweater dresses. Having said that, proportion and cutout are critical to achieving a flattering appearance. What looks perfect on you will absolutely be determined by your height, body type, and other aspects. As a general principle, I prefer matchups that don’t show skin or show just a little skin to sweater dress appearances that reveal a substantial portion of your beautiful legs.

How to Select the Appropriate Sweater Dress Neckline

Hoodie, v-neck, crewneck, cowl neck, mock neck, and turtleneck, the possibilities are endless. So, how do you usually choose the best type of neckline for a particular attire? Cowl neck sweater dresses and turtleneck sweater dresses, in my opinion, actually look good on their own. V-neck and Crewneck dresses go well with coats, cardigans, and blazers. A mock neck sweater dress is also a good in-between option because it adds a little bit of excitement and warmth to the neckline while not looking too big and clunky with outerwear on top.

A Simple Trick for Perfecting Sweater Dress Style

Consider yourself in thirds: one-third on top and two-thirds on the bottom, or two-thirds at the top and one-third at the bottom. A mini dress with a pair of suede ankle boots or a midi dress with a pair of OTK boots is two prominent instances of this. Experiment with various shoe styles and layers until the ratios feel just right to you.

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