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How To Wear Hats With Ease, Style, And Confidence






I’m sure you have noticed how female fashion hats could really instantaneously transform your appearance?

Lots of people would notice your face first, and wearing a hat will heighten their first feeling of you. Wearing a hat style that accentuates your face shape and personal style will improve your confidence in making a great first impression.

Hats that are fashionable! They are one of my favorite fashion accessories! A hat can dramatically change an appearance in addition to adding some pizazz to an outfit. With the addition of an elegant hat, a simple attire can really be transformed into something more intriguing. If you are really curious to know how to wear hats or how to look attractive in a hat, this style guide is just for you.

To begin with, wearing a hat is just not that tricky. Simply place it on your head, and you are ready to go. It is not so much how you wear a hat as it is what you style it with, and it is just the entire outfit.

wearing hat and sweater

Because a stylish hat is an item that could be worn in any season, including spring, summer, fall, winter, and even while going to travel, if you haven’t already, you should gradually start adding it to your closet and wearing it every now and then.

If you have ever been curious to know what the various sorts of hats are, exactly what sort of hat you should or should not wear, as well as how to pair that hat in an attire, this source of information is for you!

I will also share a lot of outfits with hats ideas so you can see what I’m talking about, and let’s hope you will be inspired to wear that hat or finally add an elegant hat to your closet.

Different Outfits With Hats

If you’ve already scrolled down through this article, you could be starting to think, “Wow, that really is a huge amount of outfits with hats!” Yep!

I did actually say previously that fashionable hats are one of my favorite items. And I wanted to show you a variety of outfits with hats to motivate you during the year. As a result, the image outfit ideas down below are divided into seasons spring and summer, followed by fall and winter.

Fashionable Spring and Summer Hat Outfit Ideas

wearing sunglasses and straw hat

In the warmer months, it’s okay to wear your widest-brimmed sun hat! Wearing a fashionable hat in the summertime is much more enjoyable with wide-brimmed hats. There is no need to be exceptionally ashamed; instead, be self-assured!

If lying on the seaside is your absolute favorite pastime, you will definitely need a fantastic sun hat to complete your beach ensembles. It will not only keep you safe from the sun, but it will also make you look fantastic.

If you just want to wear a casual hat in the summer, look for lighter-colored hats, such as white, off-white, cream, and light brown. Or a color combination, such as black and tan or cream and dark brown. These two-toned hats are very appealing. Hats with various colored ribbons all around the hat are also great.

Straw is the most common material used in summer hats. Do not even think straw hats must be rustic. On the other hand, straw hats could also be stylish and fashionable. Straw is even considered among the best materials to wear as it is lightweight and can keep your head from heating up. Summer is not the time to wear cashmere, wool, or felt hats.

Some great summer hats to wear could be a bucket hat, boater hat, straw fedora, wide brim hat, sun hat, Panama hat, and, needless to say, a stylish baseball cap. These are all the major types of summer hats, and within certain major types of hats, you would then find a wide range of styles.

Color, proportions, and balance are three major things to keep in mind when putting together summer and spring outfits with hats. Because hats are typically light in color in the spring and summer, take into account how your outfits would either contrast or match the hat. If your hat is unbiased, you may wear neutral tones in your clothing to make it all match.

Alternatively, you could use contrasting colors to make your summer hat the focal point of your outfit. For instance, I absolutely adore the contrasting colors in an outfit that includes a dark blue white striped dress and a shining white hat with a black ribbon.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple if you want to experiment with proportions with a big sun hat. If you really want to go for a more casual look, you might also wear a big sun hat and a big flowy dress, but please remember that you don’t really want your outfit to submerge you. Maintain a sense of balance.

Summer Hat and Dress Outfit Ideas

wearing summer striped dress, hat

As you might know, a Panama hat is a fashionable alternative for the Spring season since it adds a manly touch to the gentle pieces of the season. The combination of feminine and masculine elements creates appealing spring outfits.

Don’t be extremely afraid to experiment with different looks. For instance, you can wear your Panama hat with a gentle, flowy white dress and layer it with a denim jacket. The white dress is just gorgeous and girly, while the jacket gives the outfit structure, and the Panama hat adds a little manliness. Finally, let’s not ignore the sandals. The sandals do add a necessary splash of color to your overall outfit. All in all, the outfit is well-balanced and entertaining. Keep these essential points in mind when putting together your hat and dress spring outfits.

To play on the monochromatic look while still maintaining a feminine appearance, you can also style stripes with a big gold chain in your summer outfit with hats.

How To Wear Hats With Shorts

Wear hat with shorts

The first simple yet adorable outfit for going to the beach or discovering a beachside town is a wide-brimmed sun hat with white shorts.

If you prefer a casual boho look, try to pair your white flowy top with chino shorts with adorable patterns. Don’t forget to wear a neutral-toned fringe bag. Finish this bohemian appearance, of course, with a black and brown straw fedora.

What’s more, keep in mind that all of the outfit examples feature different types of shorts. The range of options of outfits and hats will give you lots of outfit ideas for a wide array of events, from distressed denim shorts to wonderfully printed dressy shorts, for instance.

How To Wear Hats With Pants In The Summer

Wear hat with pants

Based on the type of trousers you would like to wear, you could go from formal to casual. For instance, you can wear an off-the-shoulder white top with a pair of real awesome vertical striped pants, the iconic Bali bag, and a white fedora.

On the flip side of the range, you can wear a hat with plain jeans. This extremely casual appearance is appropriate for any occasion. If you want to wear your baseball hat, consider pairing it with a white tank top, a plaid shirt, solid blue jeans, and a nice pair of boots. 

How to Wear Hats With A Romper and Jumpsuit 

Wear hat with jumpsuits

There are different ways you can wear your hat with a romper or a jumpsuit. For instance, wear your bright yellow jumpsuit and a gentle boater with a light pink ribbon. 

Another outfit idea with a romper is to pair a black romper with a big gray hat. The combination of the patterns on your romper and the interesting style of the attire makes you look super adorable. 

Fashionable Fall Hat Outfits Ideas

Pair your wide belt with a cardigan
Pair your wide belt with a cardigan

I have to say that my most favorite time of year to wear a hat is in the fall! They do look great with any outfit, and there is something about the moment of year that makes wearing a hat extremely fashionable, so you will always look perfect in a hat in the autumn.

In the fall, you could really wear a hat with almost anything. Skirts, blazers, dresses, jeans, and even pants and heels can be worn. I would still not wear a hat to the office, but if you are heading to an after-hours or weekend occasion, it really will look great with the right clothes.

Fedoras made of felt or wool are my preferred hats to wear. Search for fur felt fedoras as well; they’re a little more costly, but the hats are top-notch, and I’m sure you will keep them forever. That being said, you shouldn’t have to spend loads of money to find a fashionable fall hat. 

Scarves are also an excellent way to add color and pattern to a fall outfit with hats. Simply match the shade with your hat or look at the color spectrum to see which contrary color looks best.

How To Style A Winter Hat

During the cold season, you will most probably be wearing a hat with your cardigan, sweater, coat, or scarf. If you are only going to purchase one hat, make it a hue that matches a variety of winter items in your closet.

Beanie Outfits

wearing scarf and cap
wearing scarf and cap

Yes, Beanies were included in this article as they are also a type of hat. They help keep your head toasty during the cold winter days, and they, just like sun hats, are required.

When looking for adorable beanies, I prefer deep or neutral shades like burgundy or forest green. You can, for instance, wear a pom on top with your adorable beanies. However, always remember to keep your beanie outfit’s hue evenly matched, just like the rest of your outfits. Match the color of your beanie to anything in your attire or dress up complementary colors.

You can also consider wearing a pale gray beanie with a pale gray turtleneck. Since the rest of this outfit is black, you can add a splash of color with a bright red vest or jacket. While the attire only has three colors, the bright red vest and a wide range of textures make it exciting.

How To Look Gorgeous In A Hat

Gorgeous with Hat

In case you have literally never worn a hat before and don’t have one, look for a hat shop in your area. Don’t hurry if you are still not sure which hat to buy on your first visit. Try on as many various styles as you can, take photos of yourself wearing the hat, think about that now, and ensure that you love it before purchasing. When it comes to investment hats, this requirement is extremely crucial. Taking the time to find the ideal hat style for you will guarantee that you look fabulous in a hat.

Only buy hats if you know for sure you will be wearing them a lot. Several hats might be somewhat pricey, such as a genuine Panama hat, which might cost hundreds of dollars. Because a Panama hat is Peter’s favorite style of hat, we buy a new one every handful of years, which costs between $200 and $300. I buy hats for a variety of prices ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars. 

I hope this article on how to wear a hat has provided you with a plethora of outfit ideas with hats and inspired you to experiment with different kinds of hats!

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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