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How To Choose Belt for Fat Guys?






No more belt buckles digging into your stomach with these good belts for fat guys. Comfortably fit, strong, and supportive for different uses.

People usually wear belts for both function and fashion. Believe it or not, but this small accessory can impact a lot on your first impression. It will make men look more stylish and masculine. It could be said that a man’s outfit is not perfect if it misses a belt. Unfortunately, it is not always a five-finger exercise when it comes to the best belts for fat guys.

Belts For Fat Guys

This is because the belt should be sturdy enough to hold the plus-size of the larger men while it is long and comfortable enough for their big bellies. You should be really careful when picking a fat guy belt to ensure it is durable and can bear the weight.

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What Are The Good Belt for Fat Guys?

Drizzte Plus Size Long Double D Ring Canvas Men’s Belt

It is always hard to find a belt that perfectly fits your big belly. As you might experience, your normal belt can not be durable enough, or sometimes the belt buckle will dig into your stomach. But it doesn’t mean there are not any types of belts that can fit big people. 

Here are some of the good belts for fat guys that you can consider in this chart below:

Good Belt for Fat Guys It’s Good for Material  Belt length  Fit waist 
Drizzte Plus Size Long Double D Ring Canvas Men’s Belt Best Overall For Big Guys Canvas  39 – 75 in 27 – 67 in
Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Leather CCW Gun Belt Ccw Belt For Fat Guys Leather  32 – 52 in 28 – 48 in
5.11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4″ Ultra-Durable Men’s Belt Tactical Belts For Big Guys Nylon  24 – 54 in
Main Street Forge Bootlegger Full-Grain Leather Men’s Belt Big And Tall Leather Belt Leather  32 – 52 in 30 – 50 in (pant size)
WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty Hybrid Quick-Release Gun Belt Gun Belts For Fat Guys Nylon  28 – 51 in
WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty 2-Ply 1.5” Nylon Quick-Release EDC Belt Edc Belt For Fat Guys Nylon  28 – 51 in
RitFit Firm & Comfortable Lumbar Support Weight Lifting Belt Weight Lifting Belts For Big Guys Leather  22 – 59 in
BETTA 1.5 Inch Wide Elastic Stretch Men’s Belt Most Comfortable Belt For Fat Guys Polyester  28 – 50 in
FAIRWIN Military Style Webbing Riggers Quick-Release Tactical Belt Big And Tall Battle Belt Nylon  45 – 61 in 30 – 54 in

Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right Belt for Fat Guys?

Buy Belt for Fat Guys

Finding the good belt for fat guys is always crucial. This is because it will help you feel more comfortable while making you look better. Now, you have a list of the best belts for big people, but there are more important features you need to keep in mind to get the right one. 

Here are some major factors you need to consider to stop belt buckle digging into stomach. 

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Consider Size Options

Consider Size Options

For big people, sizing is always an important element when looking for any type of clothing. And belts are not an exception. But once you find the right size, you experience a comfortable fit at your stomach. Fortunately, this process is just simple to do.

Generally speaking, you should choose a belt that is two to four inches longer than your normal pants size. For example, if the waist size of your pants is 42 inches, your belt should be at least 44 inches. 

Even when you don’t know the exact size of your pants, there are a wide variety of ways to make sure you will get the right size for your belt every time.

This depends a lot on what you are most comfortable with and how you plan to wear your belt. These two methods are quite easy to follow, and you can do it at home to get your belt to fit your belly perfectly. 

Method 1

With this method, you will need to measure your old belt. The thing here is to know which points to measure. You will need to measure the part of the belt that really fits your actual waist. So, measure from the spot where your belt attaches to the buckle (buckle not included) to the hole you usually use. 

Almost all belt sizes are often measured from the buckle to its middle hole. So, if you measure that length is 42 inches, then your ideal belt size will be 42 inches. 

Method 2

This method is probably clearer to understand and practice. In order to know your perfect belt size, you just need to measure your actual waist size where the belt will sit. You will find it even more precise than measuring your pants size as different brands offer different pants sizes.

If you are still wondering about which belt size to get, you can easily cut leather belts (so can canvas or nylon belts if they don’t have stitching). In case there is any doubt, watch this video on how to cut a belt for a snug fit.

Look at the Buckle Design

It is very common to see a lot of people finding the belt buckle digging into stomach. This is very irritating and uncomfortable. I understand this very well because I am also a fat guy. I used to wear my belt pretty tight because I was afraid it would fall down. My belt buckle hurts my stomach so bad.

Fortunately, I have found the ideal buckle design that doesn’t dig into my stomach, which is a quick-release style. This type of buckle allows you to attach and detach instantly, which is really convenient. Moreover, it significantly reduces contact with your stomach. A belt with a narrow buckle is also a good option.

Easy To Adjust

Another thing to look for is the ease of adjustment. You will not want to spend all day learning how a belt buckle works or making sure your belt stays in place. And more importantly, you absolutely want to know how to keep the belt from digging into the stomach. 

There are various ways to wear a belt and buckle up. So, making sure it is easy to use or adjust and keep you secure during the time you are wearing it. In other words, look how much work it takes to put on and take off the belt. 

For normal guys, this might not be really important. But fat guys will get a lot of benefits from this. It helps you easily buckle up with your big belly. Typically, when you go home after a tiring working day, getting a belt that is simple to adjust will completely make all the difference. 

Choosing the Right Materials

As you can see, I have reviewed different types of belts that are made from different materials for you to choose from. It includes the materials of the buckle and the belt itself. Depending on your purpose and how you will use your belt, you can pick leather, canvas, or nylon material. If possible, you should choose the material with good elasticity as it will give more comfort and flexibility. 

In Conclusion

If you are a big guy that has ever experienced a sloppy look or hurt because the belt buckle digs into your stomach, this problem should be ended here. They will surely make you feel more comfortable wearing them all day long.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
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