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Top 11 Brands For Fat Guys In 2023






The fashion industry has long been made up of brands catering to men of all shapes and sizes. However, in recent years, brands have emerged that are targeted at one specific group: the overweight male. There are now plenty of plus-size stores for men across the country. 

If you are looking for the Best Clothing Brands For Fat Guys, then you are on the right page. There are many different brands of clothing which you can find in the large and tall sections of department stores. 

Whether you have a robust build, Many people have an under-active thyroid or experience a little self-induced largeness due to the fact they enjoy consuming several meat pies at once; the oversize guy shouldn’t be exempt from needing to look like a superstar.

Here’s your guide to fashion for the big guy:

1. Top Brands For Big And Tall Guys

Even if you’re already en route to weight loss, you still need to learn how to dress for your current body type. We’re not saying you have to lose weight in order to look good. Instead, we’re saying that most men who struggle with excess weight often dress in a way that doesn’t flatter their body type.

This guide is for men who suffer from weight issues and can also be used by anyone who wants to learn more about dressing well regardless of their current body shape.

What’s more important when it comes to fashion for the larger gent, the acceptance that most ready-to-wear fashion brands are not your friend, or are not the fashion magazines, or are not the guys wearing clothing who parade them.

Some brands make clothes that are big and tall for bigger men, here are their top recommendations.

ASOS Design

Asos website

ASOS is a more affordable option that provides fashion inspiration to the fashion-conscious. They have different options for men who are bigger in size, making it easier for you to find your favorite look.

Casual Style: This brand boasts fashion-forward casual items for men who are larger in size. You can wear any type of outfit from their offering, which includes suits, T-shirts, sweaters, and accessories available at their online store.

Wear It With Style: Another brand for men who are bigger than the average size is J.Crew; this is another more affordable option with style. They have more casual items available at their online store.

Attire: The name of this brand itself indicates what kind of clothing they offer; they are proud of bringing out elegant and smartly dressed styles for men who are bigger in size. If you’re looking for a classy-inspired outfit, look no further than this one.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Rauph Lauren is another big brand that you can explore for your wardrobe; the most important thing about this brand is their classic items that are timeless. They provide great fitting options for bigger men with good quality materials.

Designer Clothes: If you are looking for designer clothes in a larger size, this brand is an excellent choice. They have a wide selection of suit pieces that you can choose from to suit your needs.

Brands That Matter: Polo Ralph Lauren is a big name when it comes to clothing; even though they have been making clothes for men in larger sizes since their inception, the line of clothing continues to grow.


Champion brand store
Champion brand store

Champion is another brand that provides casual wear for men who are larger in size; they also have an outlet where you can buy clothing and accessories. Champion has suits available at their online store, which they sell at affordable prices. They provide great tailoring and details, so it is always a plus point for this brand.


Levi’s Store

Levis brand is famous for its signature jeans which are great for men who are larger in size. They have various fits available with different details and quality materials.

Targeted Clothes: This brand has different items that are specifically targeted at the needs of bigger men; they provide products that meet individual style needs. You can buy t-shirts, slim-fit pants, jeans, and more at their online store. You can also buy suits online for men for this brand. They have different styles available at their site, which you can choose from depending on your needs.


Nautica store

You can browse their website for quality fashion wear for men who are bigger in size. They have different options for clothing items that are both classy and casual in style.

Classic And Stylish: Nautica provides classic fashion wear that is easy on the eyes; you can choose from their denim jeans or jackets to be sure that they will look good when you wear them with other clothes. They also have men’s clothing for larger men; you can use your old clothes to make them look stylish again.


Dockers store
Dockers store

This brand also offers great options for men who are larger in size. They have different choices of clothing that you can purchase online. This brand gained their popularity from their premium quality khaki clothing. Over the years, they’ve developed other fashionable clothing and quite a few plus-size options.


Nike store

This brand has grown to be popular among men who are bigger in size due to their quality clothing. They have different items you can choose from depending on your needs. Nike provides workout clothing that is very comfortable and durable enough for intense workouts; this makes them a popular choice among men who exercise regularly. If you are looking for more options, they also have different choices available at their app; you can browse through their library of designs online without leaving the comfort of your home.



Wrangler offers different items for men who are bigger in size; they also make clothing for women. They also provide unique custom suits with unique details. This brand has been around since 1947 and is a classic in any wardrobe. The majority of overweight people don’t realize that appropriate clothes exist for large builds. You can get anything from jackets, shirts, jeans, pants and a wide variety of shorts for your size.

Unique Clothes: This brand has garments that are not available at any other shopping website; they offer unique style choices for men who are larger in size.

2. Where Do Big Guys Buy Clothes?

If you’re looking for stores that sell clothing for overweight men, then these are the sites to go to.



DXL.Com is a website provides an expansive assortment of clothing at fair prices for big guys. They are one of my traditional and enduring options for clothing whenever they are looking for big and tall sizes. What you love most about this site is that everything you can think of will be available in your size, so from XL to 6XL.



If you are a fan of Kingsize, they make clothes for big and tall men of all ages. They have a pretty good selection of clothing, from casual clothes to formal wear. What I also like about this site is that the prices are not as low as other sites, but they do carry a lot of selections.

You can get shoes, underwear, shirts, jackets, suits, accessories; you name it. The site is easy to use, and they also offer impressive customer service. 



Their slogan is “Slimmer Men in XL Sizes,” and it is a good place to shop if you are looking for clothes. We have seen these men advertise through TV commercials, but their website works equally as great. What we like about this site is that they have the same type of options as others on this list, but they seem to cater more toward slim or trim guys with XL sizes. also offers information and resources to read to learn more about being fashionable as a big guy. 

3. Employ Visual Trickery

The easiest technique for looking more appealing is using visual trickery. Firstly, minimize surface area. Always tucking your dress shirts into your trousers and wearing a belt can help break up that belly. Create a vertical line – with a v-neck or a row of buttons – drawing the onlooker’s focus to the center of the body, not your gut. Choose dark and restrained colors to help break up your shape: darker colors make you appear thinner.

Secondly, trick the eye with illuminators and highlighters – these will draw the eye up and down. Pair these with a bronzer for a healthy look, or stick with a straight face palette that is neither shimmery nor shimmer-free. Use contrasting colors to maximize your appearance – good examples are white shirts worn with black suits.

Finally, consider choosing a color that is more complementary to your skin tone and eye color than your collar and tie: for example, if you have fair skin and blue eyes, you can wear a shade of purple that will enhance your appearance.

4. Solid Neutrals & Classic Prints

Avoid wearing colors that are too bright, especially red, purple, green, yellow, and pink. Colored pants are fine, but solid neutral colors are where you shine: navy, chocolate, olive, black, and grey. Dark colors are great for accentuating your body shape. They’re perfect for tops, jackets, and sweaters. Take advantage of scarves in neutral colors that are wider in size, which you can tie around your waist or carry with your arm.

Classic prints are also good. Look for classic patterns like geometrics, stripes, checks, and plaids. Choose the colors that complement the colors of your shirt or pants. Wear scarves in neutral colors around your neck. Wear belts with jeans but not with khakis because they’re not necessary. Keep the belt black, brown, or dark colors that don’t contrast too much with your pants; they should blend into each other.

Neutral colors and classic prints will never go out of style and can be worn with anything and everything. When you wear a shirt, lay it down, don’t crumple it up. Roll up your sleeves if necessary because they look better that way than if you leave them unrolled. Wear collared shirts that are the right size for your body type, collar to shoulder to waist length. They should also fit your torso well so that they’re comfortable to wear.

5. Terrifically Tailored

Every person needs a tailor, and for the plus-sized gentlemen, fashion is no exception. As you’re larger than an average person and likely to be unable to buy off the rack, skip the boutique straight away and see the man with the tape measure and thread. There’s a specific type of suit where you can choose everything from the color of your button to how wide your lapels are, It will cost more than an in-store suit, but it will fit you like a glove. The cut is the same, but the material is different.

The Type of Clothing Needed

As an oversize gentleman, you’ll need to wear a suit when in public, but what kind is best are tailored. The style looks good with anything from a button-up shirt to a tuxedo, making it versatile for all occasions. A fitted jacket with flap pockets that are angled-just like in an ordinary suit will look better with your body type.

The Fit is Key

The fit of a tailored suit is the most important thing. The arms should be tight but not too tight, and the waist fit should be just right. If you have a larger waistline, get a vest to go over the jacket for a more flattering look. The overall fit should be snug, and it even comes with a chest piece to make sure everything fits you well. Anyone can tell the difference between a store-bought suit and one tailored out of a set color because it looks custom-made for your body type.

6. Fervently Fabric

Light yet sturdy fabrics should make up your wardrobe. Too thin is just as bad as too thick. Thin materials will highlight your body issues, and bulky items will add pounds to your frame. Wool, cashmere, and silk are the garments of choice. Stay away from polyester. It’s a cheaper fabric that retains heat and leads to increased sweating.

Cotton is essential for the shirt, tee, and chino styles, but they all need a small amount of polyester (so read the label on the seam of the garment). Cotton tends to shrink over time and loses its shape quickly. It also shrinks when washed, causing the garment to be tight. Try air drying your cotton garments to prevent this. Polyester is the fabric of choice for jogging suits, shorts, and athletic wear; it’s easy to wash, wears comfortably, and isn’t prone to shrinkage.

Silk is soft against the skin, but it wrinkles easily. Prewash your garments before wearing them so they won’t wrinkle as badly after washing. Wrinkles add pounds and add the appearance of age. Always hang your garments to dry; using a dryer’s harsh heat wears out fabrics and causes them to fade. Fading causes additional shrinkage. Try utilizing garment steamers to remove wrinkles instead of ironing.

Always use high-quality hangers for your clothes too. Cheap hangers will bend over time, causing your garments to wrinkle or lose their shape.

In summary, go for smooth, natural fabrics (with a touch of polyester) that hang close to the body without looking chunky. Selvage denim is vital for jeans, and it will mold to your individual needs. But, push through the first months, where the denim can be a little stiff.

7. Structural & Simple

Simplicity is your best friend. Seek clothes that are simple and shaped to the individual. The key is to wear a suit that fits your shoulders and adds shape. Then, when the coat hangs, the body is naturally framed and contained within. Again, the structure is key for bottoms too.

Monochrome & Black & White

Monochrome is a favorite of mine. It’s a great way to accentuate your best features but still keeps you from being too flashy. Monochrome also looks great with a variety of colors – black, white, and grey work really well with most outfits. You can play with balance and structure by adding pattern or color to the bottom.

Stripes & Patterns & Floral

Stripes are great for creating structure. The key is to build the structure first, then add the pattern, then try to find balance within both. When you’re balancing stripes and patterns, you’re actually doing two main things:

Creating Different Tones Constructing New Structures

Balance & Structure of Stripes & Patterns & Florals Balance is key for all three of these elements. Stripes and patterns can work together to create structural balance within your body shape.


What are the best brands for fat guys?

That’s what you’ll tell yourself when you first delve into this world of male fashion, but the reality is that there is an increasing number of brands catering to larger men. It may seem like a daunting task, but searching out these companies is actually easier than you think! From light-hearted options like the National Suit Company to high-end labels like Tom Ford menswear, there’s something for everyone – and everything in between.

What are some good sportswear brands for fat guys?

Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance.

Any brands for fat guys that are more style than function?

Yes. There are decent-looking suits that are mostly for looks. It’s just finding the piece that fits your body type that is difficult.

How does fitness work with weight loss?

Honestly, the only way to lose weight is to eat less. If you’re eating a lot, then you have to eat something that doesn’t have a bunch of calories. Unless you have some kind of disease that causes this, in that case, see your doctor.

How can fat guys without many styles cover their flaws with clothes?

The easiest way to make yourself look better is making sure your clothes fit properly and match up with the rest of your outfit.

Is cycling good for weight loss?

Yes, cycling is very good for weight loss, and it also feels great! I do it every day, and it really helps me to stay fit. If you like cycling and want to get better, you should take some lessons. 

Is fashion for fat guys dead?

It’s not dead. It’s just like any other type of clothing out there.

What should fat guys wear?

Wear whatever fits. Don’t be that guy who wears a size or two bigger than you are.

What are some fashion styles for fat guys?

Check online, maybe fashion blogs, to get inspiration for clothing colors and designs. The best way to pull it off is to find out what looks good on you.

What are the best pieces of fashion for fat guys?

You should include pieces that give you confidence in your wardrobe even though they don’t match up with fashion trends at the moment.

What clothes fit fat people?

Fat men should wear clothes from brands that include big and tall sizes. There are many choices for them in the market.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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