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Golden Goose Size Chart: Do Golden Goose Shoes Run True to Size?






Getting to know the detailed Golden Goose size chart and sizing guide will be really helpful for your next new Golden Goose purchase. Keep reading for more details.

Give yourself a moment next time you’re scrolling through Instagram to consider how many pairs of Golden Goose shoes you see. They have, basically, become such a streetwear mainstay, adding character to any outfit. In fact, Golden Goose shoes have sparked a little scandal. These famous person-approved shoes appear worn as if they have been seated in your wardrobe for many years. Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez, and Megan Fox all have a pair of Golden Goose.

Golden Goose store
Golden Goose store

If you are considering making the investment, you’re probably curious about how the Golden Goose operates. We’ll look at the brand’s shoes and provide an overall view of their sizing chart so that you could determine if these Golden Goose fit true to size or if you need to size down or size up.

Brief History of Golden Goose

Golden Goose brand
Golden Goose brand

Golden Goose, as a few of you might know, is an Italian shoe brand that has expanded its presence from Venice to Los Angeles. For those who don’t know, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo founded it in 2000 with a concentration on hand-crafted distressed-looking shoes. There will be demonstrations with misaligned pieces, counterfeit gouges, and sometimes even phony dirt traces. Golden Goose takes its Italian legacy and flips it. Rather than the flawless handwork that you would expect from Italian shoes, Golden Goose shoes appear to have been worn.

The aesthetic of the brand is based on the concept of finding perfection in the imperfect. Distressed items, such as the Golden Goose sneakers, have been touched by life itself. The shoes have flaws to give them an authentic look that you won’t find in a store.

The Golden Goose fad is showing no signs of abating. With shoes being the sneaker of the year, it is really time to indulge yourself with a new pair and get on board. Believe us. You will not be sorry!

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Golden Goose Sneaker Size Chart for Men

Golden Goose sneaker

Below is the detailed Golden Goose size conversion chart for male’s sneakers. 

Golden Goose US Sizes Golden Goose EU Sizes Golden Goose UK Sizes Golden Goose Korea Sizes Length in centimeters Length in inches
6 39 5 255 25.5 cm 10.0 inches
7 40 6 265 26.4 cm 10.4 inches
8 41 7 270 27.2 cm 10.7 inches
9 42 8 275 28.0 cm 11.0 inches
10 43 9 280 28.9 cm 11.4 inches
11 44 10 285 29.7 cm 11.7 inches
12 45 11 290 30.5 cm 12.0 inches
13 46 12 300 31.3 cm 12.3 inches
14 47 13 305 32.0 cm 12.6 inches

Note: The Golden Goose Shoes are available in both half and full EU sizes. So, when in hesitation, calculate your feet: the consequence would then display the right EU size conversion; for the Golden Goose shoes, it is best to opt for a full size bigger.

Golden Goose Size Conversion Chart for Women 

Golden Goose shoes for women
Golden Goose shoes for women

Discover the table down below to pick the right size for your next Golden Goose female’s sneakers.

Golden Goose US Sizes Golden Goose EU Sizes Golden Goose UK Sizes Golden Goose Korea Sizes Length in centimeters Length in inches 
4 34 1 220 20.0 cm 7.9 inches
5 35 2 225 20.8 cm 8.2 inches
6 36 3 235 21.6 cm 8.5 inches
7 37 4 240 22.2 cm 8.8 inches
8 38 5 245 23.0 cm 9.1 inches
9 39 6 255 23.5 cm 9.3 inches
10 40 7 260 24.1 cm 9.5 inches
11 41 8 265 25.1 cm 9.9 inches
12 42 9 275 25.9 cm 10.2 inches

Do Golden Goose Shoes Run True to Size?

You’ve decided to buy a new pair of Golden Goose shoes. You are actually ready to participate in the fad and purchase these golden standard sneakers. You might be wondering exactly presently, ‘What size Golden Goose should I get?’

Wonderful news. In fact, the Golden Goose shoes are typically true to size. The label’s sizing is coherent. Therefore you should fit the same size in all of their shoes. You could also wear these comfy shoes the whole day, even if you are going to the headquarters or out to lunch or dinner with your mates.

If you are in basically between sizes, we strongly suggest going a full size bigger because Golden Goose does not offer the distinguished half-size alternative. Even folks with broader feet could really usually wear their actual size in these Golden Goose shoes without fear of squeezing their feet.

Because Golden Goose manufactures their shoes in Italy, make absolutely sure you purchase the right size if you are purchasing the Italian sizing. In case you are from the United Kingdom or the United States, use a size conversion chart to double-check.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Golden Goose Shoes look on you?

Generally speaking, the Golden Goose Shoes come in a standard size.

Should you go a size bigger or smaller when purchasing a pair of Golden Goose Shoes?

In general, Golden Goose Sneakers are available in half sizes, and they also fit true to size. As such, if you want a less constricting fit, go half of a full size larger.

Are the Golden Goose Shoes a comfy shoe?

Definitely yes, Golden Goose Shoes are extremely comfy sneakers in the world of luxurious sneakers. For both short and long distance strolls.

Is it simple to wash Golden Goose Shoes?

Because the Golden Goose Shoes are designed for walking, they are bound to get dirty. Overall, they are extremely long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Simply eliminate the orthotics and drawstrings from your Golden Goose shoes with care – inserts should not be washed. Place the sneakers in the washer on the mild detergent (with cold water). For the optimal outcomes, wash the straps by hand or in a fabric bag. Eschew Dettol at any and all costs by using a delicate soapy water.

Do not fall down and clean your Golden Goose shoes; instead, air dries them. Replace the orthotic and laces and go about your business.

Our preferred method is to wash your shoes by hand, in a bowl containing water and gentle washing powder, using a soft brush and a wet towel.

Should you wear Golden Goose shoes with socks?

You are permitted to wear socks. We are, in fact, not fashionistas, but we pair our Golden Goose sneakers with brightly colored socks. What actually makes the Golden Goose shoes so awesome is that they are completely acceptable without socks!

The Bottom Lines

Golden Goose, is a premium shoe brand from Italy that gained popularity quickly due to its worn appearance. Extremely expensive sneakers that appeared to be worn? In fact, Golden Goose is a fantastic sneaker brand for not only females and males but also children.

We hope that this Golden Goose sizing chart and detailed buying guide help you understand different sizes and choose the correct size for your favorite shoes.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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