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Where to Buy Vintage Clothing?






Even if you are missing your thrift store fix or just want to start buying more secondhand clothing and accessories, purchasing vintage clothing online is always the way to go.

Welcome to the world of online vintage shopping.

It is environmentally friendly, fairly cheap, and you are sure to find something one-of-a-kind that you will cherish for the remaining period of your life.

We have compiled a list of 18 of our best-loved vintage clothing brands for you to shop online, whether you are looking for remanufactured handbags, vintage designer dresses, or an entirely new outfit.

Why Is Vintage Clothing So Long-Lasting?

Vintage Clothing
Vintage Clothing

As some of you might know, vintage fashion was once thought to be something that only fashionable people dressed to enhance their individual style by dressing up something that no one else was wearing.

Although this is still truly the case, vintage fashion is typically considered one of the most environmentally friendly ways to shop, and it is widely available to everyone, fashionable and trendy or not (does anyone else still struggle to make shoulder pads look better?).

Buying vintage clothes, which is based on the circular economy model, is basically a way of recycling fashion and avoiding much further waste production by reviving what was before loved and worn items.

The fascination with continual freshness is exhausting and extremely harmful to the environment, but we could really break it by buying things from the wide and varied and abundant collection of earlier times which we already have.

Vintage, as an effective alternative to fast fashion, encourages creativity and the possibility of sprucing up repurposing and personalization without harming the environment.

What Are The Advantages Of Purchasing Vintage Clothing?

Purchasing Vintage Clothing
Purchasing Vintage Clothing

Vintage fashion is not only better for the environment, but it also has a plethora of other advantages.

Those early adopters of trendy vintage fashion were correct. In particular, you can try with your own personal style and build a comprehensive one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want to be the only one wanting to dress an awesome bomber jacket from the ’80s or an eye-catching classic, retro party dress from the swaying ’60s?

Even better, pairing retro clothes together opens up endless possibilities for one-of-a-kind attire and era-crossing mixtures.

In fact, consuming less clothing also means consuming more effectively, and smart shopping typically entails discovering those ageless items you know you will dress for in the coming years.

Denim jeans, vintage button-up shirts, and trench coats are just a few instances of styles that were extremely common in the past and are still popular today, and with countless ways to restyle them.

In fact, vintage could definitely make adjustments in ways that much of the latest style cannot, but there is no greater pleasure than owning that cherished item you will keep going to love and care for.

Best Websites for Purchasing Vintage Clothing Online

Although there are numerous vintage online shops, these really are our favorites.

But do not be taken in by anything labeled vintage. Several websites sell vintage clothing that appears to be brand new.



With over 16 million users trading (purchasing and selling) clothing, jewelry, accessories, and paintings/art, Depop is regarded as one of the globe’s biggest online shopping communities.

As a clothing marketplace, users could really expect to find items they like regardless of their style, and the selection of vintage here is truly unique.

You could also spend time discovering vintage profile information and sellers. In addition, you can just use the app’s search engine to narrow down items based on style, price, size, and other factors.

You should be aware that this app has the potential to consume a significant amount of your time.



eBay is more than just a place to buy home furnishings, mass cleaning supplies, and even last-minute presents for a friend who desperately needs yet another dog mug.

In addition, eBay has a vast variety of vintage clothing being purchased from all over the world if you really know where to look, and it is also made much easier by the site’s special page for vintage clothing.

Use the extensive range of suggestions to narrow down your searches, such as sizes, materials, and occasions.



With Oxfam’s online vintage shop, you can bring your preferred thrift store hunts online and potentially save lives while discovering those used jewels.

You will discover it all from sparkling sequin party dresses to comfortable and warm cashmere knits in their large selection, as well as some genuine designer vintage items.

New items are also added on a daily basis, so you can follow them on Instagram to see new listings and other style inspiration as well from other purchasers.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro
Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro has grown from modest origins as a separate warehouse-turned-retail shop to become the pioneering vintage retailer in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Beyond Retro, known for its vast collection of vintage clothing sourced from all over the world, has long made it a priority to promote a waste-free style of life and sustainable consumption.

They rehomed 90 million pieces last year alone, and when mixed with their own up-cycled REWORKED selection, you are sure to discover something (or, more probable, a plethora of things) you will definitely love here.


Rokit has been around for more than three decades. Therefore, it is really safe to claim they understand how to supply and hand-pick each one of their vintage jewels for their environmentally conscious customers.

In addition, they have recycled more than a million tons of accessories and clothing since their inception. And that is just a lot of relief for our troubled globe.

Purchase their Rokit GOLD edit for men’s, women’s, men’s, brand-name wears and repurposed jewels, as well as unique designer and vintage fashion.


We might all know that you will definitely love Etsy as much as we do for its impressive array of everything. However, Etsy also has a plethora of sellers providing their selection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories in their devoted vintage segment.

A marketplace for one-of-a-kind, eclectic goods from sellers all over the world, you can also find it all from quirky ’80s jumpers to genuine ’20s adorned jackets, with something for each budget.


Atika, formerly known as Blitz, has been London’s vintage shopping center for nearly ten years, and you can now buy their massive collection of internationally stocked vintage clothing online.

Besides, Atika, like many other vintage clothing stores, has its own in-house line of redone and recycled vintage garments made from previously unsold items.

You are sure to find unique, eye-catching items here, with every piece as daring as the next.


We wholeheartedly support Thrifted‘s brand promise of “circular fashion, not fast.”

Generally speaking, these folks understand that recycling and reselling clothing is more crucial than trying to push trend lines and look fabulous, even though they do both two things.

Specialized segments, such as Designer, Essentials, Festival, and Retro Sportswear, make shopping this amazing collection of women’s and men’s vintage somewhat simpler to navigate.

You can also look at their most recent picks to see what’s hot currently.


Cow, the cool kids from Birmingham and Nottingham, now sells their hand-selected vintage online, typically much to the delight of their non-local fans.

With the online providing being on the cheaper end of the price spectral range, it is the ideal place to select a sustainable reward on a tight budget.

Cow has a true neighborhood experience to it, and we really love how they behave with each of their consumers like friends. Just look at their Instagram feed, and you will see how they start sharing outfit and style inspiration from their consumers.

Modes & More

Modes & More was heretofore a part of Vintage Modes, which was based in the prestigious Gray’s Antique Market in London’s West End. However, Modes & More now sells their vintage items both online and at their Pimlico shop.

You can find different things ranging from the roaring 20s to 90s simplicity, with a mix of unique, designer, and high-fashion vintage accessories and clothing.

Preferred designers such as Christian Dior, Missoni, and Yves Saint Laurent, whose newest inspiring window displays can be found on Instagram.

Gold Thrift Vintage

Gold Thrift Vintage, a long-time favorite of our vintage clothing stores, is a wonderful collection of boho pleasures; just going to wait to add a spate of floral prints, patterns, and a great flash of hue to your closet.

You will find all you need to wear from head to toe here, but we especially love the amazing list of gorgeous decade-spanning dresses.

There is also a broad selection of retro bags available, and with sustainably-made handbags being difficult to come by, it is a wise (and fashionable) move.

Persephone Vintage

It is really easy to see why Persephone Vintage has a really lot of followers on social media and Etsy – their gorgeously cataloged and glamorously displayed variety of exquisite vintage wear will be difficult not to get obsessed with.

Shop their selection for a much more laidback and neutral color palette, but with stunning sculpted forms, remarkable textures, and luscious materials.

Persephone Vintage’s Instagram feed is also beautiful and soothing to peruse.

Vintage Vixen

Vintage Vixen has been selling online for almost 25 years in blazing hot Florida. Therefore, it is really safe to claim they understand what they are doing in terms of finding genuine retro fashion.

Their enthralling gathering of vintage items is mesmerizing, with about every facet of thing you might want in women’s fashion, men’s fashion, and childrenswear.

This online Aladdin’s store even has vintage finds for the houses and for your own craft projects, and their jewelry selection is difficult to overlook.


In general, Vintaholic sells authentic vintage as well as retro-inspired handmade pieces modified from older things and recyclable materials.

Vintaholic’s mission to spark personal style and blend modern latest fashions with classic vintage has landed them in the pages of Vogue. However, they keep a down-to-earth and approachable demeanor.

We adore their brightly colored printed blouses and shirts, as well as the lovely adornment details – ideal for wearing with your new favorite jeans.

Dark Paradise Vintage

Dark Paradise Vintage has a striking and cheery variety of women’s accessories and clothing on the deal for a modern, cool, and stylish spin when it comes to vintage fashion.

Discover whacky tagline tee shirts and adorned denim among many vibrantly colored sunglasses and printed shoes or boots to add an immediate pop to your sustainable closet.

If the eye-catching collection is too much for you to handle, they have even divided the items into convenient edits for you to browse, such as chic biker designs or animal prints.

My Vintage

My Vintage really sticks out on our ranking as a family-run business that values personal connections and authentic customer service.

They advertise a positive, healthy body image by heading above and beyond to accommodate as many styles, sizes, and shapes as possible and are always delighted to give styling advice.

Accessories and clothing date between the 1940s and the 1990s, and you can brush up on your vintage understanding with their themed infographics, articles, and blog posts.


Take a glance at Slush‘s clothing store page on their Instagram feed or ASOS marketplace for an immediate pick-me-up, with plenty of patterns, color, and positivity.

Consumers are always encouraged to share pictures of their purchases and how they are styled, and the brand’s specialty in vibrantly colored prints and informal forms has helped it create a cult following.

If you like the flexible oversized shell jackets of the 1980s and 1990s, you should certainly check them out. All of the vintage clothing is also reasonably priced.

Vintage Carrot Gals

In case you are not really sure what kind of vintage look you want, Lithuanian seller Vintage Carrot Gals has a fantastically wide variety of items to pique your style desire.

With vintage pieces going back in price, seasons, and decades points, it tends to be difficult not to find things for you in this odd assortment.

On their Instagram profile, you can find authentic items as well as redone styles, along with lots of men’s and women’s style inspiration.


Steven Ta
Steven Ta
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