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Amazing Style Tips and Fashion Advice for Dressing Plus Size Women






It is not really a ”wear this one, not that one” post – we genuinely think you should wear anything you want. However, if you are just confused in a stylish slump, have lately gained weight, or just don’t know how to wear for your body type, keep reading for our amazing styling tips for plus size women, including fashion advice on how to look for the right plus size clothes that make you appear and, most notably, feel positive.

Fashion Advice for Plus-Size Ladies

Plus-Size Ladies

Embrace Your Body Shape

There really is a good reason this is the number one tip. In fact, we have all tried to lose weight in order to meet societal standards of beauty, but the point here is that each and every body is unique, and that’s okay.

Embracing your body type and being content with what you have will do amazing things for your self-esteem and sense of style.

Everybody, regardless of body shape or size, has body issues, and it’s okay to have rough moments – but embracing your body, imperfections and all, will definitely allow you to make better fashion sense choices that lift your spirits as well as confidence.

Begin each day with the acknowledgment, “My body is flawless just the way it is.”

Accept your thighs and tummy

So you have got big thighs, a large tummy, or maybe both.

There is simply more of you to adore.

As plus-size ladies, we are constantly told to cover up our bodies and wear formless clothing. You are not required to do so. Just don’t feel obligated to conceal the parts you are self-conscious about since wearing baggy clothes and trying to cover up your body could really make you appear less curvy.

Rather than figure out your body silhouette and style your body shape with clothing that flatters it.

Participate in a Plus Size Community

There are a lot of communities for plus-size women, and Insyze is one of them. It is a plus size platform with a large plus size community that shares tips and ideas for styling plus-size women.

This community is so upbeat and encouraging, and you not only get inspiration from other subscribers, but you also get a free customized styling feed of design and style ideas based on your shape, size, budget, as well as individual style.

There is also a Chat forum where you can get styling advice, life advice, talk about fatphobia, and so much more. It is a forum for plus sizes only, so you can join and participate without fear of being judged.

Invest in high-quality underwear

Invest in high-quality underwear

This is actually a general fashion tip. A nice pair of shapewear and underwear is a must-have for any plus-size lady.

The following are the essential components:

  • A supportive bra that fits properly
  • Shapewear that gives you a sense of security

Pro tip: Shapewear and bras are INVESTIGATION items. So don’t be hesitant to spend a little extra money on these things. The better the fit is and the more optimistic you will definitely feel, the better the quality is.

Make sure to wear a skin-colored bra under sheer or light-colored clothing to prevent your bra from showing through.

Nude bras come in a variety of colors to match your skin tone and mix in with your skin beneath your clothes.

Seek out influencers who are similar to your body shape for inspiration

Plus-size model

On Instagram, YouTube, and blogs, there are so many gorgeous ladies who share their everyday outfits and style. Looking for influencers who have a similar body type to you can not only boost your confidence to try out new pieces, but it can also reveal what is feasible for your body type.

Nothing is off-limits, but it is always helpful to have a style genius to whom you can transform when you are confused for inspiration.

Do not simply conceal

happy beautiful plus size woman wearing casual clothes

A lot of plus size ladies who lack confidence in their fashion and style prefer to dress in leggings and baggy t-shirts.

And there is nothing improper with comfortable clothes, such as leggings, but you probably wouldn’t feel elegant or as if you are imaginatively trying to express yourself in this way.

You won’t be able to transition from leggings to body-con dresses in just one day, so take it slowly and, little by little, try new styles that are not really cover-ups. Start with a v-neckline top to ease into experimenting with various style shapes.

Join a Facebook group

The Facebook community is always an excellent way to connect with others who share your interests. Look for Facebook groups with people who encourage one another, offer advice, and generally make you feel confident about yourself.

Understand your fabrics

A polyester crop top that holds to your body and induces stationary surprises will not be as attractive as a cotton-elastane combination that is stretchable and well-fitting.

Knowing the structure of fabrics will also help you pick better-fitting clothes when buying online as well as also in stores.

Be aware of your contour

In the matter of style and fashion, there are no hard and fast rules, but the scientific knowledge behind why specifically formed clothes compliment various body shapes is a fine place to begin when there is a reason to suspect.

Empire line dresses, for instance, look great on pear-shaped women with smaller midsection and larger thighs – but forgo empire lines if you have an apple body shape as the fit around the midsection can give off maternity sensations.

Smartly accessorize

The strength of great accessories should not be underestimated. No matter if it is a statement necklace, belt, or massive earrings, you can always add a ”wow” element to basic jeans and a simple t-shirt outfit with accessories.

Our favorite tip here is to complete the look of high-street garments with premium shoes or bags – they immediately elevate your look from $10 to even $1 million.

Adopt the Vintage Look

Plus size Vintage Look

On all of these levels, vintage garments are always amazing. Both vintage clothing and accessories could immediately add a ”wow” component to your outfit due to the fact that each piece is distinctive and the eco-friendly recycling element.

Plus-size women will look great in vintage silhouettes as well.

Option for a wrap dress when in doubt

Plus size wrap dress

The simple wrap dress tends to fit every body type and is incredibly visually appealing. The same cannot be said for any other type of dress, but if you need a go-to wrap dress in your closet, you will never be without an outfit.

Invest in high-quality fundamentals

Some reliable basics, such as good-quality underwear, will take you past the worst and best of occasions. Putting money into high-quality basics is ideal for a minimalist look or for when you just can’t really be bothered.

Thicker straps on leather jackets or tops and non-clinging textiles will make you feel and look exceptionally great.

Experiment with Different Sizes

Don’t try to label yourself in terms of dressing size. In general, the size on the tag is just a number; it means nothing and represents nothing about you as an individual.

You might discover that a smaller or bigger size than you believe you are is a good fit – so always try on various sizes when purchasing. This is also simple to do at home, thanks to free returns for online purchases.

Put on that crop top

You can really wear crop tops even if you don’t fit into a size S. Take a look at Simone Mariposa, Gabi Fresh, and Garner Style, all of these plus-size ladies dress crop tops. Put on a crop top if you really want to show a little skin – a little skin showcasing can look absolutely adorable. If you are self-conscious but would like to dress a crop top, pair it with an awesome cardigan or jacket – this way, you can show a little skin while still feeling covered. Ultimately, confidence is essential.

Custom-made is your ally

Don’t ever overlook the importance of a well-tailored suit.

Some plus-size clothing can be a little formless, but for less than $20, you can really have jackets and dresses nipped in all the right areas to fit your accurate torso. The end result is gorgeous, well-fitting clothing that leads to happiness and confidence.

Stay away from flimsy textiles

Understanding your fabrics is essential, but avoiding terrible fabrics is even more crucial. Cheap textiles usually fade and are weak to dress – having too many pieces considered ‘throwaway style’ is also harmful to the environment.

Prints should be welcomed

Plus size printerd dress

Prints are a colorful way to make a fashion statement, and classics such as polka dots or leopard prints are always in fashion. Bigger prints and patterns are said to be more attractive on plus-size women, but we say wear whatever you want.

Make use of color to your benefit

Your mood can be communicated through the colors you dress. And, because fashion and dressing are all forms of self-expression, consider what you are depicting with your attire. Keep in mind that the color spectrum from elementary school, with its complementary opposites? These are the color mixes that function best in terms of style as well.

Be aware of your body measurements

When you are not really sure what size to purchase, online shopping could really be stressful. That is why knowing your body measurements can be extremely beneficial because it allows you to buy stuff for fit instead of size, resulting in fewer refunds or returns and a more satisfied you when your clothes get there.

Have your hair done

As you might know, your hair is a great way of framing your face and making a statement with your outfit. If you are feeling insecure or have an upcoming event, get a blow wave or wear your hair in stylish curls. Making an additional effort with your hair would then lift your spirits, and as we always say, confidence is always the greatest accessory.

Say it with your shoes on

Shoes are great because your feet could never get an ‘inflated day,’ so they always look and feel wonderful when you put them on. In addition, they are an incredible way to inject some personal style and sense of style into your ensemble without going overboard. We love the texture of snake print booties with a simple black dress – immediate high fashion.

Invest time in finding well-fitting jeans

Having a reliable pair of jeans on hand is a surefire outfit win. Jeans, as you might know, can actually be dressed up or down, so looking for a nice pair is crucial for your closet. Take into account that you should always do the Squat Test when purchasing jeans – a great pair will not reveal your buttocks and will stretch.

Make your own rules

In terms of individual style, the one and only rules to follow are the rules you have just created, and know that it works best for you. If you don’t really like a trend, you don’t necessarily follow it. Just let your fashion reflect your character, and most notably, feel very confident and at ease in what you are dressing.

Treat yourself

One of the most efficient methods to teach or practice your own ego and confidence is to pamper yourself. Treat yourself with love on a regular basis to show your appreciation for your body. No matter if it is getting a massage, nurturing your body with green juice or smoothies, or pampering yourself with a spa treatment. Looking radiant and polished is really a fashion winner.

Examine your lighting

No matter if you are trying on clothes at home or in a shop, always making sure you are in appealing lighting will enable you to see how excellent an outfit appears in real life. Harsh fluorescent lighting is not recommended to anybody of any size; never ever assess your body in this setting. It is best to expose your make-up and clothes to a lot of natural light.

Styling Guide for Plus Size Ladies

How do you dress to flatter your figure? You will know precisely what clothing actually works to enhance your body shape after reading our styling guides for plus size bodies. We have made it so easy to find the ideal plus size items for you, no matter if you have a full bust, pear, apple, hourglass, or straight body type.

Straight body and Hourglass Body

Straight Body Type

You are more likely to have a straight body type if you have the following features:

  • Your body frame shares the same size across the bottom and top halves of your body.
  • Your bust and shoulders are nearly the same sizes as your hips.
  • Your waistline is not defined.

Is this your picture? Make plus-size outfits with the following key items:

  • A-Line skirts
  • Shift dress
  • Off the shoulder blouse

Straight body type styling tips:

  • Use a belt to cinch your midsection and give the illusion of a curvier body shape.
  • Use curved color blocking to better clarify your shape’s contours.
  • Dress plus size tops with v-necklines, halter, and surplice necklines to draw attention to your waist.
  • Wear flared or bootcut plus size trousers to give the appearance of curves.
  • Wear plus size tops with girly, fancy frills such as peplums, ruching, and ruffles to define your waist.

Hourglass Body Type

You are more likely to have an hourglass body type if you have the following features:

  • You have a bigger chest and chubbier hips
  • The thinnest part of your body is your belly button
  • Your hips and shoulders are more likely the same widths, resulting in a well-balanced body.

Make plus-size outfits with the following key items:

  • Empire dresses
  • Romantic blouses
  • Statement jackets

Hourglass body type styling tips:

  • Dress in super-flattering blouses or wrap dresses that highlight your midsection.
  • Try plus size jackets and peplum tops that accentuate your belly.
  • Purchase low-cut tops with v-neck, halter, surplice, and deep scoop neck styles that flatter your body shape.
  • Use a belt to attract more attention to your waist and overestimate your contours.
  • Opt for vertical stripes and dark colors to hide your curves.

Apple Body Shape

Plus size apple body shape

You are more likely to have an apple body type if you have the following features:

  • Your hips and shoulders are in good alignment.
  • Your upper torso is more curvy and notable.
  • Your waistline is not really defined.

Make plus-size outfits with the following key items:

  • Empire dresses
  • Wide-leg pants
  • Volume-sleeve blouses

Apple body type styling tips:

  • Fuller skirts or pants will help to balance out your body shape.
  • Dress blouses and wrap dresses to help slim your waist.
  • To create a slimmer shape, layer your attire with a customized blazer.
  • Wear ruching-embellished clothing to help conceal your belly.
  • Make sure your tops fall just below the hip for an appealing appearance.

Pear Body Shape

You are more likely to have a pear body type if you have the following features:

  • Your shoulders and bust are the thinnest points on your body shape.
  • Your thighs and hips are the most full.
  • You have a well-defined waistline.

Make plus-size outfits with the following key items:

  • Bootcut trousers
  • A-line skirts
  • Statement jackets

Pear body type styling tips:

  • Draw attention upward with eye-catching accessories and necklines
  • Wear darker bootcut trousers to elongate your figure.
  • Layer your attire with a blazer that draws attention to your defined waist.
  • Reduce your hips by wearing an A-line shape that emphasizes your midsection.
  • Check that your jackets and tops fall below or above the broadest part of your hips.

Full Bust Body Shape

You are more likely to have a full bust body type if you have the following features:

  • The top half of your body is bigger than the bottom half.
  • Your bust and shoulder are the broadest points on your body.
  • Your legs and hips are steadily narrow as you get older.

Make plus-size outfits with the following key items:

  • A-line skirts
  • Bootcut trousers
  • V-neck blouses

Full bust body type styling tips:

  • Opt for plus size tops with v-necklines, halter, and surplice, halter necklines to reduce your bust size.
  • Look for plus size tops that highlight your midsection.
  • Pick darker colors on top, such as chocolate, charcoal, navy, or black, for a more flattering appearance.
  • An A-line shape that tightens in at the midsection and flares out at the hips will help you reach a more balanced form.
  • Wear flared trousers to help balance out your curvy figure.

How Do You Choose The Right Dress Style For Plus-size Women?

Putting together a wonderful wardrobe is all about stockpiling your wardrobe with high-quality, well-fitting clothes. Whatever your size, shape, or skin tone hue, you will always look fantastic in something made of durable fabrics and tailored to your body measurements, no matter if it is a dress, a suit, or simply jeans. 

However, some ladies find it a really hard struggle to feel confident in the clothes they are wearing, particularly dresses. Wearing clothes for your body shape and bringing attention to parts that make you feel best about yourself is crucial to looking gorgeous. This guide will assist any lady in locating the best plus-size dresses for her plus sized body and sense of style.

Picking between various dress styles

For plus-size dresses, there are a variety of cutout styles to choose from. Every underscores or de-emphasizes one or more characteristics. We will break down the most popular dress cutout types and help you figure out which one best suits your body shape and curves.

Let us assist you in finding the ideal dress for your body shape.

A-line Dresses

Generally speaking, the A-line dress shape gives the appearance of an hourglass figure. A-line dresses typically come with a well-fitted torso and top that flares out in a triangular pattern at the waist. This style is stunning on ladies of all body types, but especially on plus-size ladies, whether plus-size begins at size 16, size 14, or size 12.

Plus-size A-line dresses that are made of beefier and more durable fabrics like polyester, denim, rayon, and cotton should be preferred over flowy, clingy choices like satin and silk by full-figured ladies. Stiffer fabrics keep the dress’s form, making its appealing characteristics appropriate for all body types.

Corset Dresses

Corset dresses, like the clothes worn in the 17th and 18th centuries, usually come in a panel that cuddles some or all of the upper body. These “corsets” might or might not be boned or formed to highlight the midsection, but they always have a laced back detail. The lace and/or corset are typically structured so that the panel cinches in at the midsection, pushes up at the breast, and produces at the hips, generating an overstated hourglass body shape. Since it physically improves your body shape, this dress style is appropriate for any body type, but it is particularly attractive on plus-size women.

Empire Dresses

These types of dresses assemble just underneath the bust instead of at the natural midsection, highlighting the upper torso instead of the lower body. Generally speaking, this dress style is ideal for ladies with triangle, rectangle, or oval body shapes because it brings attention upward while layering beautifully just below the bust. Empire-waist dresses range in length from mini dresses and short tunics to airy, flower-printed variants that sweep against the floor like a maxi dress.

Off-the-shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses usually have sleeves that wrap all around shoulders instead of going through from the front to the back, allowing you to show off your midriff. Because the illusion tends to add more weight to your top portion, off-the-shoulder dresses are ideal for women whose shoulders are narrower than their hips. For ladies with a rectangle body type, dressing in an off-the-shoulder dress with an A-line cutout generates an hourglass figure.

Peplum Dresses

You have probably seen so many variants of a dress with a midsection ruffle over the last few years. This look is known as “peplum,” and it is exceptionally ideal for achieving a curvy, hourglass body shape. While the fundamental structure of a peplum dress is comparable to that of a bodycon dress, a ruffle wraps slightly all around the natural midsection and flares out for several inches. This helps make the midsection appear smaller in relation to the hips and shoulders. This means that peplum dresses are ideal for people with oval or rectangle body types who want to balance out their midsection with the rest of their torso. This is a slim-fitting dress for ladies of all sizes.

Straight Dresses

Straight dresses are ideal for ladies who prefer casual-cool looks because they are both comfortable and hassle free. This style of dress lacks a built-in midsection and definitely falls from the shoulders. In general, straight dresses are ideal for ladies who have shoulders that are the same width as or broader than their midsection, such as those with apple or rectangle body shapes. These can be made from different types of materials, such as knit sweater dresses.

Considerations to make when selecting a dress for your plus sized or curvy body type

Just because you have discovered the perfect shape doesn’t mean you are done making hard choices. Looking for appealing colors and trying to mix and match your outfit to the event are also important considerations when selecting the best plus-size dress.


Have you ever wondered why black flatters everyone? It is basically because dark colors draw attention away from certain parts of the body. Because black is neutral, it will not come into conflict with your skin’s tones.

That being said, plus-size ladies should not be afraid of color! Adding color to your dress is an amazing way to highlight your best features.

You can also combine dark and light to create an eye-catching effect. If you have an apple shape and like yellow, try a skinny violet belt over a lemon-toned A-line dress. The belt’s dark tone and skinny look both de-emphasize the midsection and lengthen the torso.


Casual dresses are appropriate for some occurrences, whereas formal events necessitate that you look and feel your best.

Since beaches have such a comfortable atmosphere, pure, wavy empire-waist dresses are perfectly acceptable. In reality, a lot of swimsuit cover-ups are designed with this cutout in mind, with the idea that ladies of all body types will dress them.

Empire-waist dresses, on the other hand, are too informal for a work meeting. As such, you will need something with a bit more structure, such as a peplum or an A-line.

I hope that you have realized that looking for the perfect dress for your plus-size body shape is not as really hard as it appears. And you will find some ideal pieces for your beautiful figure through my post.

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