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Proform And Peloton Bike: Which Stands Out as Best?






When you look at the higher-end of the exercise bike market, the competition narrows, and fewer fitness manufacturers produce the engaging exercise bikes that many people want, which can make it difficult to find the ideal stationary bike for your home exercises.

I’m going to compare the Peloton Bike to the ProForm Bike to help you decide which bike would be best for your home exercises. I previously reviewed the Peloton Bike and compared it to the Schwinn IC4 in this article. However, if you’re looking for more bang for your buck, the ProForm Studio Bike Pro is a good option.

Peloton exercise bike

Now the major question is how does it compare to the competitors. Since the first Peloton Bike entered the market, the competition pool has increased significantly, but who will win in a Peloton vs. ProForm showdown? That is the problem we are come to address today. Currently, Peloton and ProForm each have two bikes on the market; however, technically, the two ProForm bikes are the same bike in various color schemes with two distinct purchasing options (more on that later).

The Peloton Bike+ is the brand’s newest model, and it comes with a slew of additional features as well as a steeper $2,495 price tag. In this post, we’ll focus on the classic Peloton Bike to provide a more comparable contrast.

Peloton exercise bike

This workout bike is significantly less expensive than the Peloton Bike, but they have enough features that comparing the two could help you make a more informed decision.

What’s The Difference Between a Peloton Bike and a Proform Bike?

Peloton vs. ProForm?  Which wins out in this battle? It’s not so much a case of which wins out, but which is better for you. That is what we are going to aim to get at with this article, so you can make an informed decision.

Peloton Bike

Peloton Exercise Bike

The Peloton is spreading quickly thanks to its high-intensity workouts, luxurious aesthetic, and ability to leave riders dripping wet as if they were in a spin studio. The Peloton is more expensive than other bikes on the market, but it seeks to raise the bar with elite-level instructors and thousands of courses to choose from.

The Peloton is a cool new brand that is revolutionizing exercise. Peloton has made it possible for anyone to work out at their own pace indoors thanks to streaming video, tailored trainers, and an easy-to-use software. With no excuses or distractions, you can now follow your favorite workout teachers.

The key difference between a Proform bike and a Peloton bike is that the latter comes with an app that allows you to watch videos from experts on different topics while pedaling at your own pace. This enables you to learn new skills from experts in their fields while also burning calories.

1/ Cost – $2,100-$3,000 

The Peloton comes in at a higher price point than most bikes on the market but aims to set the bar high with luxury features. 

The Peloton will not only crank out an abundance of sweat and calories, but it also promises a state-of-the-art technology that will keep you motivated and entertained throughout every workout.  The Peloton delivers over 1,000 classes and 24/7 streaming video workouts to your home, including live spin classes taught by top instructors from NYC’s best studios. 

2/ Weight Capacity – 305lbs

The Peloton has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. 

A Proform bike can hold up to 250 pounds, while a Peloton bike can hold up to 300 pounds. Which is designed for users up to 6’2″ tall. This makes it easier to get on and off of the bike while also being able to do more weight on your upper body. 

3/ Only Peloton subscribers have access to the available programs

Peloton has a wide variety of programs you can choose from, limited only by your time and workout preference. The online community is a great way to add further motivation during your workouts. The Peloton comes in at a higher price point but makes up for it by providing access to thousands of workouts led by instructors from leading fitness studios.

The Peloton app delivers over 5,000 on-demand video classes, 24/7 via streaming video, including live spin classes. The Peloton Original+ is connected to the Peloton community where you can interact with fellow riders, track your progress and explore curated content for all skill levels. As you pedal and sync the machine with the app, you’ll be able to track everything from power output and cadence to heart rate and calories burned.

There’s also a virtual instructor that keeps you on pace while giving stats on how much resistance he or she is dialing up on your behalf.

4/ 54″ in height, 60″ in length, and 24″ in width

The Peloton Dimensions are slightly bigger than any other bike on the market, but it doesn’t have any other notable difference.

5/ Transmission Belt Drive Bike Drive System

The bike drive system is the heart of the bike which allows the rider to push their body to the limit during a workout. The Peloton’s bike Drive System is a transmission belt drive while the Proform’s bike Drive System is a flywheel system.

The Peloton bike uses a belt drive system, which gives you more power but makes it harder to change speeds quickly. This may be an important factor if you are beginner or don’t intend on doing lots of sprinting during your workouts.

The Proform bike also has a flywheel system that allows you to change resistance levels fast, but it doesn’t provide as much power as the belt drive setup from Peloton.

6/ 0-100 Max Sensitivity

The Peloton bike has more than enough resistance for any body type, but it is at a different resistance level than the Proform.

The Peloton maxes out at 100 percent while the Proform maxes out at 35%. This means that after you reach your full strength, the Peloton will not be able to give you any more resistance than what you started with. If you did not reach that full strength and need more of a challenge, then you will be able to get it with the Proform.

7/ Heart Rate Monitoring – Depends on the package

The Proform bike has a heart rate monitoring system that allows you to focus on your workout and see your progress. The Peloton does not have this feature!

The Peloton bike has a heart rate monitoring system connected to its display screen. If the Peloton is the best option for you, you will want to purchase one of their packages that include this technology.


  • Images are clearly displayed on a large screen.
  • Clip-in option for cycling shoes
  • Flywheel Elite trainers with fantastic music that are extremely smooth.


  • Price point that is higher
  • Dumbbells are not included in the package.
  • There is no fan in the display or a tray for the objects.

You can find Peloton gear size chart in this post

Proform Bike

Proform Exercise Bike

With black and yellow highlights, a rear magnetic flywheel, and slanted handlebars, this bike has a distinct look. This bike has a great design and is simple to put together for riders of all skill levels. You’ll appreciate the capabilities featured in the console’s Apps, as well as the way the bike simulates incline/decline by moving up and down physically. This bike is compact, but it is quite long, so it will take up some room in your home.

1/ Cost – under $1000 price range

The bike is on sale at some retailers for under $1000 however it is also available for purchase on Amazon where it is less expensive. Designed with advanced technology, this bike has a sleek design and an advanced console with Apps that are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. The black and yellow color scheme makes this bike look very stylish.

You won’t need any additional equipment to use the bike which makes it a great option for people with limited space. The computer console allows you to track time, distance, calories burned, pulse, speed, and resistance without ever having to stop pedaling or taking your hands off the handlebars. This console even allows you to watch TV or videos while working out.

2/ Weight Capacity – 250lbs

The Proform comes in two different sizes. As stated above, you can purchase the bike in one of two different sizes which are 20″ and 25″h. The bike comes with a 250lbs weight capacity. Meaning that you can pedal up to 250 pounds. You will need to purchase additional equipment in order to obtain your maximum weight capacity so there are many options available at different price points.

3/ Available Programs – iFit Coach membership only

The Proform bike is designed to be able to work with iFit Coach which is a free online program that allows you to track your workout, minutes, distance/time/calories burnt and more. There are a variety of Programs within the iFit Coach program so you can select from different Programs depending on what you are looking for. You can track calories burned, time spent on your bike, times when you get off the bike and so much more. 

You can even track your heart rate once you have set up your workouts within the iFit Coach app. This is a fantastic option if you do not have a gym membership or want to shift your focus to working out or competing in a sport.

4/ Dimensions – 52” height, 56.5” length, 21.9” width

This Proform bike is designed to be compact and portable. The bike is 52 inches in height and 56.5 inches in length which makes it very easy for people of different heights to use this bike comfortably. The bike only weighs 58 pounds so you can easily move it from one location to another if needed without too much effort.

5/ Bike Drive System – Belt Drive with Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

The bike uses an advanced drive system that allows you to pedal in the same direction that the handlebars are pointing. This is a unique design that helps to simulate incline and decline. The flywheel allows the bike to simulate incline and decline even while you are pedaling without disengaging the flywheel.

The console also tracks distance by showing your current speed, your current speed, the time elapsed, and even your distance traveled during your workout. You can easily keep track of all of these statistics with just one glance at the console-mounted above the handlebars.

6/ Max Resistance – 22

This bike offers a maximum resistance of 22 on each of the 3 different settings. The bike offers 10 levels of magnetic resistance on each setting so you can select from different intensities depending on what you are looking for. For beginner users, the lowest level option is perfect to start with while more advanced users will want to try the highest level option. The bike comes with pre-set programs that are designed to help you maximize your workouts by allowing you to simulate uphill climbs or downhill runs while still being able to track time, energy spent, and more.

7/ Monitoring of heart rate – No

The bike does not come equipped with an integrated heart rate monitor which was something that caught my attention.


  • Bike physically moves with incline/decline to simulate hills
  • The small, compact screen on the console
  • Sleek, modern design
  • More affordable price point compared to a Peloton bike


  • Turn-crank adjustment knobs take time to get used to
  • No tray for personal items such as your keys or phone

In Conclusion

Both of these bikes are excellent indoor solutions for users, with excellent design and appearance. When determining which of these bikes is ideal for you, consider the app’s features, your desire for a bike that moves, and the price. I’d start with the app quality because that’s what you’ll be using on a daily basis. You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you enjoy the workouts and are motivated to bike.

The Peloton is fantastic if you want to take studio-style sessions, but the Proform is the way to go if you prefer outdoor rides and want to see the world. The bike’s functions, as well as any unique features, should be considered. If you want to replicate hills or valleys, the Proform physically moves with the slope and decline, so this could be an interesting alternative for you.

The Peloton will satisfy you if you don’t mind the bike moving and enjoy a smooth, powerful ride. Finally, the price point is something to think about in terms of your budget and what you want to receive out of your new buy. Both motorcycles have incredible features, so it may come down to which one is the most affordable. My personal preference in terms of overall features and quality was the Peloton, but the Proform has a lower price point, a smaller frame, and the possibility to conduct hundreds of different rides all over the world.


Can you do Peloton on Proform?

The biggest difference here though is with the resistance settings and how it meshes with your streaming training sessions delivered by Peloton or iFit on the Proform. With Peloton, riders adjust their own resistance throughout the training session, whereas the resistance changes happen automatically on the Proform

Does the ProForm bike incline and decline?

With revolutionary 20 percent incline and decline capabilities-the Tour de France Series indoor cycles automatically adjust the incline and decline to simulate the actual landscape of your selected route. Now you can effectively train for any course, any destination, in any season.

Can you jailbreak peloton bike?

Some people are jailbreaking their Peloton stationary bikes to use the attached tablets for purposes other than what the company intended, like watching Netflix. Others are seemingly hacking the exercise bikes to artificially log impressive race times and shoot to the top of the service’s leaderboard rankings.

Does the Peloton screen work without a subscription?

On the screen, you will only get the Just Ride class for the live classes, and three more on the recorded classes. Though the classes are few, you will get gross metrics for your Just Ride class, which is more than enough without a subscription.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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