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5 Safest Ways To Get Paint Off Work Shoes






If you’re a painter, plumber, landscaper, or just a messy person in general, then you’ve probably experienced that sinking feeling when you realize your favorite work boots are covered in paint. Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long it will take for those stains to come out.

The paint on the boot can be a significant inconvenience and cause concern. Paint can damage the rubber of your work boots if it gets on them, leaving them unusable and in need of replacement after some time.

dirty painted shoes

We understand how inconvenient a stain on your expensive work boots, especially one caused by various paints, can be. But, unfortunately, if you attempt to remove it without the correct tools, your boot may be ruined.

Prepare To Get Paint Off

shoe cleaner tool

In order to increase your chances of removing paint from your work boots, there are a few procedures you must take beforehand:

Step 1: Determine the type of paint

Determine the type of paint that is on your boots. This will help you to determine what type of cleaners you will need to remove.

Step 2: Choose your cleaner

Select the right kind of cleaner by reading the labels on the cleaners’ bottles or cans to determine if they are safe for your particular paint type.

Step 3: Make an effort to remove as much paint off the boots as possible.

Most of the paint is removed by rubbing or wiping it off. If you are not removing the paint on the rubber, you’ll have to peel it off with your hands. But there are some materials that will be perfect for removing it from boots rubber.

You don’t want to scrape the leather and leave marks on it, so be as gentle as you can be.

Materials needed to get paint off work boots:

  • – Cooking or olive oil
  • – Vaseline
  • – Fingernail polish
  • – Alcohol
  • – Soap, water, and a scrub pad

5 Safest Ways To Get Paint Off Work Boots

Paint is not always easy to get off, but it’s always difficult to avoid accidentally getting it on one article of clothing or another. However, when you remove the paint from the rubber of work boots, you’ll find that it is possible to remove most of it. 

With a few tips, you can free your boots off the paint and get them looking as good as new again. 

There are a variety of techniques for removing paint off leather work boots.

Way 1: Using cooking or olive oil to remove paint from work boots (It is compatible with acrylic and oil paints) 

It is recommended that you use the olive oil or cooking oil procedure first since it not only removes paint but also reconditions the leather before proceeding with the rest of the process.

Before continuing with the remainder of the process, it is advised that you use the olive oil or cooking oil approach first. It will not only assist you in removing the paint from your boots, but it will also assist the leather in regaining its original appearance.

Step 1: Using a cotton swab or a tiny cloth, apply oil to the affected area.

Step 2: Apply oil to the troubled region using a cotton ball or a little cloth.

Step 3. Allow the oil to set on the paint for 5-10 minutes so that it can penetrate and loosen the paint.

Step 4: To permit the oil to dissolve and remove the paint,  leave it to sit on the paint for 5 minutes to10 minutes after it has been applied. 

Step 5: Once the oil has soaked in, take a blunt knife or a fingernail to gently scrape off the paint. Repeat this step until all the paint gets peeled off.

Step 6: When the oil seems to have had a chance to soak in, choose a dull knife or use a fingernail to slowly take the paint away. The process was repeated until all of the paint has been completely removed.

Step 7: Slowly wash the boot with soap and water and polish the shoe just in case the oil leaves a dark color on it

Step 8: Finally, rinse the boots with soapy water before polishing them once more to prevent the oil from creating a black stain on the boots after they have dried.

Way 2: Remove paint from work boots with Vaseline. (It is compatible with acrylic and oil paints)


Vaseline has a lot of benefits. Vaseline is another cheap and simple method to remove paint from a leather boot. With Vaseline, it’s safer to scrape paint off the boots with a finger.

Step 1: Take a finger and scoop out some Vaseline on it

Step 2: Put the finger on an unnoticeable portion of the boot and gently rub the Vaseline on it

Step 3: See if the paint comes off with little effort or not

Step 4: If you’re sure that the paint has been removed, remove any extra or unnecessary Vaseline from the shoe by polishing it.

Way 3: Remove paint from work boots with fingernail polish. (It is compatible with acrylic and oil paints)

If, after attempting to remove paint off work boots using olive oil and Vaseline, you still have paint on your work boots, you should use nail polish remover to clean them. It is the most usual approach; however, it should be the last since acetone damages leather.

Step 1: Take a cotton ball and dip it into nail polish remover

Step 2: Apply the acetone-soaked cotton to the paint splatters on the work boots with caution.

Step 3: Remove as much paint from the paint spot as you can by scraping the cotton swab against the paint spot with your index finger.

Way 4: Remove paint from work boots with alcohol. (It is compatible with acrylic and oil paints)

For removing paint from work boots, alcohol is the most effective material to use. As with nail polish, this works in the same way. However, there’s a good risk you’ll wind up damaging your work boots as a result of this.

Step 1: The alcohol should be used to clean cotton swabs or a piece of fabric

Step 2: Using gentle fingertips, dab it onto the paint surface.

Step 3: Remove the paint with a gentle wipe.

Way 5: Remove paint from work boots with soapy water and a brillo steel wool soap pad. (It is compatible with latex paint)

Soap cleaning shoe

Step 1: Take a brillo steel wool soap pad

Step 2: Put on some gloves

Step 2: Soak the work boots in warm water

Step 4: Take the brillo steel wool soap pad and gently clean any surface of your work boots with soap and water to remove paint splatters.

Step 5: Once you are sure that you have removed all the paint, wash it out with cold water and allow them to air dry outside.

Bring the Color Back with Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Once all the paint has been removed, you may want to try to bring the color back to your work boots. After removing all of the paint, I recommend that folks follow the steps below to ensure that their work boots appear as good as new:

Step 1: Use a cloth to remove the remaining swabbing solution.

Step 2: Make sure the boots are fully clean by washing them.

Step 3: Make sure the boots are completely dry and free of paint.

Step 4: Put on some shoe cream or waterproofing agent on your work boots using your fingers, then polish your boots using a brush or cloth.

Step 5: Allow your boots to air out for at least one hour before wearing them again.

Try these tips out and see which one works best for you!

Removing paint from a pair of work boots can be a challenging task, but it’s possible if you follow the tips and techniques I have provided above.

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How Many Types of Paint?

Types of paint are designed to come off of different materials in different ways. Acrylic paint, latex paint, and oil paint are the three varieties of paint now available on the market. Each type of paint requires its release agent. Therefore, not all cleaners are suitable for all three types of paints.

These three varieties of paint are easily removed using a few different methods.

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paints were designed to look like oil paintings but with a significantly faster drying time, a wonderfully thick viscosity, and a water-based foundation (in most cases nontoxic).

How to clean: Because acrylic paint dries quickly, it is best to remove stains while they are still wet. If it’s dry, dab a small amount of non-acetone-based cleaner on a sponge or washcloth and gently wipe the paint from your boots.

Latex paints

Latex Paint

Latex paints are the most common type of paint used today because of their versatility and ability to adhere to almost any surface. Therefore, it is often used for surfaces that need to be easily cleaned after the paint dries, such as walls.

How to clean: Latex paint may be removed with soap and water (latex paint is water-based)

Oil paint

Oil Paint

Oil paints are the most durable type of paint available. However, because oil paint does not dry quickly, it can be difficult to remove.

How to clean: It’s possible that you’ll have to remove the paint with alcohol.


What is the best way to remove paint off suede boots?

In almost every way, removing paint from leather and suede is similar. To remove oil-based paint off suede, you’ll need to do the following:

Essentially, it is the same as removing paint off leather boots; you will need to undertake the following steps to complete the task:

  • – Scrape away the excess with a gentle scrape.
  • – Make a soapy, lukewarm water solution.
  • – Apply only the foam to the paint with a sponge. After that, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  • – Using a sponge, apply just the soapy water to the paint surface. After that, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  • – Blot dry the area until it is completely dry before moving on to the polishing process.
  • How can you get spray paint off without destroying your shoes?

Spray paint has a chemical nature identical to conventional paint, and it may be removed using the same techniques.

  • – With a moist cloth, wipe off any spray paint that gets on the shoe.
  • – Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the spray paint off the shoes.
  • – If your paint has dried, dab a dry towel with paint thinner and gently smear the stains.
  • – If, for whatever reason, the paint has set, dab a dry towel with paint thinner and gently smear the stains.
  • – You can use turpentine oil or pure alcohol as solvents.
  • – You can use gum turpentine or clean alcohol as solvents.

How can you get epoxy out of your boots?

While normal paints are easier to remove, epoxy’s tenacity makes it tough. Epoxy is a paint with a high-gloss finish, and it is often used in footwear. 

Normal paints, on the other hand, are much simpler to remove, epoxy’s tenacity makes it tough. Epoxy is a paint with a high-gloss finish, and it is often used in footwear. 

The most appropriate way to remove epoxy paint is by using acetone, essential oils, or Klucel G. Make sure that you don’t get any of these products on the suede material of your footwear for proper results.

Can you spray paint your work boots?

Generally, spray paint cannot be used to apply on leather shoes. But there are some exceptions which you can use it. Spray paint with a primer is generally safe for leather creation. However, this should be used with caution as some solvents are not advisable for creative material.

Spray painting your work boots comes in two flavors. It’s entirely up to you to pick. There are two options:

  • – Using aerosol spray paint
  • – Paint in a spray gun: mix your own

Most folks can use canned spray paint easily. One reason is that it is easier to hold.

Making your own paint and applying it to a spray gun is another option for spray painting your boots. So you can try out the various paint possibilities.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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