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Top Petite Fashion Advice Ever






The truth is that as the average American’s size has continued to increase, so have clothing sizes. Moreover, manufacturers have been using fit models to “demonstrate” the greatest number of customers possible, and if you just fall beyond the “standard” size range of the fit models, such as 90 percent of the world’s population, you won’t be able to wear clothes off the rack. But don’t worry. This guide provides you with the best fashion advice for petite types.

Petites: Locate A Reputable Tailor

Locate A Reputable Tailor

However, not all ended up losing. You will be well on your own way to good fitting fashion if you make a great tailor. In reality, getting an item designed to suit you were a fairly popular clothing care process just before the 1970s. The majority of department stores provided free tailoring.

Good Clothing Brands For Petites

Asos website

You might also try dressing up Japanese and Parisian designers, whose clothes are cut a little smaller. Designers to consider include Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, ASOS, Kenzo, Issey Miyake, TSE, and Marini. These designers, apart from ASOS, are not cheap at all, so you will need to basically live at the local outlet store or on However, the clothing will beautifully fit you.

In addition, you can try Ann Taylor Loft and/or Ann Taylor, which can be just as expensive as purchasing designer clothing at an outlet store but aren’t well almost as stylish, and the Gap, which typically sells petite (and mostly tall) size and shape online. Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom all have petite stores with a wider choice online than in the shop.

You could also save lots of money and travel to Canada. Generally speaking, you can find petite fashion stores abound in Montreal’s Ste. Catherine neighborhood and Toronto’s Eaton Center.

Best Fashion Advice For Petite Body Shape

Embrace these 5 fashion tips for petite women


Choose high heels

Wearing shoes with at least a 2-inch heel will definitely help to lengthen your body (both your legs and torso).

An excellent tailor

A good tailor is a valuable addition to your wardrobe because she or he can really modify clothing to fit your shape. Further below, I will go over how to find a wonderful tailor.

Pants that are low-rise

In general, lower-waist pants will lengthen your torso. To create the effect that your legs look much longer, ensure that the hem of your pants completely covers your shoes.

Big hair

Desiree Akhavan with big hair

If you want to look taller, dressing your hair in a ponytail or a high bun will definitely help.

Option for vertical stripes

Basically, these vertical stripes make you appear taller and skinnier.

Avoid these four things for a stylish petite woman

Trimmed anything

Cropped jackets, tops, and pants will make your torso appear shorter.

Go for flats

These will not provide you with the extra height you require.

Long, unfocused skirts

These types of skirts will cover up your shape and then make you appear shorter. Cuff the skirt around three inches at, above, or below your knee.

Mini skirts

In general, mini skirts purchased off the rack will typically fall at an inconvenient length. So, make absolutely sure that your mini skirts are 3 inches at, above, or below your knee.

6 of The Top Brands For Petite Women

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

If you are looking for fluid fashions, Eileen Fisher will be a perfect place to shop for plus size petite women.

Forever 21

Forever 21 store

This store is not only for petite women, but you can also find lots of trendy clothes for smaller silhouettes. 


The clothing here is really stylish, bright, and reasonably priced (make absolutely sure to always shop when pieces are on sale). 


GAP store

GAP has a plethora of relaxed, petite pants choices, including crops, jeans, and many more.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

This is a wonderful stylish petite line from the famous classic American designer’s store.


In general, Loft is ideal for basics and work-appropriate separates.

3 Fashion Rules for Petites to Disobey

A lot of petite dressing myths and rules are as out of fashion as a pair of lycra stirrup trousers. Do you not believe me? Simply look at stylish ladies like Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Jessica Parker, who prove that rules are made to be broken. We have compiled a short list of ways to break those out-of-date petite fashion rules using these wonderful petite ladies as inspiration.

Color should not be worn by short women

Handbag for office

Dressing the very same color all the way from top and bottom lengthens your frame. Pick a color that actually complements your natural skin tone, and add accessories with pops of color, such as a purse or handbag and jewelry, to liven it up. Match the color of your shoes to your outfit as well. Putting on black shoes with black tights or pants can give the appearance of more length to your torso.

Wearing heels is the best way to look taller

Although heels add some height to your legs, it is better to pick a shorter height (around 1 to 2 inches) that makes you look taller but not off-balance. Too-high heels can really make you appear to be walking on stilts! Besides, you can wear wide leg or straight leg pants; just make sure they are long enough to cover the majority of your shoes to give the illusion of longer legs.

Avoid wearing long skirts

Long Pleated Skirt, Oversized Cardigan, Sneakers and Crossbody Bag

Mid-calf skirts should be avoided because they really make your legs look shorter and possibly plump. Ankle-length skirts, on the other hand, can be flattering on petites. Combine it with a shorter jacket to give the appearance of length. Dresses generally can be the best friend of a petite girl. So, if you choose the right style and length, the spotlight will be on your overall appearance rather than your height. Besides, a wrap dress is a safe bet since it emphasizes your figure while drawing attention away from your height.

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Steven Ta
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