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Joie Shoe Size Chart: Is Joie Really Worth It?






Joie’s designs are renowned for their unfettered beauty and subtle detailing. They are feminine, effortless, and chicly understated. Joie’s relaxed, cozy, and opulent designs complement the lifestyle of a sassy, fashion-forward woman, whether she is perusing a market in France or taking a vacation on the California coast.

A luxury lifestyle company called Joie offers a variety of apparel, from tops and dresses to jumpsuits and different bottoms. Shoes, jewelry, and perfumes are just a few they provide for sale.

Joie store
Joie store

For many years, celebrities have been big fans of the brand. Their products are sold in upscale shops and department stores, and numerous reputable media outlets, such as Vogue and InStyle, have reviewed Joie’s clothes. We will provide you with the complete Joie shoe size to choose the perfect pair of shoes for yourself.

Joie Shoe Size Chart

Joie loafers
Joie loafers

With pieces intended for the busy modern woman’s lifestyle, Joie’s shoes and clothing give an effortless femininity. The footwear and clothing lines by Joie exemplify carefree, organic beauty. The embodiment of polished contemporary charm, Joie shoes and other lifestyle-defining items can take women from the office to a night out. Simply measure your foot length and compare it with the conversion table below to find the right shoe size.

5 2 5 35 22 22.1
5.5 2.5 5.5 35.5 22.5 22.4
6 3 6 36 23 22.9
6.5 3.5 6.5 36.5 23.5 23.3
7 4 7 37 24 23.7
7.5 4.5 7.5 37.5 24.5 24.1
8 5 8 38 25 24.6
8.5 5.5 8.5 38.5 25.5 24.9
9 6 9 39 26 25.4
9.5 6.5 9.5 39.5 26.5 25.9
10 7 10 40 27 26.2
10.5 7.5 10.5 40.5 27.5 26.7
11 8 11 41 28 27.1

What Is The Joie Brand Famous For?

Joie Rucker and Sean Barron started the company Joie in 2001. Co-founder Rucker split with her clothes company of the same name shortly after in 2004, but the brand’s initial goal of fusing comfort and luxury has endured ever since.

They offer modern, independent women’s clothing that is stylish. The clothing from this brand pairs easily with anything in your closet and is both traditional and modern. They put a unique perspective on contemporary fashion by fusing femininity with historical elements.

The headquarters of Joie is situated in the heart of Los Angeles. Serge Azria, the brand’s creative director, wants to build on its success while pushing it to grow. Today, Joie is renowned for its elegant blouses made of premium materials like cashmere and silk.

The company even offers a Joie mask, available in plain or multicolored combinations, to keep up with the times.

Before going any further with our Joie clothes review, let’s look at some benefits of the company:

  • There is a breathtaking array of clothing options, including blouses, dresses, sweaters, coats, boots, shoes, sandals, and much more.
  • Their entire collection is expertly crafted from premium materials.
  • The business has been around for 20 years and is well-liked by celebrities.
  • They also provide substantial discounts and a large bargain area.
  • Joie provides shipping to other countries and has a 30-day return policy.
  • With Afterpay, you can make hassle-free payments for every stunning buy.

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing to Buy Women’s Shoes

Joie sneakers
Joie sneakers

Someone once said: “Choosing shoes is like choosing a lover.” Indeed, if you are not careful in choosing women’s shoes, you may encounter many unhappy cases with the ones you bought. A good pair of shoes should look good and fit you well. Take note of the following things to note to choose for yourself a pair of women’s shoes that are right for you!

Should you choose to buy shoes in the afternoon

Maybe you don’t know! Our foot size is not uniform throughout the day. Here’s the ideal time to try on new shoes. Normally, the foot size in the morning will be smaller than in the evening. So if you try on shoes in the morning, it feels like a good fit, but in the evening, it feels a bit tight, that’s why. Therefore, the best time for you to choose to buy yourself a beautiful pair of women’s shoes is in the evening.

Manual shoe inspection

If you just look at the shoes with your eyes, you will not be able to confirm that these beautiful women’s shoes are suitable for you. Don’t be afraid to use your hands to touch and feel your shoes’ inside and outside surfaces! Only using touch can you feel whether the material of your favorite women’s shoes is rough or soft, whether the material causes rubbing, causing your feet to be scratched or painful.

Do not choose to buy shoes that are too tight

Comfort is always a top priority when choosing to buy women’s shoes. However, many of you forget this problem while choosing to buy shoes. Just because they love a beautiful model of women’s shoes but run out of size, some people are ready to choose a smaller size. Or even some people, just because they are afraid of their shoes falling off their heels, decide to buy tight shoes. 

That’s not right! Because you will not be comfortable with a pair of women’s shoes that are too small or tight. Tight shoes are one of the main causes of pain and fatigue. So, always remember to choose the shoes when shopping online that are the best size for you!

Try on shoes before you buy

This is an extremely important note that you must not forget. If you have chosen a beautiful pair of women’s shoes that you feel like, ask the staff to get you a size that fits your feet and try them on before deciding to buy. A small tip for you is to try on shoes on a flat and hard floor to get the most accurate feel of the shoe.

Many stores will let you try on the shoes on carpeted floors to trick the sensation into making them feel softer. At this point, move to a non-carpeted floor to try on shoes! In addition, if you buy your high heels, you should choose the shoes with the height that best suits you. To choose the right height, you can refer here.

Just keep in mind the above four small things you can choose for yourself the most suitable women’s shoes. Don’t forget to enrich your shoe collection with high-quality women’s shoes!

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Is Joie Really Worth It?

Joie sandals
Joie sandals

The clothing line offers a wide variety, including active Joie new arrivals and outlet categories. The company is quite affordable, whether you’re seeking to splurge on new products or possibly save on expensive pieces through their promotions.

Joie has been around for a while, and there are various places to get them. They appear to have a positive history with patrons, including several celebrities.

The brand is more expensive but isn’t among the top designer names; therefore, it is unquestionably more affordable than traditional haute couture.

They wear sophisticated, current attire and accessories that also feature vintage and classic features. They are unquestionably considered essential wardrobe items because they go with almost everything.

You can rely on their clothing to stay in your closet for a while because it is durable and consistently comfy. Customers generally agree that they are worth the purchase.

Joie clothes review believes the brand is worthwhile if you’re looking for dependable, high-quality, and incredibly versatile apparel and accessories for all the above reasons.

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Who designed Joie?

Serge Azria, who has been this brand’s sole owner and creative director since 2007, is the brains behind it. Since then, he has transformed Joie into a dominant force in the modern garment industry.

What is the shipping policy at Joie?

This Joie apparel review is pleased to announce that the company offers to ship to other countries. By adjusting the location on their website to your current location, you can access it. Only online orders from abroad are accepted; phone orders are not accepted. All packages can be tracked, and shipping costs are computed at the time of purchase.

Does Joie fit true to size?

Sizes XXS through XL is available, according to the Joie sizing chart. Customers claim that the garment fits them fairly accurately. No significant concerns regarding inconsistent size have been made.

How do I give Joie back?

The firm is pleased to accept returns within 30 days of the purchase as long as the merchandise is in the same condition that you received it in. Check to see if all of the original tags are still there! This review of Joie apparel also points out that shipping costs are not refundable and that the business only accepts returns for items bought directly from their website. Lastly, “final sale” items cannot be returned.

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