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Moschino Shoe Size Chart: The Style of The Brand Moschino






Referring to Moschino, many people will immediately think of the famous fashion brand from Italy. Although this brand is not too popular, the bold thinking in its designs has made Moschino assert its position.

If you are a fan of perfume, then surely Moschino is no longer a strange brand. In addition to perfumes, accessories, and clothes, Moschino shoes are famous products, receiving high user reviews. Moschino shoes have unique designs and diverse color schemes with their characteristics, ensuring users are surprised when choosing.

Moschino store
Moschino store

Currently, Moschino launches many collections, with many diverse shoe models, to suit the needs and preferences of many users. Therefore, if you are looking to buy shoes, Moschino is a suggestion that you should not ignore. And to find the right shoe size, look at the size chart below.

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Moschino Shoe Size Chart For Men

Moschino men shoes
Moschino men shoes

Are you going to the official Moschino store to shop? You’ll enjoy your day or occasion if you or a loved one can find comfortable shoes. All you have to do is compare foot length measurements to the information from the size guide. The shoe sizing charts for Moschino are provided here to assist you in selecting the ideal items.

International standard Italian standard English standard French standard American standard Japanese standard Korean Feet length
39.0 39.0 5.0 39.0 6.0 24.0 24.0 24.0
39.5 39.5 5.5 39.5 6.5 24.5 24.5 24.5
40.0 40.0 6.0 40.0 7.0 25.0 25.0 25.0
40.5 40.5 6.5 40.5 7.5 25.5 25.5 25.5
41.0 41.0 7.0 41.0 8.0 26.0 26.0 26.0
41.5 41.5 7.5 41.5 8.5 26.5 26.5 26.5
42.0 43.0 8.0 42.0 9.0 27.0 27.0 27.0
42.5 42.5 8.5 42.5 9.5 27.5 27.5 27.5
43.0 43.0 9.0 43.0 10.0 28.0 28.0 28.0
43.5 43.5 9.5 43.5 10.5 28.5 28.5 28.5
44.0 44.0 10.0 44.0 11.0 29.0 29.0 29.0
44.5 44.5 10.5 44.5 11.5 29.5 29.5 29.5
45.0 45.0 11.0 45.0 12.0 30.0 30.0 30.0
45.5 45.5 11.5 45.5 12.5 30.5 30.5 30.5
46.0 46.0 12.0 46.0 13.0 31.0 31.0 31.0
46.5 46.5 12.5 46.5 13.5 31.5 31.5 31.5
47.0 47.0 13.0 47.0 14.0 32.0 32.0 32.0
47.5 47.5 13.5 47.5 14.5 32.5 32.5 32.5
48.0 48.0 14.0 48.0 15.0 33.0 33.0 33.0

Moschino Shoe Size Chart For Women

Moschino women shoes
Moschino women shoes

Jeremy Scott, a master at elevating the commonplace, is the undisputed ruler of fantasy-fulfilling fashion. Moschino combines irony, elegance, and luxury into one colossal neon bow. As you might anticipate, the collection of Moschino shoes for women is vibrant, daring, and stunning. Consider branded sandals, sparkling sneakers, and unusual heels.

International standard Italian standard English standard French standard American standard Japanese standard Korean Feet length
33.0 33.0   34.0 3.0 20.0 200.0 20.0
33.5 33.5 0.5 34.5 3.5 20.5 205.0 20.5
34.0 34.0 1.0 35.0 4.0 21.0 210.0 21.0
34.5 34.5 1.5 35.5 4.5 21.5 215.0 21.5
35.0 35.0 2.0 36.0 5.0 22.0 220.0 22.0
35.5 35.5 2.5 36.5 5.5 22.5 225.0 22.5
36.0 36.0 3.0 37.0 6.0 23.0 230.0 23.0
36.5 36.5 3.5 37.5 6.5 23.5 235.0 23.5
37.0 37.0 4.0 38.0 7.0 24.0 240.0 24.0
37.5 37.5 4.5 38.5 7.5 24.5 245.0 24.5
38.0 38.0 5.0 39.0 8.0 25.0 250.0 25.0
38.5 38.5 5.5 39.5 8.5 25.5 255.0 25.5
39.0 39.0 6.0 40.0 9.0 26.0 260.0 26.0
39.5 39.5 6.5 40.5 9.5 26.5 265.0 26.5
40.0 40.0 7.0 41.0 10.0 27.0 270.0 27.0
40.5 40.5 7.5 41.5 10.5 27.5 275.0 27.5
41.0 41.0 8.0 42.0 11.0 28.0 280.0 28.0
41.5 41.5 8.5 42.5 11.5 28.5 285.0 28.5
42.0 42.0 9.0 43.0 12.0 29.0 290.0 29.0
43.0 43.0 9.5 43.5 13.0 29.5 295.0 29.5

History of the Moschino Brand

Moschino brand
Moschino brand

Franco Moschino, the founder of Moschino, launched the Italian fashion label in 1983. Customers worldwide always prefer this brand’s products because of its “unruly” style and uniqueness compared to other high-end fashion brands.

It is known that the Moschino brand was born with the artistic love of a young designer from Italy. Since 1971, when designer Franco Moschino attended school, he has shown his natural talent when participating in the design of the Giorgio Armani brand. In 1983, he moved to work in Milan and created the Moschino brand by himself.

When it was founded, Moschino had a very romantic name – Moonshadow, which means moonlight. But no one expected; with that romantic name, the brand launched its first collection with the strong, bold breakthrough of jeans. Not stopping there, the 2nd collection was launched with extremely bold designs of lingerie, accessories, and shoes. Even so, it has attracted the attention of many fashionistas.

After the founder of Moschino passed away, his close friend Rossella Jardini inherited the previous brand heritage and brought great success. He rose to the position of Creative Director as soon as the brand merged with Aeffe Fashion Group – a famous fashion group. He maintains that style and produces many unique collections that make the world go crazy.

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The Unruly Moschino Brand

Thanks to the unique, bold style not to be confused with other high-end brands, the Moschino brand has enjoyed great success in the fashion industry. Founder Franco Moschino once told the public: “Don’t take clothes seriously; just have fun.” Maybe because of this founder’s “unprincipled” brand, the Moschino brand has become as unruly as it is today.

Not only that, but the Moschino brand also has funny and lovely points that few people know about. For example, in some of the brand’s fashion shows, row A seats for VIP guests will sometimes be changed to seats for teddy bears. Or invitation cards are napkins that have been cleverly wrapped in jade and cutlery. Another time, Moschino even carried the model in a small van and “conveniently” turned it into a fashion catwalk.

The Style of The Brand Moschino

Moschino shoes and bags
Moschino shoes and bags

It is because of the bold style and unruly designs that are bringing great success to the Moschino fashion brand. He once came up with a very interesting philosophy: “Don’t take clothes seriously; just have fun.” Perhaps it is because of the things that do not follow the rules, like doing their things, without the framework that has brought success like today.

It is possible to understand more about this unique fashion philosophy: for fashion, there is no need to have standards, no one has the right to set standards for beautiful foxes, and fashion is an irregular thing. Therefore, the Moschino brand has followed this philosophy until now. Another unruly feature of this fashion brand that few people know about is the humor and cuteness in some of the collection launches.

In addition to interesting points about fashion, the Moschino brand also has interesting things that surprise the whole world, such as:

– Moschino owns a large hotel building called Maison Moschino. Opened in 2010, this fairy-tale-like hotel is in the heart of Italy, Milan.

– Once the brand founder, Moschino criticized the two fashion empires that dominate the world, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. This resulted in the designer appearing in court for the first time. This incident once made the whole world “turn on its back” because it was too absurd and funny.

Moschino’s Main Brands

Moschino has three main brands famous for their wide range of products. Specifically:

Moschino Includes products for both men and women.
Moschino Cheap & Chic This brand offers products exclusively for women but at a much lower price.
Love Moschino Casual unisex fashion line adapted from Moschino Jean.

Besides, the Moschino brand also owns 12 special fragrances.

In particular, Moschino Cheap & Chic is the most successful because of its impressive, youthful, dynamic, and personalized designs. When first introduced to the international public, this product line made a strong impression with its personality and youthful and energetic style. In addition, the price of this product line is lower than the products of high-end brands. Therefore, it is very warmly welcomed by international customers.

Moreover, Moschino Cheap & Chic has more perfume products to please their customers. Although the general design of this product is childish and does not carry any luxury of a high-end brand, because of this specialty, Moschino Cheap & Chic is still the first choice of many people.

Most young girls love this brand line Moschino because of its youthful, dynamic, playful style and bold Italian stylish. Because of the breakthroughs in small details such as collars or belts, Moschino has brought a Cheap & Chic product with its special style.

Interesting Facts About The Fashion Brand Moschino

Moschino is one of the most famous fashion names in Italian and world fashion, with more than 150 boutiques around the globe. Moschino was founded in 1983 by designer Franco Moschino with the format of high fashion but close and easy to apply. Today, Moschino is famous for its playful collections that are always reminiscent of icons, including cosmetics and perfumes.

Pronunciation of “Moschino” original

Most English speakers pronounce this Italian brand ‘mo-shee-no’ or ‘muh-shee-no,’ but that’s wrong. The most accurate reading is ‘MO-SKEE-NO.’

Moschino always appreciates creative development in all circumstances

The current creative director, Jeremy Scott has always come up with creative products that are often quirky and ironic. One of the brand’s most famous fragrances is “Fresh Couture,” a bottle designed as household toiletries. But rest assured because surely the scent from this perfume solution will make you fall in love.

Weird fashion style

Their Spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection caused controversy and negative criticism because of its focus on lingerie. This collection is presented as a list of medical-related items, such as a box handbag that looks like a giant potion, and other items, such as a shoulder bag with a tablet design. One of the most controversial items was the clutch bag that looked like a giant pills blister.

Although controversial, the collection’s tagline “Just say Moschino” has created an icon in the world fashion industry. The Spring 2017 ready-to-wear campaign is an anti-aging public health campaign encouraging people to say no to stimulant drugs. But the amount of negative press and criticism forced the brand to stop offering most campaign-related items in stores.

Fashion comes from weird things

Arguably; the brand has a quirky sense of humor. Did you know that Moschino can turn trash into high fashion?

In 2017, Moschino released the ‘Cardboard Couture’ collection, inspired by cardboard and cardboard packaging. Fashion is designed from discarded items, also known as garbage, skillfully tied together with adhesive tape; almost all the ingredients for making clothes are found in the trash.

Some of the most memorable outfits include a bubble wrap, a miniskirt, a dress with a shower curtain, an outfit made from old Moschino commercials, a bike wheel hat, a paper box hat, and lots more junk-inspired visuals.

Moschino and love with Candy Crush

Moschino created a collection for the 5th anniversary of Candy Crush Saga – it’s a video game. This collection includes bathing suits, bags, and phone cases.

Moschino once said, “as someone who was inspired by pop culture, it was only a matter of time until I played Candy Crush.” He thinks the only thing he likes besides playing video games is wearing it like a costume.

Moschino Hotel

Moschino has a design hotel in Milan, Italy. The fashion house has collaborated with Stefano Ugolini (one of the best hotel designers in the world).

Although the outside shape is nothing special, the interior design is still a fairy tale – which is the trademark of Moschino. This mythical hotel will transport you to a world of creative and fairy-tale fashion.

There are 65 rooms in the hotel, and each room has its own story. When entering, you will be surprised and transform into the movie “Alice in Wonderland.” Some magical fairy designs like a tutu lamp, bare origami, and a bed in an evening dress.

From fashion to furniture

In 2017, Moschino partnered with Gothram, a furniture manufacturer. As everyone knows, Moschino will never do anything boring. Their furniture line includes a biker jacket-shaped cabinet (inspired by Moschino’s iconic cycling bag), a red lip-shaped chair with a gold zipper, and high heels ( one is a bookshelf, and the other is an ottoman).

Passion for dolls

The brand has partnered with a toy company, Mattel, to create a Barbie collection by designer Moschino. One of the doll collections also features Barbie in a black velvet dress with graffiti, while the Ken doll wears a matching multicolored outfit. This set is a rendition of the bands of Jeremy Scott and Stella Maxwell at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Moschino also has a Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear Collection entirely inspired by Barbie. “Like every gay girl and boy, I love Barbie,” Scott said backstage, wearing a “Moschino for five and up” t-shirt. Moschino and his associates have always wanted to bring everyone joy.

Helmets also become fashion products

For many years, Moschino has always encouraged the bicycle industry. In 2007 they introduced their first Moschino helmet collection in collaboration with Max Helmets. The line includes black, white, silver, and gold helmets with the recognizable Moschino logo. With Moschino, anything can become fashionable, from small to great things.

Moschino’s philosophy

Jeremy Scott believes that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously – it should be fun and shows off your personality!

“There are so many special things in the world; I just choose not to be one of them. Fashion is the ultimate luxury – I mean, you don’t need it – because it has to bring you joy and make you happy.” said the creative director. He doesn’t like people being too reverent about fashion because sometimes it makes you different and you lose yourself. Use your style; fashion will bring you joy and enhance your spiritual value.


Are Moschino shoes made of genuine leather?

Even though it features fashionable designs. It should not come as a surprise since synthetic bag materials, less expensive than genuine leather, are well known to be used in Love Moschino clothing. It is advertised as constructed of vegan materials but not genuine leather.

What makes Moschino so favored?

Italian high-end luxury fashion label K Moschino is well-known for its wildly colorful, outlandish, and frequently made using strange material designs.

Are Italian shoes of high quality?

The best shoes in the world are widely thought to be Italian-made. Italian shoes are renowned for their handcrafted leather, fine stitching, durability, and elegance. Italy has a long tanning leather history and is also passionate about making shoes.

How do shoes by Moschino fit?

If you’re in between sizes, I suggest choosing the larger one because they fit snugly and perfectly. Ensuring you obtain the correct size is important because the footbed is molded to match your toes. Otherwise, it could feel a little uncomfortable.

Who is the brand’s owner?

Moschino S.p.A. AEFFE S.p.A. owns the Moschino brand and purchased the business in 1999 after serving as a licensor of the company since the brand’s introduction in 1983. The brand is sold in 86 nations and stores in the world’s major fashion hubs.

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