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Natural Clothing Personality: An Ultimate Guide On Styling






Do you prefer to appear unhurried and uncomplicated? Do you prefer a casual style that is comfy while still looking put-together and elegant? Then you most likely have a natural clothing personality.

A lot of people tend to have one dominant style personality, but they will also correspond to other styles.

You could really create a look that is distinctive to you by blending your dominant clothing personality with your supplementary clothing personality.

So, What Are the Characteristics of a Natural Clothing Personality?

Natural Clothing
  • You adore the quality and feel of natural fabrics

You are not a fan of fast fashion made of man-made materials such as polyester. On the other hand, you prefer fewer items made of cashmere, wool, silk, linen, suede, and leather.

  • You Are Attracted To Nature’s Colors

You are highly improbable to use primary colors or black. Denim blues, and green, and autumnal tints are likely to be your favorites – colors found in nature.

  • You place a high value on comfort

You would like pieces that are easy to wear and made of comfortable fabrics that allow you to move comfortably and freely.

  • You Are Not Interested in Following Fashion Trends

However, you might incorporate the occasional current trend into your existing closet to keep it up to date. It is really critical that the pieces you purchase are classic enough to last for several seasons.

  • You Certainly Prefer Flat, Comfy Shoes Over High Heels

Flat shoes’ comfortable yet fashionable vibe is just perfect for the natural clothing personality.

  • You Value Low-Maintenance Hair and Beauty Routine

You really would like to look beautiful, but you wouldn’t want to spend hours getting ready in front of the full mirror or in the bathroom.

Normal Style Capsule for the Natural Clothing Personality

If any of this resounds to you, then the following guide will be a tremendous resource for you, especially if you are looking to pair together with a closet that you can easily mix and match to quickly put together outfits to satisfy your natural clothing personality.

These important items will definitely allow you to create extremely casual looks. Having said that, you could also enhance your natural style by wearing more structured scarves, jackets, blazers, boots, and shoes.

Let’s delve into it by taking a look at a few of the individual garments, shoes, sneakers, and accessories you can simply use to put together a natural clothing personality wardrobe.

Tops for Natural Style 

Boyfriend Jeans with a Plain White Tee

You should have a collection of tees and shirts that can be either dressed down or dressed up with smarter items. You should also be able to put together a variety of outfits with denim shirts, classic white shirts, tunics, neutral tees, check pieces, as well as long cardigans.

When it comes to dressing up your appearance, the classic white shirt and blazer combo is a must-have. To dress down, opt for a t-shirt, jeans, a pair of casual sneakers, or a double-denim style.

Cardigans and Sweaters for Natural Style 

Cardigans and Sweaters for Natural Style

You tend to favor draped styles that just don’t constrain you as a natural clothing personality. Wearing a long, loose-fitting sweater over your attire can really help to tie your outfit together, warm you up, and make long and toned lines.

Coats and Jackets for Natural Style

Jackets for Natural Style

You will not want anything too picky if you do have a natural clothing personality, as opposed to an urban/street personality, which likes to try out various styles. Stick to natural, iconic styles like a denim jacket, a classic trench coat, a blazer, and a neutral-colored moto jacket.

The denim and leather items will complement the majority of your wardrobe, whereas the blazer would then enable you to add a clever touch where needed. Whenever you want to dress up your casual looks, just throw on a blazer over a neutral or white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Adding several customized items to your casual wardrobe will absolutely make sure that you can dress for any occasion.

Jeans and Pants for Natural Style

Boyfriend jeans

You most likely prefer pants to skirts and dresses. Pants are purely easier to move in and make you feel much more confident. Focus on finding some well-fitting jeans, combat pants, or chinos, as well as some linen pants for hotter seasons. Choose styles that will not date, such as boyfriend and bootcut, and that you can wear with either heels or casual shoes to give your wardrobe flexibility.

Casual Skirts and Dresses for Natural Style

Sleeveless Tie Front Blouse With Lace Midi Skirts And Loafers

Sometimes you are likely to prefer pants, but you should still have some dresses and skirts in your wardrobe that you feel more comfortable in. A shirt dress, for example, will quickly take you from day to night, whereas a wrap style will flatter every body type and enable you to feel at ease while also being appropriate for day or nightwear.

For instance, you may dress up a wrap dress with sandals on holiday, or you might wear a pair of booties or heeled sandals on a night out. In terms of casual skirts for a natural clothing personality, choosing natural, entirely timeless pieces like a denim skirt and linen items means you will be able to dress them up for a lot of seasons to come.

Since you don’t really like to spend lots of time shopping, it is especially essential for the natural clothing personality to choose pieces that will be in style for a long period of time.

Shoes for Natural Style 

Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

As a person with a natural sense of style, you place a high value on comfort. You don’t want to suffer just to be fashionable! While you enjoy looking fashionable, you despise feeling constrained. As a result, you should build a shoe collection that includes more low heels, wedges, and flats instead of high heels, which are more likely to sit unutilized at the bottom of your wardrobe.

What’s more, white sneakers will match everything, whereas a pair of natural tan sandals are ideal for weekend getaways and hot temperatures. Even if you do select heels, you do not have to wear formal shoes. For example, a pair of boots will update your appearance, while heeled sandals would also be perfect for the evening.

Accessories for Natural Style 

wearing scarf and cap
wearing scarf and cap

You dislike adorning yourself with a lot of jewelry. If you really do wear anything, it is likely to be very delicate – maybe a watch and a pair of dangly earrings. Scarves will also be your best accessory friend as they can really dress up even the most streetwear of looks. Pick a few scarves that will tie together the color schemes in your wardrobe. So you can pair it with anything such as a blazer or just a leather moto jacket. In terms of bags, you’re most likely to favor a crossbody style that allows you to keep your hands off the wheel.

However, add a clutch bag to your night wardrobe because you will not want to be carrying a big bag around with you at dinner parties and events.

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Steven Ta
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