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Outfits For Inverted Triangle Body Shape 






Fashion is something that is about much more than getting excellent style and taste. It is also about balancing shapes. Understanding your body shape and the clothing styles that highlight your best attributes can make a huge difference. So, if you do have an inverted triangle body, continue reading this helpful guide.

So, What Is Exactly An Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

Inverted Triangle Body

Generally speaking, women having an inverted triangle body usually have shoulders that are wider than their hips and little to no midsection definition. In addition, their body is shaped like a “V,” and their shoulders can be athletic, squared, or straight.

Characteristics of inverted triangle body shape

  • The shoulder blades are strikingly broader than the hip line.
  • Shoulders can be squared, straight, or muscular.
  • The size of the bust could vary from small to large.
  • There is little to no midsection definition.
  • When compared to wide shoulders, the hips appear flat and straight.
  • The bottom is relatively flat.
  • This type of body shape is frequently associated with great legs.
  • Body shape conveys an athletic or sporty appearance.

Other tendencies of body shape

  • It is hard to characterize your body into one of the ”standard” body shapes. Be open to the possibility of a supplementary body shape:
  • If you do have a big bust and a lot of weight around your midsection, you are an apple shape.
  • If you have mild curves, you tend to have an hourglass shape.
  • If you do have a lot of weight or a robust bone structure or shape around your hips, you are more likely to be a rectangle shape.
  • If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you tend to have a pear shape.

Do’s and Don’ts for those with Inverted Triangle Body

Red Bodycon Midi Dress 
outfit for Inverted Triangle Body Shape


  • Dress in a way that actually balances out your wide shoulders.
  • Create the appearance of a defined waist.
  • Make your legs the focal point of your outfit.
  • Pick styles that elongate the leg and hip lines.


  • Wearing clothes that add volume to the shoulders is not a good idea.
  • Wearing straight and broad necklines are not recommended.
  • Avoid wearing patterns with a lot of detail around the shoulders and neck.
  • Wearing tight pants and a hemline that is too short is not acceptable.

How to Style the Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

Because of the broad shoulder line, the inverted triangle body shape tends to be bulkier on top.

The primary objective of dressing this body shape is to achieve a balanced shape by balancing the wider back, chest, shoulders with the narrower lower body.

This is accomplished by wearing clothes that offer extra curves to the bottom and hips while generating a smaller waist and emphasizing the lower body, and de-emphasizing the upper body.

Make the shoulder line softer

  • Relax the shoulder line.
  • Decrease the width of your shoulders by attempting to play them down and trying to balance them with your narrower hips.
  • Weighty, layering and soft fabrics can be used to soften the wide shoulder line.
  • Prevent broad necklines that elongate the shoulders, as well as other prominent shoulder details (such as shoulder pads)
  • Avoid patterns on scarves and tops around your shoulders and neck.
  • Maintain an unadorned and clean upper body.

Form curves all around your hips

  • Start making your bottom and hips appear curvier as well as your shoulders smaller by adding interest and volume to them.
  • With midsection details, you can give an effect of a waist.
  • To broaden the hips, wear clothes that add the amount to the lower body.
  • Dress brighter, lighter colors or add details to call attention to your beautiful legs.
  • Avoid tight and skinny trousers, along with hemlines that are thin and visually decrease the lower body.

Tops for Inverted Triangle Body Shape



Generally speaking, sleeves, such as necklines, could perhaps make the upper body look skinnier. To stop adding mass to your shoulders, choose tapered, tight-fitted sleeves if the sleeve is kind of short. Cutouts, shoulder slits, and dropped shoulder points all help to skinny the shoulders.

In the case of long sleeves, the contrary is happening: to add volume all over your hips, choose soft, flared sleeves like dolman, kimono, or raglan sleeves.

Broad straps are preferable to thin straps because they make the shoulders appear broader and larger.

Avoid excessive detailing, such as buttons all over the shoulders. The puffed sleeves also draw attention to the broad shoulders.


V Neck dress

The ideal neckline for anyone with an inverted triangle body shape minimizes the broad bust and shoulders. In general, necklines should be thin and long in order to visually decrease the thickness of the upper body. Narrow and deep scoops, as well as V- or U-necklines, are ideal.

Vertically, asymmetric designs usually help to break up the breast. Halter necks can also help to lengthen your shape if you do have a small chest.

Ignore low and broad necklines, such as off-the-shoulder, Sabrina, square, and bateau styles, which widen the shoulder line.

T-Shirts, Shirts, and Other Tops

Tank Tops And Cargo Pants

Basically, shirts for the inverted triangle body shape might also highlight the waist while downplaying the upper body and wide shoulders. Hip layering, simple straight lines, waist splits, or wrap-style tops all look awesome.

Search for shirts that flicker from the midsection to the hips to create the effect of shape to add some kind of volume to the hip region. Besides, tops should enlarge beyond the hip line to draw attention away from the wide shoulders.

To lessen the wide upper body, choose shirts in darker shades than your bottoms and maintain shirts collarless or with extremely small collars.

Forgo cropped shirts that usually end at the midsection, as well as details or adornments on the upper body and shoulders.


Knit Cardigans

Because knitwear seems to add some kind of volume to the upper body (particularly bulkier, thicker styles), slim-fitting and straight-cut jumpers with a good measurement are the best choices for the inverted triangle body shape.

Forgo horizontal stripes and boxy knitwear that adds some kind of bulk to your shoulders. Also, avoid details and adornments near the décolletage, shoulders, and necklines.


Ugg boots with a long coat

Basically, coats for people with an inverted triangle body shape must add volume all around hips while also creating a midsection. Coats must also flare right at the hip line to add volume to the lower body and the hip.

Details near the hips are also great for adding volume and attention to the hips.

Coats that are either nipped or belted at the waist will also give the appearance of a smaller waist. For a slim-fitting illusion, choose darker-colored coats.

Shoulder pads, double-breasted, and large lapels coats are examples of details and embroideries to avoid around and on the shoulders. If you choose a trench coat, make sure it does not have epaulets that attract attention to your wide shoulders. Also, avoid large collars that will add volume and attention to your upper body.


Cropped Leather Jacket

Generally speaking, jackets for people with an inverted triangle body shape should emphasize the waist while downplaying the upper body and shoulder.

Straight cuts or other styles with midsection definition that flicker out at the midsection are the always best choices. Jackets with belted or nipped waists and dissected, fluid lines soften the figure.

Pockets and other specifics underneath the waist are excellent for adding volume and attention to the hips. Single-breasted jackets are also preferable to double-breasted jackets because they add way too much volume to your upper body.

In order to balance out the broad shoulders, jackets must enlarge beyond the hip line area. For a slim-fitting illusion on the upper body, they are always the best in a dark shade.

Also, forgo double-breasted buttoning, large collars, shoulder pads, and adornments such as epaulets, which will make your wide shoulders look even far wider. Avoid tailored or structured jackets and cropped jackets with slimming bottoms as well.



Black Lace Tops with Short Sleeves with White High-Waisted Mini Skirt

When it comes to shorts for inverted triangle body types, they should add dimension to the hips and lower body areas.

Printed, baggy, and wide shorts are excellent choices. These will be balanced by the body’s wider shoulders.

Shorts with fuller legs and pleats will add thickness to the hips. Short jeans look great when the legs are rolled up.

Avoid tight-fitting, small shorts in dark colors, which will de-emphasize your bottoms and hips and make you appear top-heavy.


Boyfriend jeans

To make the shoulders appear narrower, jeans must add volume to the hips and bottom areas.

To give the effect of shape, any style that is flaring from the knee is ideal, such as baggy, wide, boyfriend style, and bootleg jeans. Straight and slim fits are also acceptable as long as there is some kind of detail.

Any jeans with details all around the thigh, bottom, and hip areas, such as front pockets, back pockets, rips, different washes, distressing, and embroideries, are great for drawing the eye straight down. To take attention away from your wide shoulders, wear jeans that are lighter and brighter in shade than your tops.

Avoid darker colors, simple styles, and skinny jeans because they detract attention from your hips and legs.


Wear hat with pants

The inverted triangle looks fantastic in any style that emphasizes and adds volume to the leg line and bottom.

Examples include harem pants, culottes, flares, turn-ups, palazzo, combat, baggy trousers, and wide legs.

To bring more awareness to your legs, wear trousers in light or bright colors. Add embroideries and pockets on the front or back of the pockets, prints, and patterns to add volume to the hip areas.

Cigarette-style and straight trousers will balance out your shape far better than skinny fits if you really want to dress in more slim-fitted pants.


Deep V Neck Off The Shoulder Midi Dress
Deep V Neck Off The Shoulder Midi Dress

The ideal dress for an inverted triangle body shape really adds dimension to the hips area to balance your shoulders. You should find dresses that typically flare from the midsection or hips to get this appearance. A-line styles and shift dresses with simple and straight lines are ideal.

Lighter and brighter colors, pleats, and patterns on the lower part of the dress would definitely bring the eye slightly downward and away from your shoulders.

If you choose belted or nipped dresses, you could also define your midsection.

Strapless dresses are an excellent way to show off your shoulders. However, always ensure to balance them out by adding dimension to your hips.

Avoid any type of dresses that draw attention to the shoulder and upper body areas, either through the upper body details or the wrong neckline. Also, avoid dresses that are fitted at the bottom area and do not add dimensions to the hips.


Belted Pencil Skirts

Skirts must add dimension to the hips area and balance out your shoulders. Any style of skirts that flares from the hips area and/or creates visual thickness to the hips is ideal for an inverted triangle body type. Tulip. Bias-cut, A-line, full, ballerina, or straight skirts are ideal. Dropped, volume, or tiered waistlines also work perfectly for inverted triangle body shapes.

Vertical lines, box pleats, or panels at the top that end in a full skirt are great details to add interest and volume to the hip area.

Selecting skirts with patterns, horizontal stripes, and bright colors is also another great way to bring lots of attention to your lower body. They must also be brighter or lighter than your top body.

Skirt lengths range from really short and flared to flowing and extremely long.

Avoid skirts that cuddle the hips area and visually draw them in.

Playsuits and Jumpsuits  


If you are an inverted triangle, playsuits and jumpsuits are always your great buddies since your wide shoulders allow the garments to fall beautifully down your shape. The only thing you have to make sure is that the broad shoulders are balanced with the lower body.

This is accomplished by directing the eye downward and definitely away from your wide shoulders. A deep V-neck, for example, compliments the décolletage while concealing the bust. A wide leg and a defined midsection, on the flip side, will balance out your silhouette, while details all around the midsection, for example, a belt, will visually attract it in.

A lighter color, details, and patterns on the lower body will also help detract attention from your upper body.

Details, embroideries, and ruffles on the upper body should be avoided. Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants to draw attention away from the wider shoulders.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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