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Diamond Face Shape: A Comprehensive Guide on Hairstyle and Makeup 






Although you can undoubtedly style your makeup and hair any way you want, it can be beneficial to depend on techniques that better suit your body shape. However, deciding your face shape could really be an infuriatingly complex task. Many people have a combination of the two shapes, so how do you tell if your face is more rectangular or ovular? Is it a heart, a square, or a diamond?

For instance, if you have a diamond face shape (or believe you do but are not certain), you do have come to the right place. We will guide you with the best makeup and hairstyle tips for diamond faces.  

How to Recognize if You Have a Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Shape Face

Generally speaking, diamond face shapes are really bony. In particular, if you have a pointed chin and high cheekbones, your face is more likely diamond. It is frequently confused with heart face shapes because they both have that iconic pointed chin. So, what is the distinction? Diamond face shapes typically have a narrow hairline and jawline, whereas heart face shapes usually have a narrower jawline but a far broader forehead.

To put it another way, if your cheekbones are the broadest element on your face, and your chin and forehead are both narrow, you most likely have a diamond face shape.

Hairstyle and Makeup Tips for Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shapes are all about adding width to narrower areas and emphasizing those inherently high bone structures. Both hairstyle and makeup tips can work, and we have compiled a list of them below: 

Add texture 

O’Connor recommends textured, medium-to-long layers to tone down those edges or an asymmetrical or choppy layered pixie if you have short hair. She also said that other types of haircuts, including curl, wave, and bounce, would effectively loosen and tone down those shapes enormously.

Option for softly arched brows

softly arched brows

As a general rule of thumb, you must not tamper with your natural brow form too much for fear that you end up with pencil-thin brows. You can, nevertheless, slightly change them to fit a specific shape. In particular, brow experts suggest a medium or soft arched brow to balance out those angular characteristics. A sharp peak will only underscore the narrower hairline and might appear triangular.

To highlight the cheekbones, apply a pearly makeup

highlight the cheekbones, apply a pearly makeup

Diamond face shapes have naturally high cheekbones. So, you can underscore them even more by applying makeup in a “C” form from the shrines inward. A product development manager at the beauty retail chain Credo, Alexandra Compton, once said that try to apply a salient makeup with additional jewels that will create a light effect on the highest part of your cheekbone if you do want to underscore your cheekbones. 

Side parts will be your best mate

Diamond face shapes and side parts go well together because the style lightens the look and adds width to the hairline and jawline as well. Celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis earlier told mbg about splitting the hair that a helpful tip is to begin the slit at the dome of your brow. Having said that, you can completely choose a more profound side part to add even more drama. Angled sides (a side part that continues diagonal direction toward the center of the head) are also very attractive for this type of face shape, as they add thickness at the hairline.

If you have a diligent center part and want to flip it to the side, you might have to use stylers and hair clips to keep the poofy hair at bay.

Try with your bangs

Bangs hairstyle

Francis explains that side-swept bangs could really loosen up angle diamond characteristics in the same way that side parts could. Curtain bangs could also cover up a narrower hairline, and baby bangs could also shorten the face while highlighting those purely high cheekbones. 

Highlighter should be carefully placed on the brow

Highlighter should be carefully placed on the brow

As Compton suggests, apply your blusher to the highest part of your cheekbones (if you really want to emphasize them), since this adds a lot of light effects while improving them even more.

Because diamond face shapes typically have a narrower hairline, you could really showcase the midpoint of the forehead among your brows to draw attention to the area. However, remember to blend well and avoid going over the top with the shimmer because it can look oily. 

Use bronzer to draw attention to the cheekbones or to add volume to your face

With blusher, you have two options: stylize the face or generate fullness. Diamond face shapes should draw a curved line underneath the cheekbones. Buff the blusher upward while combining the line to make it accurate and clear. 

Bronzer can also be used to shorten the face. Simply swipe the blusher in both areas to concentrate the attention center to develop a reflection on the lengthiest areas of your face (for diamond face shapes, it is the bottom part of your chin and the top part of your forehead).

The Key Takeaway

For all of our diamond face shape mates: There are numerous makeup and hairstyle tricks available to improve your high cheekbones and lighten angles. Use these suggestions as a guide, or simply go about your regular beauty routine. Ultimately, it is your face, and you understand what makes you look and feel your finest.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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