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Jump Rope: Perfect Workout To Lose Weight






One of the easiest ways to work out is jump roping. Jump roping is a perfect workout to lose weight without having to worry about going to the gym or any other difficult activities. Jump roping can be done inside or outside, and it is a lot safer than other activities such as running.

Aside from weight loss, jump roping helps to strengthen your core muscles and increase your muscle endurance. It is also a low-impact activity which means it won’t make you injured.

Jump Rope Workouts for Effective Burning Fat

Jump Rope workout

For an effective jump roping workout, you must make sure that it is high-intensity. If you are doing jump roping simply to lose weight and not push yourself, you will not be able to burn fat effectively or increase your muscle endurance. To do a high-intensity jump roping workout, you must jump rope at a much faster pace. Jump rope for one or two minutes and then take a break to accomplish this.

If you’re in good shape, you can add weights to your jump roping routine to make it more challenging. It is also essential that you aim to burn as many calories as possible when doing a high-intensity jump roping workout.

Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

Jump Roping for burn fat

When you first start jump roping, here are some simple workouts you can do.

  1. Three basic jumps per rope length (i.e., 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet)
  2. Two high knees during each jump (do not do in the same spot on both sides. Use opposite sides)
  3. Repeat the above steps 2-3 times for each rope length. You can go incrementally longer (i.e., 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet), but make sure you keep track of your progress to improve.

Guide For Beginners

Being a beginner, it is not easy to jump rope at first. It takes practice to get the perfect jumping motion. The first thing you need to learn is how to rope. Most jump rope workouts include jump roping, where you will alternate between right and left foot and then hold the position for a few seconds. You will also repeat it on both sides but at a faster pace.

If you are experienced, jumping rope can be done right away, but if it is your first time, here are some important points that you should avoid.

Warm-up before a workout

Warm up exercises

Full-on jump roping without warming up is indeed an injury waiting to happen. However, this will help to prevent injuries and help you focus more on the workout itself. This warm-up should include a few minutes of jogging and stretching. It may sound like fun, but you should still be serious about it to get the most out of it.

Don’t wear tight shoes and wear heavy clothing

Wear tight Lacoste shoes

Don’t wear tight shoes while doing jump roping. It may serve as an excuse to avoid getting your feet sore from jumping rope, but it can lead to you losing control and falling. Don’t wear heavy clothing while jumping rope, either. It would only serve as a weight, and you would usually have to remove something or wrap the towel around your waist or hold a trekking pole to support yourself will be needed.

Avoid heavy exercise

Heavy exercises

Avoid stretching and doing other calisthenic exercises before jumping rope. This can actually cause injuries and may also injure your knees and other joints while you jump rope. Also, don’t do other exercises after your jump roping. It is going to be hard to control the jumping rope once you get exhausted, and this is not a good idea during an intense jump roping session.

Try mixing it up to get the most out of your workout; you should focus on different types of jump roping drills. You can start withholding your hands in front, then switch to one side and continue on both sides, so it will be harder and take longer to complete around. 

Strategies For Effective Jump Rope Workout for Weight loss

Jumping rope at a high-intensity interval training

Jumping rope at a high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

The interval training will add in intensity and add variety. If you want to add in variety, try doing the above workout using three jumps per rope length. The different moves will add variety and agility, which can help you to increase your speed. Jump roping is an excellent exercise for beginners and anyone who wants to lose weight.

Hitting jumps

When doing jump rope, hit each jump at a high-intensity level rather than just jumping over the rope and not making contact with it. This will make the jump more difficult and increase your muscle endurance.

Jacking up the intensity

When doing jump rope, do not be afraid to jack up the intensity. It is only a piece of rope, and the length of it will not make a big difference in intensity level. When starting out, just aim for each jump to be perfect and continuously focus on hitting them at a high level of intensity until you get comfortable with it.

Jump rope and weights

The perfect jump rope workout for fat burning would be to do the above jump roping workout and then add weights to your rope. You can hold the dumbbell in each hand as you go. As you push off each time, the weight will hit the center of your body, both vertically and horizontally. This will increase the intensity and improve endurance as well as burn those extra calories.

The Long Haul

This is not just a jump roping workout but will add in endurance and stamina for future workouts. The long haul will help you build more stamina by continually jumping rope until you can no longer. You can set a time limit or just keep jumping until your muscles give out on you. This will also help to jack up the intensity and improve muscle endurance and coordination during jump rope training.

6 Jump Rope Tricks

Single hop

You will start by jumping rope in the same place then you will do a single hop before landing. This is good for practicing your balance. You can try it with your feet together or split together.

Reverse hop

It requires you to jump over the rope with your right foot and then your left foot in reverse order before landing on your feet. To make this more challenging, adjust the height allowed for hopping, making it harder to jump over the rope instead of jumping around it. 

Double hop

Instead of hopping, you will jump over the rope to twice its length. You can try this while holding the rope or without it depending on your level of experience.

High hops

You will start by jumping over the rope, then then you will jump again with the jump rope doubled at least twice before landing. You can also try this with three jumps or more by trying to get higher each time.

Low skip

You will jump over the rope then skip below it for a shorter distance before landing. You can try this without holding the rope or with it held in your hand.

Crossed hops

You will start by jumping over the rope then crossing it over your right foot and left foot before landing on your feet. You can try this with your feet together or separated.

This is good for beginners because it simulates cross-country skiing practices where you will be jumping with one leg while moving forward.

Set Timer Interval For Effective Jump Roping

Jumping rope with high-intensity interval training or HIIT

Set a timer to jump rope for 30 seconds. After that, rest for 15 seconds and repeat the cycle 4-6 times.

Jump rope weights

Raise your body weight by holding dumbbells in each hand while you go. You can either put the dumbbells on the sides of the jump rope or put them on top of it.

Long Haul

 Get on the floor and start jumping rope. After 10 minutes, you can no longer run the rope, but you can still jump (so there is no lowering of intensity). Just jump for as long as you possibly can, staying in the jumping position after each jump.

Benefits Of Jump Roping

Benefits Of Jump Roping

How many calories are burned by jump roping?

This is a good question, but the fact is still not really understood. Some studies show it burns “hundreds” of calories per hour, so let’s take this number at face value. One mile run burns around 200-250 calories. Doing 10,000 jumping rope swings will burn one pound of fat in approximately 45 minutes.

Therefore, burning every day for 30 minutes would burn 4 pounds of fat per week or an impressive 50 pounds in one year if done daily for 30 minutes. 

Jump roping reduces belly fat

It sounds like jumping rope is a great way to burn up calories, and it’s been proven time, and again that jumping rope can help get rid of pesky belly fat. If you’re looking to get fit, jump rope has been proven to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. Jumping rope may also help you get in better shape since it forces your body to move quickly and efficiently while you balance. 

Jump roping improves balance and strengthens muscles.

Jumping rope is good to enhance your balance and coordination. A solid base keeps you on track as you jump rope. Jumping rope improves muscle strength and keeps some people from gaining more weight as they age. Jump roping helps you maintain some muscle mass as you age by challenging your body through all of those repetitive motions. You’ll start to notice that jump rope is helping you become healthier, stronger, and more fit. 

Jump roping for cardio

Jumping rope helps increase the amount of blood flowing to your heart and lungs, improving circulation and oxygen flow. This, in turn, helps you have more energy and feel less tired throughout the day. The more oxygen your muscles can absorb, the longer you can keep exercising. Jumping rope is a great tool to help get your heart rate up while you’re having fun so you can lose weight or get in better shape.

Keep motivation

It is always easy to lose motivation when doing boring exercises like walking, jogging, running, or hopping. However, when it comes to jumping rope, you need not be boring and merely do the same routine over and over again. You can always mix it up, and this is just one of many tricks to help you stay motivated and stay fit.

  • Turn on your favorite music and listen to a great beat while you jump rope.
  • Jump rope with a group of friends so you can have fun and stay motivated with others.
  • Put some bounce in your rope by throwing in some moves from the popular dance, Zumba.
  • Choose a jump rope that’s just right for your age and goals, such as the speed ropes developed by Olympic athletes or the adjustable jump ropes created to fit different-sized people and skill levels.
  • Set some goals for yourself, such as doing a certain number of jumps or a set number of minutes on the rope.
  • Use a jump rope as part of a circuit training workout with your favorite exercises like push-ups or planks.
  • Walk with the rope around your waist before you start jumping so you’ll be warmed up and ready to go right off the bat.
  • Try something new, like rope skipping instead of regular jumping, so you can work out without getting bored.

Best Tips To Choose A Rope And Shoes for Jump Rope

All you need to do a jump roping workout is a rope and shoes that allow you to jump without slipping. The shoes don’t have to be expensive because the main purpose here is that it gives you grip when you are jumping. It is recommended that you wear comfortable sneakers when doing this workout.

If you are going to buy a jump rope, don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish. You should do a little homework and make sure you get a solid, durable rope. If you prefer to make your own jump rope, then this is an excellent idea if you have the ability to do that. You can use paracords, or you can even use recycled plastic bottles that have been cut in half to create a jump rope. Just make sure you get a rope that is sturdy enough.


How long should I jump rope to burn fat?

The time you jump rope is up to you. If you are just getting into jumping rope, I recommend finding a routine that works for your stamina level. For example, many people start off with 20-30 jumps before moving on to other workouts or after they have achieved their goal of how long they can jump rope. The point is to have fun and stay consistent, so it doesn’t become an exercise routine that bores the pants off of you!

Does jump roping burn more fat than running?

Running is good for fat burning, but jumping rope can also burn fat at a faster rate than running. Whether it’s actually better at burning fat is debatable because the types of exercises you do will overall determine your results. Jumping rope builds muscles in your lower legs and core to help strengthen these areas, which increase the body’s ability to accelerate calorie burning.

Do jumping jacks slim thighs?

Yes, jumping jacks can help you slim your thighs. Jumping jacks are a partner exercise for abdominal exercises, mainly because it strengthens the whole core. Besides, it is a great way to keep your heart rate up during exercise, which means they are good for burning fat and calories!

What happens if you jump rope for 10 min every day?

A person who is about 130 pounds weight and does a jump every two seconds will burn about 8.5 calories in 10 minutes. A person weighing 130 pounds and doing a jump every one second will burn 12 calories in the same time period. Someone with that weight but alternating between one and two jumps per second will average 9.75 calories burned per ten minutes.

Here’s the calculation: (12×10) + (9×10) + (8×10) = 140+90+80 = 290

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