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20 Expensive Perfume Brands For Women in 2023






Sometimes it’s not the face or the clothes that make a strong impression on the opposite person. Perfume is always considered “jewelry” that shows the personality and class of the user. Perfume has always been an important part of human life. Perfume is even more necessary for the elite because it will bring them a seductive scent, creating class value.

There is no shortage of perfume bottles from big brands like Jo Malone or Maison Margiela,  known by followers for their luxurious, unique, and diverse fragrances. Products from these brands are inherently not cheap and make many people hesitant to buy.

However, perfume lines are often more expensive, and only those of the elite and rich can own them. The higher the price, the less likely you will encounter someone else wearing the same spray. The list below comprises the most expensive perfume brands for women.

1. Caron

Caron perfume

Originating from France and having a history of more than 100 years of experience in the field of perfumery, until now, Caron is still a perfume company that is loved and welcomed by customers all over the world.

Caron perfume has launched many products with different scents, suitable for both men and women, such as Caron Poivre. This is a product line in the top of the most expensive perfumes globally, launched by Caron on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The signature scent of Caron Poivre perfume is a unisex scent that is both a bit strong, masculine, and elegant for men and has a gentle, comfortable, and seductive charm that attracts women.

2. Hermes 

Hermes perfume

Referring to the perfume brands that give birth to the most expensive perfume bottles globally, it is impossible not to mention Hermes. This is a French luxury brand founded in 1837. Hermes’ most expensive perfume bottle today is Hermes 24 Faubourg; the name is inspired by the address of Hermes’ highest-end boutique in Paris. Therefore, its class is desired by high-class people in society.

Hermes 24 Faubourg is a fragrance for discerning ladies. The signature scent of this perfume bottle is a gentle warmth mixed with a bit of sensuality, charm, and attraction, helping women easily attract those around them.

3. Clive Christian 

Clive Christian

Clive Christian is the world’s most expensive perfume brand originating in the United Kingdom. Clive Christian specializes in launching high-end perfume lines; the main customers are those with high status in society.

The highlight of one of the most expensive perfume bottles globally, Clive Christian No.1, is that it can attract customers at first sight. The cap of this perfume bottle is attached with high-class crystal along with the trendy 24K gold-plated bottleneck. Clive Christian’s signature scent is an oriental fragrance combined with flowers and herbs to create tenderness and warmth for the user.

4. Chanel

Chanel Perfume

For perfumers, it’s probably no stranger to Chanel. This is a luxury brand originating from France, specializing in launching the most expensive perfume lines globally, which is extremely popular with customers.

One of Chanel’s most expensive fragrances is Chanel N°5 Grand Extrait. This perfume bottle was launched in 1921 specifically for women. This version also makes Chanel N°5 a symbol of the Chanel house. The signature scent of Chanel N°5 Grand Extrait is a unique combination of a soft, gentle but still extremely sexy fragrance, creating a unique charm and charm for beautiful ladies.

5. Bulgari

Bulgari Perfume

On the brand’s 130th anniversary, the Italian-based perfumer Bulgari has launched an ultra-luxury line called Opera Prima. This is a perfume bottle that converges all the high-end elements of the art of perfumery – jewelry.

The unique outer shell of the world’s most expensive perfume bottle Bulgari Opera Prima is inspired by Rome. Bulgari Opera Prima has a fragrance that honors the Mediterranean fragrance, combined with a group of lemon, musk, and floral notes, giving ladies a sweet, ecstatic, and extremely luxurious and classy scent.

6. Nabeel 

Nabeel perfume

Asghar Adam Ali, the vanguard and founder, founded Nabeel in 1969. He raised Nabeel like his own son, guiding the way through every dark tunnel towards success. He created a flourishing business through hard work, perseverance, and strict adherence to strict quality standards, and all this effort has resulted in a treasure trove of quality perfumery essential oils for both men and women.

Shamukh is the world’s most expensive perfume bottle costing millions of dollars, launched by the famous Nabeel perfume company from the UAE. This is a unisex perfume line, suitable for both the world’s most elite and upper-class gentlemen and ladies to use.

7. Morreale Paris 

Morreale Paris

In 2018, the French luxury brand Morreale Paris introduced the Le Monde sur Mesure perfume bottle made from 2 kg of gold with 1,000 diamonds, causing shock worldwide because of its expensiveness, luxury, and class. The scent of this perfume is specially crafted for the buyer. Morreale Paris said the perfume bottle was 5 liters and sold for $ 1.8 million.

Unlike normal perfume lines made from the same formula, Le Monde sur Mesure is a perfume bottle launched as a service, designed and created as a separate signature scent, bearing the personal imprint of the one who pays to own it.

8. Dior 

Dior Fragrance

Fashion designer Christian Dior was born in France and gained an international reputation in the fashion field for creating the “New Look” through its emphasis on the seductive curves of a woman.

Dior entered the perfume industry to integrate with the development of the fashion industry. Dior’s first perfume line, Miss Dior, was dedicated to his sister, Catherine. Miss Dior was introduced to the market in 1947.

The company maintains its tradition of offering an alluring combination of timeless blooms and exotic, seductive spray, even in modern times. Try on the timeless J’adore Eau de Parfum if you love fragrances that combine fruit and flowers. 

9. Yves Saint Laurent 

Yves Saint Laurent perfume

Yves Saint Laurent is well-known for its women’s menswear designs, but the scent is another area where the firm excels. The design business, established in 1961 by Algerian-born Yves Saint Laurent, has developed aggressively constructed scents from its initial step into beauty in the 1970s.

The inventor of the company, Monsieur Saint Laurent, introduced his debut scent in 1964 under the name “Y,” which served as the impetus for developing a line of fragrances. His intention was to produce a “luxurious, weighty, and sluggish scent.”Despite their steep price tags, his fragrances create an air of seamless refinement in their scents and designs.

11. Gucci 

Gucci perfume

Gucci’s famous interlocking “G” logo is matched by the house’s equally recognizable scent collection. The Italian fashion brand, which was named after its founder, Guccio Gucci, and was established in 1921, is well-known and admired for the excellent workmanship of its products. Today, the brand’s vibrant, passionate, and free-spirited personality is brought to life via its famous scents by chief designer Alessandro Michelle.

You will be able to choose a scent that complements both your disposition and your sense of style since there are options that run the gamut from sexy to sweet to flowery. Gorgeous Gardenia is a younger and fresher take on a flower that is often considered more mature. It is one of our favorites. 

12. Tom Ford

Tom Ford perfume

It wouldn’t have been complete if we hadn’t included Tom Ford on our list of expensive perfume companies.

The cool-girl-meets-retro-glamour look synonymous with Tom Ford’s clothing can also be found in his cult-favorite scents. Black Orchid, Ford’s first and most famous fragrance, was introduced to the world in 2006 due to the designer’s fixation with the seductive black orchid blossom.

Since then, the company has established a reputation for producing neither strictly masculine nor exclusively feminine fragrances. These fragrances are intended to elicit a response from the consumer, and they do it in a variety of ways, beginning with the artistic bottle designs and continuing with names that shake up the status quo in the fragrance business.

13. Kayali 

Kayali perfume

The name Kayali, which translates to “my imagination” in Arabic, was chosen to encourage individuals to experiment with different fragrance combinations to develop their distinctive odors.

The brand begins with four fundamental aromas that are sure to captivate customers’ senses and then teaches them how to combine these aromas into a signature fragrance that is uniquely theirs.

Even though the scents were created to be layered, each one is strong enough to stand on its own. With its heady flowery combination of jasmine sambac absolute, rose de mai absolute, and patchouli, the cult-favorite Elixir fragrance from this company can compete with any French fashion label.

14. Le Labo 

Le Labo Perfume

There is a good probability that you had encountered Le Labo’s famous Santal 33 fragrance before, whether in the lobby of a hotel or on the fashionable fashionista you saw walking down the street. Fabrice Penot and Eddie Rosch, who had previously held leadership positions at L’Oreal, launched the cosmetics brand Le Labo in 2006, and it was an immediate success. Le Labo translates to “the laboratory” in French.

With its headquarters in Nolita, the Grasse-born company pays respect to the activities that take place within a perfumer’s laboratory in a variety of ways, including the labeling, the location, and the printing of the customers’ names on the package.

15. Byredo 

Byredo perfume

With its roots in Sweden, this Byredo fragrance company is a shining example of a brand that started in a niche market but has now broken into the mainstream. Following a discussion with a French fragrance director in 2006, founder Ben Gorham established the premium brand that bears his name. 

Gorham became an expert in the skill of translating memories and feelings into fragrances despite having no professional training in the subject. There is an infinite variety of alternatives available, ranging from rose-based florals like Rose of No Man’s Land to immediate hits like the woodsy, fragrant Gypsy Water. 

16. Creed 

Creed Perfume

Another fragrance that used to serve royal families, such as Queen Victoria’s, was Creed, established in the 1700s in Britain by a man named James Creed. The CREED brand moved to Paris in 1854. At the request of French customer Empress Eugenie, CREED launched the Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie perfume line, and to this day, it is still very popular. 

Many generations later, the firm is still run by members of the Creed family; Oliver Creed is in charge, and he is adamant that all of the ingredients continue to be measured, combined, and filtered by hand just as they were hundreds of years before.

17. Xerjoff  

Xerjoff Perfume

Xerjoff is an Italian luxury brand founded by Sergio Momo in 2003. The famous Xerjoff Perfume is created from the finest and exceptional ingredients with delicate, beautiful packaging.

Perfumes made by Xerjoff, which are created in Grasse but have their headquarters in Turin, Italy, are particularly successful in Europe and the Middle East markets. In keeping with the ethos of luxury, their bottles are sculpted from materials like quartz stone, Murano glass, and other valuable materials, giving them the appearance of being works of sculptural art.

18. Frederic Malle 

Frederic Malle perfume

Frederic Malle’s grandpa was the one who established Parfums Christian Dior; therefore, the art of perfumery has run in Frederic Malle’s family for centuries. This is where Frederic Malle got his start. After gaining experience as a professional perfume judge and reviewer, Malle established his namesake firm, which is focused on marketing the fragrances themselves rather than the brands that produce them. 

Frederic Malle collaborates with some of the most well-known perfumes in the world to develop distinctive perfumes without being constrained to any one specific house style. Some of the designers whose fragrances he has developed include Dries Van Noten & Pierre Hardy.

19. Joya Studio 

Joya Studio

The crystalline natural wax combination utilized in the production of the brand’s candles the company’s principal product offering inspired the name Joya, which is Spanish for “jewel.” The production of perfumes by Joya started as a natural extension of the company’s candle business. 

Joya fragrances are noted for their creative quality, like the company’s candles. The goods of Joya Studio, which often collaborate on limited editions and collector items with companies like Opening Ceremony, Rodarte, and Ralph Lauren, may cost as much as roughly $800 for a single candle and brag that they are entirely handcrafted, including their packaging.

20. Killian

Killian Perfume

Queen The fact that Rihanna chooses a fragrance from Kilian’s collection as her go-to demonstrates the brand’s impeccable quality. Kilian Hennessy, the grandson of the famous cognac-making Hennessy dynasty, established the eco-luxury brand that bears his name in 2007. 

The company is known for creating fragrances that encourage lively discourse. The smells are divided into five categories, each of which hits a particular kind of note, ranging from clean to woodsy to sweet and beyond. We advise beginning with the brand’s orange-flower-based fragrance, Love, Don’t Be Shy, which has neroli, orange blossom, and marshmallow notes in its composition. 

How To Use Perfume Properly?

In the next section, we will instruct you on the proper way to apply perfume so that you may enjoy its full aroma and benefit from its full potential.

Classification of perfumes

To determine what percentage of essential oils are present in a perfume, we need to determine the concentration. Each perfume bottle’s scent retention and smell will be different based on the concentration ratio. And here are the commonly used perfume concentration scales:

  • Eau de Cologne: 2-5% essential oils.
  • Eau de Toilette: 4 – 10% essential oils.
  • Eau de Parfum: 8 – 15% essential oils.
  • Extrait (Parfum or Extract): 15 – 25% essential oil.
  • Eau Fraiche: less than 3% essential oil.
  • Soie de Parfum: 15 – 18% essential oil.
  • Perfume oil: 15 – 30% essential oil.

Preserve perfume

Perfume will be very easy to smell and will not keep the existing scent if you do not store it properly. Here are the most common ways to preserve perfume:

  •  Do not put perfume in the bathroom: A bathroom is a place with a humid environment, which produces bacteria, fungi, etc., which will stick to and reduce the life of the perfume.
  •  Keep the cap tightly closed when not in use: If the lid is not closed or closed, perfumes will oxidize if exposed to the air, making the scent no longer original.
  •  Stay away from strong light lines: Perfume will quickly deteriorate and do not keep the original scent if exposed to too harsh light such as sunlight.

Use perfume

The important factor for the perfume to promote its full effect is the right way to use it, spray the right amount at the right time and place. Not every spray will make you more attractive and fragrant.

The most effective place to spray perfume is under the neck, inside the elbows, wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees, etc. These places have a thin structure and tend to give off high heat. Therefore, spray-on these locations to help the fragrance last longer.

You should use it after showering in the morning or the early afternoon after lunch about the time to spray perfume.

Why Are Perfumes Expensive?

There are many factors that need to be considered before choosing to buy a perfume. In which, the intensity of the scent, the brand, and the ability to keep the scent are the most common factors. Besides, the price is also a concern. Many people frequently question how much money should be spent on a bottle of perfume and whether the price is worth it.

Precious perfume ingredients

The first reason perfumes are so expensive is the ingredients to make them. High-end perfume lines often use rare ingredients, sometimes difficult to extract, so the fragrance becomes special and can last for many hours. The petals used to extract the essential oil must be hand-picked, and thousands of flowers produce a meager amount of essential oil.

The luxurious look of the perfume

Product packaging plays a very important role in becoming eye-catching. Perfume is always considered a luxury product and is quite expensive for many people. Therefore, possessing a luxurious appearance will make perfume bottles attract customers’ attention before they decide to smell them.

Promotion campaign

A luxury perfume brand will have to spend a lot of money on advertising to achieve the desired effect. Like high-end wines, a new luxury fragrance will be launched in a limited edition. This creates exclusivity, and many upper-class people will be willing to spend huge amounts of money to enjoy the feeling of owning a perfume only they can have.


Which woman’s fragrance has the highest price tag?

SHUMUKH is an opulent unisex fragrance that was introduced in 2019 by The Spirit of Dubai Parfums by Nabeel. Its price tag is around $1.295 million. This one-of-a-kind artwork narrates the tale of the magnificent Emirate via seven fundamental design aspects. It is also studded with 3,571 diamonds, makings it the perfume bottle with the most diamonds.

Does perfume have an expiration date?

Both perfume and aftershave eventually lose their scent over time. However, how long they remain effective depends on the chemical makeup of the odor. There is no standard expiration date on many fragrances, and their shelf lives might range anywhere from one to ten years.

What is the most popular fragrance purchased all around the world?

Bloom by Gucci has wonderful tones of perfume that captivate your sense of smell and cause you to fall in love with the fragrance. Alberto Morillas is the nose that is responsible for this scent. It is now the perfume that is selling the most copies all over the globe.

How many different kinds of scents should you have?

You should have at least two different scents in your collection. You may have a matching aroma throughout the year if you have two perfumes since you can have one for cold weather and one for warm weather. It is advised that you purchase several scents, in particular if you want the ability to switch things up.

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