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Champion Shoe Size Chart: Are Champion Shoes Any Good?






Champion is a fashion and accessories brand founded in the US in 1919, but it was not until the 1980s and 1990s that the brand became a phenomenon in this country. Champion fashion is everywhere on American streets, loved by adults, children, and students. This is an unexpected success compared to a uniform brand like Champion.

In 2001, the company officially signed a contract with Adidas, ending all cooperation on uniforms with universities and teams in the US. Despite having a minimalist design, almost only plain colors, and the Champion brand printed in the middle, these items have never shown any signs of cooling down worldwide.

Champion brand store
Champion brand store

Along with the development of shoes is the constant creation of the brand to produce unique and beautiful shoes. Champion footwear products are always the choice of both men and women. Let’s find out your Champion shoe size through the table below!

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Champion Shoe Size Chart For Women

Champion women shoe
Champion women shoe

A special feature of this brand, and perhaps because of this, Champion becomes unique, is the simplicity of the design. The shoes are produced in traditional designs and incorporate the company’s logo. There isn’t much variety in designs, but Champion gives you a wide choice of colors. Therefore, it has become indispensable for young people who love fashion.

Women’s shoe sizes often differ from men’s, so let’s find the right shoes for your feet.

UK US EU CM Inches
5 34½ 21.5 8.46
3 35 22.0 8.66
6 36 22.5 8.86
4 36½ 23.0 9.06
7 37 23.5 9.25
5 38 24.0 9.45
8 38½ 24.5 9.65
6 39 25.0 9.84
9 40 25.5 10.04
7 40½ 26.0 10.24
10 41 26.5 10.43
8 10½ 42 27.0 10.63
11 42½ 27.5 10.83
9 11½ 43 28.0 11.02
12 44 28.5 11.22

Champion Shoe Size Chart For Men

Champion men Shoe - Low Cut Shoe Zone 93
Champion men Shoe – Low Cut Shoe Zone 93

When talking about Champion, people first remember a brand that produces fashion in a simple style. Despite being straightforward, this brand’s clothing is frequently sought after in the fashion business. And in the most outstanding products of Champion. Then shoes are the product that made this brand famous. And since then, it has become the world’s leading fashion brand that produces quality shoes at reasonable prices.

Determine your foot length and use the table below to find the right men’s shoe size.

UK US EU CM  Inches
34½ 21.5 8.46
3 4 35 22.0 8.66
36 22.5 8.86
4 5 36½ 23.0 9.06
37 23.5 9.25
5 6 38 24.0 9.45
38½ 24.5 9.65
6 7 39 25.0 9.84
40 25.5 10.04
7 8 40½ 26.0 10.24
41 26.5 10.43
8 9 42 27.0 10.63
42½ 27.5 10.83
9 10 43 28.0 11.02
10½ 44 28.5 11.22
10 11 44½ 29.0 11.42
10½ 11½ 45 29.5 11.61
11 12 46 30.0 11.81
12 13 47 31.0 12.2
13 14 48 32.0 12.6
14 15 49 33.0 12.99
15 16 50 34.0 13.39

Little Known Facts about Champion Brand

Champion brand
Champion brand

In recent years, Champion has returned as a very strong wave. They cooperate with many big names such as Vetements, Bape, etc., which are popular with many celebrities. And brands that have been in the market for many years, like Champion, have many interesting facts you may not know.

So what are these facts? Let’s find out with Street Culture today.

Champion had more than 100 years of life

In 1919, the Feinbloom brothers joined hands and founded the Knickerbocker Knitting Mills – the predecessor of today’s Champion. In the beginning, Knickerbocker specialized in producing sportswear for athletes. It was later changed to Champion Knitting Mills, perhaps because “Knickerbocker Knitting Mills” was too difficult to pronounce.

Champion used to produce NBA jerseys

From 1989-2001; Champion was the clothing manufacturer for more than 27 football stadiums in the NBA – National Basketball Association. Besides, this brand is also the apparel supplier for the US national basketball team participating in the 1992 Olympics in Spain. The American boys that year won the gold medal, partly making Champion’s reputation fly far in the community.

The Reverse Weave line is one of Champion’s flagship products

Reverse Weave is a line of Cotton fabric crafted in a rather special way by the Champion family, launched in 1938. Despite its relatively low price, Reverse Weave meets most athletes’ requirements. They needed a durable material that wouldn’t stretch after washing, and Reverse Weave proved to be very effective. Later, Reverse Weave also became one of the key materials, contributing to the shaping of Champion’s brand and position in the hearts of consumers today.

Champion is the brand that created the hoodie

An extremely interesting fact about Champion is that this brand is the pioneer in creating the Hoodie – the thing that is often seen in the wardrobe of most brothers today. In 1930, when Knickerbocker officially changed its name to Champion, the brand also decided to focus on producing Sweatshirts. Champion added a hat to help its customers stay warm in winter. However, the name “hoodie” was not widely used until the 1990s.

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Which Country’s Champion Brand?

Champion is an American clothing brand founded in 1919 by the Feinbloom brothers. Initially, Champion signed an agreement to produce uniforms for the Michigan Wolverines. In 1930, the company changed its name to Champion Knitting Mills Inc. The Champion brand produced uniforms for all NBA teams in 1990. At the same time, it also produced much sportswear for major universities.

In the 1980s and 1990s, children, teenagers, students, and adults wore Champion t-shirts. In 2008, Champion produced equipment for the Premier League, Welsh football team, Greek basketball team, etc. Over the years, the Champion brand has provided uniforms for many famous teams. By 2001, Champion had signed an exclusivity agreement with Adidas for five years, ending the partnership with the university.

While countless other fashion brands have to find a new way, a different path in the rotation of fashion, Champion is one of the constant brands with sports products – over the past hundred years, still hot. In particular, more and more retro trends and classic features are becoming more and more popular; Champion’s products that are not colorful, do not need accents and do not need newness are right in the heart and become a champion as a matter of course.

Champion Brand LOGO

Champion shoe brand
Champion shoe brand

Champion’s first brand logo featured an athlete running to represent the sporting spirit the brand wanted to achieve. And then came the famous Champion brand logo in the ’40s and ’50s. Champion’s logo was originally made up of a simple sans-serif typeface. But then stylized and improved into the current logo.

The font of the Champion brand logo reminds us of current font styles like Monument, but the typeface is the result of custom artwork to match the brand’s spirit. The main color palette of the brand logo is made up of 3 colors: dark blue, crimson, and white.

However, although in the early 50s, the letters “C” all had dashes inside, this dash was removed later in the period from 1953 to 1954. It can be claimed that the Champion brand mark did not maintain its position over its first several decades of use. But not long after and nearly a century later, the Champion logo with the distinctive C symbol has contributed to this long-standing brand’s reputation and the special recognition mark.

Are Champion Shoes Any Good?

White Champion sneakers
White Champion sneakers

Champion shoes are no longer a strange fashion accessory for young people today. This item can be easily combined with any fashion style.

This shoe style is always an accessory that never goes out of fashion for its enthusiasts. Choosing a suitable Champion shoe for our feet is extremely important; it will help our feet feel more comfortable and lighter when moving and operating.

With exquisite design and diverse colors, Champion shoes are always loved and used by many for sports practice. Follow along below to better understand the Champion shoe and why it is so popular.


One of the advantages of Champion shoes is that it is comfortable for the user’s feet. Champion shoes are more than just a beauty accessory. But also used to protect the user’s feet. Make sure you don’t get injured during exercise. You can use Champion shoes when running or doing sports to protect your ankles and feet. The design of the Champion shoes is extremely light, smooth, and easy to wear.


Before buying a pair of shoes, durability is a crucial factor to consider. They should last for a long time when you pay a good price. Any athletic shoe you purchase from Champions will have a soft, long-lasting, and incredibly comfortable carbon rubber outsole. This goes for running, walking, and other sports. The soles also give wearers of Champions shoes the maximum flexibility.

Increase Confidence

A pair of Champion shoes will help you feel more confident. The lack of confidence that leads to a beautiful part of your outfit also affects you a lot. These shoes give you a dynamic fashion style and personality. Shoes are suitable for many situations, giving you more coordination flexibility. You can wear shoes in any situation, from going to light parties, going out, shopping with friends, or going to school. A pair of Champion shoes will make you feel more confident.

Matches With Many Different Outfits

Unlike high heels, flat shoes or boots are only used in combination with certain types of clothes. But for Champion shoes, you can freely combine them with any style of dress. It can be said that this is the type of shoe that suits most outfits. From affordable to high-end designs, shoes always give users a dynamic and personality look. Suppose you are struggling to think about choosing a shoe model that matches the outfit you are wearing. Then a pair of Champion shoes will help you save a lot of fashion in choosing clothes.

Good price

Undoubtedly, alternative shoe styles will hold up just as well as or somewhat better than the Champions shoes. But in contrast to the Champions’ shoes, these shoes are more pricey. As a result of its long lifespan and superior price/durability ratio, Champions is unquestionably the better option.


Is it best to buy shoes that are a size larger or smaller?

Purchase sneakers just a little bigger than your foot to promote improved circulation and reduce swelling. Choose the larger size if one foot is somewhat bigger than the other, and always think about the type of socks you’ll wear with your shoes.

What is the Champion’s goal in the future?

Champion’s innovative designs have changed the sportswear industry for good, so it’s no surprise that the brand achieved such a reputation in the 20th century. And with the industry’s enduring love, Fashion is devoted to 90s nostalgia. Collaboration with high streetwear brands such as Supreme, Vetements, Off-White, Monkey Time, Beams, Stussy, and many more, has turned it into a high-end streetwear brand.

Who founded Champion?

Using three members of the Feinbloom family and a clear strategic goal, Rochester, New York, will build a vibrant sports brand. The company was formally established in 1919 under the name Knickerbocker Knitting Mills.

Who did Champion collaborate with first?

After launching into the market sweaters and sportswear product lines, the Champion has started a partnership with Wentworth Military Academy, initially providing uniforms for the school’s rugby team. And this is also the first team among many teams to cooperate with Champion later.

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