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Cienta Shoes Size Chart: Reasons To Choose Cienta Shoes






Cienta has been in the business of producing vulcanized footwear for children of the highest possible quality for more than 30 years. The kids’ canvas and slipper brand Calzados Cienta was established in 1982 by the family-owned business Calzados Cienta, which has a history in the shoe industry dating back several generations.

The only source of production for Cienta shoes, this facility is situated close to Spain’s La Rioja wine region. This area has a long history of involvement in the vulcanization of natural rubber, making it the ideal location for the business.

Cienta shoes store via Facebook

The Cienta size chart is a table that includes a variety of shoe sizes, including those for adults, toddlers, and infants. Our shoe size guide is designed to assist you in your search for a pair of Cienta shoes for your child if you are currently in the process of shoe purchasing.

Cienta Shoes Size Chart For Toddler And Juniors

Cienta kids shoe
Cienta kids shoe via Facebook

The length of each Cienta shoe’s inner sole is listed in the table below, organized according to size. Allow up to one centimeter of space between the length of the longest toe on the kid’s foot & the length of the inside sole of any shoes the youngster wears. If the child’s foot falls between two sizes, you should go with the larger of the two sizes.

The appropriate shoe size will vary depending on several parameters like the arch length, the socks worn, and the temperature of the surrounding environment. The foot volume can be affected by heat and humidity by up to 5%. Because of this, there may be a variation in the size of one full size between the early morning and evening.

Cienta Canvas, Boots, Slippers

Inner Sole Length In Cm


Cienta Espadrilles

Inner Sole Length In Cm

Cienta European EU Size
11 N/A 18
11.5 N/A 19
12.4 N/A 20
13 N/A 21
13.6 N/A 22
14.31 N/A 23
15 14.8 24
15.2 15 25
15.8 15.9 26
16.9 16.9 27
17.2 17.5 28
17.9 17.9 29
18.6 18.7 30
19.2 19.7 31
19.8 20.3 32
20.4 21.3 33
21.2 21.6 34
21.9 N/A 35
22 N/A 36

Cienta Shoes Size Chart For Adults

Cienta Espadrilles shoe
Cienta Espadrilles shoe via Facebook

Thankfully, Cienta has created a size chart to help find the perfect shoe size and width for adults’ feet! Cienta shoe sizes are offered in European sizes. Their sizing ranges from 37-41, which includes all types of feet. Please remember when ordering online that you need to measure your feet with a ruler before choosing a shoe because different people have different-sized feet.

The shoe size chart is a table of foot length and width measurements for men and women to choose the right type of shoe for each person. A standard shoe size chart will facilitate everyone to have shoes they love and are comfortable to wear. The table below includes standard shoe sizes for adults who wear Cienta shoes.

Cienta Canvas, Boots, Slippers

Inner Sole Length In Cm


Cienta Espadrilles

Inner Sole Length In Cm

Cienta European EU Size
22.7    N/A     37   
23.4   N/A  38
24.0  N/A 39
24.6  N/A 40
25.4  N/A 41

8 Reasons To Choose Cienta Shoes

Cienta pink cut shoes
Cienta pink cut shoes

Cienta is a Spanish brand of children’s footwear that is known all over the world for its sophisticated coolness and chicness. Cienta Shoes are the perfect fit for any kid! Whether for after-school activities or essential school functions, Cienta offers a wide variety of shoes for boys and girls

Your daughter enjoys being outside and playing. She finds joy in circling in place and rolling around on the grass. We need to look for shoes that are not only comfortable but also long-lasting because she is a youngster who enjoys staying active. Because of this, you should get your child a pair of Cieanta shoes, and while you’re at it, find out why other parents adore Cieanta shoes.

1. Comfort

Cienta children’s shoes are made from high-quality materials that can assist your child in staying comfortable throughout the day. It is well recognized that comfort is one of the essential features of footwear, and it is well known that Cienta provides comfortable shoes. Several parents love how their children can wear these shoes all day without feeling discomfort.

2. Durability

Cienta shoes can last for an extended period with proper care. Because toddlers and youngsters are constantly on the go, durability is crucial for shoes. Our feet take a beating, especially when we wear quality shoes. Cienta is known for producing footwear that can handle wear and tear well because they are made to last. 

3. Material

Cienta is a children’s footwear brand known for its exceptional quality and is produced in Spain. They combine natural materials with cutting-edge technology to create footwear for children that encourages the healthy and expected growth of the feet. Cienta solely employs the use of porous materials to enable adequate ventilation and circulation throughout the year. Only safe and environmentally acceptable materials are used to make Cienta shoes.

4. Scent

Their insoles are cushioned to wick away moisture, which will prevent your child’s feet from getting smelly. Additionally, the insoles have a lovely aroma, making these shoes a delight to wear for both adults and youngsters. Outsoles that smell like berries give the shoe a pleasant and pleasurable element. While molding the rubber, the fragrance is mixed in with it.

5. Variety of shoes

Cienta offers a variety of designs, including slippers, slip-on, and boots in a range of sizes, beginning at $36 for girls and boys. The summer and winter collections at Cienta provide a stunning assortment of designs. They make sure to use the highest quality raw materials to provide the best possible comfort for each season. Each one is crafted using fabrics suitable for the given season; I wonder how many other manufacturers consider this factor.

6. Machine washable

A significant positive point for parents is that Cienta’s footwear is machine washable. The lining, the insoles, and even the outsoles are machine washable. This means that you can wash your child’s shoes in the washing machine without worrying about damaging the fabric or causing discomfort to your child. You don’t have to worry about your son or daughter’s shoes getting filthy with mud, sand, or food stains.

7. Environmentally friendly

Even more importantly, however, is the fact that Cienta shoes have been given the “made in Green” certification, which indicates that they have been produced without the use of any potentially hazardous substances, is friendly to the environment, and protects human rights of the workers who make them. Products that have been certified to meet each of these requirements typically come with a higher price tag.

8. Affordable

Cienta shoes are affordable. When you buy shoes for your child, you always know that they won’t last very long or will be outgrown quickly, which is always a financial burden. Cienta shoes are more reasonably priced than the vast majority of toddler shoes now available on the market, with costs starting at less than $40 for a pair and varying according to the model and size.

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Tips for Buying Shoes Online for Kids

Cienta shoes
Cienta shoes

Parents are very fond of beautiful and finished shoes but still confused when buying online. Please refer to the following tips for buying safe shoes online for your baby.

Choose shoes according to your baby’s age

A pair of shoes protects the baby’s feet from harmful effects on the baby’s immature feet. However, shoes for kids, shoes for infants, and shoes for toddlers stage also have differences. When buying shoes online, mothers should note the following:

  • A pair of cotton shoes that are light, soft, and smooth with the baby’s skin will be more suitable for infants and babies before learning to walk than leather shoes, plastic shoes, rubber shoes, etc.
  • But for toddlers, the choice of shoes is critical. Affects the child’s first steps in life and the development of the child’s musculoskeletal system later. Use shoes made of light, soft, strong, and breathable materials that do not block your feet.
  • As for the children who cross the threshold to learn to walk. At this point, the baby has walked firmly, so you can let your baby wear ordinary children’s shoes.

Note when choosing the shoe size

Buying shoes online for kids is more complicated than trying them on at the store. Moreover, the shoe size of each brand has different parameters. Please refer to the size chart and shoe size guide of the company. However, to choose the correct shoe size for your kids, you must know the information, age, and weight. Especially measure the kid’s foot length accurately by measuring the kid’s foot length.

Note: The kid’s foot length does not correspond to the length of the shoe. European standard children’s shoe size is different from America’s. Therefore, you should see the company’s size chart or call a consultant.

Choosing shoes for your baby depends on the weather and circumstances

If the weather is rainy or you are going to the beach, shoes that are not affected in a wet environment, such as plastic shoes, rubber shoes, and canvas shoes, will be easier to clean and sanitize than a pair of leather shoes or cotton shoes.

Or a pair of cotton shoes are only suitable for winter. In the summer, preference should be given to shoe designs and breathable materials such as short-necked shoes, open-mouthed shoes, mesh material, etc.

Should buy at reputable children’s shoe stores

Shoes must have a clear brand name, origin, and origin. Choose from reputable brands specializing in children’s shoes and have a clear certificate of material safety inspection. Find out information about the place of sale. Is it reputable? Assess the level of trust through the website and fan page and how to respond to customer reviews about shoe products.

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Where does Cienta make the shoes?

Spain is where the children’s shoes for Cienta are made. With the quality guarantee that the fabrics are free of impurities hazardous to the environment and children’s health, Cienta is accredited in Europe. Additionally, it possesses European accreditation and attests to the fact that the shoes were made considering both the environment and workers’ fundamental rights.

Where are they coming from when I buy Cienta shoes from the online store?

Shoes manufactured by Cienta are brought from Spain to Australia. The footwear you buy from the Cienta warehouse in Australia may be accessed through their online store at

What should I do now if I ordered the incorrect size?

If you bought the wrong shoe size online, Cienta might be able to exchange it for the proper size, or if your size is unavailable, they might be able to substitute another model of comparable value. When you make an exchange because you ordered the wrong size, they are not responsible for paying the shipping costs associated with either the original item being returned to them or the new item being sent to you.

How exactly should Cientas be washed?

Every pair of Cienta canvas shoes may be cleaned in the washing machine! To clean them, first, remove the insoles, then use a moderate cleaning cycle or wash them by hand in cold water. They should not be dried in the dryer, thank you very much. Allow them to dry in the air.

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