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Bandana Size Chart: How to Buy a Dog Bandana?






As people who own pets, we frequently contemplate ways in which we might improve their appearance. When we think of this, the first thing that springs to mind is a bandana for our pet. This is because many dog owners have seen other dogs wearing them and have realized that their canines seem even cuter while wearing them.

Bandanas are a fun and easy way to accessorize your canine companion and give them a dash of personality. They can be worn to have fun, look stylish, or feel comfortable. Cotton or nylon can be used to make them, and the pattern options are virtually limitless.

Are you looking to purchase a bandana for your canine companion? Having trouble deciding the size bandana to buy for your dog? Check out the bandana size chart we have for dogs! We’ll walk you through measuring your dog’s neck and then help you select the equivalent size on the chart. This will guarantee that you get a tailor-made product to fit your dog perfectly!

Dog Bandana Size Chart by Neck Size & Weight

Bandana dog size
Bandana bull dog size

The chart above features the size of bandana you may need for your dog by neck size and weight. You can select the bandana size by finding the neck measurement at the top of the chart, then going to your dog’s weight on the left-hand side. Use this scale to determine which size is best for your canine companion, and check out our dog bandanas selection to see if we have a bandana that meets your needs!

Neck Size/


10 inches or less 10 – 16 inches 16 – 21 inches 21 – 26 inches
5 – 10 lbs XS S M L
10 – 25 lbs S S M L
25 – 50 lbs M M L
50 – 75 lbs L L
75 lbs or more L L

Dog Bandana Size Chart by Breed

Chihuahua Bandana
Chihuahua Bandana

If you need help determining which bandana size will meet your dog’s needs, visit our dog bandana size chart by breed. You will only be able to receive precise measurements of the dogs’ necks or weights or even gain access to them if you are the dog’s owner or, put another way, if you wish to purchase dog bandanas as gifts for the dog families. The chart above features the bandana size necessary for various dog breeds. 

Breeds Average Neck Size




Recommended size
German Shepherd 18-24 50-90 L
Golden Retriever 16-24 55-75 L
Labrador Retriever 17-20 64-71 L
Daschhund 16-22 17-32 M, L
Boxer 16-22 55-75 M, L
Bulldog 18-24 40-55 M, L
Australian Shepherd 16-22 40-70 M, L
Siberian Husky 16-22 40-55 M, L
Poodle 10-16 45-70 M, L
Beegle 12-18 18-30 M
Pug 12-18 14-18 M
Shih Tzu 10-14 8.8-16 S
Pomeranian 10-14 4.2-7.4 S, XS
Yorkshire Terrier 6-12 4-7 XS, S
Chihuahua 8-14 3.3-6.6 XS

Advice On Using A Bandana On Your Dog

Let’s speak about how to wear a dog bandana now that you know how to select the appropriate size for your dog. There is a method to the madness when tying a bandana around your canine companion.

  • First, grab the bandana and decide how you want to wrap it around your canine companion.
  • The next step is to locate the logo; a logo will indicate the front of most bandanas.
  • If you want to put a collar on your dog, you should do so before you tie the bandana over its neck.
  • Now, all you need to do is tie it around your dog’s neck.
  • Make sure the bandana is tied securely but not too tightly; you should be able to put two fingers beneath the bandana and still have room over the collar.
  • Remember that your dog’s bandana should not have anything else attached to it, such as a poop bag holder, keys, or a leash. The bandana, unlike a collar, is knotted, so it is easy for it to become excessively tight around the dog’s neck and smother him.
  • If it’s boiling outside, either don’t dress or accessorize your dog in any way to help them remain calm or put on a damp bandana and mist it with water while it dries this may help your dog stay calm and protect them from the sun.

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Can Dogs Wear Bandanas Made For Humans?

Bandana for human
Bandana for human

Many pet owners buy bandanas for their pets. The popularity of these dog bandanas is due to their cute look. A canine that wears a bandana is almost guaranteed to be the center of attention, so your dog will be showered with compliments and requests to take a picture.

Seeing canines decked out in human garb is not a particularly novel concept. Why should bandanas differ from other clothing? When determining whether or if your go-to bandana for humans will also work for your canine companion, there are just a few things you need to keep in mind.

Sometimes, but not always, humans may tie bandanas around their dogs’ necks. There are a few other aspects to look into, such as the type of cloth, the thickness, etc. First and foremost, ensure that the size is adequate for your needs! 

Dogs Will Always Be Dogs

It’s a fact that’s frequently overlooked, but dogs can also be incredibly goofy. Always keep your dog secure, and remember that a bandana should never be left on a dog unsupervised. It is best to wear the bandana for a brief period and then remove it as soon as possible after use. 

Chewing and playing with their accessories is common for dogs, but you should avoid letting them do so because there is a risk of choking. They can even ingest the substance in its whole, which can jam up their internal organs. A visit to the veterinarian is the last thing anyone wants, so it is vital to practice caution and keep a close eye on your dog, even when it is wearing the bandana.


Most dog owners start searching for a fitting canine bandana by looking into the material that it’s made out of. Take into consideration the kinds of fabrics you want to use for the dog’s clothing. Some might even provoke a response!

Although you’re unlikely to find them in human bandanas, you should avoid fabrics that use abrasive chemicals, like flame retardants, during the manufacturing process. These are well-known to aggravate allergy symptoms. It may cause adverse responses in particular dogs, particularly dogs with skin that is particularly sensitive.

Additionally, certain fabrics may allow dust mites, mildew, and bacteria to accumulate on their surfaces. Polyester, an artificial material, and cotton, an all-natural material, are the two most frequently used materials to make bandanas. As long as neither contains harmful substances, it would help if you didn’t have to worry about giving them to your dog.


The thickness of bandanas also contributes to their utility. You can never be quite sure if they’ll fit your dog, so you should make sure that you purchase a thickness that is perfect for your dog. In some cases, a bandana would be too thick for the dog and could pose a choking hazard. 

It may be of little use if you intend to use it to keep the dog warm, but it is too thin. If it’s sweltering outside, you shouldn’t put a thick & wooly bandana on the dog since the less they have on the bandana, the less heat they’ll retain.


This can undoubtedly be a problem for canines of a lesser size. When a bandana designed for people is used on a smaller dog, there is frequently a sizing issue due to the bandana’s intended purpose. It is not intended for the human bandana to sit on the dog’s chest because its design calls for it to go over the top of the head and be tied together in the back. 

In the case of smaller dogs, this typically indicates that it hangs too low and touches the ground. Unfortunately, the remaining portion of the bandana is tied behind the dog’s neck, so there is nowhere else to secure it.

Is it of appropriate size?

The fact that the bandana’s length is insufficient for the dog’s width will be your biggest obstacle. Bandanas designed for humans are typically large enough to wrap around dogs ranging in size from small to medium, but if you get to larger canines, you won’t be able to use them. 

Since the bandana cannot be made any more significant, the width measured from corner to corner must be greater than the circumference of the dog’s neck. According to what we know about bandanas for dogs, the length of the bandana must be at least 10 centimeters longer than the dog’s neck. If you have this, there will be enough room to tie it off.

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How to Buy a Dog Bandana?

Choose Bandana
Choose Bandana

Bandanas for dogs allow you to show off your pet’s unique personality and can also be used as a unique leash or collar for your canine companion. When searching for the ideal bandana for your canine companion, there are a few considerations that should be kept in mind.


The first thing that must be taken into account is the size. Bandanas are available in various sizes, but you must purchase one proportionally sized for your canine companion. You must measure your dog before purchasing a bandana because these items come in various sizes, from minor to massive.

Fabric material

The fabric is another aspect to consider when shopping for a dog bandana. Cotton and polyester are common materials used in the production of dog bandanas; therefore, you must select a bandana that is pleasant for your canine companion and long-lasting and straightforward to put on. In addition to shielding them from the sun’s heat, it also helps them maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the year, regardless of the season.

Environmental friendliness

The most attractive quality of this item is that it can be obtained in a version constructed using eco-friendly components. This guarantees that your canine companion will be able to enjoy their bandana for many years to come without causing any adverse effects on the natural environment.

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear a Bandana

Golden retriever puppy in a bandana
Golden retriever puppy in a bandana

Many people who own pets take great pleasure in providing their adorable puppies with an additional touch that reflects the owner’s sense of fashion, beauty, and safety. Now we have ourselves a fancy dog bandana, don’t we?

Most people don’t bat an eye when they purchase dog food or a collar. The kind of food or the color of the collar may be the subject of debate, but everyone agrees that these things are essential in some capacity. However, owners and their canine companions frequently need to understand the function and benefit of a high-end dog bandana.

Fashionable and trendy, a luxury dog bandana

There is no question that bandanas for dogs can also be worn by their owners as a stylish accessory. It can help people in your immediate environment perceive your dog as more approachable, fashionable, and appealing. Doesn’t this blow your mind?

Dog bandanas are a relatively new phenomenon, but they’ve already found their way into the hearts of many pet owners. Some people don’t see the point of it, but those who embrace this new fashion trend have found that their dogs look just as trendy in their bandanas as they would in any other clothing item.

Late-Night Security

In addition to serving as a stylish accessory, a dog bandana can serve as a warning for motorists and bystanders in the late hours. People and vehicles on the road at night will be more likely to notice your little dog if they see them wearing a bandana that is either brightly colored or reflective. 

As a pet owner, you can include your phone number, a symbol, or the specifics of your address on the pet bandana. Take note, and if your puppy or dog becomes separated from you, this bandana can also act as a means of identification.

Trekking in the outdoors

You and your dog can do many things together, such as hiking, swimming, running, playing at a dog park, biking, and so on. As a result, it is essential to have some safety measures. 

Look for a high-end dog bandana that coordinates with the rest of your dog’s hiking gear to keep your furry buddy safe from the sun and to make other people more tolerant of your furry friend while you’re out and about. A dog bandana can be worn for various purposes, including as a fashionable accessory when trekking with your pet and a cooling bandana during the warm summer.

Protects Against Parasites

As a responsible pet owner, you should take precautions to ensure your dogs are free from any pests that could cause them discomfort. A dog bandana can also be an ingenious method for warding off insects, fleas, bugs, and other irritating parasites that can be a problem for dogs.

To protect your dogs from being bothered by insects, you can use a non-toxic insect repellent to treat the bandana they wear. Be sure to select a repellent with a low percentage of deet so your dog won’t have an allergic reaction.

Don’t Let Your Dog Overheat

Bandanas for dogs have become increasingly popular to keep pets cool while also improving their appearance. A bandana can help keep your dog cool and comfortable during the warmer months. These dog bandanas are constructed from a breathable mesh material that is light in weight and can be quickly drenched in water, wrung dry, and continues to provide a superb cooling effect for an extended period.

Provides Warmth

It’s popularly believed that wearing a bandana on your dog provides warmth. Adding an additional layer, such as a bandana wrapped over the dog’s neck, increases warmth. Bandanas cover your dog’s neck and chest area, which are the two most important locations for the cooling down process. When it gets too hot, dogs won’t sweat as we do. 

Instead, they start painting on the canvas. Therefore, bandanas are an excellent way to provide the warmth that your furry babies want! An additional layer can be added to keep the dog warm by tying a bandana around its neck and covering its chest.


What does “bandanna” refer to?

A bandanna is a specific kind of huge handkerchief typically printed in bold colors and patterns. Bandannas are helpful for various things, but most people wear them on their heads to keep their hair back, absorb sweat, or wrap them over their necks to shield them from the sun.

Which type of fabric is most suitable for bandanas?

You want a bandana that is substantial & thick and won’t break apart after a couple of washes. Cotton is the fabric of choice for bandanas since it is gentle, absorbent, and breathable; however, merino wool and silk joins are also acceptable.

Where can you find a dog with a bandana?

They can be attached in two ways: either through the collar so that the bandana slides through the collar and hangs off of it, or they can be fastened in another way. Alternatively, you could wrap the bandana around your dog’s neck. Just keep it tight and leave enough space for two fingers to fit.

What dimensions should a bandana for a dog have?

To determine the ideal length of the bandana, first, determine the circumference of your dog’s neck by taking a measurement, and then add 10 to 12 inches to that amount. This will ensure that you get the appropriate size bandana for your pet.

What is the purpose of bandanas on dogs?

They can offer heat or cold, have a relaxing effect, and even communicate critical information to other dog owners. Several examples of this include letting people know that you have a dog that is timid around strangers, a dog that is deaf, a dog that is being trained, a dog that is blind, etc.

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