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Are Vans Good Shoes?






Vans are a great shoe for any occasion. Those who skate identify with them because they are so popular with skaters. They also serve as an excellent fashion statement for those who want to make an elegant-yet-daring statement about themselves and their lifestyle. The soles can be configured in many ways to suit the needs of different people and the surfaces that they need to be on, so it’s easy to find fit your preferences and needs.

When it comes to skateboarding, the only thing you can depend on is your shoes. Without a solid pair of shoes, your whole game will be thrown off, and that’s no good if you’re trying to impress or entertain an audience. That’s why skateboarders trust vans so much. They allow you to grip the ground without slipping; they bring comfort to your feet as they can withstand many hours of skating without causing too much discomfort. It’s no wonder why many professional skaters wear vans while they’re out doing their thing.

Are Vans Good Shoes

Vans mid sk8 retro sport

Although the shoes haven’t been around for more than forty years, they started as an East Coast college favorite. When these students began wearing them to class, their professors finally noticed that something was up with these shoes and began to turn them into a trend. As these colleges had just started to become acquainted with the style and its popularity, the first vans became more visible on the streets. Once this style caught on during this period, it began its climb up the social ladder to become something everyone wore. It’s no wonder why vests and jeans were made so famous in hip hop circles at this time as well.

What Is Vans?

Vans logo

An American footwear company that specializes in skateboarding and lifestyle shoes. The brand is trendy among teenagers and young adults, with most of its customers being between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.

Vans began as a small shoe company in Anaheim, CA, when brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren opened their first handful of stores. They were quickly met with success; after opening their third store in Santa Barbara, California, the business was so good that they had to start wholesaling products to other retailers. The company, which had grown to six stores in California by 1976, was eventually purchased by the retail chain Venture. The Van Dorens were soon bought out, leaving them with cash and no business to run.

Paul and James decided to start their own shoe company, which opened up in 1978. The new brand became popular because of its association with skateboarding culture. Skateboarders were often seen wearing Vans shoes and the brand’s signature waffle sole; they were even used as makeshift devices to help skaters learn how to ollie – an essential skill for pro skateboarders and up-and-coming skaters alike. As skateboarding culture influenced fashion, Vans shoes became more popular in mainstream society.

The company has expanded dramatically since 1978. It now has over one billion dollars in yearly revenue, with over three thousand retail stores worldwide. The company also has its clothing and accessories line; this includes shirts and hats featuring the brand’s famous checkerboard motif.

Top Reasons Why Vans Shoes Are Good

Buy Vans shoes

Vans are good shoes for many reasons, including their comfort level and the long life Vans have with proper care. This article will go through some of those reasons and give you a few tips on how to make your Vans last throughout your life.

Though not a fashion-forward shoe, Vans are nonetheless stylish in their way. They work well with outfits of all types, whether you’re into hip hop, skater culture, or anything else under the “street” umbrella.

Vans might not be the most high-fashion shoes, but they are a classic that will never go out of style. Vans have been around for more than fifty years, and even if they went out of business tomorrow, you’d still be able to find some Vans in your closet.


Vans are great for those who need a shoe that can adapt to their lifestyle and always be helping them out with their feet. Vans shoes are excellent for those who need the flexibility of being able to wear their shoes without having to tie them. Furthermore, when you don’t have laces in your shoe, it typically means that you don’t have any distractions, whether it is tying or untying your shoes when you’re doing something, which makes Vans perfect for going out on a jog without having to take the time to stop and tie up your shoe straps. This shows how “flexible” Vans shoes can be, and they are a great shoe to have, which is why they are so popular.


Vans were designed to provide comfort while being worn. The shoe was initially named after its inventor, Paul Van Doren, and was meant to be an essential shoe that could be easily used for everyday activities. Their popularity grew throughout the years, and major companies like Nike saw their potential in providing comfort at different levels of price points. Since then, Vans has been developed further to provide more comfort and style at the same time.

For example, the Vans Original line was released in 2003 to provide comfort and style at the same time. This line of shoes was stated to be “popular among skateboarders.” The Vans Slip-On (also known as Sk8 Hi) line of shoes has been used by famous artists like Jay-Z. Some celebrities reported that Jay-Z’s shoes had been stolen from him and replaced with a more comfortable pair of Vans shoes.


Vans are shoes that fit perfectly on your feet and last for a long time. They also protect you from the elements and give you more comfort than other types of footwear. There is no doubt that Vans have been around for quite some time now, but not many people know much about these shoes. These shoes look so simple, and sometimes it might be hard to find what may be the difference between Vans and any other type of shoe out there. But there are some essential differences between Vans and different types of footwear that you need to remember when buying how the best pairs would be suitable for your feet.

Vans are made of durable canvas material, and they have a rubber sole that is designed to protect your feet from slipping. This sole is also designed so that people don’t have to worry about their feet getting wet when they wear Vans during rainy weather. Vans shoes have been around for decades now, and the reason why people tend to buy these shoes again and again, is because of how flexible the design is. Vans can be worn with just about anything, even business casual dresses. The flexibility of these footwear makes them very popular since you can use them anywhere you need to go, be it running errands in town or going on a holiday trip somewhere.

Rubber Outsole with Traction

Vans’ outsole is distinctive, making it the ideal sneaker to wear. The rubber outsole provides an all-around grip. Furthermore, the sole’s padding provides added comfort when walking on slick terrain.

Vans outsole

Because of the rubber substance utilized in the construction of these shoes, the unique traction rubber outsole will provide you with a lot greater grip. Additionally, a cushioning aspect is built into the sole to improve your skate experience with Vans. Even if you wear these shoes for an extended period, the rubber sole will not wear out. It also aids in maintaining your balance when walking on slick surfaces.

Very Durable

Vans are surprisingly durable, which can be surprising considering the flat rubber sole. We wore a pair for about four months before they started to shred at the back of our ankle. They don’t have any redeeming technical features that make them more durable, but they are probably just as tough if not more challenging than any other shoe with a similar design. This is because the outsoles are extra-thick, which means they take more abuse before they wear. This is why Vans are a great pair of shoes are good, because you can guarantee that they won’t get through the soles quickly.

Outsole is Slip-resistant

The outsole is a rubber layer that you can see on the bottom of the shoe. In addition to preventing slippage, it also provides traction and comfort. Vans have a slip-resistant rubber outsole with some flex designed for skating around town on pavement and other indoor surfaces.

Vans are particularly sought after by skaters because of the tire tread on the bottom. The track allows skaters to have better traction on smooth surfaces and more grip than regular shoes. Many people don’t think of skateboarding when they consider Vans, but they make shoes specifically for skating called Authentic Decks.

Types of Vans Shoes

Every year vans come out with new shoe models. The only brand of shoes in the world that I would buy repeatedly. They have many different types of vans shoe lines such as Vans Old Skool, Vans Authentic, Vans Slip Ons, etc. Popular shoes today are called flip-flops shoes. All sizes, forms, colors, and materials, including leather or “plastisol,” can be found in numerous stores worldwide.

Vans Low Shoes

Vans Low Shoes

Skateboarding was the initial purpose of these shoes. On the other hand, Skateboarders choose to wear them because they’re easy to put on and take off, as well as lightweight and flexible. In terms of mobility and weight, lows are superior to medium and high tops. If you’re prone to ankle sprains (the skateboard smacks your ankle), steer clear of places with much uneven ground. Tricks are best performed on low-heel skates. Even though they are made of canvas, these skates are ideal for the streets. They also provide outstanding flexibility support, so you may have fun skating in them.

Vans Mid Shoes

Vans Mid

These are a more comfortable alternative to heavy high boots. Vans Mid are attractive, comfy, and available in various colors. Skateboarders frequently utilize them who wish to keep going without tiring themselves out. The Vans mid are tiny enough for skateboarding to provide you freedom of movement, yet they have enough cushioning to support your feet while you slide on bumpy surfaces. Shoes with ankle laces help you stay stable on your skateboard even if other players are tossing you. While still allowing for a good amount of flexibility, Van’s ankles feel more stable and secure because they are located between the low and high ankles.

Vans High Top Shoes

Vans high top

The pinnacle is for you if you want to physical activity and hard. These shoes can help protect your feet from jarring falls when you’re out and about. Ankle braces are included in the package to keep your ankle safe throughout treatments. In addition, the padding is extremely comfortable, making it a popular choice for those who engage in a lot of physical activity.

Vans Slip-on Shoes


These shoes have a removable faux-suede liner and an elastic lace strap that Velcro often secures at the shoe’s instep to prevent it from falling off. These shoes are more casual than others in the Vans line. However, they’re still rugged and durable because of their proprietary waffle-patterned outsole rubber compound, widely considered one of the best for athletic performance wear.

Top Vans Shoes

The best vans shoes are the ones that can be used for a range of activities. Sure, you might sit in them all day at work as a certain someone, but when it comes to wearing them outside and around town, there are few limits to how styles can be mixed and matched with vans shoes. The shoe’s versatility also means that you don’t have to worry about breaking down the first time you wear them out. Most people might assume that those $90 price tags come with pretty premium materials and superior durability. That may not always be true, though; it’s certainly not a given.

Vans Old Skool Classic

Vans Old Skool Classic
Vans Old Skool Classic

The Vans Old Skool Classic is a shoe that has been around since the 1960s and remains one of the best and most popular sneakers. It’s a canvas upper, rubber, fabric outsole, and tonal lacing. It’s available in many colors to match your style for everyday wear or special occasions. The low-top sneaker is great for summer but also looks good with jeans, shorts, or even a dress if you have the courage it takes to shred your image in public.

Vans Authentic Classic 

Vans Authentic Classic 
Vans Authentic Classic 

The Vans Authentic Core Classic is a clean and straightforward design. There is no fancy logo on the outside, no stripes or colors on the exterior, just black fabric and white rubber soles. They’re sturdy enough to handle anything you might do in them, but they’re also light enough to wear when you don’t know what you will be doing that day. They’ll keep your feet dry and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And if they do get dirty? You can always send them off to the cobbler on an excellent washing.

Vans Classic Slip-On

Vans Classic Slip-On
Vans Classic Slip-On

The Classic Slip-On, unofficial footwear of Southern California, tells it all. The Slip-On is one of the most sought-after and adored casual sneakers of all time, and it’s not only for skateboarding. Its simple slip-on design perfectly captures the laid-back attitude of California’s skate and surf culture.


Are Vans shoes a good brand?

The Vans Authentic is fashionable and flexible and can be paired with any outfit. Every pair of these shoes is as lovely as the previous ones, making them a good investment. You can trust it to be reliable, and it has made a significant contribution to modern society. It’s not frivolous at all.

According to the most recent “Taking Stock With Teens” survey from Piper Jaffray, Vans has had the fastest increase in popularity since the study began in 2000. Today’s brand success can be attributed to the rise of athleisure and the revival of classic fashions.

Are Vans good everyday shoes?

Yes. Vans sneakers provide excellent support and a long-lasting fit. These shoes are great for walking with a firm rubber sole and a flexible canvas structure.

Are Vans still cool?

Even if you can’t skate, you’ve worn a pair of Vans at some point. In 1966, the business opened its first store, and in the 1970s, it adopted the skateboard graphic as its mascot (penned by a rad 13-year-old, no less). For the fall, its traditional shapes are available in leather, which gives them a fresh look and makes them more wearable.

Should you wear socks with Vans?

Socks are great for absorbing a lot of sweat while also easy to wash and replace after each use. As a bonus, your feet won’t be drenched in sweat, making it easier to put on and take off your sneakers. Even if you can’t see your socks, it’s still a brilliant idea to wear them with your Vans.

Can I wear Vans for walking?

Despite their outstanding traction, Vans lack weather protection and are completely flat, making them uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Most hikers advise against using Vans as a hiking shoe for anything longer than a short walk on level ground.

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