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Are Converse Shoes Good For Skateboarding?






The converse is a company that has been around for a very long time. They have been around long enough to earn the trust of many people. Coming in many different styles ranging from board-wearing sneakers to eye-popping retro kicks, you will find converse shoes for both men and women. Converse has always been associated with the youth subculture of skateboarding, which is why it has become one of the most sought-after brands for skate shoes.

Many shoe brands make shoes that would work well for skateboarding, and Converse is one of the classic brands and has been found on the feet of skateboarders for decades. Converse has a wide range of shoes on the market, and they have an entire line dedicated to skate shoes.

Converse “Chuck Taylor” sneaker sits on a shelf July 10, 2003 in New York City

So, Are Converse good skate shoes? Well, the answer to this is yes and no. Converse shoes are perfect for skateboarding, but some limitations can be put on them. This post will provide content about the pros and cons of Converse shoes and will also let you know whether to buy them or not.

Converse Shoes Are Good For Skateboarding

All in all, Converse is good for skate shoes because they are affordable, durable, and stylish.

Converse has been around for a long time, and it has seen the emergence of many different shoe brands and many different shoe designs. Even with this variety on the market, Converse remains one of the most popular brands. This is because Converse is almost synonymous with skateboarding and its shoes are great for skateboarding. When it comes to skateboarding, you will need shoes that are both durable and affordable. The converse is a trendy shoe brand for skateboarding because of its shoes’ durability, quality, and affordability.

Converse Chuck taylor with Skateboard

Converse has become one of the most sought-after skate shoe brands because of the durability, affordability, and classic nature of this shoe. Skateboarding can be very rough on your footwear, and you will need shoes that are both durable and affordable. The converse is known for making basketball shoes, but it also makes skateboarding-specific versions of these shoes.

Converse has a history of quality design and manufacturing. This history makes its skateboarding designs so good because it creates skate shoes that can be worn for many years without breaking down. Many skateboarders even say that they last as long as shoes that cost three times as much.

The durability of Converse shoes is due to the glue that holds their rubber soles together. If you have ever had a pair of these shoes, you would know that they last a long time even after numerous days of wear. The frame of the shoe is flexible enough to allow you to perform tricks without any trouble. The upper part of the shoe is made from canvas, a durable fabric that can handle the abuse that skateboarding will give it.

Converse shoes are also very affordable. You can buy a pair of these shoes even if your budget is low, and you can still enjoy quality and durability. The price tag on Converse skate shoes is also perfect for the quality and durability of these shoes. These shoes are also classic and stylish, which is why it has stayed popular for decades despite the emergence of newer brands and new designs.

Skating in converse shoes can be a good idea if you are looking for a comfortable shoe that you can wear to school without getting too many comments from your peers. It is also a good idea if you are looking for a shoe that is not too expensive. 

Converse shoes are also perfect for casual skateboarding, but they are not the best option if you are serious about skating. However, if you are already accustomed to wearing converse shoes while skating, it is worth it to continue using them because they will not cause blisters on your feet.

The Pros of Skateboarding in Converse Shoes

Skating in Converse Shoes

Converse shoes have many benefits that make them a good choice for skateboarding. These benefits will be broken down into two categories: converse shoes’ positive aspects and the negative aspects of converse shoes. 

1. The affordable price

Converse shoes are great skateboarding shoes. The price range for these shoes is shallow, making them affordable without the worry of spending too much. The price of converse shoes also is perfect for the quality and durability of these shoes. Consequently, if you need a new pair of shoes and your budget is low, then you do not have to worry about spending too much money on quality shoes. The converse does not compromise the quality and durability of the shoe as some other brands do, and it does it at a reasonable price.

2. Durable

Converse shoes are very durable because they are made from quality materials. The rubber soles are glued tightly to the bottom of the shoe, and this will prevent any weak spots from forming on the bottom of your shoe. There have been numerous tests conducted on the durability of these shoes, and all those who have worn them for more than 40 days have come out with nothing but positive reviews. A perfect example of the durability of converse shoes is one man who bought a pair of these shoes forty years ago. Today, four decades later, he is still wearing the same pair of converse shoes with no complaints. This test clearly shows how durable these shoes are and that they can last you for more than 40 days even after putting them through very rough use. 

3. Stylish

Converse shoes are very stylish, and they are even more stylish when you wear them with a pair of converse jackets. Converse is one of the most popular skateboarding brands, which is reflected in the diverse collection of styles that it has on offer. The wide variety of styles is because there are so many different designs offered by converse. There are almost as many designs as different sub-cultures for skateboarding, so you have a wide selection to choose from.

4. Good grip

Converse shoes have excellent grip because they are designed with traction in mind. The rubber soles on converse shoes provide the traction that you will need to skate around. The grip is so good that you will perform advanced moves on your skateboard even with these shoes. 

5. Durable sole

The sole is what makes this shoe so durable, and it is also what gives your shoe its bounce. The rubber outsole has excellent flex, and this means that you will be able to roll around in comfort while wearing your converse shoes. The flexibility of these rubber soles also makes it so that you can perform tricks without worrying about your shoes falling.

6. Great arch support

Converse also provides extra support to the feet, making them suitable for skateboarding, running, and other sports activities. The sole of this shoe is made from rubber, and it has good arch support. The arch support means that the shoes will provide proper support for your ankles and the lower parts of your feet. The arch support also makes the tension on the balls of your feet very good because you will be able to perform better tricks and jumps while wearing these shoes.

7. Good for Storing Stuff

Another benefit that comes with Converse shoes is that they are suitable for storing Stuff. Converse shoes come in a wide range of designs, and the best of these designs are ones that have a pocket on the side of the shoe. This pocket allows you to store small items such as your keys or your wallet, and it provides extra space that most other shoe brands do not provide. This makes converse shoes very good for carrying small items when needed.

8.  Cushioned insole

Converse shoes have a very comfortable cushioned insole, and this makes them very comfortable to wear. The insoles are made from high-quality materials, and they are designed to make your feet feel as comfortable as possible. The insoles are great for wearing the converse shoe all day long, and you will still feel good at the end of the day.

9. Lightweight  & High Rebound Rubber Soles 

Another benefit of the converse shoes is that they are lightweight, making them perfect for skateboarding. This can be attributed to the fact that these shoes are designed with mobility in mind. The rubber soles are also designed to return your energy to you, which makes them very bouncy. As a result, you can move around in these shoes all day without getting tired.

10. Strengthens ankles when skating with the majority of the weight on your toes

The elastic straps on the outsole are designed to help you strengthen your ankles. By strengthening your ankles, you will be able to control your feet’ movements very well, which will make it easier for you to perform high-level tricks.

11. Variety of patterns

Converse also provides skate shoes in different patterns for you to choose from. So you can choose a pattern that you like, and the color scheme will also be one you like. This means that you have a lot of options for the design of the shoe, which makes them very convenient for you.

12. The look

The look of converse is something else that makes it acceptable in just about every situation. You can wear them anywhere, and they will still be a good look because they have been around for so long.

The Cons of Skateboarding in Converse Shoes

There are some cons about skateboarding in converse shoes because you are still wearing traditional shoes while skating. 

Outsole of Converse Shoes

1. Outsole has little traction

When you are wearing traditional Converse shoes while skating, if you are not used to wearing shoes that have traction, these cons may present themselves as problems because the friction between your feet and the ground will cause painful sores. The friction is caused by part of your foot sliding on the rubber outsole of the shoe, and this friction will cause blisters that can take a long time to heal.

The most prominent problem with skateboarding in converse shoes is that the outsole has minimal traction, making it very difficult for you to handle tricks when skating. It is not impossible to skate well in these shoes because they are made with comfort in mind, but it is tough for people who wear regular sneakers.

2. Snag

Snags are one of the cons of skating in converse shoes. Snags are caused by your socks getting caught in between the rubber sole and the fabric covering. The friction may also cause blisters depending on how much friction it is involved. The friction will cause blisters because it is causing friction at a place where there is no cushioning.

3. Durability is less as Puma and Nike

Converse less durability

The durability part can be considered as an issue when choosing Converse shoe as a skate shoe. These shoes are very durable, but they do not last too long as other brands such as Puma and Nike.

4. Not suitable for the competition

Converse shoes offer an alternative design that can be good for skating. However, they are not the best-looking skate shoe that you can choose. This means that they might not be the best choice when choosing a pair for a skate competition or a skateboarding contest.

5. Can be very slippery 

The Cons of Skating in Converse Shoes can be very slippery if you’re skating on wooden ramps, sidewalks, and the like. The soles are rubber, and if the surface is not good, these shoes will be very slippery, and you may fall while skating in them.

6. Not suitable for park skating

The converse shoe is not the best skate shoe to use when you are skating in a park. It is not as cushioned as other skate shoes, so it might be too much to use in the park or outside an indoor skatepark. You can consider using another brand of skate shoes when you are skating in the park.

10 Tips If You Love Converse Shoes For Skateboarding

Rune Glifberg comes off the top of the Converse bowl during the Converse Coastal Carnage skateboard

When you choose a pair of converse, then the tips that you need to be informed with is as follows: 

1. Get the Converse All-Star

You should be aware that the ‘Converse All Star‘ is the most commonly worn model by skateboarders. This is because they offer a great combination of comfort and durability. 

This shoe features a mix of materials such as leather, canvas, and rubber. The mix of materials makes this shoe suitable for many skating activities, and you can wear it with almost any type of clothes you like.

2. Consider the number of laces

The number of laces on your chosen pair will affect how tight you can make them to your foot. The more laces you have, the tighter you can use them. However, you should be aware that having more than three laces on your shoes is not always a benefit.

3. Should not buy if you can not try out the size

It would help if you didn’t buy a pair of converse unless you can try out the size beforehand or know someone with a similar shoe size which has tried any other patterns before purchasing them, as there are various sizes to choose from. 

4. Choose shoes made from leather

It is best if you choose a shoe that is made from leather. This is because leather skates tend to last longer as compared to those made from other materials.

5. Test shoes before taking them

Before you even consider wearing your new converse shoes for skateboarding, take them for a quick test run around the block to see if they’re comfortable. Do this after you’ve made any desired adjustments to them.

6. Change your laces 

You need to know that it is best to change your laces at least once a month. This is because your feet will naturally stretch as you use them daily, which can cause them to get too tight or too loose at different times.

7. Choose a pair of converse with a stash pocket

If you skate a lot, then it is recommended that you choose a pair of converse with a ‘stash pocket’ or an area where you can put your quarters in through the tongue area of your shoes. This is because your feet will get sweaty as you skate, and you may want to have some quarters available on your person at all times. This is especially true for people who are just starting skateboarding.

8. Consider size chart

 It is best to look at the ‘converse size chart‘ to determine your approximate shoe size. This can help you choose a pair that is slightly on the loose side, as there are many sizes to choose from. 

9. Consider the color of shoes

If you are buying a pair of these shoes for skating, then the color of your shoes should be appropriate for you. If not, then they won’t look good when you’re wearing them during skating.

10. Ask for advice from skateboarding friends

Going to a skateboarding forum or board could be an excellent way of finding out about different brands and what others think of them. This is because you could be getting valuable advice from people who have plenty of experience with different brands. You can also get tips on buying a skateboard from the same place. 

Another way of finding out about different brands online is by using Google. By using this search engine, you will be able to learn from consumers from all over the world who have been in your shoes before and who share their knowledge and information about skateboarding with you in blog posts and forums.


What Kind Of Converse Shoes Are Good For Skateboarding?

A pair of skater shoes are a pair of shoes that are designed for skateboarding. These shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for wearing when skating on the roads, places, or even skate parks. The most important thing you need to consider when buying skater shoes is that they should be suitable for your feet.

Should Converse Skate Shoes Be Tight Or Loose?

When choosing a pair of shoes for skateboarding, you should choose slightly larger than your standard shoe size. This is because when you skate in them, they will need to be loose and comfortable.

Why Should I Buy A Pair Of Converse Shoes For Skateboarding?

There are many different and unique styles and designs of converse shoes for skateboarding available in the market. The most important thing about these shoes is that they will not tear easily, and this is probably what you’re looking for when you’re skating with your friends. The soles of the shoes will also prevent them from wearing out quickly, and this is another reason why you should buy a pair of Converse shoes when you’re skateboarding.

Are Converse Skate Shoes Bad For Your Feet?

If you are one of those people that love to skate, then it is best to invest in a pair of converse that will provide excellent support and comfort. This is because the various types of skate shoes come with different materials and designs, which can cause injuries if you’re not careful enough. In addition, although skate shoes are designed to be lightweight, they may still put pressure on your feet, which can leave you with injuries.

Can You Wear Converse Skate Shoes Casually?

If you’re one of those people who like to wear your converse when you’re skateboarding or skating in a group, you should still think twice before opting for a pair that is not designed for skaters. These shoes are specifically designed for skateboarding and can be dangerous if used outside of their intended purpose. This is because they are very durable, lightweight, and extremely good at providing support to your feet.

How Long Do Converse Skate Shoes Last?

Converse shoes can last you for a very long time if you are careful enough. This is because the skater shoes are specifically designed with high performance in mind. They are also made to last longer, and they are durable enough to withstand the abuse that they will most definitely go through when you’re skating.

How NOT To Ruin Your Converse Skate Shoes?

If you are one of those people who are fed up with buying new skater shoes every few weeks or so, then you should try to take good care of your pair by making sure that you invest in shoe stretchers. Stretchers are great for making sure that your shoes last much longer because it gives them the space they need to breathe.

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